Anthony Delcollo Official Campaign Announcement

dr10.31.15deltidbitsanthonydelcollo  So, thanks to mediation on the part of a friend, Anthony Delcollo was encouraged to reach out to me, in an attempt to put the past behind both of us.  Friday afternoon I received a phone call from Mr. Delcollo, and during the conversation we discussed the letter he had “written”, and or signed. In this conversation he attempted to explain to me how he was simply doing his job as an attorney, and when approached by potential clients, he felt it was his responsibility to give fair legal representation to all.

I on the other hand, feel it is a person’s responsibility, no matter what their field of endeavor, to give good advise and instruction. Mr. Delcollo would not discuss the letter, or why the three amigos are no longer his clients, or that of Cooch & Taylor.

During our conversation we discussed the importance of winning the seat he is seeking, to allow the Republicans to get to the magical number of eleven. And while I share the desire to see a Republican majority in the Senate, I have to say, I am less than hopeful that Mr. Delcollo is the hope of the future. But that will be for the voters of the 7th District to decide.

During the conversation we were able to come to an, “UNDERSTANDING”, of how to move forward concerning our unique relationship. For my part, I intend to watch his campaign with special interest, and a critical eye, and though I have no intention of a daily Delcollo post, I will not hesitate to point out hypocrisy should it arise.  I did tell Mr. Delcollo I respected the fact he took the initiative  to call me on the matter.

I was intending to post a short recount of his announcement in New Castle County, but since there was little to note, I’ll simply say it was your standard, dry, nothing new announcement. His listed goals lack any real vision beyond the normal rhetoric of someone playing to the room. While he is well spoken, his speech lacked any real enthusiasm beyond the  feigned.

I was hoping to be able to put together some sort of positive post here, that I thought Mr. Delcollo might be able to put the fact, he will always be remembered as the attorney who sent the letter behind him, and to be a good candidate, and maybe even a senator.

And then someone sent me this from the event.

Lacey and anthony Enough said.

2 Comments on "Anthony Delcollo Official Campaign Announcement"

  1. Fish Bites says:

    So, wait, he took on an engagement to send you a letter, and then called you to essentially say the letter was BS?

    What a remarkably unethical attorney.

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    He would not talk about the letter beyond saying they were no longer his clients.

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