Why Syria?

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  1. Mike Protack says:

    Obama is a failure, that reason and that reason alone. Just a few short years ago Assad was a reformer now he is a villain?

    Obama has no working knowledge of the world except his anti colonialist leanings and love for using Air Force One.

  2. waterpirate says:

    Putting all the predictable anti-Obama rhetoric aside as divisive, we are on a slippery slope as a nation. We are allready fighting on 2 fronts, and making little or no head way. The middle east has been a powder keg for many years, I would hate for this action in Syria to be the match that lit fuse once and for all.

    I would not authorise the President to do jack, untill he made good on some of his previous promises. Remember him saying he would have us out of Iraq and close Gitmo. The nation has real problems at home that are being compounded by these unpopular actions abroad.

  3. fightingbluehen says:

    It wasn’t until I heard John Kerry say that if we don’t bomb Syria, Assaad will surely use chemical weapons again, that I knew this was a put on.

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    This whole thing makes no sense. Assaad is a very westernized guy. He’s a doctor. He studied ophthalmology in London. His wife looks like she could be teaching kindergarden in Kansas .
    Why would he gas the (Arab spring) rebels when he was already winning his objectives.

    There is something going on that they are not telling us, and it’s definitely connected to the whole Arab spring deal.

  5. Rose Izzo says:

    Peace not War ~~> Syria

    We must not get involved in this Civil War. Our security & freedom has not been challenged by Syria. I am not in favor of spending our money to help rebels who hate America.

    Thank you,
    Rose Izzo
    Anti-War Conservative

  6. earl lofland says:

    There is never any issue more serious than going to war with another country, or even approving “Unbelievablly small strikes”).

    I do not support the use of the US military or any of its assets to help topple the current Syrian government. It is a poor decision made by a president who is ill advisably taking us into a world war.

    All this began back in the 1970s just after we began helping Saudi Arabia rebuild the former Ottoman Empire under Sunni Islamic- Wahhabism and agreeing to help expand conservative Sharia Law throughout the Middel East under Saudi Control. It is not about liberating the people of oppression. Keep in mind; Oppression is still occuring from the Saudi government against “Moderate muslims” and Christians.

    Military and economic experts predicted the US had 10 -20 years to invest in the middle east with little risk of the world saying anything. We are now approaching the 35 year mark. (1977) And where has the investment in the Middle East brought us so far? Economic Stabilty in the US? Lower unemployment? Has our investment been able to allow our government to function without raising the Debt Ceiling since 1977? Has this investment slowed inflation and has the cost of living really improved among american workers since we began investing in the Middle East aiding Saudi Arabia?

    Those in the Senate and House who are saber rattling to use U.S. military in Syria are hard pressed to win public approval to ultimately use men and women as their game piece with little regards to debate as McCain showed while playing poker during the Senate hearings regarding attacking Syria. Then heading out to meet with Mr. Obama (his so called rival when he ran for POTUS) – this time both pushing together for a U.S. world war in Syria that begins through an “unbelievablly small strike that has proven to be aiding groups like hard-line islmaic factions like al Nursa who are affiliated with al Queada and have vowed to destroy the U.S.

    It is also important to know al Nursa rebels were arrested in Turkey .Sarin gas was found in their posession and evidence points to it coming though Saudi Government Channels- al Nursa and other “moderate rebels” also have been reported to “liberate” a small historical Christian town in Syria, only to demand everyone in that city to convert to Islam or perish. Is that something we are to support?

    It’s also worth remembering the praise then Democratic senator John Kerry had in the past heaped on Syrian President Bashar Assad while he rants before the U.S. Senate that Bashar al-Assad is Syria’s Hitler, only to have photos emerge of an intimate dinner then-Senator Kerry and his wife had with the Assads just a few years ago. Along with an article Michael Rubin wrote in Commentary Magazine, Kerry’s staffers described “their collective cringe when, after a motorcycle ride with Bashar al-Assad, Kerry returned to Washington referring to Bashar as ‘my dear friend.’”

    But now the only thing people like McCain, Obama Kerry and some 100 others in either the US Senate or House know to do is ask for Americans to rally around to support these war hawks while they sending our military to aid rebels – some with al-Qaeda affiliations. The same rebels who are brutally executing Christians in the streets of Syria. And some who were in Libya- linked to the attack of the U.S. Consulate.

    And how long until the “surgical” air strikes Mr. Obama and his pals in BOTH parties are begging for turn into what they really want?

    Boots on the ground in the tens to hundreds of thousands.

    You and I know the “unbelievably small” attack on Syria is only the first step into advancing this from 100 troops currently deployed in Jordan,on the Syrian Border since 2012, to becoming catastrophic – resulting in the 3rd world war.

    It is also important to realize the resolution being considered right now by the Senate won’t prevent Obama from sending U.S. ground troops to Syria. But you should already know this, since both Democrats and Republicans decided to hand war powers over to the President under Geo. W. Bush, thus destorying the spirit of liberty that was once a cornerstone within the US Constitution.

