A Funny Thing Happened At The GOP Meeting…..

I got run over  by a bus, and its name was Jeff  Cragg.  Now before anyone gets all excited, let me state the motto here at Delaware Right, ” we can disagree without being disagreeable”.

I am not sure how many people reading this where actually at the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting, so I will have to take some time to set up what led to my being run over by, or maybe a better term is thrown under the bus.

You see, it may be hard for some of you to believe, but I have been known to ruffle some feathers, usually of  Dodo birds, but sometimes I even ruffle the feathers of people I respect and admire.

I did not go to the meeting with any intention of having a disagreement with Mr. Cragg, but that was how my night ended. You see Mr. Cragg was invited to be the guess speaker at this month’s meeting, his selected topic was to talk about Delaware Right and the goal of the project. For those who may not know, Mr. Cragg is one of the founding members of the project, and one would have to say he is in charge.

Mr. Cragg along with several other people, whom I both respect and admire, came to me and asked me to be the first blogger of a team we are still putting together.  (Side note, the fact that I was the first and only blogger, has led some people to assume that either the blog is my own, or that I am the lone voice of Delaware Right. Neither is true.  I do not own the blog or the site, I merely blog here at the pleasure of those who do. I do not speak for Delaware Right, my voice is but one voice in a growing conversation. I have in the past attempted to make this clear, but some of the little brains still don’t get it.)

So back to being invited to blog here at Delaware Right.  The people who invited me had read my past writing, I could only assume. I would think, that they had read my interaction with visitors to the sites I have written on in the past. I can only assume that this is why I was asked to be the first person to blog here.

So imagine my surprise last night at the meeting when Mr. Cragg was challenged during his talk, by none other than one of our regular visitors here, William Christy, but I was more surprised  by Mr. Cragg’s response to that challenge.

It seems as though Mr. Christy chose last night, in the middle of the meeting, to lodge a complaint about his treatment by other commenters here at Delaware Right.

Okay, another side note, sorry.

 Mr. Christy complained that he had his feelings hurt by other commenters here, he stated that he had been libeled, threatened and called mean names. Obviously Mr. Christy was kidnapped, taken away to a secret location and forced to log in on a computer, and under the  threat of some vile, nasty deed, was forced to comment on this blog. He was so frightened that he continued to come back to this blog under threat, to comment here. I can only imagine the nightmare his life must have been, to force him to perform these acts, so against his personal will.  Really? Shut the front door!!  No one forces anyone to come here, no one forces anyone to return here, and certainly, no one forces anyone to comment here and inject themselves into the conversation. But to Mr. Christy and others who CHOOSE to come here, one bit of advice, put on you big boy and girl pants before you do, and don’t whine when someone takes a shot at you. One thing that seemed to bother Mr. Christy in particular was when another commenter used the phrase “maternal unit”. Mr. Christy labeled this a direct attack on his mother. Really? This is the intellectual equivalent of, “YO MAMMA!”.  Again folks, learn to take a joke. If not, move on, go back to those other echo chamber sites, where you all set around all day saying the same things until you all believe that you are the only ones who are right, ever.  If you can’t take the give and take of a blog, it may be, because you have an inflated sense of self-worth. Trust me on this one, I know a thing or two about it.

So this brings us to the part where I and Mr. Cragg ran afoul of each other. After Mr. Christy was allowed to make unfounded and I must say childish accusations, calling me by name when stating the above listed offenses, Mr. Cragg, in my opinion proceeded to throw me under the bus, with statements about the blog such as, “well we have made some mistakes”, “we have stumbled a time or two”.  Even though I am not the voice of Delaware Right, I have been the only blogger up until now, so I could only assume he was speaking of me. Let me just say, in my opinion I have made no mistakes, I have said exactly what I have meant to say and stand behind every word. This is one of those differences I will speak of further, a little later.

