Hope For The Delaware GOP

 With his announcement on the Dan Gaffney Show on Delaware 105.9 this morning Don Ayotte, former GOP candidate for Sussex County Council, and a member of the Sussex GOP Executive Committee, has given the Delaware GOP hope for the future.

 What could that announce ment be you ask?

  That announcement is that Mr. Ayotte will be leaving the GOP to become a member of the Independent Party of Delaware.

  Mr. Ayotte has been a member of the GOP for several years, he has been a GOP candidate, and has been active in the Sussex GOP.

  While I can’t speak for all Republicans, for myself however, I would like to thank Mr. Ayotte. For leaving the Republican Party!

  Mr. Ayotte is exactly the angry type of reactionary people who are what I feel is wrong with the Delaware GOP.

  This announcement should give Republicans hope that we can actually regain our true balance and attract more people to the party, rather than driving them away with people like Mr. Ayotte, and his brand of so-called conservatism.

 I wish Mr. Ayotte a long, long relationship with the Independent Party of Delaware. It can only benefit the Delaware GOP.

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  1. Evan says:

    Wow…a new low for you Frank…and this is coming from me. Grow up Sir. If this is “disagreeing without being disagreeable”….I can see this “Delaware Right” lasting about as long as “Down with Absolutes”.

    Shame on you. I’m no huge fan of Don either but invade you haven’t noticed…the Delaware GOP is way beyond hope. It certainly doesn’t swing on one man’s decision to leave or stay…although the free fall of voters away from the GOP is telling. In Feb. 183,938 Delawareans were GOPers including 97,228 in NCC…today there are 179,273 statewide R’s and only 94,013 in NCC. In fact, the GOP lost 2.5%of it’s voters in 2 mths. By all accounts, May first will be worse. It lost more voters in all 3 counties than the “Others” (non-D & non-R) did. I wouldn’t run around singing ding dong the witch is dead. The Dems only lost 2% of their voters over that same period and still claim 47% of registered voters. What’s most telling is how registered voters in general have plummeted. 14,921 less registered voters than in February simply shows that most people…are sick of hearing these kinds of arguments.

  2. Angus Berger says:

    Everybody heard your call to Gafney’s show. Ayotte didn’t answer you and did the right thing. Ayotte and von Baumgart laughed so hard that it was heard to the Pacific coast.
    Evan is right Frank, you have reached a new low.

  3. Alex Garcia says:

    The Delaware GOP is falling apart, and stuff like this is what is doing it. I am leaving the GOP as well. Delaware Right is wrong for Delaware and so are you Frank!

  4. Harry Whittington says:

    Frank became persona non grata with the Ayotte crowd when he refused to back the Sheriff’s power grab. I salute Frank for making that principled stand, despite the continued harassment he took from Ayotte and the Sheriff’s posse.

    Since when did expanding government and wasting money become a Republican principle?

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    Okay this time in all capital letter for those who still don’t get it.
    Okay now that we have that out of the way,AGAIN, to Evan and Angus and Alex, where were your complaints when I was saying the exact same things about Mike Castle? I stated time and again that I felt he had moved too far left and that he was hurting the party.
    I am now saying that Mr. Ayotte and those who feel as he does have moved too far right and are hurting the party.
    Many of the same people who are now criticizing me for speaking the truth as I see it, are the same people who praised me for speaking the truth as I saw it then.
    My views have not changed, I have always felt that any extreme position will drive people away from the party, and Mr. Ayotte is a part of the most extreme faction within the GOP. Oh! Wait! That’s right! Not any longer!
    These extreme factions hurt any party they are a part of, be it Republican or Democrat. Though Mr. Ayotte’s extreme views may actually be a good fit at the IPODs.
    I would like to point out also, that many of you have pointed out that my comments are disagreeable, counter to our motto here at D R.
    Yet you are free to come here and disagree with my comments without the fear of being deleted simply because you disagree.
    Maybe if you spent more time actually countering what I have to say, rather than attacking me for saying them, you would be able to make a better case.
    So anyone who would like to counter my above comments, please feel free to list Mr. Ayotte’s positive contributions to the GOP. And if you would like to wish Mr. Ayotte well and thank him for his contributions, feel free. But personally I wouldn’t want to be on record as doing so.

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Harry we posted at the same time, thank you. I am glad that some people see through the smoke and mirrors of that group.

  7. Angus Berger says:

    This will be a kind comment, but you don’t have a clue what is good for America because you simply don’t have the education or the skill to understand America’s origins or constitution.
    In short you don’t understand politics or what motivates it; you are a tool to be used for the benefit for those who are much more intelligent than you.

  8. Harry Whittington says:

    People should take note that Frank is being attacked on this thread, yet the thread remains open.

    Over at DelawarePolitics, the post with Don’s announcement closed down comments after one or two negative comments were made, and a line was added to the post that comments wouldn’t be taken.

    I think that says it all about Frank’s character, and Don’s lack of character.

  9. Angus Berger says:

    Harry Whitless

    You take it for granted that Don closed it for comments. They have a moderator for those actions. That says a lot about your character. You don’t know, yet you accuse falsley.

  10. Harry Whittington says:

    Angus, I used to read DelawarePolitics regularly. I stopped when the censoring started. I have seen posts of Frank’s where comments were removed and Frank fought to get them back up. I have seen Don censor posts.

    You can look up these instances online, they were covered by other blogs in the state.

