Register Of Wills Debate Today

vote    Current Sussex County Register of Wills, Cindy Green will debate her Democrat challenger, Greg Fuller on the Dan Gaffney Show this morning at 9 am, on Delaware 105.9. Don’t miss it!

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  1. jack says:

    I think the wagon just came unhitched from the horse.. By far Greg Fuller is the most qualified candidate here.

  2. Lynn says:

    How in the world is Greg Fuller the most qualified candidate?? Does he have the most experience as the Register of Wills? No. Did he propose to increase the 1.25% assessment fee to 1.75%? Yes. The last thing a grieving family needs to worry about is HOW MUCH MORE MONEY they will need to probate their loved ones estate.

    Cindy Green has spent the last 4 years in that office cleaning up the mess the others left behind. Not only did she get the RIDICULOUS appraisal requirement lifted she brought to the HR’s attention the bad apples that were INFECTING that office–never has this county had a lazier, uneducated, gossiping, poisonous group of women then the ones that were there before she took office. Makes me wonder why Dave Wilson, Frank Knotts, and Greg Fuller are so butt hurt over the personnel changes in that office? Maybe those employees were “hand”ing out more than just business cards.

    Through all of his mumbling and the slurred speech he only made 2 clear points–how NICE OF A LADY Cindy Green is, and how he cares MORE about which Sheriff she supports then the ACTUAL issues.

    But I must be fair, he did also talk about appraisals–how, because it was the “practice” of the office, that this was a requirement. And because of this, Cindy Green can’t take credit for lifting it because it wasn’t in the procedures/guidelines book. Really?? How many other things were done unethically or wrong just because “it was how they have always done it??” We should be THANKING Cindy Green for having the BRAINS and the GUTS to make the changes that were needed in this office– so greedy, materialistic, selfish, money oriented men could stop taking money out of our pockets and putting it directly into his!!

  3. jack says:

    Lynn, Let me ask you one question if there was any wrong doing why is only becoming evident now? Four years later come on really.

  4. HighDeff says:

    What she said ^

  5. HighDeff says:

    Jack, Because nobody talked about anything until Dave Wilson got “Butt Hurt” when Cindy took away his cash flow from the office, so he started throwing out lies and false claims about how awful she has run this office. Dave opened this can of worms on himself. He started attacking Cindy and she knew there had to be more to it… and there was!

  6. fireangel says:

    Lynn…actually the proposal was for a .05% increase in the fee how are you getting your numbers? 1.25% + 0.05% DOES NOT equal 1.75%. so the “Yes” you put after that would be a NO. Please make sure your math is accurate before you start your rant. And the appraisal was never a requirement. It was suggested. Not a certain group that was left up to the families. I was never once told which group to use when I went through this. They can not legally suggest one group/company over another. It is a county wide practice not to do this. Cindy Green has NOT spent the last 4 years “cleaning up” anything. And she said herself that she had nothing to do with the staff being moved around….are you implying that she lied on air and is covering up the fact that all the accusations that are being made are correct? If so that just adds to the validity of Fuller and Wilsons statements. So which is it are they lying or are you not going to publicly answer this like Cindy wouldn’t answer about which canidate she is for in the sheriffs race? Personally I have worked with and been around these women and I am telling you that you are absolutly out of line calling them lazy, uneducated, gossiping, and poisonous. You do not know these women and have no right to call them any of these things. It shows more about YOUR character and the type of people that apparently Mrs. Cindy Green who claims to be a Christian likes to surround herself with. Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves for “INFECTING” this blog with your comments. And I will not be “THANKING” her for anything. It shows how much “GUTS” she has when she hides behind the HR deptment saying that she has no control over staffing in that department when in fact no one gets hired, fired, or moved/transferred without her say so. She is the appointed Director of that deptment. So again…lies. I am more inclined to believe Fuller and Wilson over someone who does not even have the “GUTS” and “BRAINS” to be able to stand up and be accountable for her actions. I mean if things were as bad as you say why would she not say this instead of say, Falsely that it is HR doing and she has no control. YES I think I will be voting for Fuller. Thank you for helping hit that home for me. If not for the discusting comments I may have still be on the fence.

