Coffee With Senator Brian Pettyjohn

Wanted to remind you that my monthly coffee is in   Bridgeville this Saturday 8/24/13 from 8-10 at Jimmy’s Grille.

If you could distribute, I’d appreciate it.

 Hope all’s well.

 Brian   Pettyjohn

Delaware State Senator; 19th   District

 Georgetown Office:

PO Box 616

Georgetown, DE 19947

(302) 858-0694

 Legislative Hall Office:

PO Box 1401

Dover, DE 19903

(302) 744-4117



5 Comments on "Coffee With Senator Brian Pettyjohn"

  1. Gosh Darn says:

    Gee Whiz
    Isn’t Pettyjohn the senator that slid into the slot conveniently after Bodenweiser won the primary and the establishment framed him for a crime he didn’t commit.
    That should be some mighty sour coffee.

  2. Dag Nabbit says:

    Well golly gee, Gosh Darn isn’t Eric Bodenweiser the former senate candidate who was indicted and arrested on 113 counts of child rape and molestation, and now he’s trying to get a plea deal from the AG’s office and he keeps delaying his trial with hearings to suppress evidence against him? And didn’t ole Bodie just get put on home confinement for violating the terms of his probation by trolling around a go cart track and waterpark for children?

    “Framed”? I will wait for a jury to decide, unless ole Bodie gets the plea deal he wants.

  3. Gosh Darn says:

    Hey thar Dag Nabbit

    The fixins for the trial is sure draggin on. Lordy knows this prosecutor sure has been tryin to git a plea bargin, cause no evidence to convict is thar.

    They’s sure draggin it out a bit down here in slower Sussex. I jest bin a thinkin that felonious victim jus don’t wanna come up to Sussex an commit perjury by givin them thar false lies.

  4. Dag Nabbit says:

    Sorry there, Gosh Darn, but the person trying to get the plea deal is Eric Bodenweiser, his lawyer even said as much to the newspapers and such. Seems that the Attorney General’s office keeps telling that slick lawyer of Bodie’s “no deal.” Meanwhile Bodie keeps delaying the trial with his fancy hearings to suppress evidence. And now lookie look, Bodie can’t even leave his house now because he was too dern stupid to stay away from a kiddie park. Guess them urges was a gitten to him, or he’s just stupid.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    No Gosh Darn, Brian Pettyjohn is the loyal Republican who stepped up and ran a campaign in two weeks that kept an important seat in the state Senate in the Republican column, after Eric Bodenweiser disappeared from the public eye after winning a primary, leaving the citizens asking, “Where Is Eric Bodenweiser?”
    I am pretty sure that will be some “GOSH DARN” good coffee.

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