7.5.15donaldtrump    dr12.20.15sundaypolihillaryoutfit  Some of the readers here at Delaware Right know I have been a political animal for quite some time now.   Others may know that I have been interested in all things political since high school. Social studies was always my favorite, and best class.

I have always enjoyed learning about cultures and the workings of societies, both past and present. While some may believe I am misguided in my views, I believe myself to be a pretty good judge of character, and have a fair eye for the truth. Of course many may feel otherwise, and that is their opinion.

I enjoy a good debate with those I disagree with. I feel I have matured over the years, I attempt to keep the discussion on an intellectual level, about issues and policies. This does not mean I am above pointing out character flaws in those who would be our elected leaders. Character matters.

If a person wants to be voted into any office of authority, then they need to have integrity, honesty, and respect for others. if they show these attributes, most, including myself, will see them for the person they are, and be willing to listen to their position on the important issues.

On the other hand, if they are dishonest, if they show no respect for people, or the office for which they are running, then they do not deserve respect in return.

In my life I have seen many good leaders, some great leaders, and some of the worst. Maybe it is because I pay more attention now then when I was younger, but it seems as though our choices at all levels have diminished. The caliber of people seeking office seems somewhat wanting. We no longer have people who are leaders, people with vision, and an ability to communicate that vision in a manner which will inspire people to follow.

Instead our political process has  devolved into little more than a cheap reality show contest, where ratings are more important than substance, and voting for the winner, more important than voting for the most qualified.

Yes, I placed photos of Trump and Clinton at the top of the page, not because they are the creators of the problem, but the result of it. This election cycle will see many such examples of choices the people are left with, choices between the person you hate, and the person you hate less. Few may admit it, but many will vote for Trump simply because he is not Hillary Clinton. And just as many will vote for Clinton because they can’t stand Donald Trump.

I have said many times now, I may not know who will be our next president, but I am pretty sure I know how they will win. It will be whoever can convince the most people to say, “I don’t care”. When it is pointed out that Hillary may have been responsible for the deaths in Benghazi, or that she deleted thousands of official emails from her unsecured server, people will say, “I don’t care, she isn’t Donald Trump”.  And when it is pointed out that Trump seems to be a racist in his comments about Hispanics, and that he would seemingly be willing to infringe on religious freedoms, people will say, “I don’t care, he’s not Hillary”.

Right here in Delaware Republicans are faced with a similar choice in the upcoming GOP primary. A choice between “CRAZY & LAZY”.  On the one hand we have Colin Bonini, a candidate who at times has shown real possibilities, but who seems this time to be nothing more than a lazy candidate, who seems to care less whether he wins or not. Then on the other hand we have Lacey Lafferty, who has been nothing but sideshow act for three years, hoping to rely on stunts, like walking the length of the state, wearing silly hats, and making videos which any sane person would think were some Saturday Night Live skit, a parody of a campaign.

Then we have, in the 20th Representative District, Don Ayotte running again for the IPOD, this is a man who runs simply to prove to himself that he is of some worth, to fulfill a need to be important in someone else’s eyes, other than his own. And yes, we are back to crazy.

We have in the 35th, Bob Mitchell running to settle a personal score, that didn’t involve him, until he allowed himself to be duped into running.

But the Republicans haven’t cornered the market on less than stellar candidates. While it seems the Republicans do at least rent space in “Crazy Town”, the Democrats in Delaware run the shop of career politicians, and for moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic. The list of Democrats seeking office borders on incest. Not since the Royal families of old has there been so little new blood in a line of succession.

As someone who has studied and read about many great leaders throughout history, I have to say, I have little hope any will come forward in the near future. Not because none exist, but because the voters of today are also, lazy and crazy. They fall for the theatrics of the campaigns, they no longer expect substance and are confused by it. They rely on their Facebook friends to inform them through memes and posting of questionable, at best, websites.

There are some good people in office, and running for office, with good intentions. But even these are not what I would call leaders. They are consumed with retaining their office, not to finish a goal set, but simply because they feel entitled. Again, it is the fault of the voters, we will never have leaders until we as voters demand leadership, and currently all we are looking for, it seems, are people who will mouth what we want to hear. On both sides of the political spectrum. This is not a liberal versus conservative problem. It is an uninformed, uninvolved electorate problem.

