Robert Lee On The Dan Gaffney Show

Robert Lee  The following link is to the POD cast of an interview with Republican candidate for Sussex County Sheriff, Robert T. Lee.  I will simply post the link and allow the reasonable people to their own conclusions.

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  1. Jack Crabb says:

    Wow, if you people plan on voting for Lee solely because he has an (R) behind his name you are a big part of the problem with what is wrong with the country in general and the Republican Party specifically.

    Lee could not state why he wanted to run for Sheriff and did not answer the second part of the question – did someone ask you to run. He will be the lapdog that the County Council is looking for, certainly.

    When asked what he thought about other Constitutional Sheriffs who assert that Delaware Sheriff’s do have the power of arrest and what he thought about it, Lee was unable to give a coherent answer.

    And to explain away his “gun registration” answer as a dumb answer and attempt to explain that he loves gun, heck , he even owns the “biggest gun safe made by Tractor Supply” is absurd. Any Sheriff, let me repeat, ANY SHERIFF that will not stand up for the 2nd Amendment is undeserving of the office. To say that it was a dumb answer is subterfuge at best. You can derive on your own what it is at worst.

  2. William Christy says:

    I listened to the whole show. Robert T Lee stated that he spoke about running with his family and other people. He DID answer the question called in by Laurene Purdy and EDC for the SC GOP. Talk about trying to torpedo a Republican’s campaign! Lee also clearly stated he DOES NOT and would NOT support any form of gun registration. He also stated he WOULD NOT take guns from citizens.

    Robert T Lee stated he made mistake “a dumb answer” to a hypothetical question. At least he is willing to admit he erred. He also said if elected he would talk over with his deputies the possibility of dual role of County Sheriff/Constable like they once had.

  3. JS says:

    I have known Robert Lee for 36 years. In the early spring of 2013, shortly after the Superior Court opinion came out ruling against Christopher, he and I were talking about the case and he told me that he was thinking of running for Sheriff. My response was typical for me. I said “Are you out of your F**** mind? You’ve just wrapped up your second career. You’re collecting a pension check from Seaford and one from the State. You’re farming and raising pheasants, just the way you told me that you always wanted to do. You’re crazy, Why do you want to do that? His response was just as typical for him. He told me “I don’t think that I’m done yet….and I can do a better job”. I said “You’re still crazy” but I never again tried to dissuade him. Once Robert made up his mind, no one (well maybe Lori) could have kept him from running. So, no Ms. Purdy, Robert Lee is not a “plant” by the Republican establishment designed to derail the Tea Party Express. He is the real deal, he is his own man and he is not about to be anyone’s “lap dog”.
    In regard to the opinion of “constitutional” sheriffs from other states, I thought that it was made perfectly clear that Robert Lees is a staunch supporter of state’s rights. As such, he said that each state has the sovereign right to determine the nature and powers of their elected offices. I’ve heard him on several occasions make the analogy that just as other states have mountains and Delaware the ocean, other states have their own constitution and we have our own constitution. Every state is unique. There is not a single state’s constitution that is exactly the same as any of the others. What the hell does Sheriff Mack know about the Delaware Constitution? Who the hell cares if a man that believes that women should be used as cannon fodder for the sake of publicity even has an opinion?
    Finally, this idea being floated, at the 11th hour, by the Cult of Christopher, that Robert Lee is in favor of gun registration is absolute BS. As I said before, I’ve known Rob for 36 years. Shortly after we met we discovered our mutual roots in the mountains of Pennsylvania and our shared love of hunting. As a little kid I traipsed after my grandfather grouse hunting but he got old and no one else in my family hunted. I hadn’t hunted in years. I told Rob how much I missed it and he immediately took me under his wing. He helped me select my first Delaware deer hunting shotgun and took me on my first deer hunting excursion. A year later he helped me pick out my first Pa. deer rifle. We have made opening day of Pa. deer season together every year, but one, in all that time. While he was competing in the “Governor’s 20” law enforcement pistol competition he was getting me involved with him in organizations like Ducks Unlimited and the NRA. Robert Lee was the first person that ever told me that “gun control is being able to hit what you’re aiming at”. From his decades in law enforcement he knows that, especially in areas like Sussex County, “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”. The 2nd amendment isn’t a collection of words, to Robert it is a creed. He has been on record that under his administration the Sussex County Sheriff’s office will never be a party to regulation, registration or confiscation of any firearm.

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Crabb, not sure which interview you were listening to, but Robert Lee made it clear that the office of sheriff would not be registering or confiscating guns while he is sheriff.
    As for his mis-speak at the forum, well the sign of true integrity, and of a real leader, is when you make a mistake, you own it, that is what Robert Lee did, he admitted that he gave a dumb answer to a convoluted hypothetical, what if question.
    And yes, I was there the night he said it, and was amazed, considering my previous conversations with him, I knew that he had misunderstood the question. The Post 28 Candidate Forum is notoriously bad. It is poorly run, the people who screen the audience questions are clearly bias and don’t care who knows it.
    Many of the questions, not just for Mr. Lee, were not questions so much as they were accusations.
    The same problem arose today with some of the callers who hoped to phrase their gotcha questions in a way that would trap him, this lead to the questions being labyrinthine.

