A Case For Kasich

John Kasich  Is it time for that third-party candidate? Has the two major parties gone so fringe, that a legitimate third-party candidate could actually win the presidential election?   Anyone who knows me, or who has been reading the blog here at Delaware Right, knows that I am anti-Trump. I have said that I would rather vote for Bernie Sanders and feel the four-year burn, than vote for the mad dog Trump.

Also, those who have been following along know that I have been predicting Trump’s decline in the polls for months, and so far it hasn’t happened. And if we look to the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders seems poised to pull of the upset of the century.

While I had predicted that Jeb Bush would benefit, as other Republican candidates dropped out, my choice has been John Kasich for some time now. The Ohio governor has shown real leadership skills, and an ability to make positive changes in his home state, which I feel the nation would benefit from.

So, you may be asking, what does an “establishment” GOP type candidate, like John Kasich, have to do with a third-party possibly winning the White House? Good question.

I still hold out hope that my fellow republicans will come to their collective senses and nominate anyone but Donald Trump. donald trump clown  But if not, I just can’t believe that Americans will elect this traveling road show, carnival huckster to be President.

But I have been thinking, if both of the major parties decide to go full-blown fringe, and the choices are Trump, or Sanders.  Col. Sanders  Oh! Sorry, wrong Sanders, though this one would be a better choice, even dead.

Bernie Sanders  Okay, so the choice is your crazy grandpa, or your angry uncle Donald.

But what if, there was a third choice? What if while the two major parties embrace their lunatic fringe, the rest of America got behind a candidate who, from the start, has been trying to talk about issues, who has a record of positive change in Ohio, who has attempted to stay above the playground name calling that has passed for political debate this year?

Is 2016 the year that Americans say, enough is enough? Let the TEA people tea drag the GOP into the gutter, along with the religious fanatics who would turn America into a land run by the Christian version of the Taliban if they had their way. Let the progressive, liberal, left drag the Democrat party into that same gutter while trying to make everything free, while burying the middle class under ever-growing debt and tax burden, while attempting to social engineer every aspect of our lives to suit their broadly narrow view of what it means to be normal.

And while the minority fringe of both parties are consumed with purity of principles, and litmus test to discover who is more conservative, or more progressive, the rest of America can form the new major party, maybe we’ll call it the “Common Sense Party”. Or maybe just the, “Not Yelling Mean Things Party”.

I believe the majority of Americans are somewhere in the middle of Trump and Sanders, and would gladly vote for a candidate who more closely represented their views. I believe John Kasich is that type of candidate. I know I would rather vote for Kasich than either Trump or Sanders, wouldn’t you?

We have seen third-party candidates run before, and lose. But, that is because, they were the fringe and only appealed to a small segment. What I am proposing is a third-party that represents the vast majority of people, while the GOP and Democrats are vying for the grey area at the outer edge of reality.

Now I know it is a long shot this will happen, and an even  longer shot Kasich would be the man to do it, but in a year where two of the most unlikely candidates are looking to be the nominees, well either I am having a nightmare of epic proportions, or anything is possible.

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  1. Middleman says:

    As I have been saying for a while now, Kasich is the only Republican that can pull enough Democrat votes to win a national election.

  2. Mike Rowe says:

    Kasich supports both Common Core and an ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban’.

  3. Boobie says:

    I love people like Mike who trot out their Tea Party Flash Cards (TM) at any name who isn’t a True Believer (TM).

    Kasich was the last person to balance the federal budget as head of the House Budget Committee. He stood strong and cut wasteful spending out of the defense budget. He’s massively cut taxes and grown jobs in Ohio. He’s been relentlessly attacked by Planned Parenthood for his pro-life actions. And he’s successfully run the 7th-largest state as a conservative. So if you’re playing Tea Party Bingo (TM) then Trump, Cruz or Carson might get you a winning card. But if you’re picking a Republican presidential candidate who can both win in November and govern as a conservative, it’s always been John Kasich.

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    Bookie, don’t let Mike get to you. He is still sleeping snuggled up with his Rand Paul doll. He also forgets it is congress that would pass the assault weapons ban. And common core is just the latest Agenda 21 boogeyman for the TEA Toddlers.

  5. Rick says:

    Kasich is borderline nuts. Just watch his speeches.

    Luckily, he has no chance of winning the nomination.