If voters are willing to settle for a man who says nothing  more than, “Make America Great Again”, without knowing how, then there is little to hold him accountable for, after all, who gets to decide what great means?

If voters are willing to look the other way, and vote for a woman, simply because she is a woman, and forget about her past, then why should we be surprised if she is elected, and continues such behavior?

Yes, I am disillusioned, I am angry with my fellow Americans, and I am tired of voting for the lesser of anything. We have the choices we have, because of the choices we have made in the past. Until we make better choices, we will continue in a downward spiral.

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  1. RINO Hunter says:

    This little turd ball excuse of a article proves that politics is above your head.

  2. fightingbluehen says:

    I don’t think it’s a very hard choice.

  3. Jack says:

    This is probably one of the most self-serving pieces of crap you’ve written in months. No wonder Don and Bob have blocked you and won’t even allow you on their sites or facebook.

  4. Athena says:

    How can Frank Knotts be a “good judge of character” when he has none?

  5. Rick says:

    The first three paragraphs, “I, I I…” Well, maybe you should read Toynbee’s “A Study of History,” at least the two-volume synopsis. Then you may learn the significance of context, and it’s applicability to today’s political climate.

    They fall for the theatrics of the campaigns, they no longer expect substance and are confused by it.

    This is new? Try reading Chapter 6 of Huxley’s “Brave New World Revisited” (1958), “The Arts of Selling.”

    Of course, the general population has been programmed by a dumbed-down public school curriculum as envisioned by Dewey and Wilson, reinforced by utilizing behavior modification theories developed by Poetzel, Pavlov, Freud and mastered by Madison Avenue manipulators.

    Meanwhile, the “mainstream” (communist) press is focusing on some absurd “slight” against Muslim parents of a soldier, while they ignore another instance of Hillary Clinton’s insatiable- even to the point of treason- appetite for foreign cash:

    Hillary facilitates Russian technology transfer for cash

    Hillary’s greed makes Trump look like a Fransiscan monk in comparison.

    Now, some may say I dread a Clinton victory. Not really. If she somehow wins, it will merely accellerate the inevitable secessionist movement in America. At the end of the day, the only way to stop the “New Collectivist World Order” is armed rebellion.

    “Oh Rick, are you really advocating rebellion…”

    Try reading the Declaration of Independence.

    Jefferson was right and today’s weak, malleable, politically-correct “masses” are mere facilitators, dupes who vote to empower devious miscreants like Obama and Hillary, unaware of the obvious fact that the grand utopian plan of the Socialist-Democrats and the World Left is to turn humanity into an ant colony.

  6. mouse says:

    He’s a trash talking reality show entertainer. He has no intellecrtual or governing interests. His statements are an embarassment to the western world. That has no impact on your support for him?

  7. mouse says:

    And right now I’m not in the Clinton camp. Her e-mails and Bengazi stuff mean little. It’s the corporate ties that bother me greatly. If the republicansd would for once focus on reality and substantive issues instead of crazed talk radio conspiracy, they might get some new members

  8. Frank Knotts says:

    Bob and Don block people because they are intellectual cowards.

  9. mouse says:

    I like to debate and assess issues particularly with people who have a different perspective than I . This is the only conservative site that hasn’t blocked me or kicked me ourt. It’s like they are afraid that someone might get a reality check from a perspective outside the echo chamber

  10. Henry says:


    When one condemns others for running for office whether you agree or disagree, either you are jealous or paranoid schizophrenic.

    It takes courage to run for any elected office. If everyone had the same personality it would be a dull world.

  11. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: The grand utopian plan of the Socialist-Democrats and the World Left is to turn humanity into an ant colony.”

    Ant colonies are a marvel of efficiency. Have you nothing positive to say about them, Rick? I understand that Southwest Airlines used an ant-based simulation model to help them figure out the best way to approach gates, thus decreasing wasted time and saving money.

  12. Frank Knotts says:

    Mouse, we here at Delaware Right believe in the conversation above all else, it’s why we tend to anger both side of the political spectrum equally. You are always welcome, I find your humor intelligent, even as I find your views a bit too far left for me.
    Henry, I’m sorry, I thought I still lived I the USA where my freedom of speech was protected. If only people who have run for office were allowed to criticize those who do, then it would be more like a dictatorship. My biggest fear of Trump if elected.

  13. Rick says:

    Ant colonies are a marvel of efficiency. Have you nothing positive to say about them, Rick?