  7. HighDeff says:

    The wagon came unhitched for Dave Wilson and everyone on his money train!

  8. Gerald says:

    Dave Wilson shot himself in the foot as he was driving he stage coach out town endorsing a Democrat.

  9. Lynn says:

    Actually he proposed to increase the fee to match Kent and New Castle which is in fact 1.75% not 1.3%

  10. Pete says:

    Gerald and HD you two are hilarious. And way to go Lynn. One again Delaware WRONG with it’s defensiveness.

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    Lynn, the last thing a grieving family needs is to lose money because they researched their family’s estate themselves and undervalued it, and then when they go to estate sale don’t ask enough for the objects.
    Or what if they find a bag of diamonds, and they research on the Internet and value them at $2 million, and have to pay taxes on that $2million, and then when they go to sell them they find out they are nothing but glass?
    There is a good reason to have professionals appraise the estate to protect the family.
    Also, if the estate is under $30,000.00 there is no probate. It doesn’t take an appraisal to know if the estate is worth less than $30,000.00, and if it is worth more, I don’t think $600.00 or even a $1,000.00 is going to be a burden considering it may save them thousands more.
    But hey, don’t let logic and common sense get in the way, let’s talk about whose feelings got hurt. Mrs. Green has gotten caught up in the far right rhetoric of lowering taxes, and hasn’t realized that what she thought would save people money may actually be costing them money.
    The Register of Wills is there not only to handle the paperwork, but to guide people in a time when their judgment may be impaired. If the Register, or her Deputy Bodenweiser are telling people it will save them money by not having the estate appraised, then they will likely follow that advice.
    As far as who has the most experience? Well just because you are in a position, does not mean you have gained experience.

  12. heavyd says:

    Frank, is it your position that the register of wills office should hand out buisiness cards for a licenced appraiser. That in my opinion is a clear ethical violation. Why wilsons over another company. How about the appraisals done while he held the office. I suspect that Dave Wilson is an unethical man and couldnt even stand in the same class as Cindy Green.

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    heavyd, did I say that? Can you prove that anyone ever handed out anybody’s card? Can you prove anything that Mrs. Green claims? Can you prove that Wilson’s got preferential treatment at anytime?
    And the card was Wade Wilson, who is no relation to Dave Wilson, and my understanding is that Wade Wilson did appraisals as a side, and Wilson’s auction got none of that money.
    And since Mrs. Green stated that it was illegal for the card to even be in the office, why did she keep it there for four years? Sorry but the card seems a little too convenient.

  14. Pete says:

    Hey Frank. Let’s say you’ve never played 3rd base before. But your team votes you to that position because they value your team spirit your loyalty and your heart. You have something they like. They believe in you. You play your hardest you go to bat for them…literally… And you do all this with the confidence in knowing your team has your back. After those four years of being in that position and 15+ years of just being involved in the game, I would say that makes you the best person to be chosen to play that base the next time the line up is chosen. 4 years ago when Cindy decided to run you gladly cheered her on licking the bowl clean of the apple dumpling syrup and potato salad dressing. Cindy went to work 3-5 days and most evenings, at events and meetings away from her family and close friends to continue that work and doing so with a clear conscious and no hidden agendas of favoritism or conspiracy that you keep accusing her of. Although I don’t always agree with your writings or views of things you are a very observant and well spoken person. If you thought Cindy was doing such a bad job or not doing things right for the best interest of the party it could have been just as easy for you to go to her in professionalism and kindness and give guidance or advise. This is also a biblical practice that the Bible gives us in dealing with fellow man. Not sure where your anger and resentment have come from except persuasion from maybe Dave Wilson? Why would someone that claims to want to keep Sussex County in the RIGHT direction post such negative blogs about a kind, conservative lady that just wants to stand up for us and the things that we value? Your talents could be used for much greater things then ruffling everyone’s feathers and causing heated debates. Just something to think about.

