There are many steps taken in a person’s life, some we take alone, and others we walk together, with those we love.  I have taken many steps in this world, which have led me in many directions, some bad, some good, some life changing.

As a child, like most children, my early steps were hurried, I ran wherever I went, blind to the dangers around every corner, knowing my parents were never far behind. And like most teenagers, I walked faster and faster in an attempt to distance myself from my parents, to show my independence, to show I needed no one to walk beside me, that I could find my own way.

As a young man I found walking alone was just that, lonely. I discovered when I slowed down, there was someone special who I would walk with the rest of my life. Sometimes leading, sometime being led, okay most times being led, but willingly. We spent years walking through this world, taking in the wonders and fulfilling our own desires.

Then one day we both stopped and thought, something is missing. We realized we could not walk forever, at some point we would no longer be here, and our footprints would blow away in the winds of time. We wanted something more permanent, something which would say to the world, we had walked here, we had existed.

When you are young you run and your steps are far apart, as if always jumping ahead, when you are a young adult, your steps are strong and confident. When you have a child, suddenly your steps become very short, close together, cautious. As they grow, they begin to run, always knowing you are never far behind, to pick them up if they fall, to tell them it will be okay, and to protect them from the dangers around every corner. As they grow to be a young adult, they walk faster and faster, to distance themselves from you to show their independence, to show they need no one to walk beside them, to show they can make their own way.

Tata 1 They become their own person, walking at their own pace, finding their own way, and every so often they may even ask your opinion of which path to take.

Then one day, they realize walking alone is lonely, they find the person they will walk beside, for the rest of their lives.

Caitlin and Curt  Today, I will take the steps, which will walk my only child, from being a young adult, to being a married woman. These will be some of the happiest steps of my life. Right up there with the steps which brought my own bride to my side for life, with my daughter’s first steps, to the steps we watched from the seats, as she graduated with her teaching degree, a life long dream for her.

And after I have walked her down the aisle, and stepped back, she and her new husband will begin their own journey. And though my wife and I may no longer be walking beside her, we will always be , not so far behind. Though we may be watching from behind, we will now be watching as this smart, beautiful, funny young woman builds a life of her own. Like all of her steps, we can be confident she will make good choices. Like the one she has made to walk beside this wonderful young man.

Though we may not know where, when we take that first step, our steps always lead us somewhere, our only hope is, we make the right choices, accept the mistakes we make, and continue to find our way to  a happy life.

This is my prayer for my daughter and my soon to be son in-law. Enjoy this day, and may you have a long and happy, and loving life together. God Bless you both.

I love you, Daddy

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  1. Linda Creasy says:

    Truly beautiful piece, Frank. Congratulations to your whole family!

  2. Trey Paradee says:

    As far as your body of your written work is concerned, this piece this ranks right up there with the tribute you wrote to your father a couple of years ago. Masterfully written. A truly beautiful tribute to your daughter and to life itself. Cheers to the happy couple and to the entire Knotts family!

  3. Trey Paradee says:

    Oops! Typo! *As far as the body of your written…”

  4. Trey Paradee says:

    And strike the second “this”! Lol

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    Congratulations, Frank.

  6. Honi Soit says:

    Mabruk, Frank!

  7. delacrat says:

    Congratulations, Frank.

  8. mouse says:

    Good work!

  9. Rick says:

    It is gratifying to see that there are still young people who are not crybabies. Not enough money. Too hard. No opportunities. Can’t get a job.

    Frank’s daughter is a teacher. This takes effort. It is not handed to you. And a child’s success is very dependent upon parenting, on lessons learned watching and listening.

    Congratulations to the newlyweds.

  10. delacrat says:

    “It is gratifying to see that there are still young people who are not crybabies.” – rick

    It seems all the young people where rick lives are crybabies.

  11. Honi Soit says:

    It would seem so. I wonder what it is about Rick that brings children to tears.

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