With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 2/16/15 Edition

We’ve got odd T-shirts, chili cook-offs, cars on beaches AND, get this, Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Steve Smyk!  Much more.   Do You Like Chili? We begin with a promotion for my former editor, Dover Councilman David Anderson, and the upcoming chili cookoff. chilicookoff Take a knee is a free afterschool boxing program that has been successfully helping youth in Dover since 2008. It is recognized by the Cendel Foundation and has been featured in the local media. It has produced champions and teams travel to neighboring states for competition. The cookoff is this Friday, 2/20/15-at 6:30.  Call 302-387-2351 for tickets.  The location is 25 Maggies Way Ste 3 Dover, Delaware 19901.  The time is 6:30 pm.


Got Pot Holes? Below Jennifer Cohan, new head of that bureaucracies of bureaucracies….DelDot. jennifercohannewsecoftransportationdeldot =======================

Like Talk Radio?

Here’s WXDE’s Dan Gaffney in a silly pose. dangaffney ==========================

Drive Your Car On To the Beach. driveonbeaches I had no idea there were beaches in Delaware that allowed cars. No cigarettes, but entire cars. ===========================

Former Mayor of Georgetown Layton Johnson

Here he is costumed to serve as a Master of Ceremonies for Georgetown’s Return Day. Johnson passed away last week. laytonjohnson ===============================

Honoring John Rieley johnrieley There’s a big flap over an upcoming dinner sponsored by some group called the Western Sussex committee. Ostensibly the dinner is meant to honor Rieley for his service as Chair of the Sussex GOP. Came across this picture and thought it should be shared.


Vladimer Putin attends meeting held by Steve Smyk.

Smyk holds meetings very early in the morn at the local Surf Bagel on Route 1-right across the street from my church, in fact. I think the guy standing looks like Putin. stevesmykmeetingpic ======================

Bill Christy’s Odd T-shirt

Evidently it’s some new group. I’d love to know more about this Brethren of the Coast. christybretheranofthedelaware ========================

Lacey and Laurie

Lacey Lafferty’s running for Governor and former Republican of the month Laurie is there to help. laurieandlacey ===================================================

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3 Comments on "With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 2/16/15 Edition"

  1. Rick says:

    I had no idea there were beaches in Delaware that allowed cars. No cigarettes, but entire cars.

    Herring Point, Cape Henlopen. You can smoke in your car if you keep the windows up.

    Actually, you can still smoke everywhere but the Pavillion, Snack Bar/shower area and so on.

  2. Bill Christy says:

    There are no beaches in Delaware that allow “cars” to drive on them. One must own a 4×4 (4 wheel drive vehicle). An annual OSV (Over Sand Vehicle) permit is required which is purchased from the state. There is also specific equipment required to be with the permitted OSV (shovel, tow strap or chain, jack plank, tire pressure gauge and jack). In order to drive on one of the beaches where vehicles are allowed you must be ACTIVELY surf fishing.


    The Delaware Brethren of the Coast is a group of people, businesses and organizations concerned over the future access of Delaware beaches by OSV for the purpose of surf fishing. DBOC was created by like minded individuals, organizations and businesses who has seen what has happened in the OBX, and other beaches from Maine to the Keys. DBOC supporters do not want to see the same happen here in Delaware. Don’t believe it can’t happen here. The people in the OBX thought the same thing, take a look at the OBX. It is a crying shame that people refuse to take heed about this issue. We do have a National Park in Delaware, but it is a “hub”. That is what they are calling it here in Delaware. Remember Mr. Carpers first attempt at a National Park in Delaware was out “Coastal Defense System”. That is our towers on our beaches, Fort Miles and many more places. We were able to beat that back, but plans to include our beaches are still in the works folks. These attempts continue as we foil the plans to include our beaches in the NPS. The Delaware Bayshore Intitative was to include the Cape Henlopen beaches and we got that removed from the map for the anglers and the attempt to include our beaches continues. Sec of DNREC wanted to have the Delaware Bayshore. You CANNOT join DBOC. DBOC has no dues to pay and ask for nothing other than your support.

  3. mouse says:

    Way too many people tailgating with trucks on the beach

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