Apple Scrapple 2014

apple scrapple 4   Spent all day yesterday, and into the evening, at the 23rd Annual Apple Scrapple Festival, in Bridgeville, De.    My day started when I showed up around 7:00 am to help set up Senator Brian Pettyjohn’s and Senator Gary Simpson’s shared political booth.
Apple scrapple 1   After setting up the booth we had breakfast at a local diner, Jimmy’s Grille.  Then returned to the booth. By this time 35th District Representative Dave Wilson had shown up and was putting the finishing touches on his “booth”, which is actually a converted travel trailer with all the amenities of home, including electric and chairs. Dave Wilson could be a tutorial in how it’s done friends.

aplle scrapple 2  This is a photo of a couple of former Registers of Wills, Rep. Dave Wilson, and current candidate for   Register of  Wills, Greg Fuller, in front of the Wilson booth.

Apple Scrapple   And here is the state-wide Republican ticket, (left to right) Auditor Tom Wagner, Attorney General candidate Ted Kittila, and candidate for Treasurer, Ken Simpler, out working the crowd enjoying  the local foods and people.

aplle scrapple 3  And of course every party has its door crashers. This is a gathering of IPOD Not Don Ayotte along with the GOP primary loser in the sheriff’s primary Jeff Christopher. Now while everyone I posted above paid for a space on political row, this group of leaches chose to just show up and set up a quasi political booth in the middle of the busiest intersection of the festival, causing people to have to go around them.  First of all the festival has clearly stated rules for vendors and political participants, about blocking the flow of people, and about soliciting away from their booths. Of course this group of self-important leaches wouldn’t know that, because they didn’t pay to participate. No, instead of buying a space like everyone else did to support the festival and the community, this cluster of parasites felt it was their constitutional right to do as they please, notice the pattern here? They said as much when asked by a festival organizer to move along, and even complained about the people at the paid for booths, saying something like, “well if we have to move then they can’t be shaking hands with people passing by”. WOW! Of course maybe they couldn’t afford a booth considering that the little money they are able to raise goes for gasoline and pizza for the kids.

Finally I would like to show you the booth sponsored and manned by the 35th GOP Rep. District,
black  no this is not a bad photo, there was no booth sponsored by, or manned by the 35th Rep. District, even though this is easily the biggest community event in the district. And I did not see 35th RD  Chair Matthew Opaliski all day.

But let me show you the Sussex County GOP Committee booth at Apple Scrapple,  black

that’s right, no booth for the Sussex County GOP either, even though Sussex is the strong hold of the Republican Party in Delaware, and though I may have missed him in the twenty or so minutes I was away from political row out of the twelve hours I was at the festival, I never saw Sussex Chairman John Reilley out to support the community, or to wave the party banner.

And while our state-wide candidates shared a booth that was manned, or should I say posted by four lovely ladies, one our own Lynn Brannon, along with Sussex County Vice-Chair Fred Silva, the state party also failed to support the community and the Sussex GOP. Not a single state party official did I see, including state GOP Vice Chair Nelly Jordan who lives in Sussex.
And let it not be said that this was a snub at just the Apple Scrapple Festival, these MIA organizations have not attended, or supported the communities at other events such as Georgetown’s, Wings and Wheels.

Other noticeable absentees were Kevin Wade who was to attend an event in Wilmington that was rained out and instead of making the drive south chose to stay home, no Rose Izzo, who has also recently backed out of a debate with her Democrat opponent John Carney, who by the way,

Democrats was at the Apple Scrapple Festival, along with a whole host of other Democrats, and that’s right they are standing in front of the? Democrat Booth! Hell even the Libertarians managed to pull $100.00 bucks together and had a booth.

Damn! It’s not that we can’t win, it’s that we try so hard to lose.

I would like to thank the Apple Scrapple Festival organizers for all their hard work, once they get this years mess cleaned up, they basically start on next years event. They work behind the scenes to put on one of our oldest and best community events. Great job guys and gals, thank you.

39 Comments on "Apple Scrapple 2014"

  1. Gerald says:

    Definition of snivel, ones snivelling!