    And the U.S. Troops deployed to Jordan? News is released they have been training Syrian rebel forces in Jordan.
    Meanwhile McCain compares these radical Islamic factions as “moderate” and their chanting Allah Akbar as what christians do when they say Thank you God. I suppose he thinks you and I are clueless to One of the English translators of the great 14th century Muslim jurist (d. 1350) Ibn Qayyim’s “The Way to Patience and Gratitude” opts for “Allah is Greater” as the specific translation of Allahu Akbar. On page 463, the following explanation is provided:

    …I preferred using “the Greater” to “the Greatest”… Allahu Akbar literally means, “Allah is Greater” with the comparative mode. Yet, this does not mean that He (Glory be to Him) is not the Greatest, nor does it mean that there is anything that is put in comparison with Him. This is because when the Muslim says it, he means He is “Greater” than anything else, which, consequently, means He is the Greatest. This use gives more influence. This may be why it is used in Arabic this way, otherwise it should have been used as “Allahu al-Akbar”, in the superlative mode. Surely, Allah Knows best.

    E. W. Lane’s classical 19th century Arabic English Lexicon, (p. 2587) elaborates on the preferred “elliptical” meaning:

    [Allah] is the greatest great [being] or [Allah] is greater than every other great [being]

    Now unless I am mistaken Christians are faced with the fate of genocide in Syria and other parts of the Middle East if groups like friends of Syria , al Nursa and the Muslim Brotherhood gain control in that region. And unless we too covert to Islam these factions will not remain allies with us except to gain more control of a region we have unsuccessfully been able to gain support as US interests since the Coop in Iran that toppled the government we and GB attempted to set up for Petrodollars back in Nov 1979 .

    Just as what recently occured in Egypt once Morsi became president and the Muslim Brotherhood became the controlling power of that government- that Mr Obama voiced his opposition against the Egyptian people (moderate muslims and Coptic Chistrians) who seen what Morsi was doing.

    Do you and I really trust President Obama and his backers in BOTH parties won’t waste more of our troops’ lives and our tax dollars?

    Do you support continuation of an investment that has produced nothing more than strife and economic problems in the US for the last 35 years- with the height of the economic problems escelating to what they are today since the latter part of GHWB Administration?

    Do you and I just need to let them launch another quick attack, and unbelievably as it sounds- everything will be “ok”?

    Or do you, like myself know good and well what this escalates into within a few weeks after the attacks begin?

    Are we really to believe – after our the experiences since 1991 this won’t turn out badly?

    Now, we’re to trust Kerry McCain, Obama and their “common sense“ on this serious issue of war- that they know who is lobbing chemcial weapons, nevermind the facts there are reports of these chemical attacks actually killing Assad’s troops and his supporters – and not the “unbelievablly” “moderate muslims” without any solid evidence backing what Obama Kerry McCain Coons, Carney Carper and others like them are saying.

    Haven’t they proven enough- many times over, they can‘t be trusted, and have very little common sense to the American People?

    Do I trust them? “NOT EVEN A LITTLE!”

    As I explained at the beginning of this note, We are condoning the expansion of Sunni Islam-Wahhabism Shiria Law through our US military and foreign aid to the one major petro dollar ally we have; Saudi Arabia.

    But now for us to be using US funds and our military to aid rebels – some with al-Qaeda affiliations- The same rebels who are brutally executing Christians in the streets of Syria- Some the same rebels who were in Libya during the attack on the US Consulate.
    While Syrian people flee in fear of being killed by these rebels . Not because of Assad, but primiarily because of the immigration of rebel forces from other countries backed by the Saudi US plans for toppling governments that all began back in the 1970s.

    Exactly how long until the “surgical” air strikes Mr. Obama and his pals in BOTH parties are begging for, develops into what they really want?

    You should know the “unbelievably small” attack on Syria is only the first step.

    Again, I do not support the action being proposed by Mr Obama McCain, Kerry, Coons, Carney Carper and the others. It is a poor decision made by a president who is ill advisably taking us into a world war. We had a clear open window of 10 -20 years to invest in the middle east as a US interest (actually Saudi Interest to rebuild the former Ottoman empire) we are now approaching the 35 year mark. (1977) And where has the investment brought us so far?

  7. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    House Tuxamus Maximus has waited some time now to comment on this and at the time the crickets had taken over here anyhow so listening to them was more fun.

    This Syria thing has been kicked around the table here at the house of Tuxamus Maximus since President Obama made it an issue and has ranged from “let them all gas each other until they run out of chem weapons” to the WWII saying of if we don’t help them now who will when no one is left to help those left…something like that anyhow.

    The smartest of of all TM was the one that stated “give it 72 hours and it’ll be a different story. Who says a Political Science degree isn’t useful anymore!

    OK…that stated the house of Tuxamus Maximus now agrees that this will be an ongoing and ever evolving issue. The Russians are fully involved now. If chem weapons are used it’s on the Russians watch. Putin has a hand in this and has to keep it from happening again.

    House Tuxamus Maximus doesn’t want anymore war! Especially in that part of the world. Iraq was a waste for us (at least that’s the consensus here) and although it’s not newsworthy enough is in a civil war itself with almost daily bombings between sects all over the country.

    TM digresses and gets back on track now. Bottom line is chem weapons can’t be used whether a treaty was signed or not by any country. WMD’s have got to be a thing of the past. The Russians have gotten involved and they can’t allow that path to be followed now or Putin takes a hit as well. The mere threat of our sending cruise missiles has made the whole world sit up and take notice. Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks. There is so much at play in Syria when considering that it’s not just the Syrian Army and it’s militia versus all the separate rebel forces (that in the end run will ALL hate the USA). The only issue is making sure NO chem weapons are used again…or find a way into really bad hands/forces.

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