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    Harry, I had heard that had happened. Not Surprised at all.
    Angus, you attack me based on my education? True, I am just an old farm boy who drives a truck for a living, with only a High School formal education. But that does not mean I stopped learning.
    As for understanding the Constitution, well if you knew as much as you think you do, you would realize that the Founders wrote the Consitution in a manner that allowed all who could read and those who couldn’t, to have it read to them, to understand their rights, this was done purposefully. Unlike you and your ilk, the Founders were not eletist snobs.

  12. Laffter says:

    I would rather an honest man, who speaks his mind plainly and clearly, with conviction. Who rises above the fray, allows others to take cheap shots and does not delete or close comments.

    That is the Frank Knotts I have been seeing for quite some time.

    As opposed to others that ban and delete comments, and close threads , cannot argue the issues and are too thin skinned to be in the game. They act as bullies and stalker s- seeking to intimidate and shut the opposition down. They can win on the merits so they try to undermines the others.

    What Franks educational level is is irrelevant- he has class and style, he has never presented himself as something he is not
    As opposed to some others that are full of…..well stuffing and not much else. I don’t care what your educational level is…..I know PhDs that could not find their way out of a paper bag.

    Frank had compassion and kindness, the others, well take a look at their pictures, read their writings and look how they misbehave in unlucky….

    That is all I need to know…..I also stopped going anywhere near DP- the blog will die a natural death, no one can tolerate the screaming for too long.

  13. waterpirate says:

    Am I the only one who started laughing when Dan started pushing D.A. into admitting that he was guilty of the same unyeilding hypocrisy he charged others with?
    He seems to continue to make friends and influence people with charges of corrruption, conspiracy, and violation of his constitutional rights?????

  14. Dave says:

    DP continues to exist primarily as an avenue for David Anderson to communicate his views and publicize his accomplishments. The rest of it is simply dressing for the turkey it has become.

    There was a point, probably about 12 to 18 months ago when DP had some decent numbers of commenters representing a range of opinion. Since then the numbers have dwindled to just a handful.

    The site’s best days (such as they were) are behind it. While civility was never it’s strong suit, there were moments of it and pretty much it has devolved into far right trash talk. It certainly is not means to the end of the DE GOP rising from the ashes and return to responsible governance. This site, however, may be a contributor to that endeavor. It remains to be seen.

    My opinion is that the DE GOP still has far to go. If it continues to shed those who have no concept of balance and seek only absolutism it may find that it’s influence and meaning increased accordingly.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    WP, to pick only one moment when I was laughing would be impossible, since I started the moment I read that he would be making an announcement on air, even before I knew what the announcement would be, since I knew it would be classic Ayotte. And it was!
    To Laffter, thank you for the kind words.
    Dave, I agree that we here at Delaware Right still must prove ourselves. I realize that I have taken some criticism, both from without and within the Delaware Right family. That’s okay, I am a big boy. That being said, I have to write what I feel and what I believe, and sometimes I write just for the fun of it. I attempt to stir conversation and if possible, to also be entertaining, so that people will want to come back. I hope I get close to that at least sometimes. Thank you all.

  16. pandora says:

    Blogging is about criticism – not that Don “I’ll delete every bit of criticism against me” Ayotte realizes that.

    DelawarePolitics.net is dead. They don’t need a moderator (and what a moderator they have! One that trolls other blog sites threatening to out people! So above the fray.) because they don’t have any comments to moderate. DP has become the Don, Jon, Mynym and Rick show.

    Congratualtions, Frank, on becoming Delaware’s newest, best and only Conservative/Republican blog in town!

  17. Angus Berger says:


    I was just over at DP reading Ayotte’s post by Foxnews on the Marathon Bombing and it seems you are wrong; plenty of people are posting and commenting on DP
    You are using an old propaganda technique the if you tell a lie ofter enough, people will actually believe it. (NOT)

  18. Laffter says:

    Funny thing angus……it seems Pandora can read…..

    And I agree, the blog is dead…..Rick, Jon, don and MYMYNM or whatever it is are all that is there

    Wy bother? If Don does not like what yu say he deletes or bans you and so many have experienced that that they gave up and went away

    As for a moderator?. Hahaha, seems the moderator could not stay off DL EITHER.

    They have cut their own noses off to spite their faces….and even better, Don tell Gaffney he is leaving the GOP because he does not want to be part of a party that is tearing itself apart.

    Hmmmm interesting thing…..when Don and his ilk leave, I think the ripping apart will end, seeing as he was the ripper – in- chief.

    SO, Happy trails to Don…have fun with Wolg or whatever, BTW, how is your German?

  19. Laffter says:

    NEADERCON- a slow moving, narrow thinking, Neo- conservative

    Now, no slams on conservatives in general, this is to describe a certain “kind” of conservative, the types that believes in slash and burn politics.

  20. Frank Knotts says:

    Pandora, thank you. There are some who would say to be complemented by a “liberal” would make me a liberal. I on the other hand believe that, it is only when your opposition respects you, do you have any chance of finding mutual ground for compromise.
    Now Angus my friend, please explain this sentence from above, “I was just over at DP reading Ayotte’s post by Foxnews on the Marathon Bombing”. By the way, Foxnews, is Fox News. But can you explain why it is that Don has become the king of the links? Is it possible that he is attempting to hide behind the original thoughts of others so as to avoid criticism? Or can he not form an original thought of his own. And really what is your interest in defending him so urgently? And why is it when Angus shows up one of our other regulars is missing? Just saying.
    And did anyone else hear Don’s second stop on the, “Don Ayotte Farewell Tour” today? He was on with Jim Rash, blubbering again about how the GOP cost him his election. Way to show that personal responsibility Don, that all us real conservatives believe is so important.
    As for the death of D P, well yes it is in my opinion a direct result of Don’s abhorrent behavior. It is a shame that David Anderson could not see the writing on the wall. David chose to see the good in everyone, I tend to see people for who they are. We can all see Don for who he really is, now more than ever.