  15. Lynn says:

    Frank–why in the world would someone who thinks they have $2 million dollars in diamonds not take them to a jeweler to have this confirmed? The citizens of Sussex County deserve a lot more credit then you are giving them. Like Cindy Green stated, proof is required when you are giving the fair market of the assets the decedent owned. The personal representative of the estate has a fiduciary duty to give the FAIR MARKET VALUE of these items–if they want to falsify these amounts they can do this even if they hire an appraiser, and again why would they do this?? Like I stated earlier you aren’t giving the citizens of Sussex County enough credit because heirs of the estate can take the Executor(Executrix)/Administrator(Administratrix) to the Court of Chancery and sue them if they aren’t doing their fiduciary duty. They are smart enough to know if their loved one owned a bag of glass as opposed to $2 million dollar diamonds.

    A majority of the citizens (NOT ALL) in Sussex County are land rich and cash poor. So why are the appraisals a concern to Dave Wilson or you? He claims it is because the county is losing the money from the 1.25% assessment listed on the Final Accounting but unless the Real Estate is directed to be sold in the decedents Last Will and Testament it IS NOT subject to this assessment. So how much money in the county actually losing? Like I stated, a MAJORITY of the citizens here don’t have millions of dollars in the bank–or like you said–$2 million dollar diamonds, but they DO have LAND and like I said, this is not subject to that assessment. Therefore, the county isn’t losing out from her lifting this appraisal requirement.

    My last two points are this–a lot of the times the people of Sussex County have just lost their mother, father, brother, sister, etc., and they don’t WANT to sell this property. They simply want to inherit these assets because that is what the decedent WANTED. Again, there are situations where the assets are to be sold so no need to explain this to me but on average the citizens going in to the ROW office are sad and heart broken and to tack on more unnecessary fees is just disgusting.

    Lastly, if the decedent is a millionaire, the employees of the Register of Wills office DO suggest to the personal reps that they need to hire an estate attorney to help them handle the estate because of the fiduciary responsibilities and the risks that go along with this.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    Pete, you ask why I would post such a negative blog? Here is this blog post in its entirety, ” Current Sussex County Register of Wills, Cindy Green will debate her Democrat challenger, Greg Fuller on the Dan Gaffney Show this morning at 9 am, on Delaware 105.9. Don’t miss it!”
    All I posted was an announcement of the debate, the comments are those of others based on what they have heard, ass are my comments. Oh, but I guess freedom of speech is only for those who agree with you liberty lovers.
    As for your baseball analogy, if I play 3rd base with heart and conviction, yet commit error after error, and never get a hit, what value am I to the team?
    I have over the years supported and voted for many people, and over those years I have on occasion changed my views, either because of job performance or due to associations that I feel have corrupted the person’s ability to act in the best interest of the people.
    You are welcome to your opinion, as is everyone, except myself evidently.
    Lynn, the only “PROOF” needed is that the person coming into the Wills office is to sign and affidavit in the presence of a Notary Public as to the value of the estate. As someone who has in the past year gone through this twice, I am quite aware of the policy.
    The Register has two responsibilities, one is to the people, but the other is to the office, to perform their duties in a way that is in the best interest of both the people and the office and not ot give preferential treatment to either.
    The idea that the Register is only their to protect the interest of the people alone is naïve.

