Who’s In Israel? Not Don Ayotte!

kevin wade   Some supporters of Kevin Wade are heralding his peregrination to Israel.  They are saying things like, “he is an eye-witness, witnessing things with his own eyes”.  Now there is a campaign bumper sticker if I ever heard of one.

I believe that those advising Mr. Wade feel that by having him actually go to the Middle East and be an “eye-witness” to the war that is raging in Israel, that it will give him national security creds, or one might say gravitas. They seem to think that it will benefit him in the up coming election.

However, in my opinion Mr. Wade has taken his eye off the ball by traveling out of the country at this time. If Mr. Wade hopes to obtain a position in which he can cast votes on policy, he must first win an election.

The idea that he must travel to Israel in order to talk intelligently on the issue, is an idea born out of a lack of knowledge on the part of those advising him.

I do not have to be on the scene of a car crash in which a family is killed by a drunk driver, to know drunk driving is wrong. I do not need to be in the room when a man punches his wife in the face, to know domestic violence is wrong. But a person does need to first be elected in order to cast votes on policy, and in Delaware,  politics is wholesale, knocking on doors and shaking hands. We are 30 days or so out from the GOP primary in which Mr. Wade has an opponent, Carl Smink, and instead of being here meeting people who can vote for him, Kevin Wade is in the Middle East meeting people who can’t. In my opinion not the best campaign strategy, but considering who is advising him, well?

This seems to me, to be nothing but an expensive and time-consuming campaign stunt, that will do little to help Mr. Wade garner more votes. My advise to Mr. Wade would be to get back home as soon as possible and start knocking doors, fire whoever recommended that he go on this trip, and do not attempt to use this trip as proof of his qualifications for the U.S. Senate, it smacks of trading on the death and suffering of the people who are actually dealing with this war on a daily basis, and who can’t just hop on a plane and fly back home to safety.

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  1. FLYLADY says:


    You really should do some research before posting something like this. For example:

    “The idea that he must travel to Israel in order to talk intelligently on the issue, is an idea born out of a lack of knowledge on the part of those advising him.”

    No one advised Kevin to go on this trip, it was his decision alone. While he can speak to his reasons himself, anyone that knows him is aware of his strong affinity and support of the people of Israel. I honestly believe he would have made this trip even if he had not been running for US Senate.

    “My advise (sic) to Mr. Wade would be to get back home as soon as possible and start knocking doors, fire whoever recommended that he go on this trip…”

    Kevin is already back in the US, and again, no one recommended that he go on this trip. He is fully capable of making his own decisions.

    While I commend you for not stooping to the trash talk so often employed here, and at least stating your opinion in a relatively respectful way, I personally think you are way off in your assessment and interpretation of Kevin’s decision.

  2. Well, he IS tweeting Frank…so there’s that.

    Frank and I are in agreement. I don’t see the benefit of this trip. I don’t see how it makes any sense. You just don’t win elections, especially here, by tweeting from Israel. I believe that Kevin cares and he’s a good man. I trust his decisions over Coons’ 7 days a week and twice on Sundays…but he may never get the chance to face off with Coons if Smink shows that he is here, on the ground, caring about Delaware.

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Dear FlyLady, I was giving Mr. Wade the benefit of the doubt that he had just taken bad advise, considering who is advising him I think that was a legitimate assumption. If he wishes to take credit for what I see as a monumental failure in strategy that is his choice.
    FlyLady states, ” anyone that knows him is aware of his strong affinity and support of the people of Israel.” And I again point out that if he truly want to be in a position to help Israel, and to cast votes on policy, then he first must win an election. And in my opinion trading on the death and suffering of Israel and the Palestinian people caught in the middle of this conflict does nothing to that end.
    As rare as it is, I agree with Evan, Tweeting and FB post do nothing to win elections in Delaware, it only looks like an ego booster for Mr. Wade. If it were not a stunt, then maybe he should have kept it quiet until he returned and then imparted what he had seen. But to announce and report from there seems as if he is only trying, and failing to hi-jack the news cycles.

  4. Fitz of DE says:

    WOW Frank, you are not a judge ! If Kevin felt that he needs to go & travel to support the truth, Israel is a promise by the creator, then so be it. May I guess that you are wiling to go knock on doors to support Kevin?

