Bob Mitchell Is The Worst Kind Of Candidate

bob and me  In my opinion, Bob Mitchell, who made the mistake of listening to the wrong people, and decided to run against Dave Wilson for the 35th District, is the worst kind of candidate.   While Bob is obviously intelligent, he is on a fool’s errand, carrying the water for the Greenwood MOB. I have documented here, many times, the conversations I have had with Bob about his reason for running. He makes no bones about the fact he has a real problem with the fact Dave Wilson supported, who he thought was the best person in the Sussex Register of Wills race. It just so happened to be the Democrat.

Bob has a problem when it is pointed out, that people like Register of Wills, Cindy Green, and 35th RD Chair Jordan Warfel, are using him to settle the score for that support. One has to wonder, if Bob has yet to realize he is nothing but a pawn to the people behind his run.

If we listen very carefully, we can hear them laughing behind his back. They don’t care if he wins against Rep. Wilson, all they care about is embarrassing Rep. Wilson.  That is one reason Bob Mitchell is the worst kind of candidate. Because, he got in the race under the advice of people, and most likely didn’t know the real back story, instead he fell prey to flattery. Which makes him weak, not only as a candidate, but as a man. And do we really want a person in office who can be so easily manipulated? I think not.

Just look at the sort of person who is behind Bob Mitchell.


This was a comment, which Jordan Warfel, in a conversation about yet another Republican primary, which Warfel as the 35th Chair has publicly endorsed a candidate. Now there has always been an unwritten policy, that party officials wait until after primaries to become involved. Of course there is the famous “wiggle room”, created by former Sussex County Chair John Riley. Yet it seems, it is always the fringe element within the party who can’t help themselves. So it is obvious, Jordan Warfel has no integrity, and is supporting Bob Mitchell.

For those who have been following Mr. Mitchell’s run, you know Mitchell has attempted to paint Dave Wilson’s vote on the budget enough proof to vote him out of office. One vote!

Yet one of the people who got him in the race makes the statement, “one vote does not make ideology”. So Bob? Has the little light flickered on yet, that you are being used by the MOB? They keep feeding you half-truths, and false leads, and instead of checking them out for yourself, you run with them, only to have them blow back in your face. How many times will Bob Mitchell allow Cindy Green, Jordan Warfel, and the other MOB members make a fool of him?

This brings me to the other reason Bob Mitchell is the worst kind of candidate.

Bob Mitchell would have the voters in the 35th believe he is well-informed on the issues facing the state, and the 35th District, yet in a recent debate, he couldn’t come up with one thing he would cut if elected, stating, “I haven’t studied the budget since I don’t sit in the committees.”   In fact he said, “it’s not about the cuts, it’s about moving the money around”.  It seems as if Bob only looked far enough into the budget, to see how Dave Wilson voted.

Oh, he will repeat the fact the Democrats have the state facing financial ruin, but what does he really know about governing? No, Bob Mitchell has spent his time running, looking only for information which he believes will be hurtful to Dave Wilson. Bob Mitchell is not studying the budgets, the line item issues which our legislators face every year, the give and take required to govern.

Instead of attempting to prepare himself, in the completely unlikely chance he were to be elected, he has spent his time listening to the voices in his ear, telling him how bad Dave Wilson is. He has run a campaign trying to convince the voters they can’t trust a man with a record of integrity and trustworthiness. Instead of making a case, for why he would be better.

It is important the Republican voters of the 35th District come out on September the 13th, and vote for Dave Wilson, to not only ensure the return of Dave Wilson to Dover, to continue to represent the people of the 35th, but to send a strong message to the small group of people who have, for far too long, created nothing but turmoil within Sussex County politics.

Support Dave Wilson, because Dave Wilson has a proven record of supporting firemen, farmers, small business, local school districts and the people of the 35th District.


15 Comments on "Bob Mitchell Is The Worst Kind Of Candidate"

  1. Sussex madness says:

    Delaware Right is as nutty as a psych hospital.

    All this POS site does is complain

    Maybe idiot Frank who thinks he is Karl Rove will get some balls or brains and run himself?

  2. Rick says:

    The people of the 35th will decide. I doubt that Wilson will lose, but I suppose that turnout will be the key. If Mitchell’s supporters show-up and Wilson’s don’t bother, then there could be an upset.

    I don’t live in the 35th, but I see nothing in Wilson’s record to warrant hysteria.

  3. fightingbluehen says:

    Speaking of the worst type of candidate. Hillary Clinton had another health episode.
    It looked like something from the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”. She even had the blue jacket and round sunglasses….I expect to see the internet memes by the end of the day.

    Doesn’t anyone close to Hillary care about this women’s health more than the quest for power?

  4. Fish Bites says:

    “Delaware Right is as nutty as a psych hospital.”

    OMG, that’s so funny. It must have taken you all day to come up with a zinger like that. Mental illness always makes me laugh. Almost as much as cripples.

  5. Rick says:

    I love funny videos. Like Hillary stumbling and bumbling and losing her shoe on a New York sidewalk. Of course, there was nothing wrong. She was “overheated.”

    Of course, that was a lie. Knowing that the whole country saw the video, her handlers decided to make the pneumonia announcement.

    Can the Clinton’s just tell the truth about anything?

    No. They are career liars.

  6. mouse says:

    I think she just hammered on too much booze.

  7. fightingbluehen says:

    The “Clinton rapid response team” had to go into action, and the pneumonia response was adequate as it could be……The only problem was that they should have communicated better with her handlers during Hillary’s triumphant exit from Chelsea’s apartment.

    If in fact she does have a contagious type of pneumonia, which we can assume because she is taking antibiotics, and apparently other people in her campaign are also sick; then why would they stage a scene where she calls out and hugs a “random” child from the crowd of onlookers…….Don’t they care if that small child contracts pneumonia.

    They should be called on this error.

  8. mouse says:

    I get the feeling you really don’t like this Mitchell guy LOL

  9. Rick says:

    She doesn’t have pneumonia. She had an epileptic episode, probably associated with her severe concussion a few years ago. That probably explains why she “can’t remember” Benghazi, deleted e-mails, private servers, signing a security protocol document, girls dispensing flowers on the tarmac, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

  10. mouse says:

    You know the difference between an epileptic oyster shucker and a prostitute with diarrhea?

    The epileptic oyster shucks between fits and the prostitute with diarrhea F’s between shits lol

  11. Rick says:

    It was considerate of Hillary to cough in a little girl’s face while she has pneumonia. I guess she’s too stupid to know that some variants of the affliction are communicable. Or, maybe her photo-op is more important to her than a child’s health?

  12. fightingbluehen says:

    The grand emergence from Chelsea’s($10,000,000.00) apartment, and the interaction with the little girl was obviously staged, so they had to have made a conscious decision to put the child at risk.

    A campaign spokesperson said that she was also playing with her grandchildren after the episode……If she had pneumonia, would she do that?

  13. mouse says:

    But the bottom line, no matter how much you slime Clinton and how many times she screws up, she’s infinitely more competent than the reality show guy

  14. Rick says:

    “More competent?” At what?

    Syria- fail.
    Egypt- fail.
    Libya- fail.
    Russia- fail.
    Benghazi- fail.
    Security protocols- fail.

    Collecting millions from Arab oligarchs- rousing succe$$.

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