Can We Build?

GOP    Considering the gains made by the GOP, both nationally, and more importantly for myself and others, here in Delaware, the question is, can the GOP build upon this new-found momentum?     Delaware Republicans saw their party gain another statewide seat in the Treasurer’s race, they also saw the Democrat’s super-majority broken in the state Senate. The end to one party rule should make even Democrats happy since one party rule benefits no one.

The party out of power, well they are out of power, and can deliver nothing to their constituency. And the party that has total control, has total responsibility for everything that happens. By having a sharing of control, we will, or at least should, have a more shared responsibility. This means that all of our legislators should find it easier to more fairly represent the citizens of the state.

To continue to build on this idea of a more balance governing body, we at the party level must also work for a more balanced representation within the party.

At the risk of opening old wounds, it was not that long ago that the GOP in Delaware, and nationwide for that matter, took a hard turn to the right, a turn I myself was in favor of. The pendulum had swung from left of center in the Delaware GOP, unfortunately there was no one, or no group, willing to reach out and grab it before it swung too far to the right, which led the state GOP, and especially the Sussex County GOP to become not only ultra conservative, it allowed the GOP to become little more than a fringe element. And so began not only the exodus of many more moderate members, we also saw the fringe begin a purge of anyone who dared to disagree with them less than 100%.

And what did this movement to the fringe right gain the GOP  in Delaware? Nothing, we lost seats, we saw the state turn to a one party rule by the Democrats. Which in turn brought us medical marijuana, gay marriage, bathroom bills that take away the private property rights of business owners, and any number of other legislative initiatives. One could even blame the fringe for the loss of powers for the county sheriffs due to the radical ravings of the fringe.

The fringe element that seemed to have control of the Delaware GOP was in the early days led by people who self-described as TEA Party people. They were led here in Sussex by people with names like, Eric Bodenweiser, Christine O’Donnell, Vance Phillips, Jeff Christopher, Glen Urquhart, John Rieley, and though I never, ever defined myself as a TEA person, I did travel with many of these people and their like.

The difference being, when I saw  they had no intention of stopping the pendulum from swinging far, too far to the right, I jumped off. I had no intention of staying on board a bus that I saw headed for a wreck, and wreck it did. The wheels came off, and the so-called TEA groups like the Delaware 912 Patriots were nothing but echo chambers for the most radical of the fringe, breeding grounds for a level of paranoia that rivals the psyche ward in a hospital.

And where are those names I mentioned above? Eric Bodenweiser,  is under home arrest awaiting another trial for child molestation,  Christine O’Donnell, is still attempting to build a personal celebrity, Vance Phillips, is awaiting a civil suit for sexual assault, a law suit that cost him re-election, Jeff Christopher showed himself for the person many felt he always was, Glen Urquhart simply quietly disappeared, and John Rieley has become a do nothing Chairman for the Sussex County GOP, who when there was  a need for real leadership, he chose to leave wiggle room.

The recent successes for the GOP points to the pendulum beginning its swing back away from the fringe right, and this time we as a party must reach out and stop it from swinging too far to the left, because no one would want that less than myself.  This is our chance to show those who left the party that not only are we not all fringe, but that we can win elections.

As the so-called grassroots movement has lost more and more of their figure-head candidates, they have also lost their interest in participating. This vacuum must be filled by people who are willing to work for the good of the party, not a single candidate, and not a single issue. The people who now step up must be willing to work for the good of the state, not just their home district, or county. These people must have the best interest of not only their own selves, but the best interest of all citizens.

If we as a party hope to build on this turning point, then the GOP must be able to represent the multiple dimensions of the people who make up the state of Delaware and the nation. To think that to boil down ideology to its purest form is a way to grow the party or its ability to govern is beyond fringe, it is insanity defined.

Personally I look forward to being a part of building not only the new Delaware GOP, but of being a part of building bridges that enable more people to join the GOP, but also in being a part of creating a GOP that can work not only with those who agree with us, but to find a way to work with our opposition so as to move Delaware forward.






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  1. Shaun Rieley says:

    A do-nothing chairman who this week won every race in which he had a candidate, including one that knocked off an entrenched Democrat Senator, robbing the Democrats of their super-majority. Do nothing indeed.

