Someone Should Check The Batteries In The GOP Calculator

GOPWell all the results are not in as I begin writing this post, but it looks as if, Democrat  Stephanie Hansen, will cruise to a fairly easy victory over, Republican John Marino, for the Delaware Senate 10th District.  This was the basket in which, I and others felt, the Delaware GOP had placed all their eggs. This is the race upon which the great political calculation was made by the Delaware GOP. The calculation of supporting, what can only be described as a weak candidate for Lt. Governor, La Mar Gunn.

Why would they do that you may ask? Well you see, the idea was, if the previous Democrat holder of the seat, Bethany Hall-Long were to win the  race for Lt. Governor, then we would have this special election, and the calculation was, win the 10th Senate District, and win a one seat majority in the Senate, and as the Republicans were selling it, restore balance to state government.

Only one problem, they chose a district in which the Democrats had them out registered 60/40. Oh! One other problem, Bethany Hall-Long was popular in that District. Oh! One other problem, the former United States of America, Vice President, and long time U.S. Senator from Delaware, and one of the states most popular politicians, across party lines, Joe Biden, was campaigning for Hansen. Oh! One more problem, the Republicans got out spent, by a lot, no really, by one hell of a lot.

It seems as though those within the Delaware GOP didn’t do quite enough calculating, or maybe the dog ate their math homework.

It became obvious the GOP had started to see the cracks in their plan about a week ago. That was when prominent Republicans began complaining about the amount of money Stephanie Hansen was receiving, and from where. Republican Senator, Greg Lavelle was a guest on The Rick Jensen Show talking about the large amount of out-of-state money coming in, and the fact no one knew where it was coming from. He actually said, “they could disclose where it’s coming from if they wanted to”. But wasn’t it Republicans who pushed back against such financial disclosures, as protected political speech?

Once the Republican message became about how much more money the Democrats had, rather than about jobs and the economy, they had admitted defeat.

Speaking of admitting defeat, I just received a copy of Delaware GOP Chairman, Charlie Copeland’s concession release.

The Chairman of the Delaware Republican Party Charlie Copeland released the following statement this evening after reviewing the results of the special election in the 10th Senate District: This evening Delaware citizens have been able to see just how politically bankrupt Delaware is. Delaware Democrats, administratively, changed Delaware’s campaign finance laws in the middle of this campaign so that they could go on to raise $1 million to buy the 10th Senate District seat. Delaware’s Democrats spent over $100 per vote in a District that they already had a 60-to-40 registration advantage. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat you should be outraged that this kind of unethical behavior occurred. Once again, we are seeing what happens when one political party has absolute power….corruption

This statement is the perfect example of what is wrong with the Delaware GOP.

   “Delaware Democrats, administratively, changed Delaware’s campaign finance laws in the middle of this campaign so that they could go on to raise $1 million to buy the 10th Senate District seat.
  I’m sorry Chairman Copeland, did those mean old Democrats only change the rules so they could raise $1 Million? Or were the Republicans free to raise as much money as they wanted also? Stop whining. The Republicans got beat because they got out campaigned, and out spent, because the Democrats were better at raising funds.
  This is a statewide problem. The GOP cannot raise money, because they are a clown show. It was just announced by the Sussex GOP, that a fund-raising campaign, to raise $400 had been successful. Were these funds to be sent to the Marino campaign? Were they to help win any seat in the state? Were they to be used to find new candidates for the future? To register new Republicans? No! This $400 was to buy a scooter for one of the members of the Sussex GOP Committee. (2/26/17 This is a correction. The $400 was not raised for a scooter, the money was raised to purchase the apparatus to carry the scooter on the person’s car. You will see this discussed in the comments below. My apologies. Frank Knotts)  
  Gee, I wonder would another $400 have helped Marino? Probably not, but we will never know, because the Delaware GOP is so out of touch, and have their priorities all screwed up. Instead of being out there complaining about how much money the Democrats raised, maybe they should have been calling around the nation to find the money.
  If only there were some extremely rich Republican, who could have dropped a million dollars like pocket change. And if only we had some Republican right here in Delaware who had a connection to that Republican. Oh! Wait we do. Hey Rob Arlette, how come Donald Trump didn’t step up and help out here? We could have had the most money, the biggest crowds, the most votes, and we would have been great again.
  So, because of a bad calculation, in my view, we will not have balance in state government, but we have placed Bethany Hall-Long in the Lt. Governor’s seat, and most likely on a fast track to be governor someday.
  Well look at it this was Delaware GOP, now you get to keep blaming the Democrats for all the problems.
  Repeat after me, “there is nothing we can do, we are the minority”.
  P.S. Looks like the final percentages were 58/40  mic drop!