  21. waterpirate says:

    I think the thing that bothered me the most about the farewell tour was….. the tour itself. D.A. was a ed and a candidate, that hardly elevates him to anything news worthy IMO. His repeated use of the word ” I” during the recitation of his resume made me truly understand the man. Service to others is a team sport, be it the party or other endeavors. The farewell tour made it clear to me that in his mind the GOP will wither and die 5 minutes after his departure. What a meglomaniac.

  22. Angus Berger says:

    I heard you call in on Jim Rash’s show in a vain attempt to counter what Ayotte was talking about and they massacred you on the air. I take that back, you shot yourself in the head. You sounded like an idiot and I heard Ayotte actually chuckle when you announced who you were. You poor twisted individual.

    You’ve to a whole cabal of the looney left as your defenders and that tells me exactly what you are. You and “Delaware Right (left) will end up finishing off what is left of the GOP in the First State.

  23. Angus Berger says:

    Now you’re accusing me of being Christy, using a fake identity? You have lost the few marbles you had left. You are grasping a straws now. You’ve been sniffing the propane you deliver way too much.
    I know your brain must be fried by the all the drugs and alcohol you consumed in your life. Did you also drop acid, because your hallucinations are returning to haunt you.

  24. Dave says:

    Look, DA was ill suited for the GOP anyway. Many GOP members (and former members) believe in a responsible party that is an essential element of the two party system who contributes to the checks and balances that is necessary to prevent goverance by a single party.

    This balance is critical because absolute power corrupts absolutely. But to be the yang for the Democrats ying, the party has to be responsible and mature. That means pulling, pushing, and compromising to find the necessary balance. It doesn’t mean absolutism.

    DA doesn’t fit the GOP in my opinion. DA will feel more at home in the IPOD and the 9-12 ers.

    As for the demise of DP; well it serves as a forum for politicians to make announcements and publicize themselves, but mostly it was a place for those who dream about secession and live in daily fear of some sort of tryanny. Was that the vision for the blog? If so it was ultimately successful in achieving that vision.

    The big deal for DA in moving to the IPOD is that he can run for practically any office he desires since the IPOD is always looking for candidates. Being consistently on the ballot is important because if one does it enough…well, lets just say that even a blind squirrel finds and acorn now and again.

  25. waterpirate says:

    All Hail Dave!

    Well said Sir.

  26. Angus Berger says:


    What I like about you is that you are an equal opportunity poster. You hardly ever get it right but you post on DL, DP and now “Franks Menagerie”

    I have enjoyed your tantalizing tidbits of twisted logic. When I heard Ayotte on yesterday’s Jim Rash show, all he talked about was growing the IPOD party.
    Jim asked him twice if he would run for office and he never gave a definitive answer.

  27. Davd says:

    Ok. You want to bet, that he shows up on the next ballot for the next general election? It’s sort of like a drug. Once it gets in your blood you have to run. That’s not even logic. It’s human behavior. IPOD is perennially in need of candidates. DA wants to run. It’s a match made in heaven. Regardless, as entertained as I may be there are actually issues that could be discussed rather than dishing on DA.

    As far as me posting in multiple places, it might be because I am welcome at multiple sites that have a wide differences of thought and opinion. I think mostly it’s because I manage to be civil, even when I am being critical. I never make it personal (although I continue to struggle with that). I attempt to criticize or debate the idea without attacking individuals or considering the source of the idea, whether it be from a party or any particular affinity group.

    I don’t do that to make an impression on anyone. I do it simply because it’s my own personal value. It’s part of who I am and I try to reflect my own values. We all act in accordance with our real values, not the ones we espouse, but the ones we actually live. I think people recognize that and consequently, I find the welcome mat out in many places, even those where I may disagree with the much of the thoughts and opinions.

  28. Frank Knotts says:

    Angus, I did not accuse you of being anyone, I merely pointed out that when you are around one of our other regulars is not. You are the one who used Mr. Christy’s name. But hey, maybe it’s just your week to use the brain.
    As for Don massacring me on the issue of the sheriff? Well you have a funny understanding of that word. I gave points of fact about the issue to counter Don’s one and only claim, that it is a constitutional matter. His response when Jim asked if he cared to counter what I had said, was to say merely that I was wrong. So in your view all it akes to when a point is to state that the other person is wrong, with no facts to back up that assertion? Well after all that is exactly how we have gotten to where we are on the sheriff issue to begin with, isn’t it?
    As for your attacks about my wasted youth, (pun intended), I have been nothing but honest about my past. Yes I used drugs and alcohol. If it make you feel superior to me to re-state those things that I have written about freely, I won’t stop you, just remember that on certain sites that would have been declared a personal attack, and you would have been banned. Here I welcome you to come as often as you like and demonstrate exactly the type of person who would vote for and support people such as Don Ayotte.
    And yes Dave is right on the mark, Don has run to the IPOD simply because they offered him a title and the ability to run for any office he chooses, without any vetting, because like him they too are desperate to be relevant.
    I hope that Don runs for governor, oh wait that slot may already be taken, just not announced yet, after all the IPOD wouldn’t want to trot out all of their BIG news stories at once, after all, the stealing of Don Ayotte away from the GOP is the biggest news since, well since, ah hell let’s face it, if it weren’t for the comedic value, no one would be talking about it at all.
    WP had it right, who really cares that a failed council candidate and EDC has left the GOP?