  17. Lynn says:

    Frank, speaking of error after error you seem to be doing a lot of talk about things you actually don’t understand fully.
    I know which affidavit you are referring to–the Small Estate Affidavit. This has NOTHING to do with an estate that is being probated. Don’t you know the difference? When a decent owns SOLELY OWNED real estate (and actually this doesn’t just mean the property was owned by ONE person alone, you can own “solely owned” real estate with someone else–for EXAMPLE if you inherit property with your siblings-or anyone else for that matter-the tenancy is automatically TENANTS IN COMMON [unless a new deed is done to change the tenancy obviously], I won’t explain to you what all of that means if you don’t already know, for estate administration purposes just understand that tenants in common interest in the property means SOLELY OWNED real estate because the portion of the property you owned with that person was not JOINTLY OWNED) then their estate has to be PROBATED. If the decedent doesn’t own solely owned real estate but does have assets (and this is ANY asset, cash, bank account, car, etc) that total MORE THEN 30,000 then their estate has to be PROBATED. If a decedent doesn’t own solely owned real estate, and their assets total less then $30,000 BUT their debt exceeds their assets then the creditors may require their estate be PROBATED.
    Your example of that notarized affidavit has NOTHING to do with this. Your example was for a decedent who didn’t own solely owned real estate and while they did have assets (maybe a car or a little bit of money in the bank) but this didn’t total more then $30,000. So you went into the ROW office and explained this–aren’t you glad you didn’t have to get an appraisal to prove this to them? When an estate is being PROBATED this is when the appraisal comes in to play because this has to be listed on the INVENTORY which is due 3 months after the date of letters. This Inventory is NOT AN AFFIDAVIT that simply gets notarized in the presence of a notary public. It is a document with certain schedules to list the assets and property that the decent owned and YES THEY DO REQUIRE YOU PROVE this to them.
    Again, you are talking of things you don’t know enough about. I am sorry for your loss, and I wish this upon no one, but you obviously don’t know enough about this process or else you would know the difference between a probated estate and a non-probated estate.

  18. FrankKnotts says:

    Lynn, thank you for that detailed explanation. I do understand that the affidavit is concerning the “small” estate under $30,000.00, and if you go back tow comments prior to my last you will see that I had already acknowledged that.
    The point is, that if there is no requirement for a professional appraisal, then there is no protection for the families, or the office, both of which the register is tasked with representing.
    The register is a intermediary, Mrs. Green seems to think she is there only for the people.

  19. Pete says:

    Frank, I am pretty sure you know I meant your overall tone of Mrs. Green is very negative. But you are correct, you have every right to be that way. A light bulb clicked on for me when you brought up the association. Is all the butt hurtness over her ties to the Bodenwisers? I don’t understand why you hate them so much. And speaking of ties and association, how do you want others to view you now bc of your association with Dave Wilson after these accusations have come to light? Or will you just be in denial about the “proof”? I guess Wilson’s Auction letter head with accounts receivable info is not proof enough of money changes hands of a tax paying citizen and Gravy Davey

  20. Lynn says:

    This isn’t a requirement in Kent or New Castle and they have a larger population then here in Sussex. You guys must REALLY be concerned about them too right? Can Dave do appraisals in those counties as well? I don’t hear you guys trying to bash the ROW offices up there for the “trouble” this could cause. If so your voices would be tired and your fingers would hurt from the amount of time you’ve been spending trying to voice your concern when they are obviously going to continue to have appraisals be an option not a requirement and they have been doing just fine.

  21. Lynn says:

    And I forgot to mention–there is protection for the family like my earlier post said the Personal Representatives have a LEGAL and FIDUCIARY duty to abide by the laws when administering an estate. If an individual is going to cheat the system, lie on the estate documents, or do something else illegal the heirs of the estate are going to sue them and they are going to be personally responsible for their actions. Why would someone do this to themselves? That’s why a decedent chooses someone they trust and if this person is a criminal and wants to steal money or lie on the paperwork, it’s just like with taxes, they are not going to get away with that. You don’t give the citizens here credit for being smart and you don’t trust them to do estate documents legally. How do you relax in this county with all of these bad people walking around? Man up, stop blaming liability and protection as the reason you are mad at Mrs. Green. Death is inevitable in life, so one day you may be faced with probating a loved ones estate, when that day happens someone will ask you how you feel about spending the extra money on an appraisal when all you’re going to care about is the loved on you have lost. Be more companionate for these people, have a little bit of grace–grow up and admit you are blasting her because you can’t upset the higher ups who pull all of your strings.