  6. fightingbluehen says:

    These politicians don’t understand that touting or espousing their experience in government will only hurt them this time around.
    All they are doing is admitting that they have been part of the problem. I don’t think they realize that people are beyond fed up.

  7. fightingbluehen says:

    ….Also even if you think that Kasich has a good record , there is more to winning the Presidency in these screwed up times.
    A candidate needs to be able to fight back against an openly biased collaborating media complex. A candidate has to have what I have referred to in the past as “media busting personality”. Reagan had it. Kasich doesn’t have it in my opinion. Trump has demonstrated that he seems to have it.

  8. mouse says:

    Kasich is one of the only republicans who could win a general election. He is reasonable and not tabloid personality driven like most of the nuts

  9. mouse says:

    And the progressive liberal only wants a small tax on Wall St. speculation to help fund higher educational infrastructure. This is what will make America great as it always has. That along with changing tax laws so they don’t give the CEO class the power and incentive to take jobs to China/Mexico for immoral child and slave labor endlessly enriching themselves while the American middle class shrinks. It’s very typically conservative republican tax laws that shift the tax burden from the millionaire class to average people in hidden ways. I don’t understand how people don’t see such an obvious thing?

  10. mouse says:

    The Republican party continually proposes tax cuts for the .1% class and somehow lower middle class class whites who pay very little federal income tax think they are somehow benefiting. The .1% class avoid taxes on their millions and billions, pay slave wages and outsources jobs then says look over there at that black women getting too many slices of welfare American cheese and all the uneducated talk radio class falls in line and shills for the people screwing them. Instead of resenting the poor, look at who is really abusing the system. Take Walmart et al with billions in profit, yet they pay such low wages that their employees are subsidized with welfare. And guess whose taxes go to subsidize the billionaires? It’s the angry uneducated lower class white absorbed with their racist hate who pay to subsidize the .1% class but their are too shallow and mean to critically assess the reality.

  11. JS says:

    “I’m Capable of Changing To Anything I Want to Change To” … so sayeth the Donald (within the last week). He has changed his position on abortion; he has changed his position on guns: he has changed his position on Hillary: heck, he has changed his position on Cruz (remember their “bromance” back in the fall?) You might embrace the message, you might love the words and ideas that come out of his mouth, but you can’t trust the messenger. One of the problems with “outsiders” is that they have little or no track record with which their election rhetoric can be compared. Rather than his positions evolving, it appears that Trump merely puts his finger in the air to determine which way the wind is blowing today. Quotes like the one above do nothing to dispel that impression.Campaigning is easy; governing is hard.

  12. fightingbluehen says:

    “The Republican party continually proposes tax cuts for the .1% class”… “And the progressive liberal only wants a small tax on Wall St.”

    Who bailed out Wall Street, mouse? The Democrats take care of their .1% buddies.

    Right now the Democrats are proposing another increase in the gas tax here in Delaware. Who do you think that hurts? Do you think that hurts the .1%, or do you think that it hurts poor people.

    Rich people get subsidies set up by Democrats, to put solar panels on their beach houses, mouse. That money comes from hard working people. Who do you think a cheaper electric bill would help more…rich people or poor people?

    Where are all the new “roads and bridges”, mouse? Did the Democrats take the money that they said was going to be used for “roads and bridges” and give it to special interests?

  13. fightingbluehen says:

    …and Republican politicians are to blame too, mouse. Most of them are on board with the global warming fleecing as well. People are tired of the establishment.

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    It is the fact that Kasich is not the media darling that should propell him, not hurt him. And just watch if Trump is the nominee how all of the sound bites come back in a loop.
    And Rick thinks Kasich is crazy, and likes Trump? Nough said.
    By the way, there is a report out that the number of and participation in hate groups has risen this year. Would explain a lot of Trump’s support.

  15. fightingbluehen says:

    I think Kasich is a reasonable guy, I just don’t think he has the cajones to stand up to ,and counter the media and the opposition the way that Trump can…. That’s what I mean by “media busting personalty and charisma”.
    Hell, Hillary knows the deal. If a talk show host or reporter asks her a question that she doesn’t like, she won’t even answer it. Hillary will just say ,” well, the real question is”, and then she’ll go on to say whatever she wants to say.

