With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 4/22/15 edition.

Includes a pic I took myself and the next school board candidate to keep an eyeball on. Michelle Obama’s famous lunch and much more.

The Arlett Family

He certainly has been a big voice on the Sussex county council. Rob’s wife and family below.




The Georgetown Little League

Just because it’s so cool and so summer.



It might look like an ordinary blacktop road but look again yon ladies and gems.

IT’S ROUTE 9! Brand spanking new black top cause it killed us with the ruts and broken crap for almost a week.

But it was worth my griping….kudos to DELDOT….for once in a while.


The Real Western Sussex Republican Club

I’m kind of glad someone started a bureaucratically dead organization like this. Cause the REAL people running the thing do a helluva job lining up good and informative rosters.


Cause sunset pics are always nice

It’ sunrise over Oak Orchard and it’s kinda neat, huh?


Dr. Jose Saez candidate for school board

I met this fellow at the last GOP meeting, sat next to him matter of fact.

Gotta hunch this guy’s going to go places.


Schoolbus fire

Caused quite a stir recently but the driver rescued the children inside and none were huts.


Ending with a pic of a great lunch

Designed by First ly Michelle Obama that our children might eat healthy.


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One Comment on "With a Picture Worth a Thousand Words, We’ve Got Several Thousand With Pics of Delaware Goings-On. The 4/22/15 edition."

  1. Doubt It says:

    Jose Saez homeschools his kids, why would anyone want him on a school board? If Saez wants to be a school board member he can do that in the district where his children go to school, his kitchen.

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