  22. fireangel says:

    Lynn….I find it very contradictory when you are asking for someone to be more compassionate and have a little bit of grace when you yourself have lacked in both departments. You seem to want something you are not willing yourself to give. Do we not teach our children this. It is the basis of Christianity which I am assuming that you are not as you seem to hell bent on the degradation of hard working women you obviously do not know. Bless your little heart. This seems to be the par of the StayGreen campaign. Speak out of both sides of your mouths, and none of it holds any water. We keep hearing how there is proof of wrong doing and I am really trying to understand this because all I hear is accusations and some desperate attempt of connecting dots that to me do not seem to be on same page. But either way if someone is willing to attack women who have nothing to do with this and have Mrs. Green completely lie on air and studdering thru a run around answer. ..i am going to have to go with the ones who give me a straight here it is firm answer whether it is what I want to hear or not.

  23. Cletus says:

    I keep hearing about the ‘evidence’ but I have yet to see it. Is there a link to the documents she shared with Dan Gaffney?

  24. Pete says:

    Dan did not seem to care about the evidence as well.

  25. Gerald says:

    What the heck happened Frank? No Article! Let me do it for you.


    Here, Here!!!!!!!
    Robert Lee stated last Weds night at Post 28 American Legion candidates forum in Millsboro that he supports gun registration in front of 75 plus crowd. He further stated at a candidates forum in Lincoln after the primary that if you needed help and you called him, he would call the State Police for you. In other words he wouldn’t help YOU at all.

    Democrat candidate Beau Gooch agreed with Robert Lee on both questions. So people need I say more? Republican and Democrat candidates agree with each other not to do a darn thing for the citizens of Sussex County and both are for gun registration.

    Vote for write in Sheriff Jeff Christopher who will preserve, protect and defend your Constitutional rights, assist the citizens in Sussex County and say no to gun registration.

  26. Gerald says:

    Read between lines with Dan!

  27. Frank Knotts says:

    Pete, I have yet seen or heard any evidence of any wrong doing on Dave Wilson’s part. I have heard Mrs. Green claim that there was wrong doing. But a business card with another person’s name on it, that she just happened to keep for four years, and paperwork that documents that services were rendered to the satisfaction of the people paying the bill does not sound like wrong doing.
    Lynn, the appraisals are not and were not a requirement. I believe that even Mrs. green stated that the code states that, “appraisals MAY be required by the register of Wills”.
    This means that it is up to the descression of the individual Register. Obviously requiring the appraisals was practice long before Dave Wilson was elected to that office, and I don’t believe that every register prior to Mr. Wilson was also and auctioneer.
    It would seem that Mrs. Green thinks she has done the people a favor. That also seems to be in question.
    Lynn, as for your claim that the family is protected by the person chosen to be executor of the estate, well maybe, and maybe not. But what about a Register who is the executor of their brother’s will, would that be a conflict? You have also completely ignored my point that the Register has two obligations, one is to aid and protect the people, the other is to protect the office, which means that the Register has a duty to insure that the proper amount of taxes are collected on the estates. Now if you don’t like the tax laws, then work to change them, but no elected officials get to re-write them on the fly, we have seen enough of that with the sheriff.
    And by the way, I lost both of my parents in the past year, so don’t talk to me about losing loved ones.

  28. waterpirate says:

    Both candidates for the office of Sherrif can say they oppose the astronauts drinking tang as well. Since the office has no say in what the astronauts drink, or what bills the legislature pass, or in police matters, it is all just bloviation on your part to bring it up as a talking point against them.

  29. rutrow says:

    GeraLLd The sheriff supporters have been challenged to cite one single example where the current sheriff has done anything for Sussex Countians to prevent a foreclosure, illegal act by government or stopped a crime. NOTHING, NADDA, ZERO, ZILCH

  30. Gerald says:

    Now I know why Frank didn’t put up a new blog article news flash Sheriff candidate Robert Lee on the Dan Gaffney talk radio this morning. Robert Lee couldn’t understand any of the questions that were given Dan or people calling in, Dan had to repeat or simply clarify questions for him only to get a inconclusive answer (yes or no) just rambling on and on with no definitive answer, didn’t know what the Sheriff’s office entails, can’t answer a simple question with a simple answer, admits to making a statement then retracting because he didn’t understand a simple question and even Frank called in twice to help him out to clarify what he was trying to say.