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    Fitz, who I support does not change my opinion of this being a bad campaign strategy. To be honest, we have all had ample experience with Mr. Wade and his views from his previous campaigns, Mr. Smink is an unknown, but I did see him at the Fair working the crowd on several occasions, I believe Mr. Wade was only there on one day. My point is not about Israel, it is about how to win in Delaware, and in my opinion this is not it. There is a good chance that Mr. Wade may be the GOP candidate in the general election, and if this is the type of decision making we can look forward to, well again in my opinion we will have little chance to win.
    And why should I volunteer to knock doors for Wade when he is tripping around the world? Maybe I should show my support by taking a trip to Ukraine to show my support.

  6. FLYLADY says:


    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. Unfortunately, it appears that your intent is equally divided between sharing your opinion (which I’m sure you feel is correct) and discrediting and insulting members of Kevin’s staff…particularly those with whom you have a well-known beef.

    Sadly, as much as you continue to do this, I think it minimizes your argument. I do understand your stated concern, but this was no publicity stunt or ego booster. Some folks are actually strong enough in their beliefs that, if given the opportunity and ability, will act on those beliefs regardless of any potential danger or negative influence on themselves. Frankly, I believe it demonstrates a character trait that I find to be commendable.

    Kevin is a good man, and would make an excellent senator. I hope the concerns that you and Evan share do not play a role in the election. No matter the outcome of the primary, we all need to work together to replace Chris Coons.

  7. FLYLADY says:

    “Maybe I should show my support by taking a trip to Ukraine to show my support.”

    LOL Need any help getting that passport, Frank?

  8. Frank Knotts says:

    Which staff member would that be FlyLady? I mentioned no one by name, who do you think on the staff is likely to make such a mistake in judgment since you seem to think you know who I am talking about.
    No where did I question whether or not Mr. Wade is a good man. You say, “Frankly, I believe it demonstrates a character trait that I find to be commendable.” And that will win the election exactly how? Please remember, my post is not to question Mr. Wades character, but simply his decision making ability. In my opinion this was a bad decision, and if it is demonstrative of how he makes decisions then it is relevant in how he would make decisions if elected.
    As for needing a passport? Not right now, am a little busy, it is an election cycle. Get it?

  9. For Instance says:

    I don’t get how Don Ayotte and Kevin Wade are linked together in this headline of yours. But then I don’t understand much of what you are. Why then would you link him to a U.S. Senatorial candidate?
    Also, why would you denigrate Kevin Wade, who has done nothing to you and only has the best interests of America at heart. You are a paradox of emotions and need help. You also need to upgrade your writing skills

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Ah! A new puppet. Well if Truth Be Known, I did not denigrate Mr. Wade. I did criticize his decision making skills on this matter however.
    As for the connection of Not Don Ayotte? Well the Not Don Ayotte has become a bit of a running joke, much like Don Ayotte himself.

  11. waterpirate says:

    A politician must sell policy as well as self image. I fear Mr. Wade fails 2wice. In these economic trying times, his trip is viewed as a stunt with no possible outcome other than the results that a stunt will bring. The R attempt to turn back the message and the look of Reagan is D.O.A. We need ballanced, younger candidates who believe in partisan politics to solve problems, not stone walling and disscusion of the Fedralist papers.

  12. delacrat says:

    I’m with Frank on this one.

    Wade signaling his fealty to a foreign state (and habitual human rights violator) makes him no better than the despicable Coons.

  13. anon says:

    This stunt does nothing to help Delawareans.

  14. Rick says:

    I really don’t see how going to Israel helps. Neither does going to the State Fair.

    This is Delaware, with one of the worst school systems in the nation- and this is reflected in the electorate. The way to victory is to promise free stuff; and that is the long-established realm of the Socialist-Democrat Party.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, you may be right about going to the Fair, but at least at the Fair, a candidate has a better chance of meeting people who can vote for them in Delaware, than they do meeting someone who can vote for them in Israel.

  16. Rick says:

    Well, that is a fact. I don’t see any real value in going to Israel. I’ve never been to the moon, but I know it’s cold, barren, pock-marked and covered with dust.

  17. vote no 4 DA says:

    Hot off the presses NOT DON AYOTTE announced the ” Free Bodie ” bumper stickers should be in today

  18. Frank Knotts says:

    I hear you will be able to pick them up at Pat Fish’s house as well.

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