    Grumble, mutter, grumble, grouse, groan, carp, bleat, whine, whimper, weep, cry, oh especially crying, gripe, moan, grouch, belly ache and anything else one might think of that describes your and participates behavior. Real grownups on this gross site!

  2. Old Sussex County Native says:

    Is there anybody left in the Republican party bloggers who is happy, kind, gracious, and optimistic?

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    OSCN, I believe my post had both positive and critical remarks. Would it do any good to paint over the grey clouds with yellow sunshine when it is not true?
    And thank you for being here Gerald.

  4. Gerald says:

    Don’t thank me to soon when I state the New Castle County rumblings that are speeding along throughout the GOP. Started to hit Sussex County five days ago. Under advisement people were notified to stay away from Frank Knotts, Steve Grossman, Jeff Cragg and the organization of Delaware Right/RT1 PAC due to their unprofessionalism they are extremely TOXIC!

    Definition of Toxic –
    Poisonous, virulent, noxious, deadly, dangerous, harmful, injurious, pernicious

    Being there are some candidates and legislators who tend mingle with the Toxins, it would behoove them to create distance for not only this election but future elections, poisonous gas does travel.

  5. Harry Whittington says:

    The Sheriff and his posse took advantage of a non profit organization that helps other non profit organizations, charities, civic associations and local schools raise money?

  6. waterpirate says:

    Since when do we take our marching orders from NCC? You people can not seem to accept the results of a primary, let alone the request of GOP leadership from north of the canal. So it is selective dis obediance?

  7. William Christy says:

    Double L Gerald you can put whatever spin you want on it. I would be willing to bet that what was said came from the GOP State Chair after the dog and pony show held at Jimmy’s on Friday. He saw the photos and by now I am sure heard the pod cast. I’m sure he was not pleased when some SC GOP RDC’s and EDC’s were heard espousing and fully supporting the write in campaign for the loser of the Republican primary. So one has to ask; Where WERE all these Patriotic “Constitutionalists” who are obnoxiously vocal about how everyone who does not support the loser is wrong? These supporters are great at being armchair patriots , but when it comes to financial support and support in person these STRAIGHT SHOOTERS are no where to be found. It’s downright LAFF-able.

  8. Gerald says:

    Whomever William Christy may be he,she, it or thing one thing for sure it doesn’t know me or what its talking about. Its all jiberish to me. I haven’t been south of the canal in a month. This gross site sure does bring on some strange ones.

    Definition of strange – weird!

  9. Dave says:

    Whenever, I see “Gerald”‘s comments, I try to imagine them in a position like governor, with conspiratorial, vague comments that equate to “We Know Who You Are And Are Coming To Get You.” The impending doom – something is coming and it’s scary! I hope we don’t ever get a candidate like that, much less having someone like that in office.

  10. Gerald says:

    William Christy and Dave freak show.

    Definition of doom-
    Death, ruination, destruction.

    Sound familiar? Your conscious?

  11. William Christy says:

    Definition of functional illiterate = Gerald

    Aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.

    An inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.

  12. sherry says:

    Ahh I wanted to attend but it was raining in west dover so I thought things might not be so festive down there…Maybe others felt the same way. Delaware will never take hold again until REAL republicans are pushing the machine. Oh guess they will need to GET a machine first since they don’t have one and are not looking to get one.

  13. Dave says:

    Participates vs participants all evidence illiteracy

  14. Winston says:

    You just can’t write anything that isn’t hate filled. that’s why we in the GOP have cast you out of the Executive Committee. You continue to tear apart the Sussex GOP on some fantasy trip in your delusional mind that you somehow believe you are right and the whole world is wrong.
    The IPoD people had every right to be there and and shake hands with people and have a good time like everyone else. If you and your asinine friends hadn’t lied and complained to one of the official people, no confrontation would need have taken place. Frank, you cause trouble everywhere go and you think you have the right to libel and slander people at will. You, Grossman and Jason Dean are just a bunch of scumbags and losers that must live outside of society to exist.
    I’m glad the IPoD people stood their ground and said no the the people that asked them to move on.