35 Comments on "Someone Should Check The Batteries In The GOP Calculator"

  1. Linda Creasy says:

    Frank – I really do wish you would check your facts before attacking the Sussex GOP yet again.

    The $400 you speak of was NOT raised by the Sussex GOP and was NOT used to purchase a scooter. The funds came from a GoFundMe page that was set up by an individual that happened to be on the committee, but was in no way a function of the committee or any of its fundraising efforts. In fact, only 5 of the generous contributors to the account were from the Sussex GOP at all, and that was simply because they were friends of mine who I knew from that arena.

    Further, the funds were not raised to purchase a scooter – those things go for over $1300. The funds were raised to assist me in purchasing a transport mechanism for my car that would enable me to travel with the scooter when necessary.

    Frank, while we often disagree, we have always been able to maintain a respectful and friendly relationship. I am very disappointed to see you use a generous act by good people who were simply trying to help me navigate a serious medical issue as a weak attempt to further your negative agenda toward the Sussex GOP.

  2. Honi Soit says:

    Frank’s off the mark on this one, big league. Billy Carroll set up a GoFundMe account for Linda. While her insurance paid for the scooter (read power wheelchair), it did not cover the device for her vehicle that would enable her to transport the scooter along with her.

    The fund was set up two months ago. Vance Phillips was the first to donate at $50. The fund raised $400 a month ago, meeting its goal to the dollar.

    Another GoFundMe account was set up for the family of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, the Indian national who was murdered in a Kansas bar on Feb 22 by a bigot who yelled racial slurs at him and said “Get out of my country” just before opening fire on him and his compatriot. The goal was $150,000. Two days after the account was set up on Feb 24, it raised over $600,000.

    Sean Spicer said on Friday that it would be “absurd” to link this murder to Trump’s rhetoric. He could have waited until the police completed its investigation, but apparently he’s already made up his mind.

  3. fightingbluehen says:

    One aspect to the loss is that Republicans felt that they had their victory with Trump, and didn’t feel a great urge to get out and vote in a special election, while on the other hand, the Democrats are in such a state, that they were frothing at the chance.

    Another way to look at this, is that while the Democrats have clearly steered the ship that is Delaware, onto the rocks, the passengers evidently like the rocks, or they have been convinced that they like the rocks, or maybe they don’t even know that we are on the rocks…..Hey,maybe they can throw some bails of weed into the boiler and steam this sucker back into the channel.

  4. Rick says:

    Here we go again. It’s all the fault of the GOP “clowns.”

    Wrong again.

    Apathy won the election. When slightly over one-third of the voters bother to show-up for a special election with the Delaware Senate majority hanging in the balance, one can’t blame the chairman, the party apparatus or Donald Trump. You place the blame where it belongs-on the people.

    I guess the Democrats can rightly say that their constituents are less apathetic than the Republicans.

    No amount of money can get people off their lazy asses and vote when they can be engaged in much more important activities such as shopping, strolling on the boardwalk in the summer-like weather, or going fishing. To the majority of Delawareans, leisure is much more important than how they will be governed.

    “Are you going to vote today- the Delaware Senate is at stake, and thus, the legislative agenda.”

    “No, it’s too nice out- I need to wash the car and then buy charcoal and a case of beer.”

    If the people of the State of Delaware want to be sheep, then sheep they shall be.

  5. delacrat says:

    “No amount of money can get people off their lazy asses and vote when they can be engaged in much more important activities such as shopping, strolling on the boardwalk in the summer-like weather, or going fishing.” – rick

    “…, strolling on the boardwalk in the summer-like weather, or going fishing” are indeed more important than voting Republican.

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Linda, I have made the correction above as to what the $400 was used for. However, since I was present at an official Sussex GOP Committee meeting at which this fund raising was discussed, during the official time of the meeting, my point is still valid. Maybe you could tell us how much money the Sussex GOP sent to the Marino campaign? And I intentionally did not mention you by name, my point was not to embarrass you.
    Honi, says, ” Billy Carroll set up a GoFundMe account for Linda.” That would be the same Billy Carroll who is the Chairman of the Sussex GOP? So again, my point being made. He took the time to raise funds for Linda, (nothing against Linda), but did he raise any money for the Marino campaign? Again, how much money did the Sussex GOP send the campaign?
    My point is not whether or not the scooter rack was a worthy cause. The point was that the Delaware GOP in general, and the Sussex GOP especially have their priorities confused.
    They are a political party, not a charity organization.

  7. Linda Creasy says:

    Frank, you are missing the point. Billy mentioned the Go Fund Me account during the meeting as an extension of his welcoming me back and explaining why I had been out. It was not discussed during the fundraising part of the agenda, but when we moved to the Chairman’s Report. And even then, it was at the very beginning, just as he was welcoming me back – not part of the actual report.

