“…Deadly Justice…”, what a horribly tasteless headline! Bill Colley, you should be ashamed of yourself. Charlie was someone’s beloved son, grandson, brother, and friend. You should have more respect.”
  “This is the reason I no longer listen to WGMD is because of insensitive, unprofessional and biased headlines and remarks made by the likes of Bill Colley and Ed Murray. You should be ashamed of yourselves.. .and remember when you scratch your heads wondering why your luck or circumstances have gone bad…it’s because KARMA is a b—-.”
   “Shame, Shame, Shame on you Bill Colley. What is wrong with you? Now you are Judge and Jury? How dare you suggest deadly justice? WGMD is strangely dead to me now.”
  “Unbelievable! What a distasteful, nasty, heartless man you truly must be! You should be ashamed of yourself for using such a henous, disrespectful title to your ridiculous story. In fact, someone needs to post a story about you & how you were not properly raised. Who speaks of the dead this way? An incompetent idiot such as yourself. Yes, the boy stole someone’s vehicle. People make mistakes. EVERYONE has a past & have done things they are not proud of. But you make it seem as if he was a wanted felon for killing someone. This is just sickening. I hope you are proud of yourself. “