  29. Doug Beatty says:

    Typical, but inaccurate as per usual. No ideology is a good fit at IPoD. The operative word being “Independent”. Don’s a welcome addition to a creative process. This party has grown while it was on life support literally. Third party and un-affiliated voters outnumber the GOP and Don’s defection is the tip of the iceberg.

    Sycophants like Frank Knotts are an important component of this evolution. Party hacks who attack those who won’t tow the line are necessary if we ( IPoD ) are to grow.

    What Frank doesn’t know is that a prominent Democrat and progressive black nationalist is also coming to IPoD. Dr. Jahi Issa and Don Ayotte have already met and decided that they have much common ground together. Our next goal is to participate in the primaries and we have a clear path to get there.

    It will take longer if Frank doesn’t keep attacking people who disagree with him, so please Frank, keep up the good work.

    We salute you.

  30. Frank Knotts says:

    Doug, is this the same Dr. Jahi Issa ? http://www.jpanafrican.com/docs/vol5no7/5.67TheCases.pdf
    I’m just asking since this Dr. Issa is from Delaware. If this is not the same Dr. Issa I apologize, if it is the same Dr. Issa, well great job selecting candidates. I notice the conspiracy theme here as well as I see it when Don speaks. The whole world is out to get us, all except a sheriff of course.

  31. Frank Knotts says:

    Oh! As for no ideaology at the IPOD, well that my friend is called a rudderless ship.(I have made a spelling correction thanks to my good my good friend Angus berger. Note that when they have no point they correct spelling.) No ideology, no principles, no values, no goals. Blind leading the blind.

  32. Angus Berger says:

    “Oh! As for no ideaology at the IPOD, well that my friend is called a rutterless ship.”

    Your spelling is atrocious. Are you sure you’ve got a high school education?

  33. Doug Beatty says:

    Yes that Dr. Issa. I’m pretty busy today so we’ll just deal with the most glaring of your inaccurate assumptions:

    Correct, there is no ideology associated with IPoD, the platform is based on infrastructure and methodology. While we do have some planks that can be considered ideological there is no litmus test. That doesn’t mean no goals, no principles etc., etc,. just because YOU say so.

    Conspiracy? Perhaps you could explain then why the state is on it’s third version of it’s story as to why Dr. Issa should be convicted? Perhaps you could explain the case review on Monday? Oh, that’s right, you don’t know the first thing about it and are obviously just displaying your racism by attacking a black man with credentials you can’t touch.

    Thanks Frank! every time you attack you make us stronger. You keep putting them up there and I’ll keep knocking them out of the park.

    In closing Dr. Issa’s credentials as a humanitarian and historian are something you really don’t have standing to impeach. Who said he was being selected as a candidate?

    I know you usually parrot what others say, Is this thing about Dr. Issa being a candidate original? In any case Dr. Issa hasn’t expressed an interest in running for office, and I’ll make sure to let him know about your impeaching his credibility as a conspiracy theorist.

    We like to keep track of the blatant white supremacists. Have a nice day.

  34. anon says:

    “Further GOP-to-IPoD re-registrations are imminent in the wake of further
    delawareright.com character assassination attempts.”

    Please tell me that’s a promise and you’re not just teasing me. I’m counting on you.

  35. Angus Bergera says:

    Frank Posted on facebook

    Douglas wrote: “Apparent white supremacist and paid blogger for Delawareright.com Frank Knotts was attacking Donald Ayotte for joining the Independent Party, saying IPoD was going hard right. I explained that Dr. Jahi Issa was also thinking about joining and Frank attacked Dr. Issa with this post:
    Frank Knotts
    April 17, 2013
    Doug, is this the same Dr. Jahi Issa ? http://www.jpanafrican.com/docs/vol5no7/5.67TheCases.pdf
    I’m just asking since this Dr. Issa is from Delaware. If this is not the same Dr. Issa I apologize, if it is the same Dr. Issa, well great job selecting candidates. I notice the conspiracy theme here as well as I see it when Don speaks. The whole world is out to get us, all except a sheriff of course.”

  36. Wolf von Baumgart says:

    Ideology, throught the forceful and/or deceptive imposition of its preconceived worldview, killed over 200,000,000 people in the 20th Century.

    It’s about time for objective truth, arrived at by methodology.

    But, then again, Frankie:

    The TRUTH? You can’t handle the truth, so, raise your cracked glass and drink another round of your poisoned GOP KOOL-AID.

    The IPoD is a concept whose time has come……

  37. anon says:

    “The IPoD is a concept whose time has come……”

    IPOD isn’t even a concept. It’s a repository for cranks and malcontents who can’t get anyone in the general populace to support them. Always has been. But please, PLEASE, take everyone in the GOP like Don Ayotte with you.

    I’m counting on you, Wolf. Don’t let me down.

  38. Doug Beatty says:

    PostScript – The article you linked wasn’t written by Issa, it was written by Dr. Perry who also has credentials you can only dream about. I don’t know why you would claim ‘conspiracy’ and demean either of these men unless you are just attacking Dr. Issa for being black. Other than that I don’t believe you have too much information on him. If proven wrong I’ll apologize, for now I’m standing by my comments.

  39. Wolf von Baumgart says:


    “Please tell me that’s a promise and you’re not just teasing me. I’m counting on you.”

    You can take that to the bank. The GOP is losing its talent.

  40. Doug Beatty says:

    Cranks and malcontents.. from a person who doesn’t even have the integrity to post under their own name. Sounds legit.

  41. Wolf von Baumgart says:


    Keep up the good work. By driving everyone in the GOP who has not been
    lobotomized into the IPoD, you and Frankie are our best recruiters.