  15. Gerald says:

    I think its certainly fitting to add an O to Weird to this gross site.

    Definition of Weirdo –
    Person who behaves in a bizarre or eccentric manner, a deranged, potentially dangerous person.

    Weirdo’s run this gross site
    Weirdo’s write for this gross site
    Weirdo’s respond to this gross site

    We here in New Castle think you weirdos are what’s wrong with party. Toxic

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    Now Winston is telling a lie, the IPOD people and their new besty Jeff Christopher don’t have a right to block the street and set up a political booth without paying for it. Everyone else supported the festival, this pack od parasites thought they are above the rules, but no surprise considering that they can’t accept to lose like adults.

  17. Frank Knotts says:

    Gerald says, “Weirdo’s respond to this gross site”. And thank you for responding Gerald.

  18. Dunleve says:


    Why don’t you write the truth. Christopher and IPOD cronies ceased handing out flyers when questioned by ASF officials. But not before Christopher became beligerant and offensive to the volunteer giving her time to the community. It shows his true motives when Christopher is feeding himself on his contributors dime, but will not support a community event by acctually purchasing space to perform political activities. Of course, this is the same individual who is above the rules in all other aspects, so why worry about a small community fundraiser’s rules.

  19. Frank Knotts says:

    Dunleve, I think you just did.

  20. jenny says:

    Frank, any news on what happened to Doug Beatty on gmd? He isn’t there now, saw him at apple scrapple, made no mention of his leaving……..figured you might have a clue, you seem to be the only one in this area who has the means to find things out.
    PS Love hearing you call in to Dan’s shows. Keep up the good work!

  21. Winston says:

    Frank and Dunleve
    I was there at the Apple Scrapple Festival and witnessed the whole thing with the IPoD and Sheriff. They didn’t have literature of any kind to pass out and both of you are liars. Frank you have finally earned your “certificate of a Conplete Ass” award. You have finally graduated from half-assed to a total asshole.
    So many people witnessed what you are lying about that I can’t believe that you maintain the lie.

  22. Hypocrazy Watch says:

    I’m looking at the photo above, and the lame duck, outgoing Sheriff has t-shirts and yard signs with him and that’s just what I can see in the picture. Why would people bother paying for a booth if anyone can just show up and walk around selling scrapple sandwiches, apple dumplings, or passing out campaign t-shirts and yard signs? They wouldn’t. That’s why Apple/Scrapple has clear guidelines and rules for vendors.

    It is clear that lame duck, outgoing Sheriff Jeff Christopher (soon to be simply: Jeff Christopher) feels the rules don’t apply to him or his supporters, whether those rules be for a non profit charity event like Apple/Scrapple, or the SCGOP. This is the same man who lied to the SCGOP in 2010 about his intentions for the office. This is the same man who said he would “leave this Godforsaken place” if the courts did not rule in his favor. This is the same man who said he would accept the “will of the people” during the primary. He is not to be trusted. He has no honor.

  23. Gerald says:

    I am the FYI, not one of your admirers. Not the abnormal course of crazies on gross site.

    Definition of a liar-

    Person who lies, lied or lies repeatly.

    People everywhere say that about this gross site.

  24. Frank Knotts says:

    Look everyone, Gerald found the online dictionary, now if they could find the grammar section.
    Jenny, the story I heard second hand about Beatty was that he showed up for his show on Monday and was handed a letter that he had been terminated at the end of his last shift. This is not unusual with on air radio personalities, the stations don’t want the person to have air time to rip the station. Again this was second hand, but I was told it was posted on his FB page.

  25. OATHKEEPER1 says:

    Thank you Winston. Frank your still an idiot. We had no material to hand out, we just walked around talking to the people, you don’t need a permit to do that.

  26. JS says:

    Click on the picture of Christopher above. Sure looks like he is distributing signs. Signs that falsely intimate that he is the republican candidate. Why hasn’t the EC raised issues regarding the signs. They misleading and, after the primary, only serve to confuse the electorate in the general election.