  2. justsaying says:


    If we are going by that arguement Ron Sams was just as successful. He replaced Thurman Adam’s seat with a republican and prevented the super majority. Why was Sams removed….Oh he didnt support O’Donnell….That being the reason he was taken out of his position. But John supported Christopher and pretty much told GOP board that they didnt have to support gop candidates. He knew the rules and apparently he put a christopher sign in his yard. Bottom line he knew rules he ignored them so should he face the same sanction as Sams?

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Just Saying, Ron Sams was not removed he resigned. So the question is does John Rieley have the same level of integrity as Mr. Sams or will he wait to be removed?

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    Shaun, maybe you could inform those of us who were busy on election day, just what it was that “CHAIRMAN” Rieley did to help those who won? Was there a phone bank at GOP headquarters? Was he coordinating rides for people who couldn’t get to the polls?
    And you say, ” who this week won every race in which he had a candidate”, really? And how do these candidates become “HIS”? Did he recruit them? Did the Sussex GOP raise a single dollar and give it to them? No, No, NO!
    The Sussex GOP merely leaches off candidates in the form of a filing fee which is used to keep the lights on at headquarters, and to pay for a website that is laughable.
    And what happens when individual candidates with the help of non-committee volunteers win? Well Maxwell shows up and starts singing “WE,WE,WE!

  5. Hypocrazy Watch says:

    Rieley failed to keep the party together to back Lee, the GOP primary winner for sheriff and he failed to enforce the rules that he himself wanted in place after 2010. But Reiley’s biggest sin as a county chairman was failing to find a candidate to run against the Delaware Speaker of the House, Pete Schwartzkof, who was at the heart of each liberal bill that passed through the D controlled legislature, for that alone, Rieley needs to go. There was a chance to remove Schwartzkof from his seat this round and now that he’s won, he’s looking at the Governor’s mansion.

    Frank is right, Rieley did nothing for candidates other than Jeff Christopher. Each rep and senate candidate ran their own campaign and didn’t look to the party for anything, because there was nothing to get.

  6. justsaying says:

    I heard there was a candidate and that they were “persuaded” not to run by board members….Since this isn’t confirmed i wont share any names….Who was Chris Weeks under, Sams or Rieley, I believe Sams.

    Folks go look at numbers they dont lie; Wagner, Simpler, Dailey, Green, all Republicans and all won in the 14th. Kitilia, Lee, Wade had good showings as well. The only candidate who bombed was Rose Izzo but at least she made Carney spend some money and she is Izzo so………For those who dont understand the significance that district is Rep. Pete Swartkopf’s “stronghold”. He gerrymandered that district just for himself and they still went for Republicans.

    Even worse is we let the dreaded sock puppet of a speaker Swartzkopf go unopposed in the dristict that is home to State Vice Chair Nelly Jordan and her husband, the chair of the district, Tom Jordan. Oh but they were to busy spending time campaigning for Christopher…….

    So you tell me that there wasnt some failures from leadership!

  7. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    A true leader takes responsibility for losses as equally as they claim credit for wins. Rieley doesn’t lead by example, he is allowing himself to be led by a minority faction within the SC GOP party. There are numerous examples we have all witnessed. The most damning was evidenced with his deliberate non compliance with the state GOP chair directive concerning GOP committee members not supporting write in candidates. The fact that Rieley allowed any “wiggle room” is an egregious act of defiance that can not and must not be overlooked.

  8. Winston says:

    What do you mean WE Frank. Have you got a mouse in your pocket? You’ve been eventually kicked off of every position you’ve ever held. you were KICKED OFF of Delaware Politics and given the Bums Rush from the GOP Executive Committee. I voted you off too. LOL
    You will be exempted from WXDE as a political consultant. ROIFLMAO.
    I read “The Vitriolist Frank Knotts” and agree with most of what Don said about you and all of what he said about Steve Smyk.
    You make the people of Delaware look bad along with your two idiots, Jeff Cragg and Steve Grossman the so called political consultants that have never gotten anybody elected and never will.
    I heard that Ayotte said to Jeff Cragg sy at the Return day reception to reign his mutt (Frank) in and then he bragged about running for governor again another ROTFLMAO for that one. Cragg is becoming delusional to believe that he could lead anybody.
    You know Frank, the GOP might grow if you went over to the democrats, where you belong. With you on their side, they certainly don’t need any enemies.

  9. justsaying says:

    Winston so you are saying that you sit on the board and you voted Frank pff??? Just clarifying that your a board member… didn’t support Smyk either but rather Mr. Ayotte is that correct???

