Breaking News, No Official Announcement

Jeff_Christopher,_official_photo_0   So there goes three hours of my life I’ll never get back.  For the purpose of being able to say I witnessed it personally, I went to the meeting tonight at the Stargate in Seaford, where soon to be former Sheriff Jeff Christopher called together his most rabid supporters, in order to get their views, and opinions on whether, or not he should form, and run a write-in campaign, since he couldn’t win the GOP primary.

Well Mr. Christopher spent the first hour going over the same old rhetoric about blah, blah this constitution, and yadda, yadda, yadda this sheriff, and his dutiful audience sat in silence as if hearing this for the first time, rather than the thousandth as I am sure many had.
And even when the floor was finally opened to actually let the “people speak”, it was softball after softball. Though there were some who were not in favor of the write-in.  In the end however, Jeff Christopher still did not announce whether or not he will run a write-in campaign, since he couldn’t win the GOP primary.

So while I can’t tell you about the write-in campaign, I can assure you, that after tonight’s meeting, and the people who attended, Jeff Christopher has, the most, well inspected prostate in the state of Delaware.

I would also like to apologize to anyone at the meeting that was within ear shot of me when I told Don Ayotte, F U.

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  1. FLYLADY says:

    ROFL, Frank! This has to be one of your funniest posts yet, no matter which side of the debate you’re on! Thanks for a great laugh at the end of a long day!

  2. Frank Knotts says:

    FlyLady, if you think the post was funny, you should have been there.

  3. FLYLADY says:

    Actually, I wish I could have made it, Frank. I think you know that I’m fond of Jeff and I do support him. I know we disagree on this, but that doesn’t change the fact that your post was hilarious! Alas! Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree! 🙂

  4. waterpirate says:

    So D.A. was on his best behaviour again, that prompted your remark? Christopher I think will milk this to the last, basking in his last momments before leaving this God foresaken place if we are all lucky.

  5. karma says:

    Ever notice how much NOT Don Ayotte and the Sheriff of Nuttingham look like the cartoon characters Mutt and Jeff when the stand beside each other. Maybe they will both fade into the sunset when they both lose. I can only imagine what spin NOT Don Ayotte will put on this meeting. Just curious how many kool-aide drinkers showed up?

  6. For Instance says:

    Frank said:
    “I would also like to apologize to anyone at the meeting that was within ear shot of me when I told Don Ayotte, F U.”

    Don’t worry about people hearing you curse at Don Ayotte, they were to busy watching Steve Grossman’s wife give everybody in the packed room the middle finger, while her contorted face turned purple with rage.
    Frank, while you were cursing, your face had the color of an over-sized ripe beet. Bad show Frank, you and your entourage made absolute asses of yourselves, especially Grossman’s wife. He needs to keep her on a chain

  7. karma says:

    Class act attacking a mans wife, not the first time that’s happened. This is the MO for the self proclaimed Christians who support this whining asshat.

  8. delacrat says:


    Are there no other politicians in Sussex County, other than Jeff Christopher and Don Ayotte ?

  9. For Instance says:

    Hey Karma
    Everybody at the meeting wondered why Grossman’s wife was giving people the finger. Most of them didn’t understand it. She waited around after the meeting with her husband just glaring at people. It left people scratching their heads.

  10. question says:

    Head count? Party affiliation of attendees?

  11. JS says:

    It is pretty clear that I’m not a Christopher supporter but something I saw on the 105.9 web site makes the most sense that I’ve read on the subject.Christopher’s grab for power has been thwarted every way he turned as sheriff. It is clear that, by the rule of law, he can not (nor can any Delaware Sheriff) transform the Office of Sheriff into the position he envisions the office to be. The only way that the office can be transformed is legislatively. Personally, I don’t believe that Christopher is electable to any office but his only way forward is to run for County Council or the State Legislature. It is only through the state legislative process that the sheriffs will ever gain powers of arrest. Though the County Council can not confer arrest authority, the Council, because they control the purse strings, can expand the duties and scope of the sheriff’s office within the statutory frame work now in place. Of course, Christopher, if elected, would be only one voice on the Council or in the Legislature. In order to succeed he would need to recruit like minded individuals to run for office and then the people would have to elect them.I firmly believe that it was this “end run” around the legislative process, with Christopher crowning himself as the supreme law enforcement officer in the county, that upset so many people in the first place.It has been his pandering to a vocal minority (the Cult of Christopher), despite losing in the Superior Court and then unanimously in the Supreme Court, that has enraged so many people.Instead of tilting at windmills he needs to pull up his big boy pants and run for an office where he can legitametly effecuate his vision for the office of Sheriff of Sussex County.

  12. karma says:

    I find it extremely implausible that Mrs. Grossman was flipping the bird. I am all to familiar with kthe pack mentality of the piranha posse’ you people will claim anything regardless of how absurd or outright false it is.

  13. FrankKnotts says:

    Answer for Question, I would eastimate around seventy or so, and party affilliation? Well the IPOD was in the room, the Libertarian representative was in the room and I imagine a few unaffilliated voters were in the room. And yes, a large number of Republicans were in the room, many from the sussex Executive Committee.
    JS, you are spot on, and anyone who has followed my wrtings on this knows that I have laid that out for years, that the power to define the office of the sheriff is within the General assembly, and it was suggested that mr. Christopher not do the write-in, and instead wait and run for the GA.
    But then he doesn’t get to wear the funny little hat, and carry a gun while at work.

  14. Itsawonderfulworld says:

    Doug Beatty is a huge fan of yours Frank. Where did that Bafffoon come from? He loves Christopher so I’m not sure he doesn’t have a crush on him!

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    Yes, someone told me he was talking about me today because of my, ah, “discussion” with Not Don Ayotte. Since I didn’t explain above, let me now. I did not simply decide to say FU to NDA, though that is usually my first inclination when presented with the opportunity. I had been sitting quietly at the back of the room all night observing, NDA had been on the opposite side of the room, but moved to within about ten feet of me and those I was with. In glancing over at him, he took the opportunity to say to the person he was with and nodding towards me, “and this idiot over there”, and before I could stop myself I said what everybody thinks when NDA is in the room, FU.
    I wish I hadn’t said it, but I did, I actually wish I had said, “FU, you festering boil upon the ass of humanity”! But I just wasn’t thinking clearly.

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