  42. Doug Beatty says:

    True that Wolf, Dr. Perry is known to be super careful with his facts and I’m waiting for Knotts to point out something that’s not true in that article, or admit that he just attacked Dr. Issa out of hand and convince me it wasn’t racial.

    Frank’s personal attacks are generally disgusting, for those of us who know Dr. Issa, what he’s going through and his refusal to compromise his principles Franks remarks are beyond the pale. Once again running his mouth on subjects he can’t even intelligently discuss.

    Well almost time to go on the air with our show, folks can listen live or later at this Link

  43. waterpirate says:

    I find it beyond bombastic to assume that D.A is talent, the GOP is ruined for loseing him, and that anyone in the IPOD/borg pod / sees Frank as the champion of the ipod for single handedly ruining the GOP???

    Just wait till your methodology runs head on into the logic that is not D.A. In the nomenclature of old Sussex County, ” I doubt that marriage is going to take root”.

  44. anon says:

    Wolf & Beatty: Forgive me. Your track record of election victories and worldwide domination speaks for itself. How did I possibly think I could argue against your long record of success?

    *kneels humbly*

  45. Laffter says:

    Bet the divorce will be ugly too……

    And the off-spring, UGH. Can you imagine?

    The right wing righteous DA- and the libertarian bent of DB AND Wvon B
    Hmmmmmm, wonder how that would be? It’s gonna be a run ride,

    Popcorn at 7

    It’s kinda odd how a lot of these folks have either petty criminal behavior and records, civil debt judgements against them or just exhibit anti- social BEHAVIOUR
    Very telling…….

  46. Doug Beatty says:

    Another anonymous commenter – doubt away. Don most definitely has talents at grass root organizing, this marriage has been one cultivated over time. At some point some folks will realize that making a deal with the devil to ‘win’ so they can ‘govern’ ain’t such a sweet deal after all. This is one of those folks and one of these times.

    But feel free to display your lack of intellect, humanity and character by attacking ours. Some folks are just like that. Now we know another one. Sort of, being too chicken to post under your own name does take the sting off some. 😉

  47. Doug Beatty says:

    On your feet Anon. Yes our record speaks for itself, third largest and fastest growing party in the first state.

    IPoD was instrumental in getting Jeff Christopher elected, had we not nominated him the republicans wouldn’t have rustled him back.

    Our numbers continue to grow, of course the comments about Frank being our champion are tongue in cheek ( for those of you having an impaired grasp of the painfully obvious) but none the less we do appreciate him. He makes us look good.

    We welcome criticism more than compliments, although this group actually makes the peanut gallery at DL look intellectual, we like it. We’re just waiting for one of you anonymous cowards to form a party and show us how it’s done, then we will be saved.

    We aren’t holding our breath though… as long as elements of the GOP and Democrat party in Delaware tolerate this kind of nonsense we will continue to grow. Had a democrat defector come on tonight and announce that he is moving to IPoD.

    Wolf, Don, and myself have no illusions about how long or how tough this road may prove. We know we might not live long enough to see it really bear fruit. Sometimes you have to stand for what’s right, even if you stand alone.

    Thanks for a good laugh from cowards who won’t even post their names. You guys are doing so much for your country! So courageous too! At least Frank puts his name on his posts, for that I give him respect.

  48. anonymous says:

    Can I make a humble suggestion to the denizens of Delaware Right?

    These are the people that destroyed DelawarePolitics.net. Engaging them, responding to them, provoking or interacting with them in any way will only have a negative effect on what you appear to be trying to accomplish here.

    Don’t be like the fascist Ayotte banning and deleting what you don’t like. Just ignore them. Now and forever. Responding to crackpots is the only way they get any attention.

  49. saltyindependent says:

    i have to agree with the post above. as tempting as it is to rub in the demise of DP here on this site, that will truly only hurt this blog. as people have read what has been posted on DP as of late the comments have dropped significantly. this is due in part t0 the quality of the writing and the selection of the topics. the comments resemble a middle school Facebook fight.

  50. Dave says:

    Since the primary purpose of blogging and commenting is to discuss and debate one’s views and thoughts, anything that negatively affects that purpose, should be at a minimum, be ignored.

    If you want this blog to be successful, be mostly serious and mostly mature. That doesn’t mean you can’t be snarky or humorous but there is a line. DP crossed that line a long time ago and is no longer serious and never really was mature (at least since I have been there).

    When a blog becomes conspiratorial, by attempting opposition research (attempting to find the identity of commenters – for what purpose one can only imagine) it has crossed the bounds of propriety.

    Growing this site means adhering to certain principles in it’s operation. If part of it’s purpose is to provide a public face to the DE GOP, you and anyone associated with this site should endeavor to make sure that the face you display is the face you want people to see. Remember the DE GOP has little credibility in this state. Partially this is due to the cretinous attitude of a small but visible minority who identified as Republican.

    Rebuilding the brand will take work and whether anyone likes it or not, it requires marginalizing those who are so far off the reservation (sort of a racist term but it gets the point across) that they can never find their way back again.

  51. Frank Knotts says:

    Doug Beatty, you should be very careful calling me a racist, you have no idea who I am, the life I have lead, or anything about my family.
    The people I have grown up with or the people I have loved.
    You simply throw out the racist card because I questioned the fitness of a man to be a candidate, who happens to be a black man. My point was whether it is a good idea to recruit a person who is in such a situation as a candidate. As for the conspiracy comment, well when a person claims they are tageted by higher ups simply for being themselves, it does have a bit of a paranoid sense to it.
    You and Wolf still don’t get it, you make all of these baseless accusations and attacks on me, and yet I allow you to have this forum. You on the other hand support someone who refuse to allow any form of disagreement on his site. So who is the facist here?
    If Don and the IPOD are happy together, then more power to you. Live long and prosper.
    But don’t expect anyone to take you serious when you act as if you just convinced Abe Lincoln to join your party. I wonder how Don’s “principles” will mess with the IPOD’s “platform” on single-payer insurance? But let us look at the IPOD’s own site on this and then remember Don’s past statments about health -care.
    Notice that they propose a non-government run health care system, single payer, and then notice the make-up of the 15 member board. Non-government run? Really?
    So Don? How do you juxtapose your past stance on singel payer insurance systems and the stated platform of your new party of choice?

