Where Does The Money Go?

dollar sign  This is for all of the people who wonder how a candidate spends the money you donate to their campaigns.    So I was cruising through the latest financial report for Jeff Christopher of  donations between 9/2/14 and 10/5/15  and the first thing I noticed is that he started with  $8,595.73, he then paid off loans and debt in the amount of $9,359.72, meaning he was in the hole for, $763.99.
So in this reporting period he then took in from his supporters who are so vocal in their support, if not in their monetary support a grand total of, $1,493.86, which means he is currently operating his big time write-in campaign on the whopping budget of, $729.87.

But wait, because he has also again incurred debt and loans.  A $982.00 loan from himself, nothing shocking there, Economy Printing, Easton Md. for $43.30, My Campaign Store, Louisville, Ky. for $1,847.41 and Sussex Screen Printing, Greenwood, De., WOW! He really believes in supporting the local businesses, doesn’t he?

But the really odd part for me in this report is his expenditures.  While he is loaning himself money, and creating debt, what is he actually spending money on? Well let us look.

Al’s Country Store, Greenwood De. $30.00

Andy’s Pizza, Greenwood De. $26.15

Exxon Express, Bethlehem Md.  $60.24

Royal Farms, Bridgeville, De. $10.35

Royal Farms, Bridgeville, De. $5.67

Stable Resolutions, Aberdeen, Md. $560.02

Star Gate Restaurant, Seaford, De. $37.44

So while accruing debt, Mr. Christopher seems to be spending campaign money to buy essentials for himself, like pizza and a dinner at the Star Gate, and gas in Maryland.

I don’t know about you, but this looks like the last leg of a very short race for Mr. Christopher. He obviously can’t raise any money to support a campaign, and makes very bad use, in my opinion of what he does raise, this would seem like the last nail in the coffin of the so-called constitutional sheriff.
This will be my last post on Jeff Christopher, that is unless something actually happens worth talking about. I did want however to let his supporters know how he spends what little money they give him, and incase anyone was planning on helping him out, you might want to keep your money .

So keep watching the site here for more reports on reports.

2 Comments on "Where Does The Money Go?"

  1. Old Sussex County Native says:

    There is an interesting poll on the Sussex Countian website. If you vote, you get to see the results and as of this morning 67% of those voting were saying Sheriff Christopher should accept the primary vote and give up. Only 22% seemed to be supporting his write in, and the rest said they would not vote for any incumbent.

  2. Old Sussex County Native says:

    Well, I have discovered the poll on the Sussex Countian is useless. One person can vote over, and over, and over, and over. Something like the voting in Chicago.

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