Everybody Loves A Winner

colley   It is amazing how many new, and old faces showed up at the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting.  This familiar face, no, not Mary Spicer, Ms. Mary is at every meeting, and a hard-working Republican, no I am talking about the rather large man in the ball cap. This friends and fans is the former radio host Bill Colley who was fired from WGMD.

I would say he may have attended something like five meetings over a five-year period, funny he would show up on a night following what can only be described as a Republican win. It was either that or the free food.

Mr. Colley wasn’t the only rarely seen visitor to the meeting, there were quite a few faces that seem to only show up after a big win, or when there is a chance of some controversy. Tonight had held the possibility of both.  You see the rumors had been flying about possible moves from several different factions within the committee seeking vengeance following the elections. Non of which played out.

john Rieley  In the end the meeting was a formality, and the only thing even resembling news, was the announcement by the current Sussex GOP Chairman, John Rieley, that he would not seek re-election to that position when the committee holds elections in January.

Once this announcement had been made a motion, which seemed premeditated, was made to adjourn, and was quickly seconded, and so moved.

The answer to whether or not this will be a new beginning for the committee, and the Sussex GOP remains to be seen.

No meeting next month, and the elections will be held at the January meeting on 1/12/15, see you there.

6 Comments on "Everybody Loves A Winner"

  1. waterpirate says:

    Let the games begin! At least in a winning year the Party may attract new blood and enthusiasm to run for positions, including the chair. Time will tell.

  2. Perfect Crackenbush says:

    Same old same old as usual. More empty e d seats than filled. No doubt backroom predetermined election deals have already been made Doobie Brooks plate was piled as high with the free goodies as he looked.

  3. rb2 says:

    Dont necessarily need new blood. Thats where this hot mess all began. Need a respected name that is willing to take on this challenge. Someone akin to the Everett Moore and Bruce Rogers chairmanships when R’s won elections BECAUSE of the party efforts and not in spite of it.

  4. waterpirate says:


    You yearn for days gone by, but your optimism is appreciated. If people like those you mentioned step forward, it will be a great thing moveing forward.

  5. Larry Mayo says:

    Larry, learn a little patience, I told you I would post it, and I have. (Frank Knotts)

  6. Gerald says:

    Quacken crap is typical fat man mouth piece full of duck waste. Proxy server got you in Liberia!

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