  52. Doug Beatty says:

    So let me understand your position, you are free to make assumptions about a man you’ve never met, comment on a situation you know nothing about, demean a great humanitarian and activist, assume we are drafting him as a candidate and that’s all fine.

    On the other hand I point out that you don’t know Jack about this man, his situation, his intentions with IPoD and question your motives and that’s out of bounds?

    You can impugn his integrity and intellect by accusing him of saying that everybody’s just out to get him and that’s okay? You, your buddies, and the horses of negotiable virtue you all rode in on Frank. The world just doesn’t work that way.

    Is there a specific reason other than Dr. Issa’s skin color that would lead you to accuse him of being some kind of whining liar? I’d like to hear it.

    You keep spouting non-facts and attacking something you don’t understand. This is why the Independent Party is growing while the two major parties aren’t. You still have no idea of what IPoD is about, your commentary is limited to ad hominem logical fallacies like your sycophants anon, water pirate, and laffter.

    Don is fine with knowing that he is a conservative Christian and knowing that he’ll be working with folks who have different ideas. Diversity is a strength.

    Floyd McDowell’s health care proposal has been adopted by the progressives and in IPoD has gone the way of the Whipping Post. A relic, and one that we now recognize was a mistake.

    Get it straight Frank, you didn’t say anything about Dr. Issa’s ‘situation’ you said :

    Doug, is this the same Dr. Jahi Issa ? http://www.jpanafrican.com/docs/vol5no7/5.67TheCases.pdf
    I’m just asking since this Dr. Issa is from Delaware. If this is not the same Dr. Issa I apologize, if it is the same Dr. Issa, well great job selecting candidates. I notice the conspiracy theme here as well as I see it when Don speaks. The whole world is out to get us, all except a sheriff of course.

    Looked like racial bias to me and that’s what I called it. If you’re just being a tool and making baseless attacks on anything and anyone who doesn’t fit your world view that’s still bigotry, just not racially motivated bigotry.

    If you are going to try and tell me that people in bi-racial relationships or with different ethnic groups in their family are free from prejudice and bigotry you’ll need to pack a lunch, examples to the contrary are not hard to come by.

    While we do appreciate the back and forth here we also respect the right of a webmaster to conduct their site as they see fit. DL for example has decided not to engage in debate with me and ban me. That’s their site their rules.

    When you make baseless attacks like the one you made on Dr. Issa, like the ones you make on people who disagree with you ( accusing me of being incapable of honest debate for one ) how can you expect not to be riposted?

    Bigotry is defined as being so intolerably tied to one’s own views to the point of expressing animus towards people with opposing views. That’s what we see here, it’s your modus operandi. If you insist it’s not racially motivated that’s your story. It’s still bigotry and how can you expect better in return? .

    We keep our current platform HERE until we decide on a new website. The other site you seem to be referring to is obsolete and no longer under IPoD control, but we appreciate your question.

    If you come after my friends like you have done and continue to do, what do you expect?

    In closing if you feel the need to tear down IPoD we welcome your criticism. Intelligent criticism helps us to improve and the kind of crap your troweling out here helps us from a PR standpoint.

    If you want to understand exactly what it is you’re attacking, might want to read the platform for a start. We are also having a meet and greet at Manor House on Rt. 9 1.3 miles west of Five Points. This Saturday at 7:00 p.m., free admission with donations accepted. All, even you, are welcome.

  53. Harry Whittington says:

    Calling Frank an “apparent white supremacist” is telling. From the comments I see online from these IPOD members, it seems they have out mastered the left wing when it comes to Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals. Between the threats of lawsuits and the outrageous accusations, they are trying to shut down all political discourse that they don’t agree with.

    Don’t fall for it.

  54. Doug Beatty says:

    Not exactly Harry, I’ll meet outrageous accusations and character assassinations in kind when I feel so moved. Discourse is the core of what we stand for and if think IPoD’s are in lock step you’ve missed the boat entirely.

    As for ‘threatening a lawsuit’ I hope you’re not really thinking that such a move would be telegraphed by a comment on a blog. It was a case of meeting senseless personal attacks and baseless accusations of sedition with wit, and the accuser became completely unhinged. Even sending an angry private email after the fact, threatening assault, etc., etc.. (spitting in somebody’s face can get you locked up in most venues )

    As for Saul Alinsky tactics? You’re really not paying attention. Those are used all over the spectrum including here on this blog. The ridicule thing seems to be huge with Frank.

    When you have Alex Pires and Earl Lofland in the same party as Wolf, me, Cathy Samardza, and Mike Tedesco there is going to be disagreement on many issues. It’s what we agree on that’s more important.

    This is what our detractors can’t seem to grasp. IPoD really is broad coalition of various ideologies, backgrounds, and interests working on what we can agree on. When we disagree we pretty much just have it out without the kind of ad hominem you see here. Anyone who’s seen a good argument between me and Early Earl on FB knows what’s up.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t get into these ‘blogfights’, but we do. Over time that might change as we become more visible. For the time being we do what we see as the right thing at that moment. Hindsight however is always closer to 20/20…

    At the end of the day IPoDs have done things most of you haven’t. We’ve been brave enough to stand for our principles instead of choosing ‘the lesser of two evils’. Some of us have put our names out there and run for office, taking the heat that goes with that. All I see here are a bunch of folks who have to tear something else down to make themselves appear more important.