    While I did notice and appreciate your intent at not mentioning me by name, I have no problem responding here because I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I am, however, grateful to those who contributed, and feel that you have done them a disservice by using their generosity to further your agenda.

    As far as the Marino campaign, I can tell you that many folks from the Sussex GOP, most notably from the 38th but also many others, worked tirelessly for him. Some worked phone banks, and many spent countless hours going door to door in that district on behalf of Mr. Marino. They took time from their schedules to drive up there, week after week, to spend entire days door knocking. Did you do anything like that for a candidate this year?

    Finally, what Billy does on his own time and from his own heart is simply that, and not automatically done on behalf of any organization to which he belongs, including the Sussex GOP. He does have a life outside of our group, and should not be attacked for a kind gesture. Further, to say that “They are a political party, not a charity organization.” is a ridiculous conclusion to draw from this situation. Had you been paying closer attention at the meeting, or had you cared to check your “facts”, you would have known all of this. However, connecting the imaginary dots between what you “heard” and your own contrived version of events was just too hard to resist.

    “Fake News”, anyone?

  8. Honi Soit says:

    I think Frank’s response is a stretch. However…I gather though from Linda’s response that not a dime flowed from the Sussex GOP coffers to support Marino. Quite possibly because the treasury doesn’t have a dime to spare.

    Linda claims that many from Sussex worked “tirelessly” spending “countless” hours for entire days week after week to support Marino. I am sure she would not have made such a claim if she did not know the names of these party-faithful.

    The Executive Committee perhaps would be remiss if they did not commend these folks publicly. Maybe they could be given the recognition they deserve right here on Frank’s blog. What say, Linda? Best to come clean lest you be accused of “fake news.”

  9. Linda Creasy says:

    Honi, the folks that I speak of have and will continue to receive recognition from the county and state GOP for their efforts on behalf of John Marino. I do know the names of several of them, but I would probably inadvertently miss some. Given the relationship Frank and this blog have with many of our members, I don’t think it would be wise to share their names on this site without first getting their permission. With that being said, however, I can tell you that most active person in organizing and participating was 38th RDC Bob Lawless. If you want a complete list, I would suggest going to him or contacting the Marino campaign folks directly. My statement was accurate and verifiable…hardly fake news. 🙂

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Linda, no where did I say it was mentioned during the “fund raising part” of the agenda. And since Mr. Carroll has but a passing understanding of following the agenda anyway, not really important. I stated, which you confirmed, the Chairman of the Committee talked about raising funds for your special needs during the official meeting of the political party. You said, “Finally, what Billy does on his own time and from his own heart is simply that, and not automatically done on behalf of any organization to which he belongs, including the Sussex GOP.” But you see, when the meeting has been called to order, he is acting only as the Chairman of the Committee for that time.
    So once again, less you still not get the point, the reason I pointed this out was because many Republicans within the party machine are running around complaining the Democrats out spent them in the Marino race.
    Your pointing out volunteer hours does not discount that fact. I am sure the Democrats also had many volunteer hours as well. The issue was the amount of money, it was made an issue by GOP elected officials, and the Chairman of the state party.
    I really am little concerned if people want to help you out with your special needs, that is their choice, and good for them.
    As for giving the Sussex GOP credit where credit is due? Honi, we always have a an open space at the top of the page, I would gladly publish unedited, a submission from Linda or any of the Committee who wished to detail their activities. Of course as Linda says, the Committee does have a problem with the fact myself and the site have often shined an unwanted light upon their, shall we say, “activities”.

  11. Scott Gesty says:

    The DE GOP gets pasted in this pivotal race and the majority of the discussion is over a $400 scooter? Sigh.

  12. Honi Soit says:

    Scott does not read carefully: The scooter cost north of $1300, but never mind. Point well taken. The DE GOP did get pasted.

    So did Trump’s Nominee for Secretary of the Navy. He withdrew tonight. Rumors that he would had been flying about, but Sean Spicer tweeted that those rumors were “100% not true.” Now THAT’S fake news.

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    Yeah Scott, well that is the living thing a blog thread can be. Please feel free to bring it back around to the topic.

  14. fightingbluehen says:

    There is a law that allows underage voters to vote in primary elections in Delaware if they will be turning legal age in time for the general election.

    I heard that the state election commissioner ordered polling places to allow voters as young as sixteen to vote in the 10th district special election, using a bastardization of the aforementioned law. Does anybody know if this is true?….It obviously wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but it’s still pretty dubious.

  15. Rick says:

    All the Republicans in the S10 had to do was show-up. Bright and early. Then, enjoy the day.