  10. justsaying says:

    Sorry auto corrections, you voted Frank off the board? Also, you’re a board member that publicly stated that you didn’t and don’t support the GOP candidate but instead Mr. Ayotte??

  11. Frank Knotts says:

    Winston, for about the hundredth time I was not let go from Delaware Politics I left because the management allowed se to run the site in a manner I could not abide. Much in the same way the Sussex GOP Chairman is allowing others in the committee to do as they wish. And while yes I was voted out of the committee, it was because I would not cowtow to the fringe. And when I use “we” I use it meaning we the rank and file of the party and those who actually worked and supported Republicans. I am still a registered Republican.

  12. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    Winston where exactly did you read the temper tantrum rant written by Ayotte? It was removed from the blog site he writes for due to the libelous content.

  13. Old Sussex County Native says:

    One very nice thing that would help “build” is that outgoing Sheriff Christopher should insure all the cars are turned over to the new administration in running order, and all the keys are turned over tagged and labelled properly, (not stripped of ID and thrown in a box) because all that equipment actually belongs to the citizens of Sussex County, and should be well cared for. Some folk will be watching this transition.

  14. Winston says:

    @Perfect Crackenbush

    Ayotte posted it on his facebook page then shared it publicly. Its been all over facebook for the last three or four days and he plans on keeping it alive.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    OSC, would not be surprised if all the E s on the keyboards were super glued.
    Winston I hope NDA does keep it alive as you say. I hope thousands of people read it and share it.

  16. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    Winston you must be using common core math. Ayotte didn’t post it on his face book page until 2 days ago November 8th @6:15 PM .

  17. Winston says:

    I don’t think you understand what an asshole you appear to be outside of your miniscule click. Ayotte is more intelligent than you and what’s more, he can write.
    You have been proven a no-class asshole and it sure wasn’t difficult to class Steve Smyk in the same mold.
    Millions of people will see it and it won’t be the public relations bonanza that you believe it will be Mr. Lesbiman. You are a mutt on a leash by Jeff Cragg and he admitted as much. You are an expendable asset and are not even educated enough to know it..
    You will get your surprise at what double and triple agents really can do. See you at the lawsuit where you will be the only defendant and Cragg and Grossman will be laughing at you when they are in the clear and you lose everything. I wish all the luck in the world NOT

  18. Hypocrazy Watch says:

  19. Meyer says:

    Frank, you meant marriage equality, correct? 😉

  20. Frank Knotts says:

    Sure Meyer, if it helps you sleep at night. 🙂
    Winston, what are they waiting for? if they have proof of something what are they waiting for? I have no reason to write anything else about how NDA only got 217 votes, well not until NDA decides to embarrass himself by bragging about how he is a part of the fastest growing party in the state, and then only gets 117 votes when he runs for dog catcher.
    I love how someone who has put themselves in the public arena, and then whines about people talking about them. And if I call him an idiot, that is my opinion. It is still a free country, and that is why we can never allow a person like NDA be elected, because for all of his talk of liberty, he would be the first to infringe on a person’s right to free speech. As he has proven so many times.

  21. Dunleve says:

    I used to smoke Winston’s in college. Mainly because they tasted terrible, and noboody would bum them from you. Much like those terrible cigs, Winston, you have been smoked. You also polluted the air while it was happening. I would guess that the NDA signs doubled your vote out of sympathy.

  22. saltyindependent says:

    you don’t have to be a detective or profiler to figure this out. ayotte really isn’t that good of a writer. we will probably have to have him take some common core writing classes. i hear they are replacing the constitutional classes.

  23. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    Ayotte’s never been a good writer or investigative journalist. This article however is something he clearly has first hand knowledge about, belly slithering snakes.

    More snakes slithering into Lake Havasu City area


    Due to the recent drought in the area, a large number of sidewinders and rattlesnakes have been drawn into the populated areas of Lake Havasu City

    Neither sidewinders nor rattlesnakes drink water but instead are instinctively drawn to water to find their natural prey, said Lyle Walters, head of commercial business for Havasu Pest Control.

    These snakes usually prey on mice, lizards, bugs or smaller snakes that do drink water and also find their way to residential swimming pools because of the drought.

    According to Walters, he found a two-foot sidewinder from a pool five minutes before a technician showed up to clean the trap.He would have been bitten as soon as he removed the cap. This is the first sidewinder I’ve seen in two years,” said Walters.