So, a little like Arnold Horshack, I began waving my hand around (without the  ooo! ooo! ooos!) to be recognized so I could respond to the inflammatory accusation that Mr. Christy had leveled at me and the site. Mr. Cragg first attempted to ignore me, good luck with that Jeff, then he allowed me two seconds to respond, big of you Jeff. After I had clarified that the accusations that Mr. Christy was making, did not come from me or anyone else at Delaware Right, but from another commenter, Mr. Cragg made what he may have seen as a funny joke about being the principal at the kindergarten.

Okay side note,  this is where I needed my big boy pants. I took that personally and had reached the part of the evening where I needed to leave, and so I did. In what can only be described as a display of anger.

First let me state, that anything that Mr. Christy had to say, did not cause me to leave, I can rebut any of his bogus claims. The reason I left was because, had I stayed, I would have ended up having a heated discussion about Delaware Right, a discussion that should not have been held in public, and certainly not while I was angry, so I chose the lesser of two evils and left.

I am sure that my departure left Mr. Cragg embarrassed and even angry as well. I apologize to him and  to all who were present, well almost all.

We here at Delaware Right have taken the motto, “DISAGREE WITHOUT BEING DISAGREEABLE” to heart.  And if any clearer demonstration was needed, then last night should be a shining example that we here at Delaware Right are not in lock-step on every issue, or even on how to deal with certain situations that arise in dealing with the day-to-day running of the site.

Mr. Cragg and I have two very different views on how to handle people such as Mr. Christy and others.  Mr. Cragg and I both feel that the conversation should have many voices and many view points.  Where we differ, is that Mr. Cragg feels that we should not ever ruffle a feather, that we should not point out the bad behavior that is slowly killing the conservative movement, he feels that he can co-opt even the most fringe elements of that movement.

I on the other hand, feel that even though we want as many voices in the conversation, to be a part of it, you must show some common sense. You must be adult, if you are going to be a part of the adult conversation.

Think of it like this.  At Christmas, large families will often have the adult table and the kid’s table. This is so the adults can have an adult conversation. If you have kids at the adult table the adults spend all their time dealing with the kids and their behavior.

It goes something like this, ” no Jimmy, you can’t have wine, Marry stop touching Bobby, put the knife down David, don’t put peas up your nose Billy”. So instead of having an adult conversation, the adults spend all the time trying to settle the kids down, until the adults finally send the kids away from the table, and of course the kids go, all the while complaining that it isn’t fair.

WOW! Does that sound familiar?

This in my opinion and this is my opinion only, this  is exactly, THE,  major problem  within the conservative movement in general and the GOP in particular. The people who are genuinely seeking solutions to issues are spending so much time dealing with the behavior of the “CHILDREN”, that they have no time to address the issue.

It goes something like this, “no it’s not unconstitutional, no we can’t force our faith on others, Marry stop touching Bobby, no you can’t have a posse”.

It’s like this, we have invited the neighbors over for an evening to discuss the problems of the neighborhood, but we can’t, because the kids are running around the table screaming and yelling, about it not being fair that the one got to play the video game longer than the other one.

Mr. Cragg feels that we can simply talk nice to the children and they will suddenly stop yelling and screaming.  Personally I think its time to send them out of the room.

Mr. Cragg and I have had this conversation, we disagree. We may continue to disagree, but we will continue to have the conversation.  We will agree to disagree, without being disagreeable.

If this is going to be our motto, then we must live it, before we can show others.



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  1. Bob Hauser says:

    And a partri-idge in a pear tree….

  2. Laffter says:

    What cracked me up was a grown man, that would be chronological years, not emotional maturity, made the entire meeting about HIM.

    You are right Frank, someone comes In to a blog and dishes it out, uses multiple names, multiple IP addresses, posts every day, all day – threatens people’s jobs and livihoods, yes we know who your are dpmoderaator, and also has contacted people personally in the real world using social media as well as personal email, that was inappropriately shared with him, and then this person wants to whine and cry when they get their feelings hurt.

    WOW, just WOW. I hope Mr. Cragg realizes the seriousness of this person actions and maybe could use a little time looking up stalking and harassment laws, both Federal and State. It is enough to shut the blog down. Even Delaware Liberal banned that individual because of the abuses. Yet Cragg entertained him at the meeting?