    I’ll be gratified to be proven wrong on that last point.

  55. Frank Knotts says:

    Doug, first I apologize, your first comment went to mediation due to multiple links, I have approved it so that the conversation doesn’t suffer the gaps that other sites suffer from.
    You have really gone off the deep end my friend. You are the only person on this thread that has mentioned Dr. Issa’s race. The only thing I said was my opinion of the article I linked to. You do not deny that dr. Issa has been terminated at DSU, or that he was charged by the police for rioting. I merely said that in my opinion to seek him as a candidate may not be the best move for a party that seeks to grow. Also I do not see why, when you hold him in such high regard, why you would be offended by my assumption that he would be an IPOD candidate.
    Nothing I have said rise either to the level of racism or bigotry, the words you use above are yours, not mine. I challenge you to research my writing and find any evidance of either bigotry or racism. Please supply the links.

  56. Doug Beatty says:

    Dr. Issa was indeed charged with inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, offensive touching, and resisting arrest. Inciting a riot was DOA and dropped early on. Disorderly conduct got thrown out too, and now the state is on it’s third version of why Dr. Issa has committed a crime.

    The current story is that DSU Chief Downes only touched Dr. Issa on the shoulder in a calming manner ( after admitting he had not PC to touch the man) and Dr. Issa then struck Chief Downes in the chest. Here’s the video of that encounter, you tell me after watching this VIDEO

    Dr. Issa didn’t hit anyone and the ticket master guy had been tugging at his right arm before Chief came up behind him and started tugging at his left arm before touching his shoulder. So there’s that.

    In 2010 the all white equestrian team protested ON HORSEBACK in front of the admin building and NOBODY was approached by campus PD.

    In 2009 a white female employee assaulted DSU officers who were towing her illegally parked car with five outstanding tickets. This person was not detained, only served by summons weeks later, never was suspended and still works there.

    This is a clear case of disparate treatment and the article by Dr. Jeffrey Perry is accurate. Dr. Perry has too much at stake as an editor, author, and scholar to get involved in any fraud.

    Your bigotry stems from the fact that you dismissed this man and appear to be assuming that just because these charges have been made against him he must be guilty. Tell me that’s not f-ed up. You know nothing about this case.

    Dr. Issa and his students actually consulted ACLU attorneys to ensure that they weren’t breaking any laws, but you didn’t know that.

    So you dismiss this man out of hand and that’s not bigoted? Is it simply stupid?

    Your assumption that he would be a candidate in the midst of his legal battle is bigoted to the max. Very condescending and combing that with deriding a man like Dr. Issa you will definitely get what you came for.

    Civility begets civility and asinine assumptions and ad hominem attacks work the same way.

    After he clears his name he probably won’t want to run, personally I think he’d be a great representative but Dr. Issa and Ayotte both see themselves as more effective building the party.

    If you’ve been paying attention, DA was more effective in grass roots organizing for SussexGOP than he was as a candidate, this point is not lost on Don. I don’t see him turning down a nomination if the party really needed him on the ballot but just can’t envision that scenario.

    I’m not the one who looked at one article and came out with that derision of Dr. Issa, and I’m off the deep end? We will have to agree to disagree on that point.

  57. Frank Knotts says:

    Dude! You are delusional. You really think that if you say I am a bigot, that everyone who has read what I wrote and what you wrote will think I am a bigot.
    You really have a reading comprehension problem. Go back and read what I wrote, all I said was that choosing someone who is in the middle of such a situation as Dr. Issa as a candidate is not a good idea.
    And I still don’t understand why it bothers you that I assumed you would want him as a candidate, if as you say you hold him in such high regard.
    No, you have convinced me, you aren’t reactionary in the least, you don’t go of the deep end, you don’t sound like a lunatic. (That was sarcasm Sheldon)

  58. kavips says:

    This is just an open comment and one observation. But I wonder if one of the reasons Sussex County politics are so crazy lately, comes from WGMD?

    Like Fox riled up the base to “lose” the last election,(candidates got crazier and crazier) an election at points they certainly looked to possibly win, simply allowing every conservative to pander their viewpoint on air in order to boost WGMD’s ratings, brings a lot of crazies to the fore, and pushes the sensible ones into the invisible background….

    Perhaps that is a good topic relevant to a future post…. I believe it is certainly relevant to the GOP’s future…..

  59. Frank Knotts says:

    Kavips, that is a valid point. I know of some people who have started calling WGMD, “Hate Radio”. There is not a lot of logic and common sense there. Much like DP took a turn too far to the right, and has gone down hill, so has WGMD, and likewise the GOP in Sussex. They may be related, or simply the same symptom of the same disease.

  60. waterpirate says:

    When the news becomes the messenger, and not the message, or conflict over content the outcome is the same.

    Much like the post about Senator Lopez vote on HB 35. How a more inclusive background checking system can be twisted into a violation of anyones second ammendment is beyond me, and obviously the constituents in the district he represents.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Frank, Im not a Don fan, but your comment about him and the IPOD single payer health care stance is like me comparing you and the Republicans Executive Director stance on same-sex marriage.
    How is Senator Lopez liberal votes working out for you?

  62. anon says:

    “Frank, Im not a Don fan, but your comment about him and the IPOD single payer health care stance is like me comparing you and the Republicans Executive Director stance on same-sex marriage.”

