Thank You And Congratulations

school   Today was school board election day in Delaware, school boards all across Delaware held election to choose board members.
As I have often said, school board elections are the single most important votes we as citizens will cast. These board members will make decisions that will affect the lives of our future generations, they also  make decisions that affect the amount of local taxes we pay, and how those taxes are spent.

On behalf of myself, and everyone here at Delaware Right, I would like to thank all of the people who put their names on the ballots, for stepping forward and stating that they were willing to do what few would.
And to those who were elected, congratulations. You worked hard to meet and talk with as many people as you could in order to show your determination to not only step forward, but to bring the children of our future along with you.
There were so many deserving people who did not win today, but for many of those this will not end their desire to serve, they will return, and many will succeed.
I have one special candidate, and winner that I would like to offer my own personal thanks to because he is a friend, and he was able to convince the people of the Woodbridge School District that he had the best interest of the community, and the children of the district in mind, of course the people of the Woodbridge District have known this for a long time.
Steve McCarron was successful in winning election to the Woodbridge Board in a five to one victory over Jan Bunting, a lady I did not know until today and only spoke with her for a couple of hours, but who clearly also had the desire to serve the community and its children. The total was 390 votes cast and  the margin of victory was 324 to 66.

I am sure there are many people who Steve would want to thank for helping him in his successful run, his wife Shelly for sure, and all of his friends in the fire company, and I am sure he would want me to send a special thanks out to a man who worked as hard as the candidate, Bill Atwood. Bill Atwood is a force of nature, great job to all who helped.
I feel that Steve McCarron may have a bright future beyond the school board, but I also know that his motivations for the present, are to ensure that the children of the Woodbridge District will have every advantage available for the best education possible, to help enable them to go forth and achieve their goals and dreams, and that is what this country is all about, ensuring that the next generation has the same chances for success as we did, and more.

So once again, thank you to all who ran, and congratulations to all who won, now the real work begins.


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