An interview with George Parish, the next Insurance Commissioner of Delaware.

Check out his boffo campaign slogan and his plans for his Insurance Commission office.

Everybody knows George Parish, right? He is a former Sussex county Clerk of the Peace, an avid participant in all things Republican, a loyal servant of the party. He’s also loud, boisterous and one always knows when he’s around.

What’s not to love?

So George is going to run for the office of Insurance Commissioner, a post currently held by Karen Welden-Stewart. Stewart has a not-so-good reputation as a politico involved in what Parish calls “soft corruption.”

George has been married 28 years to Bunny, a lady I worked with extensively during my stint with the SCRWC. He has one daughter and one grandson who currently attends the University of Delaware. Parish has been a resident of Delaware since the beginning of the current century. Before that he worked in the federal government and originally hails from Washington State.

“The purpose of the Insurance Commissioner is to protect the consumers; to make sure that companies selling insurance in Delaware are solvent enough to pay up on claims by Delawareans,” George explained to me. Insurance companies doing business in Delaware should be providing our citizens with the best prices and service and it’s on the Insurance Commissioner to monitor this, George continued.

georgeparishAnybody who reads a newspaper knows that Karen Welden-Stewart has reigned over a contentious Delaware insurance market, particularly during this era of Obamacare. I brought up Stewart’s biggest flap, the Worker’s Comp. blow up.

Parish explained that Worker’s Comp. Insurance rose 11% in 2011, rose the same in 2012, then in 2013 rose a whopping 19%! “This is a burden on small businesses that they just can’t afford,” George told me. Seems it got so bad that the Delaware legislature had to get involved to stop the rapid rise in this business and job destroying method of re-distributing wealth.

Ah but George Parish offers more than recriminations against his opponent. Indeed Parish has outlined a plan he has for HIS department should he win the office of Insurance Commissioner.


This is to be the motto of the George Parish campaign. And while that motto applies to many aspects of Delaware governance, Parish intends to begin with the office of the Insurance Commissioner. Parish reassures that he has formed an exploratory committee and come the right time he will be filing to run for this position.

He’s very serious is what he’s saying here.

George Parish’s office of Delaware Insurance Commissioner would have:

-a program to assist Delaware veterans to obtain health care in emergencies
-encouragement of competition in the local insurance market
– a HALL OF SHAME which would be those insurance companies doing wrong by Delawarean consumers….AND a HALL OF FAME…to those companies going the extra mile.
– the Insurance Commissioner (which would be George Parish if all goes his way) to be out in the public, giving talks and conferences to various businesses and/or other concerns regarding insurance. “The Insurance Commissioner should be more visible and helpful in Delaware,” as George expands.
-an office in Sussex county as this county has to drive and be inconvenienced for arbitration cases and the like.

And finally, George Parish advocates term limits for the Insurance Commissioner. You read it here first, yon ladies and gems. IF George Parish wins we are going to hold him to this promise. Too many politicos promise term limits until it’s THEIR turn to resign.

Not that George Parish is known as anything but a noble fellow who wants to serve his state and political party. Parish is known far and wide as personable, funny, and passionate.

I think Delaware could use a little of that passion in the office of Insurance Commissioner.

After all…..the STATUS QUO MUST GO!
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  1. mouse says:

    There’s something about a guy who refers to himself in the 3nd person…And of course a good Republican who can always be counted on to obsess on sexual issues.

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