    Yeah, but the difference is that Don never tolerated any deviation from the extreme party line, whereas Frank has seen fit to appreciate people of differing views. So it is hypocritical of Don to join a party where he doesn’t hold tight to every plank.

    “How is Senator Lopez liberal votes working out for you?”

    As a Republican resident of the 6th district, Senator Lopez’s votes have been spot-on correct and reflective of the origins of conservatism. You don’t get to define “conservative” however you want. Conservatives believe in equal protection under the law. So if one person has to submit to a background check in order to buy a gun, all people should have to do the same. And if one person has the right to life, all people should have the right to life.

    The strongest historical conservative tradition, and the one that has been so viciously murdered by today’s “modern conservatives,” is the tradition of intellectual debate and challenging the movement’s beliefs. Lopez has challenged this garbage called modern conservatism and the 6th district is better for it.

    Lopez is plenty conservative. When he votes to protect traditional marriage, as he said he would during the campaign, will you still call him a liberal? Of course you will, because you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  63. Angus Berger says:

    Actually Frank, WGMD is doing just fine and so is 105.9, People now have a choice and there is nothing wrong with that.
    I think that using epithets against on station or the the other is out of line for or anybody to do.
    Same with DP and Delaware Right; both offer a different product and there seems to be readers and commentors for each.
    So quit your petty hate tactics.

  64. Laffter says:

    Actually WGMD is losing a significant amount of the market share……and as of March 2013 was ripening up for the picking…..and there are buyers out there.

    If all one listens to is WGMD, well then of course that person feels it it doing well.

    It has been referred to as ‘hate radio’ for quite some time by many folks and I also happen to know that some significant $$$$$ for advertising went elsewhere due to some of the more ‘hateful’ things Colley in particular, had said and done.

    Those $$$$$ have since gone elsewhere and will continue to until WGMD is no longer in existance and/or re-emerges as a new station. I know coz I get to make that decision.


    As far as Senator Lopez goes, for those linked to his primary opponent, that showed up at a meet and greet asking for his birth certificate ?…well, that said it all, both for the opponent and his acolytes.

    Lopez has done well and will continue to do well, among many different voters, Rs, Ds and Is ( not the IPoD types) . He has broad appeal and seems to vote his conscience, a rare trait.

    , I don’t know what district DA ran in but the District that elected Lopez would NEVER elect a Don Ayotte, heck the Republican Party would not even elect him internally.

    I think Lopez is safe in his seat for quite some time.

  65. Angus Berger says:

    Laffter, as always you are laughable.

    “Those $$$$$ have since gone elsewhere and will continue to until WGMD is no longer in existance and/or re-emerges as a new station. I know coz I get to make that decision.”

    I find it difficult to believe that you get to make any decisions, because your opinion in ill informed. WGMD will do just fine and so will Gafney’s new station. There is more than enough market for both competing talk-show stations.
    Laffter, your reasoning is that of a high-school freshman, smoking a joint.

  66. Anonymous says:

    anon, as long as Lopez continues to coddle up to murderers by voting against the death penalty and gun control, yes I will continue to call him a liberal. Good night.

  67. Frank Knotts says:

    Anonymous, first of all, you need to learn to read, so you can read to learn. I did not make a “COMMENT” about Don and the IPOD single payer issue, I asked a “QUESTION”. See the difference? As for your question about Sen. Lopez, well as I said on 105.9 the day of the gun bill vote, I am disappointed in that vote, as well as the vote on the death penalty, but Sen. Lopez is not my senator, and the people of the 6th will have to decide in the coming election whether they feel that those votes are worthy of voting him out of office. Sen. Lopez is an extremely smart guy and surely knows the political risk casting those votes put him in, yet he voted the way he felt was right for his district, instead of running a political calculation as others would have done. That is what is known as integrity my friend. You should pull up your pants, your agenda is showing.
    Angus, you also have a reading issue, I said some have taken to calling WGMD “hate radio”, and yes DP and WGMD share many of the same problems, like DP, if a certain host didn’t care for what you had to say you were cut short and then made fun of after you were off air, much like the delete button at DP. This is exactly why Judy Mangini was brought in, to try and soften the show. Too bad for her, she is a sweet person who I know personally, who could do much better if she were not being body checked on air. I have told her I will never call in as long as she is forced to share time with Bill Colley. Much in the same way DP became known for Mr. Ayotte’s behavior, WGMD is now known for Colley’s.
    It’s okay to disagree, and yes even to be a bit biting in our responses, the trick is to allow both sides the same chance to be biting and sarcastic and to have their point of view. Far too many on the edges of both the left and the right wish only to silence their opposition, rather than convince them, both can be difficult, but convincing them is far more productive.

  68. anon says:

    ME: “…will you still call him a liberal? Of course you will, because you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    YOU, as if on cue: “anon, as long as Lopez continues to coddle up to murderers by voting against the death penalty and gun control, yes I will continue to call him a liberal. Good night.”

    Point proven. But your calling him a liberal doesn’t make it so.

  69. anon says:

    “I find it difficult to believe that you get to make any decisions, because your opinion in ill informed. ”

    The entire radio industry is in a death spiral, so it is you who is ill informed. (And don’t try to come back at me. I’ve seen the Arbitron ratings for both. I am the opposite of uninformed.)

  70. Laffter says:

    Being young , physically or mentally,

    Getting to smoke a joint

    having access to $$$$$&. AND the Arbitron ratings

    Hmmmmmm….. Life is gooooood. Anyone have twinkles?

    Angus, don’t be a hater because I have it all going on…..makes you look, welllll….

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