Seems Chairman Calabro Has Flown The Coop

chicken vince  So what is the newly elected Chairman of the Sussex GOP, Vince Calabro, afraid of?      Well today on the Dan Gaffney show on Delaware 105.9, there was a segment called Point/Counterpoint in which the Chairman of the Sussex County Democrat Party, Mitch Crane, sat down to have a give and take with the Sussex County Republican representative. Only problem was, it wasn’t the newly elected Chairman Vince Calabro, it was one of his RD Chairs, Billy Carroll.

Now with all due respect for Mr. Carroll, why would the newly elected Chair, Mr. Calabro, not want to take the opportunity to present his vision of what the Sussex GOP is, and should be?

Well thanks to Mr. Carroll we know exactly why. The show’s host, Dan Gaffney, had asked about the division within the Sussex GOP, and recent events, including the one in which the police were called on myself for not signing into the last monthly meeting.  Now the answer to this question is meaningless, since that whole thing was a set-up personal attack upon me.

However, Dan Gaffney then asked where Mr. Calabro was for this debate, and why he wasn’t there. Mr. Carroll plainly stated that Vince Calabro had though that it would be better if Billy Carroll was the one to represent the GOP, since they expected the question about the police being called to be asked.

So we now know one thing that Vince Calabro is afraid of, direct questions that require direct answers. But to be honest, I don’t think that was the question that Vince Calabro was afraid of. I think he was afraid of the question that I called in and asked.

I called in and asked Mr. Carroll, as the acting representative of the Sussex County GOP, if he would address the fact that Vince Calabro, and others within the GOP Executive Committee, had run what seems to have been an illegal fund-raiser. Here is a link to a previous post explaining what was done.

Mr. Carroll actually made the excuse that Mr. Calabro was new, and had made a mistake, that he had gotten ahead of himself by holding the fund-raiser before he had actually created the PAC under which he was raising funds. Dan Gaffney asked where the money was now, and Mr. Carroll stated that the checks had been returned, and a new group had been formed and were asking those who had donated to the event, to write new checks. It seems that they think that being new is an excuse for possibly breaking the law, or that being over zealous is a reason to get away with breaking the law. The problem is not where the money is now, the problem is, they broke the law when they took money under a name they had no rights to, it matters not at all that they give the money back. If I rob  a bank, get caught, and then give the money back, do I get to go free? I think not my friends.

The level of arrogance, and incompetence of these people seems to know no bounds. They act as if they are the smartest people in the world, and then can’t access information that is readily available on-line for anyone to find. And when they are caught with their pants down, they say,”oh I am just new at this, please forgive me”.

And to further add to the degradation of the party, this so-called leader of the Sussex GOP, doesn’t have the integrity, or the courage to stand up and answer for his actions and those of his followers. No, instead he sends another out to take the heat for what Mr. Calabro was responsible for. Is this leadership? No, and anyone who stands with him, or anyone he stands for, is no better than he.

All of this has been made known to the Commissioner of Elections, Elaine Manlove, and one would think the clock is ticking, for both of them. Surely after the Legislature went to such great lengths to empower that office, to deal with just this type of fraud, that the Commissioner would be utilizing the dedicated Deputy Attorney General assigned to her office to investigate this potentially illegal event.

The Republican voters of Sussex deserve much better than they are receiving from Vince Calabro as the Chairman of the Sussex GOP. We cannot grow the party with this type of so-called leader in charge. This chairman seems to be single-minded in that he is only interested in promoting one candidate, that would be Lacey Lafferty who thinks she is running for governor, a campaign for which Mr. Calabro is the treasurer. Ms. Lafferty was also hip deep in this event, helping to promote it and organize it. Makes one ask the question, why did the GOP have to have checks made out to a third-party, instead of to the GOP?

It is time for the Republican voters of Sussex to demand the immediate resignation of Vince Calabro and all the members of the GOP Executive Committee who were involved in this event. They includes the Vice Chair Fred Silva, Secretary Linda Creasey, and any number of ED Chair people, and several RD Chairs as well.

We as Republicans need leaders with vision, courage, and the institutional knowledge of politics in Delaware to enable the party to grow, free of these types of embarrassing aberration. We need leaders that instead of hiding behind others, are at least big enough to take the responsibility of their own actions. Vince Calabro and his fellow travelers are not that type of leader, and never will be.

