What’s The Point Of Security?

This past Friday I had a need to go to the Kent County Levy Court building to acquire some paperwork. As I was trying to do this, and then get to work without being too awfully late, I arrived around seven-thirty, the offices open at eight.

I waited in the parking lot until around seven-forty five. While waiting I saw quite a few employees showing up for work and going in through the main entrance. Also since this was not my first trip to the Levy Court, and since I carry a lot of things in my pockets at work, I emptied my pockets before going in, to avoid doing so at the security checkpoint.

I then went inside to wait the last ten minutes in the lobby, just outside the security checkpoint. While waiting I again witnessed about fifteen or twenty employees coming to work. In every case they would walk through the front door, directly to the security checkpoint, which includes a metal detector, they would say good morning to the guard sitting at a desk just inside the metal detector, the employees would then walk non-stop through the metal detector, and in every case set it off with a tone, and a red light.

Not once did the guard ask them to stop to be wanded. Nor were they asked to empty their pockets, or to have the numerous bags they were carrying inspected.

At eight o’clock I stood up, walked to the metal detector and stepped through. Because I wear steeled toed shoes, and had my keys in my hand, the detector went off. I explained to the guard as he jumped to his feet about my shoes, he then grabbed his wand and swept over me to confirm that I had no weapons or other contraband on my person.

The whole time I had sat there watching the employees get a free pass I had been asking myself, what’s the point of this security checkpoint?

I have no problem passing through this one, or any other wherever they may be. Some may find them intrusive and humiliating in some cases. I do not. I had nothing to hide and so went freely through.

However, it would seem as though through too many years of seeing the same faces come through in the morning, that the guards have become lax in their responsibilities. That is unless this is actually policy, that employees are above suspicion.

My concern is that we know that it has happened many times, that an employee will show up at work and decide to shoot up the place.

Are we to think that the powers that be are only concerned with citizens showing up to do harm to public workers? Is it no possible that public workers may show up to do harm to other public workers, and also any innocent citizens who may happen to be in the building at the time?

I saw ladies carrying purses large enough to conceal small rocket launchers, men carrying backpacks, and briefcases, all of which could have been used to hide guns and other weapons. Yet simply because they are government employees they are not put through the same security procedures as the people they work for.

I use this as an example because I witnessed it. I am just as sure that it is not a practice that is unique to the Kent County Levy Court. I am sure that familiarity breeds laxness. These guards see the same people day in and day out, they know about their families, they know their personal stories in some cases. This should not however exempt anyone from being processed in the same manner as the average person off the street.

Imagine if you will that at an airport a guard who sees the same pilots and flight attendants over and over, simply waives them through security checkpoints. Would this be acceptable? I think not.

This bring me to this question. If we are going to exempt all of the employees at these buildings, then why have such security in place at all? Why pay the cost of the guards? Why pay the cost of the equipment and its upkeep? What is the point of security at all, if we are leaving such a gaping hole in it?

I really don’t have a problem paying for such security, but if it is only there to protect the employees and not everyone who enters the building then it is a waste of money.

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  1. Rick says:

    …why have such security in place at all? Why pay the cost of the guards? Why pay the cost of the equipment and its upkeep? What is the point of security at all, if we are leaving such a gaping hole in it?

    Good question. I guess it’s because we’ve fallen for the “terrorism” bulls#!t. Al Qaeda has won- they have totally destroyed freedom of movement in this country.

    If someone is absolutely dedicated to destruction, with no regard for their own lives, they could simply shoot the twenty or thirty people waiting out front for the courthouse to open, in any town in America.

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