    Sidewinders, unlike rattlesnakes, don’t give a warning when they strike. Usually the first time you know you’re in danger is when you are bitten. When a rattlesnake has slipped into a pool and can’t get out, their rattles are wet and there is no warning, Walters said.

    The snakes usually do their best to avoid humans because we are not their natural prey and only strike when feeling threatened.

    &#8220The bite of a sidewinder or rattlesnake can be fatal if medical treatment is not sought immediately,” said Walters.When walking in the desert, avoid the shaded areas. That’s where they go in the daytime to get out of the heat.”

    If the drought continues, these snakes that usually avoid populated areas will only increase their presence around water looking for their natural prey, according to Walters.

    Donna Ellsworth of Eliminator Pest Control in Parker said she has received three calls in the last week to remove snakes from homeowners in the area. According to Ellsworth, a special permit is necessary to remove reptiles. I refer them to Havasu Pest Control In Lake Havasu City,” she said. Ellsworth received one call from Fort Mohave, one from Lake Havasu City and one from Bullhead City. Snakes are an area-wide problem, Ellsworth said.

    Pest control experts advise people use caution when walking in any area during the drought when these snake have left their natural habitat, and temporarily occupy populated spaces

  24. evilkanivel says:

    I love this blog site!

  25. Winston says:

    Articles like the Ayotte wrote are usually written as a public service warning to the community and those usually are assignments from the editor. This warning probably saved someone a great deal pain and suffering or death.
    I see that Frank Knotts wrote a salute to the veterans. Frank Knotts never had the courage to serve in the armed forces. He was much too busy in his drug and alcohol addictions to bother with those niceties. On the other hand Ayotte served over seven years in the US Navy, in Navy Intelligence during nearly all of the Viet Nam war.
    Now Knotts uses his time to attack people that have shown courage and run for office to better their community. Knotts’ time could better be used to become a viable human being instead of gutter snipe that makes every attempt to hurt many people, believing that it will further his cause
    Frank you need to get a life. You certainly are a worthless piece of s**t.

  26. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    No editor in their right mind would assign a story to someone who hadn’t lived the location for 29 years.

  27. RINO Hunter says:

    Build what, Frankie??? You are a colossal no-talent ex-drunk/druggie with nothing to offer the party but a big mouth and a lot of hot air. You are nothing. You were always nothing and you will never amount to anything but a rat.

  28. evilkanivel says:

    Keep up the good work Frank!

  29. Winston says:

    @Perfect Crackenbush

    Most assignments in a newsroom come right from the managing editor to the reporters. Nationwide most reporters working for daily newspapers aren’t local to the area. You don’t know what you are talking about. Look at the reporters working for the NewsJournal or the DSN, most are not local and receive their assignments from their editors, for the most part

  30. RINO Hunter says:

    What good work? Real Republicans build the party with their hands and Frankie knocks it over with his butt along with his cohorts GROSSman and Cragg. If Dan Anderson finds out how Delaware Right is wasting his hard-earned money, he’ll cut off all funding and leave you rotten-ass RINOS to twist slowly in the wind.

  31. Cynic Acid says:

    It gives a whole new twist to “DON’T TREAD ON ME…”

  32. justsaying says:

    Hey rinohunter….you’re an idiot… dont have the voter registration in DE to win by with just the so called conservatives. You have to have support from Rinos, independents, and even some dems to win statewide……If you can do the basic math to realize that then politics is out of your realm dumbass

  33. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    Winston you are a hoot. Ayotte submitted several articles for a paper in Havasu 8 years ago. Since then he’s been a hack contributor to Delaware Politics site bringing nothing but shame and controversy. RedState damn near threw him off their site, for pulling the same childish shit he does on Delaware Politics. Ayotte can’t hold a candle to News Journal or DSN reporters. He’s an unelectable delusional hack with a huge chip on his shoulder, and frightening anger issues.

  34. Rino Hunter says:


    Blah, Blah Blah.

    Any turkey knows that Rs (including regular RINOS) need Is and Ds to win, but the GOP doesn’t need rotten-ass rouge RINOS like Knotts and Grossman because they are screwing up the party with their lies, rubbish and filth. Dan Anderson is wasting his money on these Bozos.

