Never Forget? But Have We?

Twin towers  For all of us who lived through that day, I am sure there are things we will never forget.  Like where we were, when we first realized what was happening. For me it’s the fear I felt until I was able to reach my wife and my parents. I remember what a crisp clear day it was. I remember the anger I felt at who had done this, even before I knew who had done this.

I remember thinking we were under attack, and wondered what would be next. I remember coming home and watching for hours, the images, over and over.

Of course there are people who have more intimate memories of that day, people who lost friends and loved ones in the tragedy. Members of the brotherhood of firemen and police and other first responders. People who went to war, who never came home, and their families.

This event had far-reaching effects on our nation, which continue to this day, fifteen years later. The fear is ever-present, and those who feel the need to put forth a face of fearlessness, who say they have no concern of future attacks, are lying to themselves. The danger is real, the threat is to all Americans. It is when we have again become complacent, and distracted, our enemies will again strike.

I have spent the day scrolling through Facebook, I have seen the never-ending memes that say, “Never Forget”. But how true is that? I don’t intend to call out individuals, because those who lost family and friends, I am sure will never forget. Those who responded to the event, will never forget. Even today, some of those first responders are under the threat of cancer from the material dust they breathed, in the days following, searching for survivors.

On the individual level, non of us who lived through it, will ever forget.  But as a society, and a nation, have we forgotten something very important from that day, and the days following?

I also remember the days following the tragedy, how we suddenly remembered we were all Americans, and it didn’t matter whether you were white, black, Republican, or Democrat. You could talk to any stranger and get the same response about what had happened. We came together to support each other, we recognized, many of us for the first time, what “United We Stand” actually meant.

So, while I believe people when they say they will never forget, I think what they really mean is they won’t forget we were attacked, but will we as a nation remember the lessons learned on that clear September morning?

I think we need only look at our current political atmosphere to see, we have forgotten, we have become more divided than any other time in the history of this great nation, maybe since the Civil War. We have lost and forgotten that sense of being American. We have reverted back to being white, black, Republican and Democrat. We have forgotten the need to stand united, we have forgotten how it felt that day, to know thousands of our fellow Americans were taken from their families in the blink of an eye. We have forgotten what freedom really means.

We have again become complacent and distracted. We are more concerned with a liar, on the one hand, and a mad man with bad hair on the other. You would think, the election of our president, the free and peaceful exchange of power, which is the hallmark of our Republic, would give us pride and courage. Instead it divides us like any third world nation in the world.

If, we were never to forget the lessons learned, would we see the reaction to a man silently protesting what he sees as an injustice. Would we see reactions towards him, which we would expect from the type of people who flew the planes into the Towers that day?

It seems as if the only thing we as a nation have taken away from that day, the one thing we will never forget, is the anger.

We are better than that, we have seen times in this nation which, without our founding principles, would have destroyed us as a nation. The fact we were able to put this nation back together following the Civil War, not as a new nation with a new Constitution, but under the same principles and values, is a testament to the strength of our system. This does not mean however, we are invincible, and when we fail, it is most likely to be due to internal turmoil, rather than some outside force.

So yes, I will never forget the fear, the anger, and I will never forget the pride I felt as we came together to comfort each other, to say to the world, “Don’t mess with us”.

I get the feeling our enemies have been waiting for just the type of division we are seeing today to strike again. Let us not forget, 9/11 came about following the 2000 election between Bush and Gore, and how divided we were at that time.

Because, “United We Stand”, is more than just words.

10 Comments on "Never Forget? But Have We?"

  1. Rick says:

    “Islam is the religion of peace. Praise Allah.”

    Yeah, right.

    Send ’em to hell.

  2. delacrat says:

    “…the lessons learned on that clear September morning?” – Frank

    …we came together to comfort each other, to say to the world, “Don’t mess with us”. – Frank

    It’s not apparent from your post just what “lesson” you’re talking about. But the obvious lesson to anyone aware of the vicious US foreign policies directed toward the middle east is that, they can say “Don’t mess with us” too.

  3. Honi Soit says:

    The warped minds of a handful of Muslims who attacked our country on 9/11 should not tempt non-Muslims among us to impugn an entire world religion and its 1.6 billion adherents.

  4. Rick says:

    The warped minds of a handful of Muslims who attacked our country on 9/11….

    What about the “handful” of Muslims who are beheading non-believers all over the world? Putting them in cages and lowering them into water? Burning them alive? Capturing vast swaths of land and selling girls as slaves? Stoning women for “infidelity?” Setting of bombs in markets, hotels and buses? Defacing centuries-old relics because they “offend” Allah? Recruiting children as suicide murderers?

    A “handful?” You are as blind as a bat. Or more correctly, you suffer from a disease of the mind. Your reason, logic and even basic common sense have been subjugated by your penchante for political-correctness.

    “Kill the Christian, Jew and the gay man too. Woman, hide thy face and hold thy tongue. Islam is the religion of peace, and if you don’t submit, we’ll kill you. Praise Allah!”

  5. mouse says:

    Yeah we spend trillions on exotic weapon system then when they fail, we award no bid contracts for billions to fix them to the same people who made the defective stuff that we don’t need. Meanwhile, we lacked the most basic law enforcement that should have easily stopped the 17 Saudies

  6. Rick says:

    What the f does that have to do with Islam declaring war on the free world?

  7. delacrat says:

    When/how did Islam declare war on the free world?

    …and what is the “free world” anyway.

  8. mouse says:

    That’s where we’re rocking lol

  9. Rick says:

    ….and what is the “free world” anyway.

    In this context, the “free world” is where Islam is not the state religion. Places like the United States, France, Germany, Nigeria, Israel and everywhere else Muslims set off bombs on buses or in markets, behead Christians, enslave girls, stone women, murder schoolchildren and create mayhem wherever they crawl out from under their rock.

    You have a computer. Quit watching PMSNBC, and use your own brain.

  10. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: A “handful?” You are as blind as a bat. Or more correctly, you suffer from a disease of the mind. Your reason, logic and even basic common sense have been subjugated by your penchante for political-correctness.

    There were 19 hijackers on 9/11. Perhaps I should have quantified the number of terrorists who attacked us on that day. Instead I wrote that it was a “handful.”

    You’re the best, Rick! But mainly at slinging mud.

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