    They don’t live, they exist; to eat and procreate. That’s it. If they had drugs and video games, it would be just like the ghetto.

  14. High-ranking Republican says:

    You there at Delaware Right like stirring up septic tanks and spreading manure more than anything and this makes our party look stupid. I have it on good authority that Jeff Cragg will never be elected to any office if he continues to affiliate with the likes of Frank Knotts and Steve Grossman. The GOP certainly does not need traitors like those two rats in our camp.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    Well High Ranking Republican, if you are, it is the party and its choices that make the party look stupid, you are mad at me for exposing the manure you created. Too bad.
    As for being a “traitor”? Well I gave up being a Republican first a long time ago, I am a citizen first.
    Trump is but the final straw.

  16. mouse says:

    Why would anyone who isn’t some tribally obsessed nut put some artificial political party first in anything? Words like traitor and rats are very coersive and suggest a type of tyranny that I would oppose in any political party. The democrats are a corrupt hubristic club just like the Republicans, just not as mean or religious dogma crazed with sexual issues. Besides, I’m a conservative liberal

  17. Rick says:

    The GOP certainly does not need traitors like those two rats in our camp.

    I thought the blog was “Delaware Right,” not Delaware Republican.

    I don’t think the GOP need “rats” like Jeb Bush, either. Or Sasse. Or Hatch. Or Collins.

    We need to remember that Frank is not an elected official. He does not formulate policy. He does not propose or vote on legislation. He runs a blog, and he has a First Amendment right to do so.

    I might also add that he does not resort to censorship.

  18. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: As you wrote on July 28, “today is now…and now, Trump is ahead. Trump…57% probability of victory” This was according to Nate Silver, showing figures on likelihood of an electoral win if the election had been held then.

    But today is Aug 2, and Silver is showing that the likelihood of a Trump electoral win if the election were held today is at 16.5%.


  19. Fish Bites says:

    “Words like traitor and rats are very coersive and suggest a type of tyranny…”

    They’ll start winning once they exclude the long list of people they don’t like.

  20. RINO Hunter says:

    You are a cockroach first , a citizen second and a RINO third (especially pronounced with a Brooklyn accent)

    Frank’s First Amendment right to make an ass of himself is not in question – just his loyalty to the party.

    Delaware Right sucks sewage.

  21. delacrat says:


    A vote for Hill is a vote for Bill is a vote for Bill’s buddy Donald.


  22. kavips says:

    Frank, the answer you are looking for is to stay true to what is true. That means always be honest. As long as you do that, when the truth eventually comes out, you’ll always be on the right side. No so for those on these threads who attack you with the canned responses of the moment, they look quite silly in historical perspective because what they are mouthing will be the opposite of truth over time. On the other hand, those who argue against you with facts and real honesty, will look pretty good next to you.

    And as long as one can keep thinking what you are doing is important, one can keep onward… Of course, I know it doesn’t bother you what they say. But, the problem that arises with it, is that over time you begin to question whether anyone real is appreciative of the effort and work it takes to do this… I just wanted you to know that your effort towards uncovering the truth in Sussex County is roundly appreciated by all good people..

  23. mouse says:

    I thought staying true to what is true such as quantifiable and verifiable science was the enemy of conservative republicans

  24. Dr. Erlich says:

    Dear High-ranking Republican and RINO Hunter,

    For the sake of human compassion, please try to go easy on Frank Knotts. He really has no control over his thoughts and actions. He is an unfortunate product of his environment and the victim of a corrupt Sussex County political system.

    A combination of congenital syphilis, poor genetics, compounded by a long period of alcohol and drug addiction does that. Add paranoia, ACD and megalomania and you really have a losing combination.

    Anyone who purports to be a Lesbiman/Immam/revolutionary is in need of some serious help from whatever source is available.

  25. Honi Soit says:

    Feeling you’ve got blurred identities, Dr. Erlich/High-ranking Republican/Rino Hunter? Sensing the presence of several people living inside your head? Suspect you’ve been possessed by others? You may well have Dissociative Identity Disorder, especially if you have experienced long-term physical, sexual or emotional abuse during childhood. Not to worry: Treatments are available. Get help now. It would ease the paperwork for your initial visit if just one of you fill in the paperwork. Rino Hunter seems to be the dominant personality. Best perhaps to let him take the lead.

