The Five Signs That You May Be A Fanatic

Jeff_Christopher,_official_photo_0  Before I give my list of five, let us first look at a dictionary definition of the word fanatic.  The common dictionary definition of fanatic is, a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits”.  Now of course I don’t expect Mr. Christopher’s supporters to agree that he fits this definition, but that may be because they themselves fit this definition.

Fanatic often has a negative connotation, but in reality it is often simply applied to someone such as Mr. Jeff Christopher who has taken on some issue and has allowed it to consume his life.

I will leave it up to the readers to decide  whether, or not, Mr. Christopher meets my own definition, based on the following five signs I personally have noticed in following Mr. Christopher’s public career.  Of course I have to admit that I do not have a personal relationship with Mr. Christopher, and hold a bias due to the fact that we hold differing points of view on a single issue.

That being said, here we go,

1.)You might be a fanatic if;  it seems that you only talk about one thing, that thing being, the thing you are fanatical about, in this case the constitutional sheriff issue.

In following Mr. Christopher since his election, any time he is interviewed, the only thing he talks about, is the fact that he, and his deputies do not have arrest powers. If he talks in his sleep, I can only imagine, the one thing he says is, “conservator of the peace”.

2.) You might be a fanatic if; it seems as though you have no sense of humor.

I have  had many occasion to discuss the issue of the office of sheriff with Mr. Christopher, and often have tried to lighten the moment with humor, now granted humor is subjective, and maybe I am just not funny, but in these cases Mr. Christopher seems to be out of touch with his surroundings, and is only focused on talking about, that’s right, conservator of the peace. When you talk to him you can tell that he is not really listening to you if you hold a differing point of view on the sheriff issue. You can see in his eyes that he is simply waiting for you to take a breath so that he can again launch into his prepared and often repeated rhetoric on the issue.

Which brings us to number three.

3.) You might be a fanatic if; you are unwilling to even consider opposing points of view.

Again, from my personal interaction with Mr. Christopher, and from all of the times I have heard him interviewed, never have I found him to be considerate of other points of views on the issue of the sheriff. This does not mean that he is not polite, but he does not take into consideration any view that he does not already hold on the issue.

4.) You might be a fanatic if; you believe that if everyone doesn’t hold the same point of view as you on an issue, it will mean the end of the world. 

Mr. Christopher and his supporters are constantly telling us that if we do not have as they describe it, a constitutional sheriff, then tyranny will run wild in the streets, that the federal government will take our guns away, that the nation of freedom that we grew up in will end as we know it. In fact Mr. Christopher when asked about losing his law suit against the county and state, went so far as to call Delaware a “God Forsaken place”.


And finally number five.

5.) You might be a fanatic if; you see everyone who holds an opposing view from yours on an issue, as an enemy.

If you don’t believe me, just watch the comments that are left on this post. I have been called all sorts of names, my character has been called into question along with my intelligence. Some have been so desperate to be little me, they have even criticized my clothes. How that makes their point on the issue of constitutional sheriff stronger I have no idea.  But on this issue, if you dare to hold an opposing point of view than does Mr. Christopher and his supporters, then you are the enemy to them. They will see you as a liberal, a socialist, a Nazi, and any number of other hateful terms they can think up at their paid for classes on the constitution.

I know that this post will offend many, well maybe not many, since I think that Mr. Christopher’s support is limited to a small but loud minority of citizens. Of course he has the undying support of the 9/12 Patriots who like to play at being non-partisan, what a joke that is. The 9/12, TEA types are clearly in support of Mr. Christopher. They went so far as to set up a posse meeting for him to bring in other fanatics like Richard Mack.

Mack and Christopher   Pictured here giving Mr. Christopher the  award for, fanatic of the year, okay not really. Remember number two you all.

My intention is not to offend, though I care little if I do at this point. I have to say that I think that I can speak for many of my fellow citizens when I say, I am sick and tired of this issue and the people who keep shoving it down our throats in the media and during elections.

We the citizens of Delaware, and especially Sussex County have been dealing with this for nearly twelve years in some manner or another, starting with former sheriff Bob Reed.  We the citizens have laid out thousands of tax payer dollars to defend against a law suit brought by Mr. Christopher in an attempt to gain the unchallengeable authority he seeks for himself.

I believe it is time to put this issue to rest, to settle this once and for all. It is time to send a clear message to Mr. Christopher and his supporters that a majority of the citizens of this county do not support their views on the office of the sheriff. A message that says we have had enough of the constant strife and turmoil that is continuously stirred up by this small loud, fanatical group.

I believe that it is time to elect someone to this office who believes in the law, and who will follow the law, and not someone who thinks they are the law. I think it is time for the Republican citizens of Sussex County to get behind Robert Lee in the upcoming primary and send the message to the rest of Sussex and the state, that not all Republicans are fanatics on this issue.