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    Why does it matter what stance Lee has on gun control anyway ? He’s running for a row office, not a legislative office.

    Whoever wins the sheriffs race ( Christopher included) will never have any say over any kind of gun laws , or any laws for that matter.

  6. fightingbluehen says:

    Coming from someone who respects Ted Nugent, and bought his book “Kill It And Grill It”, I must say that he looks like an idiot going on the radio and saying that Sheriff Christopher will protect your 2nd amendment rights.
    I wonder how he was snookered into that commercial anyway.

  7. Gerald says:

    JS, OK we get you have know Robert Lee most of your adult life and you both share hobbies, so of course you are going to support your friend, doesn’t make him the right person for the job of Sheriff.
    If you think that interview posted above of Robert Lee on Dan Gaffney is what the Sheriff’s job is supposed to reflect, oh there is just no hope for Sussex County. He admits he was recruited and if you didn’t know the word is all over Sussex that Rep. Dan Short, Michael Vimcent and Vance Phillips were recruiting several people before Robert Lee. He further admits he made a dumb remark on a easy question that had to be repeated several times that only warrented a yes or no answer. If you are passionate about a cause as he states, his answer should have been precise immediately. He rambles on so much that he doesn’t truly answer a question. It was his words that he used that he was for gun registration. He said it in front of 75 and plus people in the audience. If he didn’t understand the question he should have said so. But if he can’t understand a simple question and then as he says deliver a dumb answer, what does that say if he gets elected what kind of dumb shit is he going to do as Sheriff. But of course we all know that it won’t be him actually doing the job, it will be everyone else doing it for him because he can’t answer a simple question which was demonstrated above in Frank’s link. Frank even called in twice to help Robert Lee clarify his position. I am sure he thanks you Frank.

    Robert Lee and Beau Gooch are one of the same. Doesn’t matter who you vote for regarding either one, you going to get the same results.

    No wonder his campaign manager didn’t want him to participate in debates, he shouldn’t have him on the radio either. Nowing the real history on how all of this transpired, Robert Lee was recruited by the Rhino’s against a popular among all parties incumbent who by anyone’s standards would win the general against Beau Gooch. If the Democrats get this office its all due to the Rhino’s started it the from the very beginning challenging an incumbent. Rep Dan Short stood up in front of the GOP committee and stated, don’t challenge an incumbent, but of course at the time he was referring to Councilman Vance Phillips while he was undermining Sheriff Jeff Christopher. If you think you are going argue the point, they were seen in a Seaford Restaurant together forming their plan at the time.

    You guys are reason if the Republicans lose that elected position to a Democrat. You just made Pete Swartzkoffs day. Instead of Pete running his district he will now run the entire Sussex County area with his recruit Beau Gooch.

  8. JS says:

    Gerald, the sun is rapidly setting on the Cult of Christopher. Only 11 more days until the kool aide that Christopher has been feeding you and the rest of his minions kicks in. Clearly, it already is affecting your ability to reason. Let me get this right, according to you, Christopher’s losing to Lee in the primary will be the cause of Beau Gooch being elected? It wouldn’t have anything to to do with that ego maniac, Christopher, attempting to “wreck” (the word used by one of his campaign officials after the recount) the election? At his core, Christopher knows that he has no chance on 11/04. (Gooch is going to out poll him but Lee is going to win) All he is hoping to do is pull enough votes from Lee and get Gooch elected so cretins like you can say see, see, he lost us a republican office. The problem with that thinking is that first, it isn’t going to happen, second, in reality it isn’t republican now. Christopher isn’t a republican, he isn’t a democrat, he isn’t even an IPOD, he’s a christopher. He stands for nothing but himself. He has filled the Cult with so much hate that the people who write in Christopher’s name wouldn’t have voted for Sheriff at all if he hadn’t declared. I don’t see that he will take votes from Lee or Gooch. He is not going to be a factor.
    As far as dumb shit, we have had nothing but dumb shit for 4 years. Go read his family court bid. He defended a man who stole from the county. If you want really stupid shit, go look at his testimony in the Torres hearing. With the exception of Bob Reed, every other Sussex County, County sheriff has enjoyed a good reputation and relationship with Sussex County law enforcement. Our present sheriff is almost universally viewed by law enforcement as a buffone. This is the same guy that can’t get his nose out of the ass of a man advocating the use of women as cannon fodder. This is the same guy who was fawning all over a white supremacist. This is the same guy who paid a gonzo draft dodger and convicted poacher to endorse him. This is the same guy that, after he lost in the Supreme Court, didn’t know that he couldn’t then go to federal court. This is the same guy who lied, or didn’t know that the County has to pay its attorneys. This is the guy who lied to the people about costing the county $77,000. This is the guy who tells people that he, and a handful of deputies, are going to protect them when the federal government invades. This is the guy who claims that all he wants is for the power of arrest be restored and yet he allowed the constable appointments to lapse ( a more suspicious person might think that he did that so the County couldn’t point out in the law suit that they already had that power) and has never tried to have them reappointed.
    11 more days of whining about losing the primary. It can’t get here soon enough.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    Gerald, your last comment can be summed up as this, “21 votes”.

