From The Same People Who Brought You This

idiots  The same people responsible for the misspelling of  “Indpendent” on this T-shirt, one Don Ayotte and one Wolf Von Baumgart, along with their fearless leader David Anderson, how now taken the alphabet to a new level.  I remember a morning on the Dan Gaffney Show on 105.9, when Don Ayotte spent ten minutes trying to explain the name of the news aggregate site he and David Anderson had put together.

The name of the site is, “Midlantic Dispatch”. (By the way, spell check hates that name too.) Dan kept pronouncing it, “Mid-Atlantic Dispatch”, which drew the ire of Don Ayotte, who kept correcting Dan. Dan began asking what a “Midlantic” was? To which Don had no answer , of course. This went on for some time, but Don was insistent the name was “Midlantic Dispatch”.  

So imagine my surprise when someone made me aware of the new header over at Delaware Politics. This is the blog site which is also “run” by Don, Wolf, and David.

header   Here is a link to the site so you can go see it for yourself, it was still up at the time of this posting.

Notice that in this header, the web-address they have chosen is .  They seem to have also chosen to use this name under “Org and net” as well. All lead to the “Midlantic Dispatch”.  And it doesn’t even take you directly to the site. You have to scroll through a page of listings.

One would think, if you are so determined to call your site “Midlantic”, which is already easily confused with, “Mid-Atlantic”, then you wouldn’t choose to use “MidAtlantic” for your web address. Unless you have finally admitted the idiocy of your original choice.

These gentlemen are simply a fountain head of fun. The sad part is, they actually take themselves way too seriously.

I was hesitant to post this, but I couldn’t help myself. I hate to send even one reader to their sites, I could be sued for mental abuse after all. So here you go, one more shining example of the lack of talent on that site, the lack of forethought, planning and any idea of the perception of who they are. They really are just the Island of Misfit Toys.

And finally, one more pearl of wisdom from the island.




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  1. fightingbluehen says:

    I can’t say that I disagree with anything David Anderson said in his commentary of Obama’s State of the Union speech.

  2. Rick says:

    Well, Delaware Right is misnamed too, since most of the regular participants are regulars at Delaware Liberal, and the person running the blog is decidedly left-of-center.

    I have no problem with “Midlantic,” any more than I do with FedEx, but you need consistency.

    When Anderson ran DP, the site garnered a lot of activity. He then went to either Iraq or Afghanistan and the site went to hell under the stewardship of Wolf and Don. It is now a complete bore and rife with censorship, just like Delaware Liberal. I guess they just want to talk to each other.

  3. delacrat says:

    “He [David Anderson] then went to either Iraq or Afghanistan and the site went to hell under the stewardship of Wolf and Don.” – rick

    Prior to his last deployment to Afghanistan, I commented that he did not belong there.

    I was right.

  4. Honi Soit says:

    I guess Wednesday was a slow day for David at Sleep Cheap Mattresses & More in Dover. Seems he filmed the YouTube while on the job, as can be seen by the posters on the wall behind him.

  5. Rick says:

    Prior to his last deployment to Afghanistan, I commented that he did not belong there.

    I was right.


  6. Bill Christy says:

    “When Anderson ran DP, the site garnered a lot of activity. He then went to either Iraq or Afghanistan and the site went to hell under the stewardship of Wolf and Don. It is now a complete bore and rife with censorship” – Rick

    Interesting and very true. Before David deployed I was made the moderator of Delaware Politics by David Anderson in part due to Ayotte’s heavy handed censorship, and continual abuse of the rules. I answered directly and only to David Anderson which pissed Ayotte off to no end.

  7. Bill Christy says:

    I wonder if Ayotte will finally get that exclusive interview with Robert Bowcock, that he promised when he wrote his hack piece on Allen Harim.

  8. mouse says:

    It’s nice to interact on sites with a variety of perspectives. Who besides some angry right winger would want to hear nothing but your own BS parroted back to you and filter anything that conflicts with what you desperately want to believe. E.G., science..

  9. Rick says:

    Run this through your filter. From Breitbart, today….

    “…As a science advocate, Nye {the “Science Guy” with no science degree} would follow a now-familiar pattern. He would start out as a fun, harmless communicator — not a true scientist, but at least a good entertainer — and then he would get bored and turn to political grandstanding. The admirable goal of holding children’s attention with fun educational content would transform into the tedious business of appeasing liberal benefactors with barely-concealed progressive propaganda. And so it has been.

    This has become so common among scientists with book deals that we really need a name for it. The best I could come up with was the title of this series, “Scientists Who Are Actually Really Stupid.”

    In business, there’s something called the Peter Principle, which describes people who are promoted one level above their peak competence, thus making them incompetent. We need an equivalent for science, but with a more appropriate moniker.

    Perhaps Crusher’s Law, named after the most dreary, incompetent and annoying Star Trek character of all time, Wesley Crusher. He was promoted to ensign and then constantly mucked everything up. The only time actor Wil Wheaton ever pleased an audience was being told to shut up by Picard and his mother.

    Bill Nye’s Crusher moment came with “The Eyes Of Nye,” a science show for grown-ups. The programme comprised a brazen list of liberal hobby-horses: global warming, race and genetically-modified foods. Like a mind-numbingly tedious Pokemon, Nye evolved from a fun, endearing kids TV character into a moody partisan hack.

    The show wasn’t nearly as popular as his earlier work, of course, running for only 13 episodes. A box set is now available for $499.00 — just the right price range for his exclusive audience of champagne socialists. Despite the show’s doomed trajectory, however, Nye caught the bug for berating Americans from on high.

    One of Nye’s favourite pastimes is climate change fearmongering. “This isn’t something you should be debating or denying,” he said last year. Because as we all know, shutting down debate and scepticism is how real science works. Nye also signed a letter calling on media companies not to give airtime or column inches to climate sceptics.

    Like most climate alarmists, Nye is a hypocrite. He spent earth day 2015 spewing tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere as he tooled around in Air Force One with Obama. How typical — lecturing Americans about their Sport Utility Vehicles from the comfort of a private plane….”

    So many Democrats. So many frauds. See Al “Jezeera” Gore.

  10. mouse says:

    Nye is a Cornell University grad

  11. mouse says:

    Why is it so important to you people to deny well established science? You look like foolish scared rubes

  12. geezer says:

    Maybe because they’re foolish, scared rubes?

    By the way, Nye’s degree is in mechanical engineering. It’s not science, but it is technological, and certainly doesn’t discredit him from teaching science. It also should be noted that when climate-science deniers list the “scientists” who disagree with the science, many, perhaps most, are actually engineers, not “scientists” (which is not an actual job, it should also be noted).

  13. mouse says:

    nah ha

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