    Uh, you just got to be kidding? This is so sad to recruit someone with this kind of mentality is almost criminal against the citizens of Sussex County. How can he function as Sheriff and run an office if he can’t answer a simple question!

  31. Frank Knotts says:

    Gerald, you are cross threading. Please stop, if you want to write a blog post, get your own blog. I will allow your last two comments to stand, but this thread is about the Register of Wills. If you can’t abide by the rules, then you have been warned. I am sorry that I am not sitting hunched over my computer so as to serve you as soon as the POD cast went up. Thank you Dan, I will be placing that link in a separate post, Gerald feel free to post you lunatic fringe opinions on that post.

  32. Pete says:

    Knot Frank Knotts. Sorry for your loss but that will be $1200. Checks payable to Wilson’s Auction.

  33. Frank Knotts says:

    Pete, sometimes there is a cost to living, and a cost to dying.

  34. Buddy says:

    You are hilarious. If you expect the public to believe your rant on the prior staff, you truly are delusional. How can someone who has no management skills or basic office skills think they have the intelligence to “clean up an office” that they don’t know a thing about. Sounds more like you trying to preserve your job. Karma is a b—-.

  35. Buddy says:

    Lynn, looks like someone is posting politically related comments during County time.

  36. Lynn says:

    Buddy, if you one

  37. Lynn says:

    (My last post got cut off) If you knew what you were talking about maybe you’d be taken seriously. You know nothing about me and obviously nothing about Mrs. Green.

  38. Buddy says:

    Lynn, I do know something about you. 1. You are a very angry person. 2. From your detail laden posts, I suspect you are an employee of Cindy Greens at Register of Wills Office. If that is correct, you are a very bad fit for a job that requires compassion and understanding.

  39. Lynn says:

    Buddy, if standing up for what I believe in (because I have that right) makes me an angry person then I guess we’re all angry. And you’re absolutely wrong–I do not work for the county or Mrs. Green. Don’t let my knowledge of certain things convince you of such false things. Believe it or not (contrary to what Frank believes about the citizens is Sussex County) not all of us in slower lower are slow at all.

  40. Buddy says:

    We will see how this washes out on the 4th. May the best candidate for the office win. Over and out.

  41. Tom says:

    For what it’s worth, I have seen paperwork from 07 and 08 showing Wilson’s Auction as financially benefiting in estate inventories. Many charge from $150-$600, even to estates that are worth nothing or were in the red because liabilities were more then assets. Honestly don’t know why I need to pay a licensed appraiser to tell me that my Dad’s 1990 Buick isn’t enough to cover the bills from his end of life care.

  42. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Tom, thank you for that hear say evidence. Maybe you could bring some copies of official document out of the Register’s office and then just show them around without them being redacted. And while you are at it, just leave those copies with someone who has no business having them, like a radio host.

  43. Pete says:

    And if she did not bring that paperwork you would accuse her of lying. If she redacted the names you would say she made it up. Like Mr. Brady confirmed, it is public record. And the person is dead.
    And for the record…is it true that Patricia Bodenwiser contributed to your campaign..and…
    Just wanted to bring that up again.