  26. Frank Knotts says:

    RINO Hunter, let me again be perfectly clear. I have zero loyalty to any party. I am a registered Republican by choice. But I will give no loyalty to a party which voted me out of its committee because I spoke the truth. I will show no loyalty to a party which puts forth candidates such as Donald Trump. I could care less about loyalty to a party. I save my loyalty for specific candidates. People who have shown they deserve loyalty.
    The GOP is in its death spiral thanks to Trump, win or lose, he will spell the end of the GOP for generations. The TEA people will finally have their wish.
    Kavips, thank you, I have journeyed far in my political life. I was once described as a right wing radical by the left. I am now called a liberal RINO by the fringe right. And while my views on specific issues have changed, I feel I have held true to my core beliefs. You are correct, the thirds graders here bother me not at all, it only amazes me they still try to get my goat with their name calling. But little minds think little thoughts.
    And Delacrat, I can’t bring myself to vote for Hillary either, though it was fun taunting the fringe right in saying I would. And while I do not agree with all that Gary Johnson stands for, I feel he is the candidate least likely to infringe on our rights. So it is possible I will vote for him, and again keep my principles and integrity intact.

  27. fightingbluehen says:

    “I will show no loyalty to a party which puts forth candidates such as Donald Trump.”

    The Republican party didn’t put forth Trump. The Republican party establishment tried to defeat Trump. Trump had to take the nomination from them.
    The establishment which included the likes of Bush and Kasich have shown that they were, and still are, beholden to the failed policies that are shrinking the middle class and leaving regular people behind.

  28. Frank Knotts says:

    Well FBH, this shows how we see things differently. You see the party as the so called establishment leadership. I see the party as the voters. It was the Republican voters who put forth Trump, and if that is what the party now represents, then I can not offer loyalty to said party.

  29. Puzzled Observer says:

    Frank, here’s a kind of wonky but very insightful and highly descriptive article that goes a long way towards explaining the psychology that you’ve covered so well:


  30. Frank Knotts says:

    Puzzled while I agree with the discription of Trump’s behavior and the results, that was clearly a politically biased piece, yet interesting. Might have had a bit more legitimacy had they not added the praise at the end for President Obama.

  31. kavips says:

    Well, Frank, I hope that one day you will see Obama in a different light. Often it take a successor who is not as good to make us appreciate what we once had. That can be held true in successive marriages, successive bosses, successive children… Often we blind ourselves only by looking at one side, one problem which when it does not go away, we dismiss the entire package. Only when that problem continues to remain after we put OUR person in, and multiple other problems start to manifest themselves, do we see things in a different light.

    For example, although I fought Reagan across his first 5 years, I came to see through his impact on others, that despite my myopia (near-sightedness), on an emotional level he provided a lot of healing inside this country.

    I have always been heartened by the friendship that developed between Jefferson and John Adams after exiting public life, who were bitter enemies, (oh my, were they bitter!) while arguing over the philosophical direction to take our new nation.

    But realizing their true legacy was the actual founding of the nation, and then as subsequent presidents made all their previous battles less relevant with the new day, they realized that together (each influenced by the other) they had done something truly great, that would last long after their time on earth expired.

    Poetically, they died the same day, hundreds of miles apart, on the anniversary of this nation’s Declaration of Independence…

    America was born out of controversy. (Philadelphia 1776) America was forged out of controversy. (Philadelphia 1787) America has became more moral out of controversy .. As one grows wiser with more experience in life, one perhaps slowly recognizes that really it is not our individual views for which we fight passionately that matter so much on a grand scale, as the actually controversy itself, which like breath blowing across hot coals on an autumn morning, helps reignite democracy to burn another day….

    It is when that breath stop blowing; that is the time I fear…..

  32. Frank Knotts says:

    Kavips believe it or not, actually respect Pres. Obama, though I may disagree with many of his goals and actions. Why? Because he has been true to his principles. He is exactly what he portrayed himself as he ran for office. It is easier to oppose an honest liberal than a phony conservative. I hold no such respect currently for either Trump or Clinton.

  33. delacrat says:

    “Kavips believe it or not, actually respect Pres. Obama, though I may disagree with many of his goals and actions. Why? Because he has been true to his principles. “ – Frank

    Here’s all you need to know about Obomba’s “principles”.


  34. Athena says:

    Delaware Right’s supporters comments prove that Knotts continues to spin nothing more than his twisted web of hatred and lies.