  35. Frank Knotts says:

    So Winston throws out my past of using drugs, as if it were so great revelation. Well since I have been open and honest about my wasted youth, (pun intended), they are just a little late. They would not even know about it had I not freely admitted it in blog post and on the radio, because they don’t know me.
    I do want to thank them for coming here along with RINO hunter and demonstrating the type of person who supports NDA. Thanks again guys.

  36. Rino Hunter says:

    Not to mention theft.

  37. Frank Knotts says:

    Now you’ve lost me.

  38. ConserveDave says:

    I’m very proud on the bright future of the GOP in Delaware. Election results in the state and the senate is reason to celebrate along with the young group of up and comings. Speaking of which does anyone know if John Butler on WGMD is Republican? He is a young guy who sounds conservative but I’m not certain if he is registered R. Kid has a future as a conservative talk host in the state, as long as he stays away from the hate spewed by other hosts there like Colley or Betty.

  39. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    Wolf Hunter is insinuating you stole NDA signs.

  40. RINO Hunter says:

    NOT at all.

    Crakenbush just makes it up a she goes along. How’s it going under the lamp post?

  41. Frank Knotts says:

    PCB, steal NDA signs? I didn’t have to steal NDA signs, I had NDA signs made and posted them myself.

  42. Winston says:

    To brag about doing something as repugnant as negative sinage shows your true evil nature. The drugs and alcohol must have destroyed any sanity you had while Ayotte was serving his country in the U.S. Navy, protecting your first amendments rights. You are known as a term used in the Navy as a Turdbucket. However, you are lower than a turdbucket. You suck free air because people like Ayotte provided with the right to stink up the place. You don’t honor us with your salute to the veterans. We are insulted. NOT FRANK KNOTTS

  43. RINO Hunter says:


    YES YOU DID! and made an as of yourself doing it.

    SMYK had the election in the bag from Day-1 according to my sources in Dover and Wilmington.

    Dan Anderson is really wasting his money with clowns like you and G-Man.

  44. Frank Knotts says:

    Winston, and what are you doing right now? I have admitted my faults. And own them, unlike you and NDA who are so delusional that you thought he could win. The signs were not in an effort to keep him from winning only having fun. Life is too serious not to have a little fun when you can.
    And Rino Hunter you should have saved NDA some money and effort if
    your sources were so good, but maybe you enjoyed watching him run for nothing as much as the rest of us. He wasn’t even able to move the comversation, a total waste.

  45. Winston says:


    It’s none of your business what I’m doing right now NOT FRANK KNOTTS. For those of us that served, you are a blatant humiliation and we won’t answer to whimps like you. Oh! that right your the lesbiman and BTW do you take it in the rear because your face is too ugly.

  46. Frank Knotts says:

    Winston, you are correct, I did not serve, I wasted my youth getting wasted, and by the time I was able to pull myself from my addictions with the help of my faith, I was too old to serve. It’s why I do thank sincerely those who did serve, even NDA.
    You think you are embarrassing me by bringing up what I confess openly. You think you hurt my feelings by telling me you think me stupid.
    Winston, how shallow your life must be, you can’t even manage to work in a legitimate argument as you insult me.
    Please keep posting, you demonstrate exactly who you are with every post. And don’t lose sight of the fact that I do not delete your attacks, think you would get away with that over at that other blog site? Hell NDA can’t even stand up to being asked a direct question.

  47. Gerald says:

    Oh yes the usual. Fifthy gross blog site with no purpose only to trash innocent people and write insignificant waste material, taking up internet air space. Oh no don’t anything off, Frank. Some of us would like to educate all six people that read this pond scum garbage.

  48. Frank Knotts says:

    And yet, here ye be Gerald!

  49. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    Gerry, Gerry, Gerry…….. I could eat a bowl of vegetable soup and crap out smarter statements than you will ever make.

  50. Winston says:

    @Putrid Crack and bush
    I’ve yet to see a sane comment from you. Who in the hell would have a name like Perfect Crackenbush.

  51. Cracker says:



  52. Frank Knotts says:

    What’s the matter Winston? Can’t come up with anything original?

  53. R INO Hunter says:

    In answer to the question , ” Can We Build?” :

    Hell NO. NOT with inmates like Knotts, GROSSman, Cragg and Christy running the ASSylum for the Dems and screwing up the party right under Charlie Copeland’s nose.

    Why does Dan Anderson continue to fund this cyberwasteland???

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