  44. Sheri says:

    My name is Sheri my mother died March 15th 2013… Many documents were never filed by the executor. Many that were filed were incorrect. I sent all proof with documents and suporting documents to this office. They were of no help and each person gave me different answers. I called there every two weeks sometimes one week waiting for the final accounting which ended up being the same as the original and was false. I was told I would have a certain amount of time after this was filed to file a complaint. I had the complaint all ready with documents only to call and was told the estate was closed and the information they gave me was false. I truly am convinced this agency should have merged with the court to prevent this. A few good secretarys can take papers and file and that is literaly all they do. Because I was robbed of money that was mine when my mom died I had no money for an attorney, I tried to find help and was rejected. I gave one attorney my last 250.00 only to be told it was already in litigation and he could not help. He knew that before he robbed me of my 250.00. I fiqured later he had ties with the estates attorney that totaly ignored any documents I sent to him. My mother was a realestate investor with little debt. She collected 10,000 ~15,000 cash per month from the tenants. I have all the documents. The executotr continued to collect these monies in cash never included any on the accounting. All people the attorney, executor,and chief and asistant refused to acknowledge 12 income producing properties. There was no professional apprasial required. A debt with my mother as borrower on a JTWROS with myself was never filed. Delaware code states soleproprietors estate pays all personal and business debt. All refused to acknowledge. If anyone can help me I will be forever grateful. There are still issues and because of all the fraud and lying I have suffered great distress beyond repair. My email is

  45. Tom says:


    Wills are public information, anyone can go to the register of wills, in any county, and read or get copies of unredacted wills. Business or no a radio host (for say “the dark and morbid hour at noon”) can go themselves and get copies.

    Better yet let’s keep supporting and electing candidate’s who use the office for personal gain. Obviously Wilson who benefited from having first shot at estates he wanted, and even Fuller who had a full time state job his two years in office, while working part time as register of wills. Fuller even wanted the county to buy him a laptop so he could log in and do his register portion while on the clock for the state. Evidence that leads me to call into question Fuller’s commitment to the office.

  46. Lynn says:

    **I am once again stating for the record that I DO NOT work at the Register of Wills Office and never have, not that anyone has any right to know my personal business I want to make this CLEAR to those who think otherwise**
    I am a little bit confused by your situation–what exactly were you expecting to inherit from your mother’s estate? If she owned a life estate in those properties then they would have never been listed in the estate documents because her interest in said properties would have terminated when she passed away. To me it sounds like your mother had substantial assets and most likely created a Trust to protect her assets, is that correct? If so, in Delaware Trusts are NOT of public record and ONLY the Trustee (and possibly the bank or an attorney, but they also have confidentiality requirements) has access to it and the Trustee has to carry out the instructions of the Trust. If she didn’t have a Trust did she have a Will? If so, was there a specific bequest for you to receive an amount of money? Even if you were listed in the Will to receive a sum of money that doesn’t necessarily mean you will ever get it. Debts have to be paid first before anyone can inherit so maybe she did have more debt then expected? If an attorney suggested that he couldn’t help you then it is possible that your mother foresaw that there would be disputes in regards to her estate and she could have created an estate plan to hide/protect her assets.

  47. Frank Knotts says:

    Tom, the difference is, no one made a request for those documents, is there a record of them being copied and delivered to Dan Gaffney? And by the way, I would assume that there is a fee for making those copies if I come to the office and request a copy, are we sure Mrs. Green paid that fee so that she could use the copy for her political campaign? So what do we have here possibly?
    The use of county resources for a political campaign by the incumbent. NICE!
    As for redacting and protecting the particular family in this case, it’s called professional integrity.

  48. Rudy says:

    Y-R. -O. -C
    Makes sense

  49. Sissy says:

    Tom- stop lying. Mr. Fuller would never ask for a laptop. He had plenty of computers and smart phones available to be able to acess the internet or conduct business.
    I am so sick of the seeds of lies being planted. Whenever a politician has nothing to stand on, they start diverting the attention to the opponent with straight up lies. Sad.

  50. Sissy says:

    Since you are so knowledgable on all things related to Estate matters, maybe you should continue your education and get that law degree. You certainly have the arrogance to be an attorney.

  51. Ralphie says:


    I see you share the same evil venomous tongue as your mother. Speaking of things YOU know nothing about .

    ” HR’s attention the bad apples that were INFECTING that office–never has this county had a lazier, uneducated, gossiping, poisonous group of women then the ones that were there before she took office. Makes me wonder why Dave Wilson, Frank Knotts, and Greg Fuller are so butt hurt over the personnel changes in that office? Maybe those employees were “hand”ing out more than just business cards.”

    Your suggestions are disturbing. Young twit!

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