26 Comments on "The Five Signs That You May Be A Fanatic"

  1. What a surprise – I actually enjoyed this whole article. 🙂

  2. Rick says:

    You might be a fanatic:

    If you spend every waking moment obsessing over Christopher.

  3. Cletus says:

    One could say Frank is a fanatic, no?

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    You know, you both caught me, I actually had intended to add in the post that most people are fanatical about something. The difference Rick, is that I am not running for office and asking the people to empower me with unchallengeable authorities.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    And Cletus, don’t make me delete you for personal attacks.

  6. kavips says:

    I need more info on Lee, I liked your depiction of him at the “fun” raiser. Can you possibly give us an interview or something of more detail?

    Soon, while minds are still being made up?

  7. fightingbluehen says:

    I don’t really think of sheriff Christopher so much as a fanatic , as much as I do a snake oil salesman trying to push the idea that his product is the cure all for all our ailments.

    I heard him on the radio with Doug Beatty ,and Sheriff Mack the other day, and to me it sounded like just another infomercial. You could have thought that they were selling some sort of vitamin supplement or something.

    I get the theoretical premise that it would be a good thing if each county in our nation had a “Constitutional sheriff” that was willing to physically defend us against the Federal Government, but I also know that this premise is fantasy. In fact almost all Sheriff departments are affiliated with The Department of Homeland Security which is not only a federal entity, but under direct control of the Executive Branch of government.

  8. Steel Remington says:


    You forgot number six.

    Number 6 – You might be a fanatic if your name is Frank Knotts who writes articles about people he obsesses, dislikes, disagrees with, pushes his own distorted liberal views, Steve Grossmans and Jeff Crags political candidates and views on this God forsaken cess pool blog site.

    People in the communities and state have figured you, Steve Grossman and Jeff Crag over there on Delaware Wrong out. Using this blog site to form the Republican Party of Delaware into your selection candidates and views on the political atmosphere. Well, how’s it working for you since you guys constantly keep stabbing yourselves in your feet.

    This whole site is just such a waste of air, time and space. Guess what, everyone just goes on with their lives just ignoring all of you. Yes, you all have made an impact and an impression on Delaware politics. WE SURE AS HELL DON’T NEED ANYONE ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mike says:

    It is not fanatical to have passion and principle.
    How does Sheriff Christopher seek “unchecked” power in seeking RESTORATION of the legitimate authority (held by the sheriffs in 48! other states I might add) in an ELECTIVE office. The neutering of the county sheriff was a corrupt political power play that oversea the state Constitutiin by legislative dictat. Where you legislature violate the constitution in one aspect, they will surely do so again – maybe even on an issue that YOU are impassioned about!

  10. fightingbluehen says:

    “The neutering of the county sheriff was a corrupt political power play that oversea the state Constitutiin by legislative dictat.”

    I guess you’ll have to do a post mortem on those corruption charges, because anybody who had anything to do with changing the job description of sheriffs in DELAWARE, has been long dead seeing that it was done back in the 1920’s.

  11. Dan says:

    Remmy you obviously can talk the talk but sure as hell can’t walk the walk. Your still posting in here so much for ignoring the site. By the way anyone who doesn’t think they need people ie voters during an election cycle is either a moron or a jackass.

    It certainly rises to fanatical when people stop at nothing to destroy other peoples lives just because the people don’t agree with your beliefs. So much for the constitutional rights that you profess to hold so near and dear.

  12. Steel Remington says:

    Dan aka Frank Knotts,

    You are the only one that refers to me as Remmy. I got some time just to amuse myself with your idiotic dialogue.
    I know you needed someone to post being you get all but maybe 5 people to post at all. You have so much to say about sock puppets and you do it yourself.

    I bet this post won’t stay up on this cess pool site.

    And yes your right, you need voters. But maybe your candidate Robert Lee doesn’t feel that way and voters don’t count, being he went to a hurry up, made up same day scheduled fundraiser instead o meeting the voting public to express his platform and views.

    Ahh!! Is that all DAN!!

  13. Steel Remington says:

    Or just maybe its Assistant Minion who got permission from Newspaper Minion in to use Remmy.

  14. fightingbluehen says:

    I think there is a tendency by people who recently came to Delaware to misunderstand what is going on with sheriffs in Delaware. They turn on their radios and they hear the local talk guy making it sound like the bastards up in Dover just stripped the Sheriff of his powers , and that their is some dire happenings and crisis a foot.

    The fact is that Sheriff’s in Delaware , while they might have maintained some token arrest powers over the years out of respect and consideration of the office, haven’t had law enforcement responsibilities since the State ,County, and Municipal Police took the reins almost a century ago.

    If you literally did away with the office of Sheriff. It would not impact law enforcement in Delaware to any degree.

    If Sheriff Christopher and his supporters want to make a credible argument about restoring law enforcement responsibilities to the office of sheriff in Delaware, they should be honest about it and let it be known that this is a REVIVAL MOVEMENT, and not some defense of a siege on the powers of the sheriff in violation of a phrase in the Delaware State Constitution. A phrase that doesn’t give power, but dictates general behavior or action to that of “conservator of the peace.”

