Who Could Vote For Jeff Christopher? Not Don Ayotte!

Ayotte   My long time readers know that I have taken great joy in poking fun at perennial candidate for anything Don Ayotte.    A friend of mine coined the phrase, “Not Don Ayotte”, implying that we would vote for anyone, but “Not Don Ayotte”.

Not Don Ayotte has run for so many types of offices, and lost, that I have lost count, and can remember only a few. His most resent defeat, prior to the one he will suffer in November of this year, was his failed run at incumbent Democrat Joan Deavers for Sussex County Council. A run he would not have been able to make had the better man he was facing in the primary not suffered from a family crisis.

Not Don Ayotte has become a bit of a running gag in political circles, all except that of the Independent Party of Delaware, or IPOD. And yes that is the correct spelling of independent, again long time readers will get the joke.

idiots   Following his drumming in the race for county council, Mr. Ayotte who had been a member of the Sussex GOP decided to follow other, how should I say? Fringe elements out of the GOP and into the IPOD. One notable was Doug Beatty who has become the afternoon talk show host on  WGMD, or as it is better known in Sussex, Hate Radio.

A certain number of the GOP fringe element decided that the GOP was not far right enough for them, and so they left. Ironic, since the IPOD actually has universal health care as a plank in its political platform, not exactly a conservative position. But hey, no one said they were the brightest and the best of the lot.

Not Don Ayotte, and Beatty are fond of reporting that the IPOD is the fastest growing political party in Delaware, a claim that is easily put to lie. But even so, one can assume that some of the discontented among the GOP moved to the IPOD, maybe even as many as, oh I don’t know, maybe twenty-one or so?

So this brings me to the point of the post, I would like to thank Not Don Ayotte for all the good things he did for the GOP. One, he left the party, and took his ridiculous ranting and ravings with him, no longer are monthly meeting reduce to shouting matches between Not Don Ayotte and whoever has attracted his attention at the time, with Not Don Ayotte waving papers over his head and claiming that he had the evidence to support his delusions.

And finally I would like to thank Doug Beatty and Not Don Ayotte for their crowning glory, by leaving the GOP, and taking at least nineteen others of the fringe with them, they may have been directly responsible for the reasonable people left in the GOP being able to defeat, soon to be former sheriff Jeff Christopher, in the GOP primary by not being able to vote for him.

I never thought I would be writing these words, thank you Doug Beatty, and yes, thank you Don Ayotte, you may have saved the people of Sussex County from four more years of mind numbing rhetoric.

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  1. Checks Your Facts Lesbiman says:

    The only elected office that Ayotte has run for is the Sussex County Council, and after checking the election results, we’ve found that he took 45% of the vote and probably would have won if his own party hadn’t stabbed him in the back.
    Word has it in the 20th District that he will easily win the three way race with loser Steve Smyk and progressive liberal Marie Mayor.
    BTW, I just checked their website, (Management reserves the right to decide which sites get link to from Delaware Right, this link has been removed. Frank Knotts) and it looks like a great platform. Since the primaries are over, I’m leaving the scumbag GOP and registering for IPoD. At least they don’t shoot their own candidates in the back.
    At least they support a constitutional sheriff and not a government controlled slimeball for sheriff. Keep swinging Lesbiman and maybe someday you’ll rise from being Groissman waterboy and become a man. For now you are a douche bag.

  2. David says:

    I guess you have a different definition for perennial than anyone else. One Don has only run for one public office before this year, the county council seat ,once. 2, I guess you are trying to toss in party races which is not kosher, the majority of which he won. The only one he lost was a statewide run. He filed to force out Tom Ross and when Tom dropped out, Don did not continue running for that office and left it to one he felt was more qualified, John Sigler or Mike Protack. He opted to run for vice-chairman which he did lose. Then when he changed to IPOD, he won there. That was perfectly sensible, but it only happened one time so even torturing the definition to go beyond public office.

    Hey I ran for my city council seat for times, I lost the first two by 13 votes and 8 votes respectively. I have run for party offices too, ED committeeman, Delegate, RD vice chair, RD chair, state committee and won those, but I guess by your interesting definition that would make me and everyone else involved more than one term a perennial candidate.

  3. David says:

    Now to your point of substance. Ironically, you have veered right into the truth. The rise of IPOD in Sussex county defeated Sheriff Christopher. That is brilliant analysis. The numbers don’t lie.

  4. waterpirate says:

    Hi David and welcome!

    Care to comment on why you left RBK off your list of R’s on your own blog post? Quite telling IMHO.

    ABTW can someone please be sure to tell me when Brockovich and her team get here? I would like to take them to lunch at the Brick, followed by a parade around the circle with DA as drum major.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    All good deflections, but does not change the fact that thanks to Not Don Ayotte and others like him who took the crazy train over to the IPOD, one of their fringe leaders failed to win the primary, so my thanks to the fringe for leaving stands, they saved us from another four years of Christopher.
    And really David, I am not sure I care much for the opinion of a so called GOP RD Chairman who during the primary process had a yard sign in front of their house for a Democrat. And coming to the defense of an IPOD candidate who is in a three way race, that has the potential of giving the win to the Democrat? David, maybe you should catch the next crazy train and check where you party loyalty lies.

  6. Honi Soit says:

    David Anderson speaks of the “rise of IPOD in Sussex County,” but published numbers of registered voters for this party are hard to come by. About the only thing I can be absolutely sure of is that IPOD has more than 608 registered members in the whole state because that’s the minimum number for any political party to be ballot-qualified.

  7. Geezer says:

    How did anyone “stab Don Ayotte in the back”? By not voting for him? That seems to be the definition of the Sore Loser Party and its leader, Mr. Ayotte. The rest of us call it democracy.

  8. Geezer says:

    The only question about Mr. Ayotte’s latest candidacy is whether he’ll break into triple digits. He will finish third in a two-candidate race.

  9. karma says:

    nobody Ayotte lived by the sword and died by the sword. He’s pulling his same nonsense in IPoD, bragging how he’s the one developing his party. I guess Wolf is as useless as we all thought if we are to believe Ayotte’s boasting. The king of failed campaigns is actually bragging he can muster enough voters to put the RINO Christopher in a position that doesn’t exist in our state.

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