With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 3/9/2015 edition.

An old legislative pal from Merryland retires. Some final winter 2015 pics and a pic of America’s Greatest Attorney General that you’ll love. Pictures only, fooey on the words.

Barbara Mikulski

Actually Barbara Mikulski is a pretty good legislator as these things go. I’ve had to work with her a couple of times over the years. Now she is retired and with a bittersweet fondness I bid her adieu.


Yeah We’re sick of winter, couple of pics to remember it by.




Public Service-Flyer for those wanting to become a state trooper


If you have a young one interested in this career, check it out.

Speaking of Delaware State Troopers

Came across this video of Governor candidate Lacey Lafferty. Give it a look-see.
Sherriff Bob Lee and New Deputy

<blockquote>Sheriff Bob Lee, newly elected last November after previously beating former Sheriff Jeff Christopher in the Republican primary, made his rounds during the Phillips reception. Former Sussex County Sheriff Eric Swanson of Lewes made his rounds with Lee.</blockquote>


Can never have enough creepy Biden pics


The best Attorney General this country has ever had, Eric Holder



Ending with a smile.

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NEXT : The Sussex GOP meeting of 3/9/15 tomorrow. Tune in to find out what they’re up to now.

3 Comments on "With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 3/9/2015 edition."

  1. Rick says:

    Another longtime leftist retires. Good.

    Besides Omaba, the whole Socialist-Democrat hierarchy is aged. Bill and Hillary, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry…who else? Dick Durban? Schumer? Warren? These tired hacks are one step away from the Old Folks Home. Worse yet, most of the so-called “up-and-coming” Democrats were wiped-out in the ’14 GOP landslide.

    Look at the GOP side. Cruz, Rubio, Ryan, Paul, Walker and newly-elected Tom Cotton and Joni Ernst; and the House is now loaded with young Republicans. And most of the new Republicans are conservative, unlike their career-appeaser “party leaders,” Boehner and McConnell, who prove that in modern political nomenclature, “moderate” means give the Democrats what they want.

  2. mouse says:

    Have you ever googled false premise lol

  3. Rick says:

    Have you ever googled false premise lol

    What is “false” and what is the “premise?”

    Are you saying that Hillary, Biden, Kerry et. al., aren’t old? Are you saying that Walker, Rubio and Cotton are old?

    Or, are you saying nothing?

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