    Maybe Mr. Cragg is unaware of how this individual undermined him during the election? And continues to do so.

    But, moving on, it is imperative to understand that if the children at the kids table do not listen to the adults, and the adults at the table, after several warnings of doom to be visited upon said children, ultimately never follow thru on the threats, then those children will in fact continue with the bad behavior, and it will in fact worsen.

    Those children then grow up to be monsters- without an inner compass to guide them on what is right and wrong, and eventually they go too far and break the law, hopefully they end up in jail.

    When is the time to teach the children? When they are young. society demands certain things and if one lives outside those rules, while they can get away with it for a while, eventually, they will be called to task.

    No one, wants to be near and adult with badly behaved children.

    If Cragg is a conservative, I would think he also holds conservative values on raising a child. And one of those values is personal responsibility. Both his, and responsibility for the actions of those at the kids table.

  3. Dave says:

    Ok. That settles it. I am now going to register as a Republican, just so I can go to the meetings. Y’all sound like you have some humdingers. I won’t bring any popcorn. I’ll sit in the back and listen quitely, but I am sure it will highly entertaining!

  4. Dave says:

    Also, I honestly don’t get why someone would use multiple IPs and screen names. Besides the fact that no one is fooled what would the motivation be for doing that? Is it to create the illusion of numbers or just to be able to act in a certain manner and maintain plausible deniability? But really, I wonder why they bother to do that?

  5. Doug Beatty says:

    Well certainly nothing disagreeable about calling those who don’t buy your point of view Dodo’s and saying that they have small brains. Really?

  6. Harry Whittington says:

    Let me start by saying that Jeff Cragg needs to challenge John Sigler for GOP State Chairman.

    When Sigler was promoted for the State Chair job we were given two reasons why he would be better than the other candidate:

    1- he could raise money
    2- he could unite the factions of the party

    Sigler has done neither (not that his opponent could have done better). The party is broke, both monetarily speaking and figuratively speaking, possibly worse than it was when Sigler took over.

    I think Cragg could do much more to unite the party and raise money.

    That being said, Jeff Cragg needs to understand that blogs create crybabies like Christy. Blogs aren’t supposed to be chamomile gardens with literary elite wearing linen suits and chatting about caviar, they are battle zones for the common man, and people like Christy love blogs when they get to throw bombs but then they run crying when the bombs are at their feet. Christy is exactly the guy who doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to play on a blogsite.

    Cragg also needs to realize that people like Christy, unyielding and low information, are exactly what is wrong with the DEGOP. If Christy gets what he wants with the Sheriff’s powers, Sussex County will be pummeled with higher taxes and more government, not to mention the County will be at the mercy of a man who thinks his powers come from God. I live in Sussex and I fear the day that Jeff Christopher gets what he wants. Nothing that Jeff Christopher and Bill Christy are selling is based in Republican principles.

    I believe that when Christopher and Christy speak, somewhere in the universe Ronald Reagan is throwing up in his mouth a little.

  7. waterpirate says:

    Really? I am gladd that I missed that display. Did he call out my name in vain? Or was he a chicken $hit?

    I find it hard to fathom that Jeff Cragg was invited to speak and instead he was subjected to the likes of Cristy’s wine and cheese show, about the blogoshpere, at a public meeting?

    He has claimed to be so many different things to so many different people, I think even he is confused.

    I made that comment and I own it, however it points out that those who who yell the loudest are really ” delicate little flowers with the thinnest skin ever”. He puports to be former law enforcement and military. Anyone who has ever been a party to that kind of training knows that the question ” didn’t your mommy love you enough numb nuts?” has nothing to do with the individuals mother, it has to do with the individuals short fallings. End of story. But you know there is allways more.

    If he is guilty of multiple ip addresses and user names he is the definition of ” sock puppetry ” personafied.

