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john Rieley   It has not been even a week since the monthly meeting of the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee meeting, the one that ended in a closed-door non-public executive session.   The Committee went into executive session to discuss and vote on a resolution brought forth by one of its members, to pledge the committees support for all of the Republican primary winners, as well as all of the Republican candidates.

It was obvious that not all of the committee members were inclined to do so. It was obvious that Chairman John Rieley was not inclined to enforce the rules of this very committee. Rules that state that members can be removed from the committee if they meet this criteria,

“Article VI, sec. 4, sub sec. c.      Voluntary actions or omissions that are deemed as significantly against the interests of the National, Delaware State, or Sussex County Republican Party.”

The problem that Chairman Riley is having, is that some of his committee members are actively and publicly supporting the loser of a Republican primary race in a write-in campaign against the endorsed GOP candidate. Seems to me that this would fall under above committee rule off being, “significantly against the interests of the National, Delaware State, or Sussex County Republican Party.”, wouldn’t you say?

It also goes against an official communication from State Chairman of the GOP, Charlie Copeland, instructing party leadership to support the winners of the primaries.

During the public part of this month’s Sussex GOP meeting Chairman Rieley stated that he was bound to tell the members that they should not be working on the write-in campaign in their official capacity as Rds and Eds. Yet as he himself said, he left them some “wiggle room” by not actually defining what that meant.

And following the passage of the resolution, which had the clause that stated that members could be removed, and in less than a week, we have seen evidence that the so-called “wiggle room” has been used to great advantage by some of the committee members.

At a candidate forum held at American Legion Post 28, ED Larry Mayo showed up wearing his Jeff Christopher shirt,

larry mayo 1  larry mayo 2

As you can see, Larry was quite proud to be showing off his total disrespect for the party, but of course I guess we could say that he was just “wiggling a little”.  Chairman Rieley was at this event, so one would assume he saw Mr. Mayo.

Another demonstration of the complicity of Chairman Rieley in allowing his committee members to “wiggle” , was this posting on his Facebook page by ED Laureen Purdy,
Purdy post   , the link she posted was a recording of an endorsement for the write-in candidate opposing the endorsed GOP candidate. Notice that Chairman Rieley acknowledged that he had heard the recording, and in doing so, acknowledged that he saw the posting, yet as of the writing of this post, Oct 18, 2014 at 12:40 pm he had not removed the link.

I guess the Chairman is doing a little “wiggling himself. As I have said in the past, everyone has the right to support, and vote for whom they choose, but as GOP Committee members these people have an obligation to uphold and support the endorsed GOP candidates, just like many of them demanded of the party back in 2010 for Christine O’Donnell. Or they have the right to step away from the committee, like anyone with integrity would do.

I am truly sorry to say, it has become obvious that either Chairman Rieley is  unable, or unwilling to rein in his rogue committee members, and this may have lasting negative effect upon the Sussex GOP, but could most definitely have negative effects on the current races in the upcoming election.

I would hope that right thinking Republican voters, along with conservative leaning Democrats and unaffiliated voters would see thru the deception of the write-in candidate and the fringe element of the Sussex GOP and settle this once and for all, since up until now Chairman Rieley refuses to.

larry Mayo 4 This was post sometime on 10/18/14.

5 Comments on "WANTED! Chairman To Act"

  1. Say it Ain't so says:

    Chairperson Reilly is toast, he acted to “cover” for those members who cannot find it in themselves to support Republican candidates. If one cannot find the ability to support Republicans as a Republican committee member, you’re just another Tom Ross. Reilly’s own words “condemned” Tom from ever again holding a committee position in the Republican party, now he channels Ross’s positions. He will hung by his own members.

  2. waterpirate says:

    Irony. A dish best served hot.

    Karma. A thing no man can escape.

    Demons. Something all men must endure.

    Best of luck to the Chairman.

  3. Gerald says:

    Gross site is a epic failure.

  4. Say it Ain't so says:

    Keep company with a few good men (and women) and their numbers will increase.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    If you go back to the original post I have added another FB post from ED Larry Mayo.

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