    I know some people won’t agree with my assessment of the phrase “conservator of the peace”, as it applies to the Delaware Constitution, but if your take on it is that it grants arresting powers, then you are talking about judges being judge, jury ,and executioner like in the movie, “Judge Dredd”, and the remake “Dredd” (which is actually a better movie in my opinion)

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    Let me first address Remmy’s false accusations. I have never, nor will I ever use any name other than my own to address comments made here. Remmy, do you think that I fear using my own name at this point. I do not know who Dan is, but it is certainly not me.
    As for your comment of, “instead o meeting the voting public to express his platform and views.”, I know it will break your heart, but the people at the fundraiser also get to vote, therefor they too are the voting public.
    Mike asked, “How does Sheriff Christopher seek “unchecked” power”, well Mike if you take the time to read the law suit that Mr. Christopher filed, which cost tax payers somewhere around $77,000.00 to defend, you will see that he believes that the sheriff answers to no one and no agency, and is an office with undefined powers and authority.
    As for the rest of the 48 states? So what, I live in Delaware. If a sheriff with arrest powers is that important to you, work to change the legislation or move with Mr. Christopher when he leaves “this God forsaken place” as he called it. Or didn’t you listen to the imbedded audio?
    My passions are for the rule of law, and not just when things go my way. Far too many people talk about loving our system of government and respecting the rule of law, that is until it goes against their wishes, then they run for their built in escape hatch, that all government is corrupt.

  16. Steel Remington says:


    As you say, you have full control of this blog site to do as you please. Do you honestly think that anything you say, I would believe. Ha!!!!!!!

    Sussex County council has a full paid lawyer on retainer getting a salary, no matter if he sitting watching a TV show or he is in a court arguing a case. Sussex County council didn’t mind spending the people’s tax dollars on their lawyer on retainer defending the right to say Prayer at their meetings, what difference does it makes whether he is arguing that case or another case. The lawyer still gets paid doing nothing or doing something.

    Your case is weak, just like this max. of 10 comments per blog site. The only time you get more comments on this site is when I take my valuable time to humor myself with this verbal junk mail.

  17. Steel Remington says:

    This comment was edited due to vulgarity. Remmy this is your one warning, if you post more vulgar videos on this site you will be blocked. Frank Knotts

  18. Frank Knotts says:

    Remmy, obviously you have no reading comprehension. I did not say I have full control of this site, I said I have editorial control of my own post, and that if I cross a line that the other members can’t stand behind then my time here can be terminated at will. This is not my site I am merely a person who blogs here.
    And I do thank you for playing along, you are welcome to comment here but keep it clean.

  19. Steel Remington says:


    There was nothing vulgar about that video, its fits right into your cess pool ideology and this verbal junk mail. Knowing your kind of humor it was truly fitting of you and your co-harts cess pool blog site. Again like you stated, you have full control of this blog site with Jeff Cragg and Steve Grossman permission to utilize this blog site – Delaware Wrong/RT1 PAC representation.
    Home boy, that’s real good PR that you put out for your bosses. Ha, you do a fine job destroying and stabbing yourselves in feet all on your own. Good Luck with all that!!

    Oh, by the way. Cheer leading doesn’t qualify as helping candidates, doesn’t pay their bills. Have you, Steve Grossman and Jeff Cragg gave any money at all to the candidates? How many and how much? How about this RT1 PAC giving to candidates other than pay you and Steve Grossman a salary. Everyone that pays into RT1 PAC pays for Steve Grossman to have a job. Jeff Cragg set it up all for Steve Grossman to have a job. Hey, is Dan Anderson going to give you another check to keep it going. I doubt it, when he seen where it went!!!

  20. Steel Remington says:

    By the way, this title of your article fits you real well Frank!

    7) Description of a Fanatic – Frank Knotts aka Dan the obsessive newpaper man (Edited for false accusations. Frank Knotts)

  21. FrankKnotts says:

    You rlast comment is a total lie, and I won’t give you information as to why, but everything you said was wrong, so if anyone was to use that information they would only prove themselves as a liar. By the way, I didn’t take the photo.

  22. Steel Remington says:

    What the facts go to the source. Sources say, watch yourselves! You and yours are treading on fine lines! The watchers are being watched!

  23. fightingbluehen says:

    “What the facts go to the source. Sources say, watch yourselves! You and yours are treading on fine lines! The watchers are being watched!”

    Who is this jokester?

    It’s not illegal to take a picture of a house.

    Google drives around all day taking pictures of people’s houses, and everything else for that matter.

  24. Honi Soit says:

    Frank got himself a mention in Don Flood’s column in the Aug 19 issue of the Cape Gazette:

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    Thanks for the heads up Honi

  26. Dan says:

    I had forgotten about the fraudulent overtime matter.

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