  10. justsaying says:

    Gerald for someone who dislikes this blog you spend alot of time here. I pray Lee wins but I will be satisfied as long as Jeff Christopher loses. He is like COD he just needs to leave

  11. Gerald says:

    JS, you repeated everything again so let’s sum it quickly, you are just as full of shit the first time as you are the second time. All your bullshit is nothing but a carbon copy of Frank Knott’s bullshit that he’s truck driving around in. Same ole, same ole nonsense. You have nothing, but twisted lies.

    Going to get interesting next week.

  12. Say it Ain't so says:

    Gerald, its you that needs to prepare for the inevitable. Sheriff Jeff will be just Jeff, and you will need to eat a little crow. Losing the same election twice takes a real ability to ignore reality.

  13. JS says:

    Gerald, has JC said whether you guys are going to be able to keep your “Junior Sheriff’s Helper Posse” badges?

  14. Gerald says:

    We will know soon enough, but then again I know who won’t win and thats Robert Lee. Get ready to go full time pheasant hunting.

  15. mouse says:

    I heard Obama is secretly building giant FEMA vehicles that he will personally drive around to collect people’s guns.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    Well Gerald, I at least know who won the primary, and it wasn’t Jeff Christopher. And I know who will get more than 4% of the vote, and that won’t be Jeff Christopher, the guy is trying to be the next Not Don Ayotte, and is well on his way considering he hangs out with NDA and Wolf so much, but at least he has kept his shirt on so far.

  17. Gerald says:

    The only reason 14% of the Republican people voted for Robert Lee whom was recruited by JS/lawyer, County Councilman Mike Vincent and Rep. Dan Short, were mislead with lies and slander. When finally they let their candidate out of his cage, the citizens of Sussex County could hear the man speak on issues, he can’t speak a comprehensive sentence. Sticks his foot in his mouth.

    That’s the kind of Sheriff you want for the people of Sussex? What an embarrassment. The people of Sussex deserve a Sheriff or any other elected official to be able to converse from the heart instead of being coached and then apologize for saying dumb answers when its a easy answer from the heart to start with. But when you are recruited then nothing said comes from the heart because your heart didn’t tell you to run in the beginning for the people’s interest.

    Its all a stage show. People of Sussex County wise up and write in Sheriff Jeff Christopher. Its just that easy and prove them wrong that the people run Sussex County not the lawyers and politicians.

  18. Frank Knotts says:

    Gerald, you talk about it being a stage show? REALLY? Christopher’s entire term has been nothing but building his cult of personality. He is nothing but a carny. Snake oil salesman. The Elmer Gantry of Sussex County. Just because he has his script down pat doesn’t make it any less a shill for his mentor Dick Mack.
    So far the only add he is running is from the Motor City Madman, which tells me that his support is from outside the county and state, Dick Mack and Ted Nugent, neither of which bothered to donate money.

  19. Nikki says:

    the crowning jewel for a disgraceful sheruff a psycho draft dodging racist endorsing him.

  20. Laffter says:

    Maybe someone should look at the fact the Jeffie poo jumped from dept to dept in Maryland and could not keep a job
    Also, why MSP didn’t keep him in the fold either

    Jeff can’t leave this god forsakes place coz he has nowhere left to go. It’s that simple

  21. Jack Crabb says:

    Seems to me that Gerald is the voice of reason on this post. His take on Lee is spot on. I have not heard Lee speak coherently on any radio spot.

    And the debate debacle is inexcusable. Lee either lacks integrity or he chose poorly in hiring a campaign manager. He looks very, very bad just days before the election.

  22. Frank Knotts says:

    Jack one man’s opinion.

  23. Gerald says:

    No, thats a lot of people’s opinion. You need to get out into the community and speak to people other than your gross coalition.

  24. JS says:

    Why would anyone go on the radio with JC? The only issue that would get discussed is “constitutional sheriffs”. That ship has sailed, and regardless of whether a person thinks that that is a good thing or a bad thing, that ship isn’t coming back. Who ever is sitting in that office has zero ability to change that. I’ve said time and again, if JC wants sheriff’s to wield the powers that he believes are germane to the core duties of a sheriff, he needs to run for the legislature Debating whether some one is or is not a constitutional sheriff has as much relevance as asking them their opinion on the middle east peace process.Put another way, JC’s nuts have been cut and arguing about whether they should have been cut in the first place is not going to grow them back.