    Instead, apathy prevailed.

    If people don’t care how they are governed, so be it. Go fishing.

    And I don’t want to hear any of the crap about how 35% (or thereabouts) is a “good” turnout for a special election. With the Delaware Senate majority on the line? Are you kidding me?

    As I said earlier, apathy won. And ten-million-dollars wouldn’t have changed that, because apathy is a disease that can’t be cured without the patient’s cooperation. And the patient just doesn’t care.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    Well FBH, unless you believe there were like 2000 16 year olds voting this just sounds like more “it was rigged” smoke talk.
    Rick if you look at the registration numbers, the turn out is representative of the district.

  17. Rick says:

    …if you look at the registration numbers, the turn out is representative of the district.

    If +/-35% with the senate in play is “representative,” then he district is apathetic.

  18. fightingbluehen says:

    “Well FBH, unless you believe there were like 2000 16 year olds voting this just sounds like more “it was rigged” smoke talk.”

    Well, that’s why I said,”It obviously wouldn’t have changed the outcome, but it’s still pretty dubious.”

  19. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick I am talking about the 60/40 GOP/Dem split and the nearly identical results.

  20. fightingbluehen says:

    Yeah, it turned out that they didn’t need to cheat, but they cheated anyway, just to make sure.

  21. mouse says:

    I hate 1 party rule and most often vote against it. The self serving policies, hubris and incompetence from the Democrats is appalling. Problem is that the Republicans have no serious candidates to offer anything but crazy religious dogma, resentment against Hispanics, lowering of wages by attacking unions that help average people, tax cuts and relaxed rules for the wealthy and denial of science. Why would I vote for that? Democrats win by default. Offer something that appeals to more than resentful uneducated types and the Republicans might win a few seats.

  22. mouse says:

    A victory with Trump?. A victory for people who like to “speak their minds” meaning spew every racist, sexist, misogynist thought that comes to mind. I mean how can any person of decency not be embarrassed by the abomination in the white house? And such dishonest folk. If a liberal had spew bragging crap about grabbing women’s genitals, had 3 foreign wives, ties to Russia, endless bankruptcies screwing small contractors and refused to release their tax forms, the conservatives would be spinning their heads like possessed rabid coyotes. It’s self evident that such folk have no moral compass and are lying hypocrites lol.

  23. Frank Knotts says:

    FBH and just how did they cheat?

  24. Rick says:

    Rick I am talking about the 60/40 GOP/Dem split and the nearly identical results.

    And everybody knew that going in. And everyone knew that special elections usually garner a lower turnout. Thus, Republicans in the district should have recognized that opportunity afforded them in this election, and simply turned-out in somewhat enthusiastic numbers- say 50%. Had they done so, they’d be in control of the senate.

    But no. Too lazy. Too disinterested. Too “busy.” Too stupid?

    That, my friend, is APATHY. They simply don’t care. And no amount of money, no candidate, no party apparatus, no campaign slogan- no nothing- can change it.

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    See Rick if we tak long enough we find there is something’s we agree on.

  26. Honi Soit says:

    Trump says he’s going to speak from his heart tonight. I’m betting that means Steve Bannon (Trump’s brain) wrote the speech and that Trump will be delivering it using a TelePrompTer. Trump being Trump will ad lib a bit, either to 1] praise himself or 2] insult others. We’ll see.

  27. Frank Knotts says:

    Honi, I am betting within the first five minutes, and applauding doesn’t count, President Trump either talks about the election results, or the “fake news” media. And since there is a controversy over who will or won’t shake his hand as he comes down the isle, I would not be surprised if he launches into some rant about that, he is so easily thrown of track.

  28. Rick says:

    You lost.

  29. RINO Hunter says:

    The zoominfo posting truly exposes you for the idiot that you are and it’s very amusing.

  30. RINO Hunter says:

    That’s right Knotts , your rants and raves have gone national.

  31. Athena says:

    Attacking Linda Creasey simply shows us the true misogynist coward moron that you are. Someone should check the batteries in Frankie Knotts’ pea brain. Delaware Right is run by the three slimiest political hack losers in Delaware.

  32. mouse says:

    I think they want you to be head of Sussex GOP Frank

  33. Frank Knotts says:

    Athena, no where did I attack Linda, in fact I did not mention her in the post. She felt she wanted to address the topic. The only attack here is by you. Thanks for playing. And thanks for being a shining example of the Sussex GOP.

  34. fightingbluehen says:

    “FBH and just how did they cheat?”

    16-year-olds voting?

  35. Frank Knotts says:

    Do we have actual proof beyond someone saying they saw it?
    Because I saw Martians voting for Trump.

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