Sussex County GOP Executive Committee Elections

GOP  Well the time is drawing near for the final election of this election cycle, though it will actually take place in 2015.   It is time for the Sussex GOP to again hold elections to fill the Executive Committee positions, from the Election District Chairs, including the Representative District Chairs, and the Committee Officers.

The following dates and times were given to me by the current Secretary of the Committee, Linda Creasy.  And I would like to say that I do hope that Linda Creasy again runs for the office of Secretary, in my view she has done a good job, considering she had some very large shoes to fill, following Carol Bodine, who moved on to be the Secretary for the state GOP.

Anyone who wishes to be an EDC, RDC or Committee Officer must submit an application found at this link,

This application must be submitted either electronically, or in person before 4pm at the GOP headquarters on E. Market St. in Georgetown on the 29th of December 2014.

A complete list of those seeking a position will be posted, both on the Sussex GOP website  , and on the door of the GOP headquarters within 24 hours of the deadline for submission, which would be 4pm on the 30th of December.  Emails will be sent to all who registered to inform them whether or not their seat is contested or not.

The elections will be then held on Monday, January the 12th, 2015 at the CHEER Center in Georgetown. Republican voters who wish to vote in the election must register at the CHEER Center on January 12th between 6pm and 7pm.

At 7 pm the elections will be held, and continued until all the contested seats are settled. Following the elections an abbreviated regular meeting of the Committee will be held.

Here is a link to the rules page for the Sussex GOP.

26 Comments on "Sussex County GOP Executive Committee Elections"

  1. Andy says:

    Is there a Kent Co GOP organization?

  2. Kevin McCarthy says:

    Go to

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Kevin your link didn’t load let me try.

  4. Andy says:

    Interesting. Thanks.

  5. waterpirate says:

    Just for fun. Could someone explain to me the purpose, mission, and function of the EC? While you are at it, explain how the executed and fulfilled that mission?

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, I assume the question is a rhetorical one, but I’ll bite, the purpose, mission, and function of the EC “SHOULD” be to elect Republicans.
    As for what its current formation has done to fulfill that mission, well nothing really. The Sussex GOP did not contribute a single dime to any campaign, they barely keep the lights on at a headquarters they will not be able to afford in another six months or so.
    Not one of the monthly meeting leading up to the elections was use to organize volunteers for the polls.
    This is why a change is desperately needed. Any chance you would come back as an ED?

  7. Torquemada says:

    And, who will be elected?


  8. Recovering GOPoholic says:

    It does not matter who is elected because the GOP is a dying elephant that even the most skilled political pachyderm vet cannot save. Soon, it will begin to stink around here if the rotting carcass is not properly buried.

  9. waterpirate says:

    Thats a good one! Yes it was asked to spark disscussion because we all knew the answer before I asked it. Way back when I told everyone that the people who storm a castle are never the ones to stay and rule. They stormed the castle for percieved injustices. Once the keep had been breeced they failed to have: a plan, leadership experiance, fund raiseing experiance, people skills, money, and the list is endless. What is left is a dysfunctional rabble that refuses to go the way of the dinosaur. We could have hope for its recovery this January, but it would be false hope, for the EC.

    The EC in Sussex is for entertainment value only, as you pointed out. Another poster and a transplant from Baltimore suggested that you run for chair and I for vice chair. The flaw in that logic is that to be the leader of a bunch of idgits, makes you the King idgit by default. I am not a idgit and neither are you.

    I found I can accomplish a lot more as private citizen, not bound by the rules, ethics, or hypocrisy of the current EC. A finer point that the outgoing chairman and a lot of the EC overlooked this past cycle.

    Thanx for the offer, but I decline.

  10. Cynic Acid says:

    I hear that Pat Fish is running for SC Chair .

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, can’t say I blame you.

  12. VOTE 4 PAT says:

    I’m voting for PAT FISH and you should, too.

  13. waterpirate says:

    Yea, thats what we need, a chair that is not detail oriented, speaks in the third person, and supported JJ right to the end.

  14. GOP addiction says:

    Pat Fish for GOP Chair, WOW I’m voting for her. With all of her fundraising skills and the wonderful writing she does, she is a cinch to become nationally famous.
    Pat Fish is the new ICON of the GOP and even outshines God, So if the Executive Committee will please vote for her on January 12th, I will be there serving popcorn and hotdogs.

  15. waterpirate says:

    No beer??

  16. mouse says:

    I might run as a liberal Republican. I’ll make sure to carry my snake flag

  17. Cobra says:

    NO Beer, but plenty of KOOL AID.

  18. GOP addiction says:


    Hey Luv Chunk, I head you stepped the line from being a Lesbiman to a FFF (full fledged flamer). I heard you on the radio talking with your new gay lisp. Oh it sounded so cute.
    I heard about the upcoming nuptials between you and Waterpirate. You were caught swapping spit with him in the bathroom at Jimmy’s Grill during Gafney’s Friday morning show. When is the wedding and the coming out party?

  19. GOP addiction says:

    Heard that Louie Briggs is running for Vice GOP Chairman and Mary Spicer is running for Sissex GOP (edited for content. Frank Knotts) All that’s missing is the (Edited for content. Frank Knotts)
    Between the two of them, they could pretty much bring the Sussex GOP further left than Pete Schwartzkopf and the gang. Mary Spicer for (Edited for content. Frank Knotts),now there is much truth in that statement.


  20. Frank Knotts says:

    GOP Adiction, caution.

  21. reality rules says:

    You may have deleted what GOP addiction said about Mary Spicer but he’s right. If Spicer and Briggs are elected to Chair and Vice Chair of the GOP, they will seriously destroy and take the GOP further left than Schwartzkopf, Smyk, Short and the rest of the statist minded individuals.
    Knowing you frank, that’s what you want.

  22. Frank Knotts says:

    Reality Rules, I only edited out the unnecessary insults, if you notice I did not edit the part where they said that these people would pull the party left, because that is an opinion not an insult. Though I am sure it is meant as one.
    You may want to read my latest post about the political pendulum. It is relevant to your statement.

  23. Linda Creasy says:

    I wanted to advise everyone that I was not clear when speaking to Frank about the deadlines for applications for positions on the Sussex GOP Executive Committee. Frank reported as accurately as he could based on the information I gave him, so this misunderstanding falls on me, not him.

    The deadline for in-person drop offs of applications to the Sussex GOP HQ was 4 pm, as that is the time the office closed. However, since neither our website or the newspaper ads we ran provided any specific time of day for the deadline, we will accept electronic applications until 11:59 pm. We feel this is the only fair thing to do, given the ambiguity of the website and newspaper ads.

    Sincere apologies for any issues this may have caused. It was entirely unintentional. Again, Frank is not responsible for this misunderstanding, I am. If you would like to run for a position, please go directly to our website and submit an application prior to 11:59 pm.


  24. mouse says:

    What exactly is a statist?

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    Mouse, I have been called one when not being called a far right wing-nut. It is someone who supports government. It is usually used by anarchist, or libertarians.

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