  25. Brian says:

    Well said JS! WGMD has lost what little credibility it had with it’s rapid support of Christopher. I wouldn’t have attended a “debate” sponsored by them either. It wouldn’t have been fair or unbiased and, as you so thoughtfully stated, would have been dominated by irrelevant rhetoric about a system of government the office is without authority to influence. In fact, I wouldn’t have legitimized Christopher’s fringe campaign by appearing with him at all. I’ll be surprised if he gets more than 1500 votes, and I’m only setting the number that high because of the absentee ballots. I may be in the minority, but I’m going to miss the Sheriff of Nuttingham and his merry band of paranoid delusionals. They are an amusing bunch.

  26. joe says:

    I prefer my police force to be local and elected. Not statewide or appointed. Why people would want anything different boggles my mind especially from conservatives. This is one reason why we have abandoned the Mayberry police force and moved more to a militarized police force. The people of Sussex should be behind the Sherrifs office to have arrest powers and less state police whether it be in court or in Dover.

  27. JS says:

    Joe, JC claims that it is a “lie” that he wants his office to be a police department. (See his FB page). The Sheriff, and his deputies, can have arrest power if they apply for appointment as State Constables. What JC is really all about is that he can not legally raise and lead his 300 man armed posse. It has nothing to do with arrest powers and the constitution. It is about JC having his own army.

  28. Dave says:

    I prefer my police force to be comprised of professionals. Elected police who want to keep their jobs are beholden to those who supported and voted for them. Imagine a campaign fund for sheriff. If I contribute to the fund, would there be any quid pro quo? Or would the sheriff say, “Thanks for contributing, but you broke the law so I’ve got to take you in.” It’s an invitation to cronyism and corruption.

    I’ll pass on that thanks and I’m quite most everyone else will be passing as well. Yes, they are an amusing bunch, but the amusement cost the taxpayers money. I’m not sure if we are getting much bang for our buck. I’m amused, but not thousands of dollars amused.

  29. Frank Knotts says:

    Dave, you are correct, this is just another of the arguments I have been making, as far back as Bob Reed. Joe, I don’t understand why yourself and others believe that the office of sheriff is somehow above the seduction and corruption that you see in every other elected office.
    In the beginning this was about the issue of arrest powers, but as it has progressed and Mr. Christopher has become more desperate to remain in office for his own celebrity status, it has become more about whether the people of Sussex can afford another four years of the constant turmoil that Mr. Christopher has brought down upon the County simply to satiate his thirst for power and prestige.

  30. God and guns says:

    Frank and Dave, surely you two are not suggesting that the Delaware State Police and other police agencies are above seduction and corruption? It wasn’t that long ago that several “professional” troopers were terminated for their part in a corrupted overtime scheme, where they would lie about doing mental patient transports when in fact they were sitting at home. Some of these “professional” troopers had collected thousands of dollars while engaged in their corrupt little scheme. Where is the outrage against these so called “professionals” and their abuse of the taxpayers? The aforementioned incident is just one example of the “professional” conduct of some of Delaware’s finest. It is true that Sheriff’s can become corrupt, but to suggest that appointed police heads are beyond reproach is pure absurdity. The beauty of a duly elected Sheriff as the chief law enforcement official within a county is that he or she is answerable to the citizenry. If the Sheriff becomes corrupt, he or she runs the serious risk of not being re-elected to the office. Appointed police heads who become corrupt are far harder to remove from their positions, especially when they answer to corrupt politicians who appointed them. It is absurd that our Sheriff’s deputies cannot take people into custody during the course of their duties. Many times they are serving paperwork to wanted persons. The Sheriff’s detractors always like to say, “The Supreme Court has ruled on this matter, so they must be right in their decision.” Are the courts infallible? I think it is very telling that the Delaware Supreme Court would not define the term “conservator of the peace.” Maybe they would not define the term because they know that the Delaware State Police are named conservators of the peace within their charter. That same charter stated that the Delaware State Police would have powers of arrest just like the Sheriff’s. None of us should be so foolish to think that this debate is not about money and politics in this state. DSP and the Sussex County Council have a nice little arrangement whereby Sussex County pays millions of dollars every year for alleged extra troopers within the county. Why is there a trooper assigned to Camp Barnes? The trooper I speak of gets paid a very nice master corporal’s salary to basically cut grass at Camp Barnes. Is this a good use of taxpayer money? They could hire a civilian to cut grass and free that trooper up to patrol the county. In case you haven’t noticed, crime is on the increase and we need troopers on patrol handling complaints, not cutting grass. But this is what happens when you rely on the big government entity for your public safety concerns. Big government will always look for ways to create non-essential paid positions within their divisions. Before you rely on the State of Delaware for your security, do your homework.

