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open thread     Here’s another open thread for all who feel they have something intelligent, thought-provoking and educational to say. Please make it interesting, and timely. Maybe something about policy and where you want politics to go in Delaware and the nation.

Let’s see if you can deliver, show us what you got. Now comes the hard part, I dare you to do it under your own name.

17 Comments on "Show Us What You Got"

  1. Frank Knotts says:

    HELLO! Tap tap tap! Is this thing on? Come on people, where is that stimulating conversation that so many have complained is lacking here? 1 2 3 GO!

  2. JD says:

    Yesterday I recieved this notice, “Last year the state of Delaware passed legislation that increased the annual franchise tax amounts. Every domestic and foreign LLC/LP registered in the state of Delaware will now owe $300 per year. The previous amount was $250 annually.”

    This was a straight democrat party line bill that recieved no republican support. So what are they going to do with the extra $50 they have taken from my business with HB265?

  3. Dave says:

    Well on the national front, the only ones seemingly unhappy about rapprochement with Cuba are some Cuban Americans (including Ted and Marko), who it should be noted, got a free pass to citizenship just because they step foot on American soil. Business are lining for trips to Cuba to figure how to make a buck off the deal. And of course, if it’s good for business, its good for America.

  4. Dave says:

    On the local front, the Overbrook Town Center is back on the agenda (not that it ever really left). So all those excellent (seasonal) retail jobs are going to put a big dent in the entitlement rolls because everyone knows that retail clerks make bank.

  5. mouse says:

    Where are the candidates with ideas on how to grow jobs and wages while protecting worker safety,environment and public health? Where are the candidate concerned about our kids educational opportunities? Where are the candidates who don’tspend alltheir time deregulating the final services industry that caused the crash in 2008?

  6. Rick says:

    Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate.

    That was last Spring.

    And who will give the Republican response to Omaba’s State of the Union address? One of the most conservative members of the U.S. Senate- TEA Party-endorsed Joni Ernst.

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Dave, the Overbrook project is about more than clerk jobs and construction. Think of all the vendors doing business there and the truck drivers who will be delivering there. We should all hope this doesn’t end up being another win for the NIMBYs like the RV park.
    Rick don’t you recognize a bone when it is thrown your way?

  8. Dave says:

    vendors – selling products from Sussex County? What products?
    truck drivers – long haul truck drivers who live in Sussex County? Is it the same truck drivers that drive down to Tanger? Surely you don’t think they live in Sussex County do you?

    Frank, what stores do you envision in such a town center that are different than what you have at the Tanger Outlets? Sure, there is some modicum of HVAC, building, and parking lot maintenance that will be locally sourced but in general are there significant economic benefits to people who live in Sussex County? No, there is not.

    Now if you had said that someone wants to build a drone maintenance facility and launching station for drones to treat the fields or monitor the wetlands, then you would need pilots, technicians, maybe even some software engineers. It’s not rocket science to see there is a distinct economic difference. A shopping center? No significant economic benefit.

  9. Hugh Dover says:

    jobs, Jobs, JOBS!!! How do we do it? The state doesn’t create jobs, but it can create conditions that are favorable for job creation or help to kill jobs. How can Delaware encourage more job growth?
    Make it easier for a business to build. Between Deldot, dnrec, conservation district, fire marshall, army corps of engineers, local planning boards, businesses have to shell out tens (or even hundres) of thousands of dollars before the first shovel is stuck in the ground. Streamline the processes for identified growth areas (13, 113, industrial parks) and create business development zones where the state will give an automatic OK for certain commercial or industrial functions and structures that meet a set criteria.

  10. Retail Jobs Matter says:

    Ever hear of Management positions in retail? Well, they exist in every retail store, every outlet store, and every restaurant. Those aren’t “minimum wage” jobs by any stretch, and they normally come with benefits. You don’t think people in eastern Sussex would shop at a Target or a Dicks? Think again. How about a Trader Joes, DSW, Noodles, Burlington Coat Factory, Foot Locker, Kohls, Costco, Sonic, Big Lots, REI, Bass Pro Shops, Bath and Body Works, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Bed Bath and Beyond or IKEA? That’s just off the top of my head and that list makes me want to drive to DOVER right now to go shopping and then up to Plymouth Meeting, PA to shop at IKEA for my beach rental.

  11. justsaying says:

    I want to know people’s thoughts on Eric Bodenweiser and his attorney’s letter requesting a plea deal. See link below. I can’t believe all the Super Conservative who have supported Bodenweiser have nothing to say…

  12. mouse says:

    I worry about the 100 acre parking lot running off car effulent into the Broadkill

  13. mouse says:

    Enlarge the runway at Georgetown airport and many high paying jobs will come here

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    Because the nitrate run off from the fields is preferable?

  15. Retail Jobs Matter says:

    DNREC passed storm water and drainage regulations last year. The developer will have to invest millions to ensure that the Broadkill and surrounding wetlands are protected.

  16. Miquel Martinez says:

    In Wilmington DE, the water runs off the hi-rise, across the street, down the embankment and into the Brandywine River, all while people are being shot, stabbed, beaten up over drugs, and our first piece of legislation passed in the House was Speaker Pete’s bill helping his buddy Alex Pires get some banking business completed. What are the legislators going to do this year about Jobs, a Business Friendly enviornment (for all , not just the Fisker’s and Blooms), and Education.

    Which legislator is going to stand up and do what he/she was sent to Dover to do, REPRESENT. I believe there is a different revolution ‘a-brewing’, that might just be made up of a majority of ‘sane people who can reason and come to a consensus to make our neighborhoods and towns and cities a better place to live’.

    Rich Collins and Lyndon Yearick, along with Bryant Richardson and Sean Lynn and Kevin Hensley, these are the new guys who don’t need to sit in the back and shut up, they need to STAND UP and BE HEARD as the new voices of their districts and of the citizens of Delaware who choose them to be one of 62 people who are honored to be in their positions.

    Or are we going to just get deeper into the ‘inside’ game of why Speaker Pete doesn’t like John Kowalko, and how will this spat hurt our efforts to debate what is right for education, or do we just let the 62 decide for us. It’s time to fight it out, make the argument, defend, attack, retreat, and in the end, make a f&%*ing decision and move on.

    that is all…………………………………………………………for now.

  17. mouse says:

    Rich Collins is a lobbiest for developers and polluters

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