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  1. GOP Forever says:

    Frank, I understand that you are angry about losing the party elections, but the people spoke and they didn’t want the liberal faction of the GOP in power. That is as simple as it is.
    Now you want to completely destroy the party from within, when you should actually be in the democratic party.
    I don’t think Mitch Crane would want you in their party because you attempt to destroy anybody who doesn’t agree with you instead of using what little intelligence you have to make things better.
    Calabro attempted to raise money for the party and that’s a lot more than you do.
    I know you want public recognition but you are in danger of imploding and people are looking at you as a “sick comedy act” gone bad.
    You and Gafney deserve each other. He is a publicity hound too, and just wants to move up the tree in his profession, by causing others hurt and pain.
    I think Calabro is a good man and you need to go back to the sewer with the rest of the feces.

  2. calling bulls**t says:

    Clabro knows the campaign laws, Carroll’s claim Calabro got ahead of himself is b/s. Calabro is also the wannabe 2016 gubernatorial candidate. If Carroll is going to speak for the party than there’s no need for Calabro. This is nothing more than Calabro trying to keep his wannabe candidate out of the limelight since he’s her treasurer. This was an attempt to raise money for a small faction of the party not the party whole. It’s well known who that faction is, the same group that supported Christopher’s failed attempt to get re-elected.

    Crane or Carroll made the claim that Frank Knotts owns the Western Sussex Republican Club name. Just curious is that true?

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    GOP Forever, thank you for your well thought out comments. You said, “Calabro attempted to raise money for the party and that’s a lot more than you do.” Really? For the Party? Then please tell us with your unlimited intelligence why he was having the checks made out to a third party instead of the Sussex GOP which would have been legal? I’ll wait while you go ask.
    As for the party elections, of course I am disappointed, look what we got as so called leadership. People who have no idea of the rules, either that or they are criminally stupid. You choose. Either way the law was broken thei ute they accepted a single check under a name they had no claim to.

  4. calling bulls**t says:

    sorry it should have read “Calabro is also the TREASURER for the wannabe 2016 gubernatorial candidate”

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    To answer the question. No I do not own the WSRC.

  6. Dave says:

    I do find it curious that the head of the SC GOP, which should be acting as an honest broker and unifying force for all Republicans in the county is also a key operative for a specific candidate. The parallel would be someone like Reince Priebus being the treasurer for the Ted Cruz campaign. The lack of sophistication is very entertaining and it cements the idea that the GOP may have some good ideas, but they simply cannot govern.

  7. Boobie says:

    Calabro wanted a slush fund that he could control, that wouldn’t be subject to party rules. He got caught. End of story. I don’t even think he was trying to hide it.

  8. Say it Ain't So says:

    @Boobie. No you’re right, Calabro wanted a slush fund, that he could control. He did want to hide it, and he still wants to hide it. Authenticity is important if you want to make things better, hiding the truth is a killer to politics. Voters may not understand the details, but they know a phony 100% of the time. Callin the cops on a blogger who angers you, running amok over campaign finance laws, taking a pass on representing the R’s at a Sussex political forum in your first 90 days may be a new low for a regional chair. How long until Vince pulls poor Lacey under?

  9. Forever GOP says:

    Vince Calabro’s most important job as Chairman of the SCGOP is to raise money for the SCGOP. If Calabro asks for the new checks to be written to any entity other than the SCGOP he needs to be removed, forcibly if necessary. I would hope Calabro, who already stinks of cowardice, can find the testicular fortitude to step down like a man.

  10. mouse says:

    Can you imagine someone new moving here who is uncommitted to a political party and joining the GOP?. Well at least it’s entertaining LOL

  11. mouse says:

    What does the Sussex GOP stand for besides guns and obsessive opposition to illegals and sexual and reproductive freedom?

  12. Frank Knotts says:

    I have heard that they have created a Sussex Republicans Club and are asking to have the new checks made out to that entity.
    The question is still hanging out there for whoever Mr. Calabro taps next to speak for him, “why did the Sussex GOP need another PAC to raise funds for the GOP?”
    So far Mr. Calabro has had Sherwood “Duke” Brooks speak for him, he has directed questions to the former Sussex Chairman John Rieley, he has sent Billy Carroll to debate the Chairman of the Democrat Party.
    So why exactly did the people who voted for him, vote for him? To listen to other people speak for him? Where is the accountability of leadership?

  13. Sunshine says:

    It’s a shame that Mr. Carroll feels the need to go on the radio and lie in some sad attempt to protect Calabro’s alleged corruption and alleged campaign finance violations. Calabro was well aware of what he was doing as he was TOLD what he was doing was wrong, but continued to ignore the warnings. I have lost much respect for Mr. Carroll protecting Calabro’s questionable actions.