  31. Ok two days till ELECTION I just called into Del 105.9 Frank when you called in behind me,,,, I want to let you know that
    you are wrong,,, ref the Only reason I left SPD was due to the Unfair Evolution Review….. That was the start,,, it was a yr later I Resigned After reading make you own mind how things come down though the ranks,,,, Rober Lee as my Sgt when I left helped carry out what ever was asked

    Frank I don’t look for you to believe me,,, and not that it really matters,,,, However Rodger Griffith was the Sgt with the bad evaluation with I grieved,,, all the way to Mayor,,, Danny Short and council,,, I had a lawyer,,, with in 2 wks,,,, I was given the difference in my pay,,, When I proofed the Dept violated their own Policy’s and Procedures in with Holding my pay increase
    That is When I knew something wasn’t right,,,,, My harassment begin,, then

    Later On I was assigned to Robert Lee, as my Shift Sgt. Now,,, What I have a problem with Lee,, is he sure didn’t help me as his Dispatcher,,,, Somehow down though the Ranks,,,, Some one wanted me out,,,,

    Here is some of my parts of my Resignation letter,, dated March 23,1999

    The department allows and promotes racial prejudice not only against it’s citizens but it’s employees’ as well I know this as I have heard officers openly refer to African Americans as niggers and make other racially motivated comments while at the police department I also know that on accession unnecessary force has been used on black defendants in custody with the police dept ( I was on Robert Lee’s shift this evening )

    This Department promotes and tolerates sexist views against the citizens of Seaford as well it’s employees I know this as I am aware that an officer was sexually harassed to the point that she felt she had to leave the department. This harassment was done as some within the department felt that this officer was a lesbian,,,, This harassment involved the leaving of pornographic material in the station where this officer would find it. This officer finally left the department after it was obvious that she was no longer wanted there,,,,, ( this person was Robert Lee’s patrolwoman on his shift,,, How is that a Team Player,,, )

    The department promotes and tolerates the unfair treatment of some of it’s employees and creates a hostile work environment by doing so,,, I know this because I have personally suffered from these un fair practiced the following examples

    1 In July of 1998 when I was unfairly denied a pay raise,, the department violated it’s own rules in an effort to get me for some reason

    2 my supervisor threatened me to have me arrested if I continued to complain about the cleaning lady not properly cleaning the ladies room,,, that worked at Don O’Lee Margin,,

    3 I was written up for calling in sick even thought I had a doctors note for my absence

    4I was required to bring in several notes from my doctor my schedule work related surgery

    5 I was forced to work midnights while on light duty yet other employees on light duty were allowed to work straight days. This allowed them to go to doctors appointments during work hours but I had to do it after working all midnight’s and on my own time,,,,

    On 12/31/98 Capt Pugh came to me told me that City council had asked that I write out reason that I felt my work environment was hostile along with some suggestions to make things better.
    On 01/05/99 I gave Capt Pugh my written response Since that day one from the Seaford City Council has responded back to me about this nor has anyone tried to help me,, Since I wrote this response the harassment at work has continued to increase and has left me no other option but to resign from my job with the Seaford Police Department. I have been a hard working and dedicated employee of this department since 1991 I felt this would have been enough to have the administration at Seaford Police Department stand behind me instead of treat me unfairly,,,,,, Sincerely Crystal Shear

    Now Frank when I left Robert Lee was my Sgt,,,,, He states he is a person for Fairness,,, and Team Orientated
    Now you know the truth when you say A disgruntled employee

    I have also talked to Dispatchers that have worked after I left,,,,, One officer stopped my the Dispatcher’s room with a prisoner in custody and asked her,,,, along with the second Dispatcher on duty “Witch one wants débuts’,,, ???
    Tell me how things have changed,,,, after I left,,,,,

  32. Frank Knotts says:

    God and Guns asked if I believe that Troopers are above corruption, of course not, you then said, ” It wasn’t that long ago that several “professional” troopers were terminated for their part in a corrupted overtime scheme,”, exactly, they were removed! According to Jeff Christopher’s own law suit you would have to wait four years to remove him from office, and then only if his blind loyal supporters didn’t vote him back in. And let us not forget that Christopher had his own overtime fraud in his office with “FORMER” deputy Torres who was removed also, but not by Christopher who defended Torres’ actions. You then ask, ” Are the courts infallible”, no, but are they always wrong? Or just when you don’t agree with their decisions?
    Crystal, your above comment only enhances my opinion that you are a disgruntled “former” employee.
    Of course it is easy to paint a person this way or that way when you tell only one side of the story, and when that story is biased by having left a job on bad terms, well most people take that with a grain of salt.