  8. Frank Knotts says:

    Couple of things, Laffter, while I know where you are coming from, please let us not lower ourselves to their level. if there is actionable crimes, then let it happen, until then let’s not be a part of their noise machine. That is their tactics, to start the shouting, to anger others, and then when they receive in kind, they step back and cry foul. Do not fall prey to their third grade tactics.
    Dave, yes I am sure for those that are not directly involved in the GOP, it must seem entertaining. And though I played my part in this production, I am saddened and concerned by the total disconnect from reality of some of these people. They are there for the theatrics and nothing more.
    Harry, I agree with your comment one hundred percent.
    Water Pirate, no he did not name you or anyone else, because I believe his intent was to paint the site and myself as the parties who had wronged him in his little mind drama.
    Mr. Beatty, please do not come here and attempt to act as if you are above the fray. I do find it telling that you chose to address the part of the piece about Dodo birds and little brains. But I guess one should stick with what one knows.

  9. Laffter says:

    Frank …..you are a class act

    Dave….you too, as always

    Harry- well put

    Water pirate, I don’t agree with you on a lot of things either , but I have come to have an appreciation of your posts, and either you have moved left or I have moved right, but I find myself not disagreeing with you quite so much…. 😉

    Maybe Frank’s (cragg’s/ Anderson/ whoever) blog might just bring the conversation together.

    If we do what Frank suggests, and don’t respond to the “whine and cheese” or the “noise machine” and focus on the issues, and try to move forward, and pay no attention to the brats at the kids table, we just might get something done.


  10. Bruce K Fitzgerald says:

    Well I did think that this was YOURS…as it seems that you use it to vent. The meeting of the GOP was NOT THE place for the cheeses’ & crackers by Mr. C.—HOWEVER..your long winded AGAIN is all about YOU NOT CAUSES..as for ” killing the conservative movement” your past record has done a very good job of that. So with that said, & you putting on your BIG BOY PANTS…really frank grow up…THE CAUSES….not Frank “Big Boy”.. Jeff Craig issue –YES let him run for CHAIR… I sent Chair email
    ” After the way John has spoken AGAINST family values, am told that you advised to bring him on STAFF, best if you do not RUN AGAIN ! This lack of judgement on your part is no way to be a leader.” & did get this back…”Thank you for your candid comments. And thank you for stating your position so clearly.” & some more….May I suggest that you may wish to read 19 Del. Code Section 711, which prohibits employment discrimination based upon sexual orientation. You may also wish to consider the fact that an employer engages in employment discrimination when that employer makes an employment decision of any kind based (in whole or in part) upon prohibited criteria – sexual orientation is one of those prohibited criteria, the same as color, race, sex, national origin, disability and age. Both hiring and firing are “employment decisions”.

    “Make no mistake, I fully support the 2012 RNC Platform, which I helped to write. I fully oppose gay marriage and fully support the concept that marriage is between one man and one woman.”
    SO ISSUE is no to John Sigler & get Jeff Craig to run id you really do care, or is it all about Big Boy? ((which I think it is not, but come on frank no need for all the FLUFF…

  11. waterpirate says:

    Was he confirmed as an ED, or did his fillibuster preclude it?

  12. Angus Berger says:

    I can’t believe you wrote a whole post to complain and whine and snivel.
    Christy actually got it right at that GOP meeting and I was sitting in the gallery watching the crowd, while you claimed to have bus tire tracks on your back. Well, get used to it. I’ve watched Cragg for a while and in this case he should dispose of your whining carcass. You like to hand it out and can’t stand to be on the receiving end.
    I am glad that Ayotte got rid of your sniveling butt, they are now posting great stuff without being attacked. I heard he gave you a box of tissues to wipe the snot from your nose and the streams of tears from your face.
    Just deliver propane, you are good at that, I hear.

  13. Harry Whittington says:

    Angus, the reason there are no “attacks” at Delaware Politics is because they delete any comment that disagrees with the author’s point of view. It’s called “censorship” and it’s something that every rational Republican I know opposes.

    Your hero at that blog is too thin skinned to be in the blogging business or in politics. I will never forget listening to him cry on the radio on election day because a group LEGALLY posted signs opposing his candidacy around polling places, and he, being such a lover of the Constitution, ILLEGALLY removed them.