  35. Frank Knotts says:

    Thank you Athena

  36. RINO Hunter says:

    Trump will win whether Knotts and his moronic fans like it or not and there is nothing that they can do about it.

  37. Frank Knotts says:

    Thank you RINO hunter.

  38. Bluebolt says:

    It looks like Honi Soit is trying to take up where Pat Fish left off.

  39. Rick says:

    Well, Frank, I hope that one day you will see Obama in a different light.

    Let’s see…the lowest GDP growth ever, circumventing the Senate’s advice and consent authority and giving Iran a nuclear bomb and then paying them for it, handing over Libya and Egypt to ISIS, doubling the debt to an astronomical $19-trillion, funneling billions to “green” corporations under the guise of “shovel-ready” jobs, an “infrastructure” program that never happened, radical regulations that stifle business investment, a hapless foreign policy that allowed Russia to annex the Crimea and China to exert control over the South China Sea, doing everything in his power to divide America on racial issues and siding with the black KKK against the cops while maintaining his close relationship with a self-avowed domestic terrorist, Bill Ayres while evicerating the US military. And this is just a short list.

    Obama was monumentally unqualified to be president when he was elected. His only experience in the real world was as a “community organizer,” whatever that is. It may take decades to recover from the disaster of his ineptitude, in both foreign and domestic policy.

    …which like breath blowing across hot coals on an autumn morning, helps reignite democracy to burn another day….

    As the Socialist-Democrats continue to grow the omnipotent state, the “reignition” may occur earlier than you think. The ever-growing parasite class may favor free everything, but the productive may tire of having to carry them on their backs.

  40. Honi Soit says:

    Hello Rick. Secession in the Heartland–your prediction and predilection–will likely not include Kansas, where in yesterday’s primary moderate Republicans fired tea party darling US Rep. Huelskamp and 11 right-wing members of the state legislature, one of whom was the Senate Majority Leader. A sign perhaps of a pendulum swing in the direction of moderation.

  41. Rick says:

    Secession is the bast-case scenario. The alternative is civil war.

    We have a party- and a president- that thrives by dividing Americans by racial, ethnic and economic status. At the end of the day, the “blame” for all of America’s ills falls squarely on the shoulders of white men, from the Founders to the KKK to Donald Trump.

    Forgotten in the rush to condemn white men is the fact that white men formulated the Constitution itself. White men freed the slaves, wrote the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of ’64.

    Also forgotten is the fact that white men invented the internal combustion engine, the automobile, the telephone, television, computer, liquid-fueled rocket, locomotive, elevator, gun, camera, radio, airplane, nuclear power and countless other technological achievements we take for granted, along with scientific advancements, medical procedures and vaccines. And let’s not forget the Magna Carta.

    Now, since we are going to be divided by racial lines, what has the indigenous African, Latin American or Middle Easterner given the world? A few billion impoverished mouths to feed?

    Over time, as the prime facilitator of the world left- the Socialist-Democrat Party- consolidates power in order to reduce the United States to third-world status while simultaneously denigrating the white race and through the continuation of racial quotas, effectively relegating white citizens to second-class status, there will be a consequence. And that will be a race war.

    Secession is a viable alternative- for now. Or, continues to follow the lead of the Socialist-Democrats, condemn and reject anything white (except leftist ideologues, of course). Foment racial hatred. And eventually, face the consequences.

    Google “Hindu-Kush American snipers.” Hit “images.” Who do you see?

  42. kavips says:

    Actually Rick.. All those problems are caused by Republicans in the House and Senate. You are blaming a Ferrari for not breaking speed records because someone in the passenger seat is pulling as hard as they can on the parking break…

    Which is why the Republicans elected Trump. They’ve lost all sanity with the average voter so they can only offer insanity.

  43. Rick says:

    All those problems are caused by Republicans in the House and Senate.

    What “problems?” It’s not a “problem” that the African or indigenous Central/South American or Middle Easterner has historically contributed very little to progress. The reason it’s not a “problem” is because the white race is always there to invent, create, explore, innovate and produce.

  44. mouse says:

    The white race, nah ha lol.

  45. mouse says:

    Interesting how lower class whites delude themselves byconflating their “white race” with technological advances while in reality they have much more in common with poor blacks and immigrtants than anyone who has accomplished anything.

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