  33. God and guns says:

    Frank, maybe it is you who is actually blind. As I stated before, let us not be so foolish as to believe that this isn’t about money and politics in this little state. DSP surely doesn’t want to give up the extra millions of dollars that they receive yearly from Sussex County. Our legislature is comprised of a contingent of retired troopers, who will always seek to grow the division of the state police. This is what happens when you rely on the bigger government entity for services. It would be ok if they were actually putting troopers on the road, but they aren’t. Don’t take my word for it, look into it for yourself. On a side note, “Yosemite” Sam Wilson once admitted to me that DSP is not holding up their end of the bargain when it comes to providing extra troopers in Sussex County. You may actually be surprised at the amount of non-essential jobs that some troopers are assigned to. Many new troopers only fill current road positions that have been vacated by the previous trooper, so that the previous trooper can move into a “specialized” unit. Don’t misunderstand me, there is a need for “specialized” units, however, some of these units have positions that could be filled by a civilian at a much lower salary. As I stated before, it is pure absurdity that a DSP master corporal is being paid $90,000.00 plus a year to cut grass at Camp Barnes for 7 to 8 months out of the year. If DSP wants to continue getting millions of dollars a year from Sussex County, then they need to earn it. They need to cut the fat and start putting troopers back out on the road. And who knows, maybe their response times might actually improve. Frank, did I say that the courts are always wrong? No, I simply asked if they are infallible. Again, don’t be so blind. Remember, this is a small state and judges are not elected, they are appointed. They have to be voted on by the legislature. Think about it! Who do they really owe their allegiance to? Before Steve Smyk retired as a master corporal with DSP, he was the president of the DSTA, which is essentially the troopers union. Smyk spent a great deal of time as a trooper lobbying the legislature for the excellent pay and benefits that troopers in this state receive. Seems very fitting that he made the natural progression from taxpayer funded lobbyist to legislator. C’mon Frank, even a blind man can see through all this political bullshit!

  34. Dave says:

    “exactly, they were removed! According to Jeff Christopher’s own law suit you would have to wait four years to remove him from office, and then only if his blind loyal supporters didn’t vote him back in.”

    That’s really the crux of this. I’ve seen enough of the voters in Sussex County to recognize that many of those who vote, probably could not pass a test about government and voting (think “councilmatic”). In short, I don’t trust the voters, so if even after waiting 4 years, we would likely be stuck with someone like him for another 4 years. There is a process to remove bad applies from the DSP. The only process to do same for the sheriff is an election. But really, it no longer matters. I’m just waiting to see what Christopher does after the election. My guess is that he stays put and tries to make a living by styling himself as the East Coast Sheriff Mack, who also is no longer a sheriff.

  35. Frank Knotts says:

    Dave, considering his history, I would say that is a good bet. That is after his ambulance chasing legal team cause more turmoil by claiming voter fraud and other election day electioneering infractions, as they did following his primary loss. I would bet they have the papers already printed.

  36. Wow,,, Frank you know I recived an email from a friend of mine that heard you and I on the raido this wknd and this is what they had to say about you ,,,,,,

    That guy who called in after you we are sure that was Frank, He is still an “Asshole”, he use to call in all the time on WGMD. He drives a Propane Truck, he is a former Druggie an cleaned himself up, He has (had) a blog on the web?, I have no idea what it is called, we are no bloggers. He called into WGMD one time an said to Dan, “He wasn’t calling anymore” I think it was a week or so later, he started calling in again.

    You are right as far as forming an opition base on one person’s few’s,,,, So wounder about the above statment,, an ex Druggie now cleaned ,,, Hmmmm Should people that know that base thier fews on that or ‘Who you are,,,, ?????

    reading my letter,,,, and by me CCing it to City Council You say what you want,,,, I can care less I am supprorting the right man for the job,,,,, Christopher

    Crystal, your above comment only enhances my opinion that you are a disgruntled “former” employee.
    Of course it is easy to paint a person this way or that way when you tell only one side of the story, and when that story is biased by having left a job on bad terms, well most people take that with a grain of salt.

  37. Frank Knotts says:

    Crystal I have always been honest about my past. You ask should people judge based on my past or who I am today? Yet you are telling people to vote against Bob Lee based on who you think he was when you worked with him. Is it not possible he has changed? As for me being an ass I have never denied that either. You are often judged as an ass when you are outspoken and opinionated and hold a differing opinion. I guess your friend failed to tell you I gave you credit for believing that integrity matters. Take the Atlins race. Atkins has along and recent history of poor behavior and has shown no change. We do not agree but I hold no ill will towards you. After tomorrow it will be settled one way or another.

  38. Mike Rowe says:


    I agree that Jeff is the right man for the job, but I would ask that you refrain from the personal attacks because it does no good to attack anyone because of their views or opinions. Frank and others on here have their opinion and we have ours. What needs to be done within the remaining time we have until the polls open is to reach out and call your friends, family, and neighbors. Tell them of the write- in process. Frank and I have argued and disagreed with each other’s views regarding the role of Sheriff, and specifically Jeff Christopher, but we have done it in a civil and respectful manner.