    It’s time to revamp the SCGOP. You all are an embarrassment to our party and to our republican elected officials.

  14. GOP Forever says:

    @calling bulls**t

    Frank even attacks people when he say he’s writing something good. He is destructive and a cancerous seeping pustule on the body of the GOP. His rants and attacks have added nothing positive to the mix in the Sussex GOP. He has become Mitch Cranes best ally.
    If he could view himself as the “little man” that he really is, i don’t think he would change anyway. He is so full of himself. I’ve watched his body language when he is at meetings and it’s all about him. He is disgusting.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    GOP Forever, thank you for your positive no attack approach here. You add so much to the conversation. Yet I can’t help but notice you fail to explain the need for a third party PAC to raise money for a political party.
    As for my body language, sorry if my confidence is so visible, though I am not sure to be flattered or concerned that you can’t keep your eyes off of me.

  16. mouse says:

    Another one still in the closet lol

  17. mouse says:

    The sheriff is getting nearer lol

  18. Hypocrazy Watch says:

    There are several “cancerous seeping pustule on the body of the GOP”.

    The biggest “cancerous seeping pustule on the body of the GOP” is the Sussex County GOP, an organization that is so far out of the mainstream GOP that good Republicans in other parts of the state refuse to run for office for fear that their good names will be attached to the tawdry antics that continually take place in Sussex, like lying to the public about calling the police on Frank because the Cheer Center’s insurance company demands it and holding a “Unity Dinner” to fund what can only be described as a third party money laundering PAC.

    The next biggest “cancerous seeping pustule on the body of the GOP” is Vince Calabro, the SCGOP Chairman who should be raising money for the whole county and all of their events and candidates but instead forms 3rd party organizations to launder money to candidates that he supports without the vote of the Executive committee.

    Finally, the last “cancerous seeping pustule on the body of the GOP” is the Executive Committee, who have not removed “cancerous seeping pustule” Vince Calabro from office and have not demanded accounting of the money raised at the “Unity Dinner” under false pretenses.

    I predict that if this type of backroom, shady, unethical behavior doesn’t end, the SCGOP will wish they were as good as the NCCGOP.

  19. Dan Byotte says:

    @GOP Forever,


    that is all.

  20. Chris Shirey says:

    Let me make a few corrections, as I am the treasurer of the Sussex Republican Club. 1. The Sussex Republican Club had to change it’s name because Mr. Knotts filed for the name of Western Sussex Republican Club as the club was being organized thus causing the club to change name and ask for the checks to be corrected. 2. The Sussex Republican Club was formed to help engage people on the western side of Sussex County and will act in the same manner as the Eastern Sussex Republican Club. I have already requested guidance from that club as I am new at this. 3. The checks are legal and will be used to promote Republican activities in Western Sussex and the County in general. 4. The Sussex County GOP Chairman has been a wonderful resource and continues to help us get this club up and running. Perhaps he is too busy actually working for the Republican Party to engage in this silly activity. 5. As someone who is just stepping up in the party, I am very disillusioned to find such opposition from within. You don’t have to help but attacking is totally unacceptable. 6. I do not, nor will I read this blog as it has the credibility of a Supermarket Tabloid and is a total waste of time. 7. It is my hope that the Republicans will step up and support this new effort to help the party grow and help get Republicans elected. 8. Frank Knotts has done nothing but sabotage our efforts all for his own personal gain. Anyone supporting him should feel ashamed. Thank you, Christie Shirey

  21. Sunshine says:

    Did Pat Fish write these “corrections” for Chris Shirey?