  16. Boobie says:

    Kasich is known as a hard-ass. His temper was initially seen as a handicap in this race. Before Trump, that is. And Kasich has both the ability to be tough, and the ability to be reasonable. Therefore, he has a record of success, both at the federal level and as an executive at the state level. Trump, meanwhile, is better known in the business community for his failures than his successes.

  17. fightingbluehen says:

    “Trump, meanwhile, is better known in the business community for his failures than his successes.”

    If Trump had inherited a million bucks and lost it, I would agree that he had failed, but he didn’t. He turned it into a multi billion dollar venture.
    I may not be familiar with what the criteria is for the ladder of accomplishment in the elite business world is, but that seems like success to a guy like me, and I think I’m not alone on this.

  18. Honi Soit says:

    If Trump had taken his inheritance and passively invested it in index funds rather than managing it actively, he would be worth far far more than he is today. See article in Fortune and widely reported elsewhere.

  19. Rick says:

    Kacish is one of the only republicans who could win a general election. He is reasonable and not tabloid personality…

    That’s exactly what the left- and moronic “cross-the-aisle” Republicans- said about Romney, who managed to lose a very winnable election. And it is the line PMSNBC is currently pushing. Just remember, the Socialist-Democrats lie. In reality, they would love to see Kasich as the nominee, because he, like Jeb, would fail to carry the base, fail to inspire independents, and thus, the Socialist Democrat would win.

    Patrick Buchanan, today;

    “In the GOP nomination race, the chickens of a quarter century of Bush Republicanism have come home to roost,” Buchanan told Breitbart. “Trump’s triumphs to date are due to his recognition of, and identification with, the Middle American revolt against Bush family ideology and policy, and what it has produced….

    Buchanan explained that “America is rejecting the Bush immigration policy,” which has “proffered amnesty” to “12 million illegals… because it said the United States is helpless to do anything about their presence here.”

    “America’s establishment has failed America,” Buchanan said, “The single clearest message in the presidential campaign of 2015-2016 is that the American people would like to cleanse our capital city of its ruling class…..

    “America is rejecting the Bush immigration policy that refused to secure our border, allowed 12 million illegals to enter, then proffered amnesty because it said the United States is helpless to do anything about their presence here,” Buchanan said.

    Buchanan has warned of the Balkanization that will ensue as a result of the immigration agenda of Bush Republicanism– writing in 2008 that Bush’s immigration policies “may turn this republic into a Tower of Babel.”

    According to a 2009 Wall Street Journal report, under George W. Bush’s presidency, the U.S. created three million new jobs. Yet at the same time, under Bush’s presidency, 10.5 million new immigrants (legal and illegal) settled in the United States — meaning that Bush brought in three immigrants for every one job he created. During that time, the number of working-age, native-born Americans not working exploded. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ current population survey, the number of working-age Americans without a job increased by 10.6 million between the fourth quarter of 2000, right before Bush took office, compared to the fourth quarter of 2008, right before he left office.

    Pew polling data shows that 92% of the Republican electorate — and 83% of the American electorate as a whole (Republicans and Democrats) — would like to see America’s immigration level frozen or slashed.

    While many GOP candidates have argued that it is not possible to round up and deport 12 million people residing unlawfully in the country, Trump has distinguished himself from the field with his nation-state-focused worldview: “We either have a country or we don’t.”

    Buchanan, who has not made any endorsement in the race, explained that the American people are rejecting the trade globalism of Bush Republicans that “carted off what was once the greatest manufacturing base the world had ever seen”:

    Trump’s success is a repudiation of a Bush ‘free-trade’ policy that allowed China to run up $4 trillion in trade surpluses against us since George H. W. Bush took office, and to cart off what was once the greatest manufacturing base the world had ever seen. Compare Detroit and Shanghai today — to see the fruits of ‘free trade’.

    Bush trade policy brought down the curtain on America’s economic independence. We now depend on foreign and sometimes hostile nations for the necessities of our national life.”

    Can’t wait to hear Frank’s “Pat Buchanan isn’t a ‘real’ conservative” response.

  20. fightingbluehen says:

    “If Trump had taken his inheritance and passively invested it in index funds rather than managing it actively, he would be worth far far more than he is today.”

    That doesn’t even come anywhere close to adding up.

  21. fightingbluehen says:

    “What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time as they give that security number. Boycott Apple”…..Trump

    This is apparently something that Trump said, and it gives me reservations.