  39. William Christy says:

    Mike Rowe ” I would ask that you refrain from the personal attacks because it does no good to attack anyone because of their views or opinions.”

    You’re a hypocrite ! You make derogatory statements about anyone who has a differing opinion from yours. . When you don’t directly make comments you “like” ones made by others that are personal attacks including ones directed at Frank Knotts. You’ve trash talked Robert T Lee and Beau Gooch, and their supporters worse than anyone. That is what was meant by my “gutter rats” comment the other day, which you twisted around and told Jeff Christopher I called him a gutter rat.

  40. Mike Rowe says:


    I have never disrespected Frank and never trash talked Lee or Gooch. Back off Bill and take your meds.

  41. Frank Knotts says:

    Mike I know that you are a wrestling fan and trash talk is just part of the game. LOL

  42. God and guns says:

    Dave, you stated in a previous post that you are not sure that we are getting much bang for our buck. I know you made such a statement in reference to Sheriff Christopher, but you unwittingly have proved my point. Sussex County residents are not getting much bang for their buck with Sussex County Council contracting with DSP and relying on the state for police services. You stated, “There is a process to remove bad applies from the DSP.” The correct spelling is apples. You probably shouldn’t question the intelligence of other people within the county when you misspell words and don’t proofread your posts. Nonetheless, I have pointed out the waste and lack of respect for the taxpayers with the current reliance upon the state for police services within the county. Your silence on these matters is very telling. As I stated before, if DSP wants to continue getting extra millions of dollars a year to police the county, they need to actually put troopers on the road and stop creating bullshit positions within the division. You have so much rancor in your heart that you are unwilling to be reasonable and look at the big picture. You question if some of the county residents could pass a test about government and voting. I have to wonder if you have ever read the state constitution? I guess we do share common ground in the fact that I don’t trust many of the voters either. Many are uninformed and instead of looking into things for themselves, they will believe anything they hear.

  43. Dave says:

    Yep, I occasionally misspell words. You got me.

    As far as pointing out the “out the waste and lack of respect for the taxpayers with the current reliance upon the state for police services within the county,” you have provided no evidence that there is waste and lack of respect. Since the DSP runs Camp Barnes, I find it entirely appropriate to have a State Trooper and a nurse on the grounds at all times while the camp is in session. Protecting Delaware’s children seems like a respectful thing to me and I don’t find it wasteful at all that the trooper cuts grass while they are there. In fact, it sounds like we are getting more bang for our buck. Regardless, what makes you think that Sussex County is footing the bill for that trooper? As far as BS positions with the DSP, that is simply your opinion that they are BS.

    And when DSP misbehaves, they get fired. You offer me an election every 4 fours. While I appreciate your offer, I’ll pass. I like the current system until such time as the demographic and population changes in the county warrant having our own county police. You are free to disagree, but it probably won’t amount to much since the GA has acted and the courts have ruled. Rule of law and all that. Try respecting that.

  44. God and guns says:

    Dave, I did in fact provide evidence of waste within the division of the state police. I’m sorry, but paying $90,000.00 plus a year to a current trooper, so he can cut grass and play camp counselor is not a wise use of taxpayer money. Especially in light of the heroin epidemic that is currently running rampant within the county. Wouldn’t we all be better served by that trooper being out on patrol and actually trying to detect and deter crimes? The camp counselor/grass cutting trooper is just one small example of the well paid non-essential jobs that are created within the government entity that is DSP. I respect the rule of law, but I have every right to question unconstitutional legislation. Interesting that Dave Wilson would not vote on the house bill that stripped the Sheriff of his arrest powers. Wilson pointed out that he felt it was an unconstitutional piece of legislation and that if certain legislators wanted to strip the Sheriff of his powers, they needed to amend the constitution. Of course, that seemed like too much work for those legislators, so they took the easy/lazy way out. Dave, you are a fool if you believe that the courts always rule correctly. Remember, this is a small state and you should not be foolish enough to believe that this matter isn’t about money and politics. The courts are full of activist judges, who attempt to legislate from the bench. Just because things have been done a certain way for several years now doesn’t mean that it is right.

  45. Mike Rowe says:

    Funny Frank. Am I passionate about my beliefs? Absolutely, but I respect those who I disagree with, except for Bill. I have zero respect for him and I have no problem saying that, and Frank, that isn’t a “work”(wrestling term).

  46. Dave says:

    “I did in fact provide evidence of waste within the division of the state police.”

    No, you in fact did not provide evidence. You made a statement. That’s not evidence unless it is corroborated by some forensic evidence such as documentation. Faith is not evidence of anything. It is simply what you believe. I save my faith for God, for everything else I need proof.

  47. God and guns says:

    Dave, you already conceded that you have knowledge of a trooper and a nurse being assigned to Camp Barnes. Again, you have unwittingly made my case. Who said anything about faith? But since you have mentioned it, I too save my faith for God. One thing is for sure. Now more than ever, we need divine guidance from our Creator, and the proof of that can be seen in the state of affairs all around us.