  27. JS says:

    Sorry, can’ type and watch the game too. that last post should read:

    Click on the picture of Christopher above. Sure looks like he is distributing signs. Signs that falsely intimate that he is the republican candidate. Why hasn’t the EC raised issues regarding the signs? They (the signs) are misleading and, after the primary, only serve to confuse the electorate in the general election.

  28. OATHKEEPER1 says:

    JS, where you there? Is this a moving picture? I don’t see anything being handed out. I was there, the signs were just carried by supporters and WRITE-IN was written around the boarder as we are waiting new signs. GET your facts straight.

  29. JS says:

    Click on the damn picture. It has the word republican on it. Every sign there went home with Christopher? Even you don’t believe that.

  30. OATHKEEPER1 says:

    I know what the sign says!!!!! CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICAN. Something Lee isn’t. AND no they did not his supporters took the ones they had with them. Stop following Frank around so much, you have your head so far up his ass that you two are rubbing noses.

  31. William Christy says:

    Christopher signs with CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICAN can still be found all over Sussex County.

  32. William Christy says:

    OATHKEEPER1 It doesn’t matter if WRITE IN was written around the border. The sign says CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICAN which implies he is a REPUBLICAN candidate which he is NOT.

    I was admonished for using the OATH KEEPERS name while endorsing a wanna be candidate. Apparently if someone s willing to shove their head far up the ass of any BoD member or Stewart Rhodes endorsements are okay. You have to love these dipshits who call themselves Oath Keepers but won’t financially support the organization anymore than they financially support the Sheriff.

  33. OATHKEEPER1 says:

    Bill, go cry to someone that cares. All I need to say to you is FALSE VALOR.

  34. William Christy says:

    There was no act of stolen valor or false valor committed by me, despite the efforts of 2 oathbreakers to prove otherwise.


  35. Dunleve says:

    Too busy buying Pizza and Gas to support the civic organizations of Bridgeville and Greenwood. Apple Scrapple isn’t a Like Bryant Song – You Can’t Crash the Party without supporting the festival like all other vendors. It supports the community. Cry foul all you want, it shows the character of the candidate. It is in extreme poor taste and shows the desperation of the campaign. Christopher should have gone back to the basics like he did when he was first elected and set up a Sussex County Sherrif Booth at the festival for free, and actually earned his paycheck. Who gave him that advise, Not Don Ayotte.

  36. Frank Knotts says:

    OathKeeper, I was there, and I saw them carrying around the signs, I saw them standing in a line at one point greeting and introducing Christopher to people passing by. I have worked enough political booths at Apple Scrapple (paid for booths by the way) to know what the routine looks like. Saying that they were not politicking is only compounding their parasitic behavior with lying.
    Also they were abusive to the young lady who had the authority to ask them to move along.

  37. jack says:

    The 35th was once a strong group of republicans who stood together. Lets, fast forward to today its a flea infested group of back stabbing, right wing, dooms day prepping power mongers. They spread the message your rights will be taken you will be branded by the government and herded like cattle. Till you rid the 35th of the fleas it will continue to be a divided group of misfits. Unfortunately the 35th is controlled by the S. Wilson and Christopher faction’s. Prime example is the sheriff. If your told “NO” that’s the answer, from the court ruling to the election result’s! This group just doesn’t get it NO means NO!

  38. Frank Knotts says:

    Jack, the 35th is only ruled by the S. Wilson and Christopher crowd because it has been allowed to be. We need only for good people to become more involved, and to be willing to suffer the childish behavior long enough to rid ourselves of the fleas.

  39. Winston says:

    Is this the same Bill Christy that falsely claims he is a retired Lt. col. and fighter pilot and never was in the military. The same Bill Christy that was fired from the Lafferty campaign for misappropriating funds from her PAC. The same Bill Christy that was drummed out of Mass. for being the same liar and general idiot that he has been in Delaware. The same Bill Christy that was cashiered from the Sussex County Executive Committee following Frank Knotts the Lesbiman, in this infamous walk of shame.
    The same Bill Christy that has been accused as being a giant turd with arms and legs.

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