    A note to that DP contributor and Angus’s blogging hero: The United States Constitution doesn’t begin with the 2nd Amendment, there is an Amendment before that one, one that you ignore regularly and entirely.

  14. Harry Whittington says:

    BTW, Frank, did you stay for the resolution? I’m curious to hear your take on it.

  15. waterpirate says:

    Angus berger

    Do you think what happens in the blogosphere is good fodder for a committee meeting? I think it was the action, not the content, that was the most offensive. What happened to:

    raise money
    build the party
    get support
    and the list goes on

    What we are seeing is a ever narrowing scope as to what is acceptable, allowed, to be a ” real conservative “. IMHO it is teetering on the brink fanaticism by the loud minority.

  16. Angus Bergera says:

    I really don’t know you Harry but Mr. Ayotte had every right to take the signs down and actually someone from another Republican Campaign in the area called Mr. Ayotte at 4am and told him of the signs and said they had picked up three of them for him.
    The people who printed the signs did no attribute the author of the signs on the bottom like everybody else and they stole his likeness from his election website to use on the signs.
    I beg to differ with you Harry but the signs were illegal.

  17. Harry Whittington says:

    Angus, thanks to Citizens United, campaign signs do not have to “attribute the author of the signs on the bottom” and pictures from a campaign site are fair game, no authorization is needed for any publication or individual to take images from a site and use them for whatever purposes. You are wrong on both points.

    So once again, let me repeat:

    Your hero at that blog is too thin skinned to be in the blogging business or in politics. I will never forget listening to him cry on the radio on election day because a group LEGALLY posted signs opposing his candidacy around polling places, and he, being such a lover of the Constitution, ILLEGALLY removed them.

  18. Frank Knotts says:

    Let me dispense with the children first, as always they must be taken care of before the adults can speak.
    Dear assberger, ah you know what? never mind, let the children play outside while the adults discuss other things.
    Harry, the meeting was actually a little off the agenda. The resolution was brought before any other business.
    I do not recall it asking that anyone be fired, it did state that employees of the party should reflect the positions of the party.
    Let me say that in my opinion the issue here is not homosexuality, it is that a person who is paid by the party went out and made statements with his job title in front of his name that are contrary to party policies. this is no differnet than if I went out publically and made statements concerning my employer.
    Too many people are caught up in the homosexuality and are missing the fact that this rises to the level of insubordination. If Fluharty were to be fired it wouldn’t be because he is homosexual, but because he is insubordinate. This was a calculated move on his part to subvert the policies of the party with his own personal feeling on the issue.
    But I guess it is easier to get the little brains excited about homosexuality.

  19. Angus Berger says:

    Returning the favor
    Frank-Furter or Weenie

    I thought I would return the favor for your asinine attack. All the children played Monday night at the GOP Committee Meeting. Jeff, Frank and Gang.
    The only sane person in the conversation was Christy. No wonder you guys are trying to put him down, he has a bad habit of telling the truth.

  20. Harry Whittington says:

    Angus, there are many, many things Republicans disagree on. The one issue that is universally embraced by all true Republicans is fiscal restraint.

    There is no way, whatsoever, that Sheriff Christopher can get all of the things he wants for his office without costing Sussex taxpayers a bundle. You can’t equip and train a police force for free.

    Mr. Christy likes to point out how much revenue the Sheriff’s Office generates. The revenue comes from selling homes that banks foreclose on, and over the next few years the number of foreclosures is going to decline.

    So if we take part of the revenue from his office now, and spend it on making his deputies capable of arrest, when the foreclosure rates decline, taxpayers are going to be left holding the bag.

  21. Angus Berger says:

    That’s right Harry, when you can’t win a debabe, just change the subject. That’s the tactics that liberals use. You must have taken Saul Alinsky’s class along side Obama.
    The Sheriff is asking for nothing more that what the Delaware Constitution has afforded him. Get used to it because when this case is finished in the US Supreme Court, we will have a Sheriff and a law enforcement officer.