    First of all, from what I gather, Apple like many companies contain people who have government security clearances.
    Apparently the FBI could have given the phone to Apple and they could get the information for them without anybody even knowing, but for some reason they are not doing this. The government wants the ability to crack the encryption on whatever Apple devices that they come across.

    Anyway I am disappointed that Trump has made this statement, and it gives me serious reservations ….He’s probably still my first choice at the moment, but if I start thinking that he will be a President who disregards the Constitution when it comes to government overreach the way that Obama has done, I will have to rethink my position.

    As a side note: I still think that the whole Apple government conflict here could be some sort of windup, either to give terrorists a false sense of security, or maybe even political chicanery involving the Supreme Court vacancy and the need to appoint a justice immediately because of the impending decision that will ultimately have to be made by the Supreme Court regarding this.

  22. Rick says:

    In Nevada, Trump carried college educated, high school educated, very conservative, conservative, moderate, evangelicals and Hispanics. He appeals to everyone but liberals and sore-loser “cross the aisle” moderates in his own party.

    Momentum is a powerful thing, and Trump has it. His candidacy is like a snowball rolling downhill- it gains speed and grows. In the general, compared to the “reasonable” Mitt Romney, Trump will carry more “independents,” Hispanics, blue-collar Democrats and, most importantly, the conservative base.

    Furthermore, he will not be intimidated or inhibited by Hillary Clinton’s faux indignation when he inspects her considerable array of baggage, and reveals the contents for all of the electorate to see- including the baggage of her serial liar and psycopathic sexual predator husband.

    We need an aggressive nominee, not some cupcake who’ll handle Hillary with kid gloves.

  23. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, you may be right about Trump after all. He may be exactly what a majority of people want. But do people always want what is best for them? Are emotional decision often the wrong decisions? You are consumed with being right about who will win. I fear if you are right, we may all regret it. But time will tell.

  24. Rick says:

    But do people always want what is best for them?

    Maybe they should want what you think is best for them?

    Actually, Trump could be stopped, but it seems unlikely, because even if Kasich, Cruz and Carson withdraw, Trump would probably get the bulk of Carson’s and Cruz’s supporters.

    If Trump beats Rubio in Florida- and I think he will- then the race is over.

  25. mouse says:

    Trump is a 1 percenter. His policies are about him and appealing to misinformed people who are sadistically salivating in delight over the idea of rounding up 12 million people for deportation. The guy has no coherent or substantive policy positions on anything. But I guess bellicose slogans are all it takes for some folk.

  26. delacrat says:


    Your boy, Kasich, just stripped Ohio state funding for Planned Parenthood.

    Evidently Kasich disapproves of PP providing services such as STD testing and treatment.

    When a governor and POTUS candidate subordinates the health of Ohio’s citizen’s to the interests of syphilis and gonorrhea, it’s hardly surprising he’s trailing the likes of Trump.

  27. Rick says:

    From today’s Washington Post, editorial board, opening paragraph;

    THE UNTHINKABLE is starting to look like the inevitable: Absent an extraordinary effort from people who understand the menace he represents, Donald Trump is likely to be the presidential nominee of the Republican Party. At this stage, even an extraordinary effort might fall short. But history will not look kindly on GOP leaders who fail to do everything in their power to prevent a bullying demagogue from becoming their standard-bearer….

    And on and on and on….

    But, since we all know that Hillary would “trounce” Trump, and the Washington Post is unabashedly pro-Hillary (and pro-Socialist-Democrat), why would the Post not want Trump to be the GOP candidate? I mean, they want Hillary to win, right?

    The answer is simple. Hillary’s and the Socialist-Democrat Party’s internal polling shows Trump thumping Hillary. That’s why. That is the only explanation. And they are now so desperate, they appeal to the GOP “establishment” for help.

    Naturally, Mitt Romney complies. Luckily, no one listens to a loser.

    Hillary’s biggest lie ever (among her thousands of lies):

    “We Want Trump!”


  28. Anonymous says:

    @ mouse and Hillary is NOT a a 1 %’er? What a joke!!

  29. mouse says:

    I’m a Bernie supporter for that reason. But Clinton will at least move forward

  30. Anonymous says:

    Go troll your socialist movement over to the left, then.

  31. mouse says:

    I want my free stuff lol

  32. Anonymous says:

    Apparently, your Dad never had this talk with you:

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