  22. Frank Knotts says:

    Ms. Shirey, let me first say that I do not personally know you, but for someone who started off by saying they were going to make corrections, you have done nothing but repeat false claims.
    1. I filed for nothing, my name is not involved in anyway with the “LEGITIMATE” Western Sussex Republican Club. Whoever told you this most likely has a personal agenda, take the time to look it up on line instead of taking the word of others.
    2. The Sussex Republican Club was organized in an attempt to hold onto the money that Vince Calabro and others within the Sussex GOP Committee collected under false pretense.
    3. If the checks are made out to Western Sussex Republican Club they are not legal, and if you ask people to rewrite them to your new club, then you are merely perpetuating the possible fraud perpetrated by Vince Calabro and his followers.
    4.The Sussex County GOP Chairman was instrumental in organizing a fund raising event for a PAC that had not been legally formed, this in other words is an illegal fund raising event. Maybe he is too busy thinking up other ways to drag the Sussex GOP into legal messes.
    5. As someone who has been involved for about ten years, I am way beyond disillusioned with the behavior, arrogance, and incompetence of people like Vince Calabro.
    6. This blog is intended to create an environment where anyone can join the conversation, as is evidenced by your comment.
    7. If this “NEW” effort is just the latest version of the previous effort, that being to funnel money into the campaign of Lacey Lafferty, while hiding behind the Sussex GOP, then it is doomed to fail, and possibly get several people fined and or arrested.
    8. What I have done is to shine the light of public scrutiny upon the backroom dealings of the administration of Vince Calabro and those before him. I did not force him and his followers to raise funds in the manner that they did. And anyone associating with them should be ashamed, and concerned about their own culpability.
    Now let me ask you a direct question Ms. Shirey, why would the Chairman of a political party have to create a third party PAC to raise funds to help Republicans? Isn’t that what political parties do? The checks for the “UNITY” dinner could simply have been made out to the Sussex GOP> Now ask your inner self why they were not. An honest person will see the truth.

  23. waterpirate says:

    What is truly disturbing here is that the sitting chair of the SCGOP agreed to a open forum and then ” chicken $hitted out ‘. In his place he did not send the: vice chair, he did not send the parliamentarian, he did not send the official spokesperson, he sent a lemming to the sea, to walk off the cliff. Sending a RD in his stead, he jumped the chain in a downward direction and is purely and simply demonstrating ” leadership from the rear, with the gear “.

    It gives a coward the ability to claim, deniability and protect the other cowards around him. For the group to preach purity and lock step conformity is one thing. To not have the balls to back up your play makes you a coward.

    Real leaders lead from the front, and take responsibility for the decisions that are made. win, lose or draw. Cowards send others to fall on their swords in defeat.

    Maybe we should all go eat some spaghetti and forget the whole thing?

  24. One Question says:

    If Ms. Shirley is the Treasurer of this “club” (which according to her, they had to change the club name midstream) than why is Kim Gibson is listed as the Treasurer in the Unity Dinner program?

  25. JS says:

    No matter how they spin it, their “fix”is still illegal. The law is clear

    The chairman’s February Message posted on the Sussex County Republican Committee’s own web site said:

    “One of my campaign promises was to take a vigorous approach to our fundraising program to increase our efforts. We have already begun by planning a dinner in February which should be an enjoyable event. By now many of you should have received paper invitations in the mail, and others will have received e-mail notifications. We have also posted it on our website. I encourage all to participate so that we may share some leisurely quality time with each other.”

    Given the context and where it was published, it is undeniable that “our fundraising program” means the Sussex County Republican Committee’s fundraising program. Likewise the “we” in the next sentence also means the Sussex County Republican Committee. Therefore, according to the chairman’s own message, the February dinner was a Sussex County Republican Committee fundraiser. All monies collected from that fund raiser belong to the Sussex County Republican Committee. By redirecting those funds to another entity (legitimate or not) monies belonging to the Sussex County Republican Committee were misappropriated. It is no different than a Walmart clerk telling the customer to “make out the check to me, not Walmart”. Using the same analogy, once caught, the Walmart clerk’s solution is to give the check back to the customer with instructions to make a new check out to a different employee. No matter how it gets spun, in the final analysis the Sussex County Republican Committee still doesn’t have its money and no effort is being made by the executive committee to recover it. Given the unity of some members of the executive committee with the officers of the false PAC, there is a staggering conflict of interest.
    To compound the situation, this other entity to which the SCRC’s funds were funneled, purported to be a PAC. Under Delaware law a political party may not fund a PAC. In relevant part

    Title 15 Del C. § 8012 Contribution limits generally.

    (b) No political party shall make any contribution to any political action committee

    No matter how you slice it, it appears that misappropriated funds of the SCRC ended up in the hands of first one PAC and now another. I’d remain silent too.

  26. Dunleve says:

    The question not asked yet is who actually paid for the dinner in the meantime. If the funds that were to be used to pay for the dinner have not actually been recieved, then who paid . Was this a loan, or donation to the newly formed group. Or did the SC GOP write a check to cover evpenses.

  27. JS says:

    Dunleve, if the Sussex County GOP treasury was used as someone’s “piggybank”people could go to jail. The Treasurer’s report at the next meeting will be very interesting.

  28. Sunshine says:

    Vinny, Creeper, Creapy, Fubar?

  29. WaWa says:

    I say we draft Frank for Chairman! Run Frank, run! Run Frank, run!

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