  22. Dave says:

    Perhaps, but it needs to get to the Supreme Court first. Also, I am not about make predictions, if it gets there, on they will rule. And of course, since the GA can change the constitution I wouldn’t rule that out either.

    The point is, predictions regarding outcomes should have some basis for the prediction other than cheerleading. You want your team to win and you will cheer them on but desire should not be a factor in any prediction. It’s kind like turning the Bud Lite label towards the football field “It’s not stupid if it works”

    In the meantime, you might want think about your prediction for Christopher’s reelection in 2014. Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules (if they even take the case), Christopher could win the battle but lose the war.

  23. waterpirate says:

    Being familiar with cristy’s demeanor on line, I find it hard to hear his name and the word sane, in the same sentance. Since we are now talking about avoiding the question, Do you think the monthly meeting was the correct forum for Mr. Sanity to voice his treatment in the blogospere, instead of focusing on the things I had on my list above?

  24. Frank Knotts says:

    But Dave, Angus has made a couple of predictions in his comment, one was that Sheriff Christopher would win in the U.S. Supreme Court, which in making that prediction, he also is pridicting that the case will be lost in the Delaware Supreme Court and the Federal District Court. I have to asssume this is what he ment, for surely one as learned as our Mr. Angus Berger would know the process of reaching the highest court in the land. Of course there is also the chance that he was merely letting slip the true motive behind all of this, to have the case reach the highest court in the land. Why you ask? Wait for it! That’s right for the OPTICS!!
    And WP, no the meeting was not the place to lodge such a complaint, and as far as I know Mr. Christy did not approach Mr. Cragg prior to the meeting, though, both were there at least twenty minutes before it started. Why you ask would he wait for the meeting to start before lodging the complaint? Wait for it! That’s right, for the OPTICS!!

  25. Harry Whittington says:

    Which subject did I change, Angus? I would be happy to correct you on the subject of your choice.

  26. waterpirate says:

    If we are changing the subject to the sherif. My concern allways has and will be the funding of such an effort, as others have pointed out. We would be funding aanother layer of police protection allready being delivered by the towns and certainly DSP.

    We the tax payers are going to wind up funding another police force either directly through the county and state, or indirectly through our federal taxes. I do not believe for one minute that 5 seconds after that office is given the power they are seeking they would not start with the grant writing to get more monies from the fed to protect us all from the fed?????

    Someone else mentioned the monies his office allready takes in. Where is that money allocated now? What would removing that revenue stream from another agencies funding do to things allready funded?

  27. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, just imagine all of the Homeland Security money out there waiting for law enforcement to apply. Imagine all of the shiny new toys a department could buy with that. Maybe Sussex could have its own assault vehicle.

  28. kavips says:

    Thank you for this post. No one has comment yet, but the real loser of this exchange was Jeff Craig. Even though the attack was on Frank, coming from Bill Christy, the person ambushed was Jeff Craig.

    If I were Sigler, I would have set it up so. However, he is dealing with birds in a box right now, so i doubt he would have the time. But still, it is what gets done.

    Jeff is new and inexperienced, obviously by how he handled it. He is part of Delaware Right. He reads your posts and your comments. An attack on you should have been treated as an attack on him….

    I can sympathize with poor Jeff Craig. I’ve been ambushed at a meeting too, and I’m going to tell Jeff, what my mentors told me after I scraped through barely with any self esteem left….

    What they said, was this… If someone insulted your son in front of you, how would you respond? That is how you protect anyone connected to you… Because if they are connected to you, if you give in, you become weak. The best way to handle it is to let them know you are in charge, this is your meeting, you have an agenda that must get finished first, and that you will entertain their ideas privately if they can get back to you later.

    I said… what happens if he insists on continuing…. They said, you throw him out of the meeting. You say, if you can’t conform to my rules and guidelines when you express your point of view, leave now. Stop the meeting until he leaves. Then make a joke at his expense.