  48. laffter says:

    I really don’t think the trooper assigned to Camp Barnes is cutting grass 40 hours a week – so what do they do with the rest of their time??? yeah, ok let us know when you figure that one out

    as for Jeff Christopher – someone please get a crew and a moving van to his home first thing in the AM, so he can leave this “god forsaken place”

    after 8 years of Bob Reed and 4 years of Christopher…. these idiots would figure out that NO means NO!! we don’t want a sheriff like that!!

    get over it – and if you cant…..go the hell back to where ever you came from!

    Good Bye and Good Riddance – im sure he will hang around like Dave said, and do exactly what Dave said… but he is now officially as has been and he cant blame the Dems or the Bidens for this one!!

  49. God and guns says:

    Congratulations to Bobby Lee. Even though he is not articulate, has a hard time comprehending simple questions, and gave a poor performance over the airwaves, he won the election. When I see him, I will laugh! He is nothing more than a puppet and he has no authority. What a joke! Keep on citing your police experience Bobby Lee! You’re pathetic!

  50. Frank Knotts says:

    God and Guns, classy. Gracious in defeat. At least Jeff Christopher was able to finally behave like an adult and concede with some dignity. I would hope his supporters would follow his example.

  51. William Christy says:

    Frank considering who some of Christopher’s supporters are, one can only hope

  52. God and guns says:

    Frank, you’re correct. The people of Sussex County have spoken. I only hope that in the near future they don’t regret not having advocated for a Sheriff with authority.

  53. Laffter says:

    Ohh. I think we will be just fine with out the carpet nagger

    Thanks for the consideration tho….think we can get the money back wasted on court battles?…

  54. Frank Knotts says:

    God and Guns, I have lived in Delaware my “ENTIRE” life, I have lived in Sussex for nearly 30 years, and I have never had a reason to regret not having three more people with the power to stop me for not wearing my seatbelt, or for going ten miles an hour over the limit, I feel we have plenty of those already. As for the constant fear that the Federal government will knock on my door to take my guns, or my God, well if I am going to have to wait until eight in the morning when the first deputy gets into the office, well I guess I will just have to handle that myself anyway.
    So I have never heard Just Jeff sing, but maybe he can get a gig touring with the Motor City Mad Man.

  55. God and guns says:

    Frank, I have lived in Sussex County my entire life. I can tell that you are not a big fan of the police and that is ok. All I have ever said is that if DSP wants to continue receiving the extra millions of dollars a year from Sussex County, they need to step up their game. DSP response times within the county are not good and they could improve this by actually putting troopers on the road as opposed to creating non-essential positions within their division. As for the Sheriff, it is absolutely absurd that the Sheriff and his deputies are barred from taking wanted persons into custody while they are serving paperwork for the courts. Frank, I am not living in constant fear of the federal government, however, I am not foolish enough to believe that they have my best interests at heart. I too have never heard Sheriff Christopher sing, but I suspect that with all your bloviating, you like to hear yourself talk. Maybe you and your little group of followers can form a little local band. You could call it “Frank and the knotheads.” Perhaps Gaffney would allow you to make your world debut on his program.

  56. God and guns says:

    Actually, I think a better name for your little band would be “Big head Frank and the knotheads.” Has a nice little ring to it.

  57. JS says:

    G and G, Interestingly, a deputy/constable can take a wanted person into custody that is encountered in the course of his/her duties. The deputies had that power under Swanson. Christopher made the conscious decision to let the constable certification lapse (It needs to be renewed every year). He didn’t have to go to court to have those powers, all he had to do was to apply. There are two reasons that he didn’t go that route. 1) If he had the constable powers he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on when he filed his law suit. When he complained that I don’t have arrest powers the County could have said “Yes, you do. 2) The constable powers didn’t get him what he was really after. Christopher’s real goal was to command this 300 man armed posse that answered to no one but himself. the Sheriff

  58. God and guns says:

    JS, we will have to agree to disagree about what Sheriff Christopher’s intent was. Sir, I have admired your staunch defense of our 2nd Amendment rights. I especially enjoyed your articulate response/rebuttal to one Frank Calio, when he attempted to assail our precious 2nd Amendment rights in his newspaper column. JS, I am not going to go back into all the details again. You have read my posts. You and I both know what was at the root of this controversy from the start. It is about money and control. The state and county council want to give up neither. If the Sheriff doesn’t answer to us, then why do we bother to elect him? Why don’t we move to abolish the office of Sheriff altogether? Why are we electing a paper server? Any monkey could be trained to do that.

  59. Frank Knotts says:

    G&G if you were actually reading my previous writing or my FB post you would know that I am a staunch supporter of law enforcement. Though when wrong I will point it out, my first inclination is too give the benefit of the doubt.

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