    I said… what happens if others leave.? They said. You are lucky, you have found the people you can count on early, before they cost you later.

    Anyways, that said, the next meeting i stopped the meeting, Told him to leave, nodded to the officer who went over to arrest him for disruption, but he left on his own accord. Three others left right afterwards, probably scared they’d by lynched by my supporters, and the rest is history..

    Jeff is new, so give him a break. I’ve been there and sort of like a deer in headlights, who doesn’t know who to believe, I tried to act like I was in control, but it got the better of me. Jeff, next time, throw the bum out… Free speech does not mean you have to hear their speech, but they don’t have to hear yours…

    Best line ever! ” I paid for this microphone.”

    Hope that helps.

    But thank you for sharing this. Building a party is messy. Just like mixing the cement for a foundation… But you must have a good foundation, and having fools who drive a two seater BMW break apart your meeting, is about as messy as it gets… But as building a house, don’t worry about the mess; focus on the foundation….

    And as for Angus Burger, ,,, he reminds me of the toady Grover Dill in “The Christmas Story…” No one needs to reply to him… As we read him we are all laughing too hard to take him seriously…

    Good luck… If this takes off, the Republican Party just may come back…

  29. Angus Berger says:

    You’re missing the point. It wasn’t Jeff’s meeting nor did he pay for the microphone.
    The Conservative Wing of the party had complained bitterly about Cragg being asked to speak.

    Christy was well within his rights and the meeting was conducted in an orderly fashion. Frank is a bum and was treated like one and if you don’t like it Kavips, come to the meeting and introduce yourself as Kavips and ask to speak.

  30. waterpirate says:

    So christy was used as a tool by “a wing ” of the party to voice displeasure in a choice made by the AB? His RD should be so proud. If the wing does not have the support of the AB are we to expect more of these temper tantrums by the kids who can’t get thier way at all the meetings? This is truly what building the foundation for a strong party is all about………..

  31. FRANK KNOTTS says:

    kavips the real losers were the people at the meeting. Because Jeff came there to discuss his vision for building the party. And instead because of Mr. Christy and I all they got was a circus. I take responsibility for my part I wonder if Mr. Christy takes responsibility for his part?

  32. Laffter says:

    Everyone looses when Christy is around,

    Wish someone would take the bull by the horns and put him in his place.

    All he does is ruin the meetings – he sabotages every thing and every one

    When is someone going to put the bully in his place

    You all already snicker and laugh behind his back, but kavips is absolutely right- make him leave , he has nothing to add to the conversation that is worth listening to.

  33. kavips says:

    That is exactly the point! If the meeting was for Delaware Right, to create a new direction, why should Christy have been there at all?

    If Matt Denn showed up at the Rehoboth Republican Convention, and wanted to call out Jeff Christopher for absolutely embarrassing the state of Delaware among all Americans from Maine to California with more than a 4th Grade education, and stood up, pointed out Jeff, and said he was ruining the party, said he was grossly incompetent, said he couldn’t even push papers correctly, said he was hateful, idiotic, bigoted, arrogant, prejudiced, a thug, a pickle head, a dirty-dog, a slut, a stepped-on- onion ring, and a no-good bum, ……. there is something totally wrong with this picture… The conservative wing of the republican was NOT INVITED because they are too putrid for normal people to associate with them… no one invites lepers to a party. Conservative Republicans are equally unwelcomed.

    He was there only to disrupt.

    Why would anyone in Sussex County want to be represented by a person whose only purpose in life, is to ruin everything everyone else tries or does? What a horrible person that must be… Horrible!

    Any one in Sussex who continues to remain in the conservative wing of the Republican Party, has something seriously wrong inside their head…..

  34. Angus Berger says:

    “Everyone looses when Christy is around,
    Wish someone would take the bull by the horns and put him in his place.
    All he does is ruin the meetings – he sabotages every thing and every one”

    How do you know that, you are a democrat that never goes to Republican meetings. The reason you don’t like Christy, is that you don’t like the truth because it makes you look like the liar your are. Adios Laffter.
    (This comment has been edited. Angus Berger this is your second warning about this type of behavior. There will be no third warning, you will be blocked, or in other words you will be put in time out like a little child. Now play nice or leave. Frank Knotts)

  35. waterpirate says:


    The diferance between the Monday meetings and the convention last year is the booming voice of authority. John Sigler declared someone out of order, did not yield them the floor, and they have been ejected.

    If the RD’s and the leadership of the party continue to ” entertain ” this behaviuor, it will only encourage more.

  36. Frank Knotts says:

    Kavips, just so everyone knows, Mr. Christy is now an E D within the Sussex GOP and so he has every right to be at the meeting and to speak at the meetings. The issue is whether the meeting was the proper forum to voice his complaint about specific comments on a political blog. Jeff Cragg was a guest speaker and the topic was Delaware Right and the vision of building the party, again one must ask, was this the time or the place to complain that the other commenters were mean to you? I think not.

  37. Laffter says:

    Sorry angus,

    Nope not a democrat, don’t vote democrat either.

    And yes, I do go to republican meetings, been to several, complete with watching the children make fools of themselves, Christopher and his boys in uniform,
    Going to political meetings- hmmmmm were they on the clock, were the taxpayers paying for them to attend a partisan meeting in uniform?
    Using county taxpayer paid gaspline.

    Watching Christy pigeon- hole Cragg,

    Have seen and saw Frank speak over time I have watched Christian Hudson speak, Frank of course, what he’d the whole freak show in the lobby……and that lovely lady , yes the retired officer who thinks she is running in 2016, yeah, good luck with that….seen it all….

    Would you like me to tell you what your were wearing?

    You have no idea who I am, you think you know, but you don’t…..and continue to throw what your think is outing around and you will be blocked.

    I think it’s hysterical, just waiting for you to make more mistakes, coz the clock is ticking and the screen shots growing.

  38. Angus Berger says:


    Yes, watching Cragg getting pigeon-holed was the best, except for last night’s 38th District fundraiser, where not many people showed and not enough food to go around. Yawn.
    Oh yes, and Jeff Cragg speaking for Sigler, who’s begging for at the convention. Didn’t know he had an opponent. My neighbor said he would run his dog against Sigler. The dog will win.

  39. Mike Protack says:

    The 17 page plan I had in 2011 would have put the GOP back on track. It was logical and timely for what the GOP needs.The time lost since then has moved the De GOP from challenged to DEAD.

    The state chair has to have the time to do the job and have some working knowledge of NCC.

    For the most part Delaware Politics and certainly the De GOP is full of big egos and small minds.

  40. anon says:

    “The 17 page plan I had in 2011 would have put the GOP back on track.”


  41. Mike Protack says:

    The DeGOP has no plan and as at other blogs cowards hide in the shadows and make childish comments. The 17 page plan was and is solid.

  42. Laffter says:

    As oppossed to cowards that troll On Facebook, peppering other people FB pages with insults and profanities, people they have never met or even know. Or send letters to the wives of other folks in the political scene.

    Some of those hacked included De state legislators- until these trolls were blocked and reported, and what did this cowards then do when called out on their actions?????


    And then these trolls show up here, posting under what MIGHT be their name, (they would only deny it later) and call others COWARDS…

    Hahaha, pot meet kettle……..

  43. Frank Knotts says:

    “WARNING,WARNING, DANGER WILL ROBINSON!” We are very close to a line here. slow down and take a breath please.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Laffter you’ve seen it all? Want me to tell you which ear your diamonds in?
    Ms. Lafferty is running for the governors seat in 2016 while you continue to post all your comments about people she is gaining support at every event she attends, including support from current GOP/DEM legislators. Gerald Hocker is not running for governor despite the rumor. Pete Schwartzkopf is running for the position with a snowball’s chance in hell considering his shall we say bizarre proclivities outside leg hall.

  45. Frank Knotts says:

    Anonymous, you have walked up to a line and spit over it, I would suggest you back away from it with the personal innuendos and veiled threats.

Got something to say? Go for it!