Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Trey mask     I feel I have to say something at the very beginning of this post, for full disclosure.  Since many of you may not make it to the end.

It wasn’t so long ago, I had to sit down and write a post, a post I wished, I had not felt obligated to write, but did. It was a post critical of someone I considered a good friend, and to his credit, still do.

This friend was and is an elected official, and in his travels, committed what could have been, a dangerous lapse of judgement and care. His actions could have lead to someone being injured or hurt. At the time, this person was rightly  held to at least the same standard the average citizen would have been, if not slightly less so. He did suffer a small official punishment, though it has since been expunged from his record.

I tell this story, to explain how it makes me feel, to again sit down, to write a post, I wish I didn’t feel obligated to write, but do.

I have known Trey Paradee since sometime around 1981, I know him well enough to know his family nickname, and to know how he got it. I owe his father a debt of gratitude, which I could never repay if I lived to be a thousand years old. All that I am, all that I have, and have accomplished, I owe in such a large measure to Trey’s father and grandfather, and the entire Paradee family. It makes what I am about to write so, so difficult.

Trey Paradee has accomplished so much, in what is still a relatively short life. He currently holds the title of Delaware State Senator of the 17th (D).  Since Trey was first elected as a State Representative, I have had many political conversations with him, ranging over many different issues. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. However, I have always found him to be open and honest.

On a current issue, I find myself at odds with him, and his Democrat party line. That issue, is Governor Carney’s mask mandate. As a state Senator, Trey Paradee has toed the line, advocating for mask mandates and other punitive restrictions, all, in his view, necessary for the public health in general. In our conversations, he has many times made the statement that, anyone not wearing a mask, is putting everyone around them at risk, he even mentioned the risk to his own elderly mother, and how selfish a person is, to not wear a mask.

So if mask wearing is so important, in fighting this “deadly” disease? Why is it so many Democrat leaders, seem to feel they can decide when it is safe, and when it is not? Why does the Delaware Democrat Leadership see themselves as above the very mandates they have imposed upon the average citizens and business owners?

Trey mask   This is Senator Paradee celebrating at the Joe Biden victory rally. He is sitting on top of a car, surrounded by other people below him. In video from CNN, he can be seen not wearing a mask, and shouting at the top of his lungs for Joe.

Let’s follow the science. He is above others, he is shouting with no mask on, thus spewing spittle into the air, which obviously lands on the people below. Where is your concern for those people Sen. Paradee? What about the people they come into contact with? What about their grandmothers and elderly mothers?

I have had a conversation with Sen. Paradee, and he excuses himself in that, he was outside, and with his family. This ignores the very guidelines he and the Governor had been pushing down our throats for nearly a year now. Yet, Sen. Paradee believes he has the right to choose when it is safe to wear or not wear a mask for himself, but will not give the same right to you and me.

He and Carney, and the Democrats will close businesses, specifically targeting Sussex County, they will make education a nightmare, and intellectually cripple a generation of students with their attack on education. But what Trey Paradee won’t do, is wear a mask in the manner and under the very guidelines he has advocated for.

carney starboard  This is Governor John Carney and Speaker of the House (for now) Pete Schwartzkopf, at the Starboard in Dewey Beach, back when we were still under phase 1 restrictions, which stated, no nonfamily members at the same table. They weren’t  concerned enough to wear mask or social distance, at a time when they were telling us to stay home.

Pete no mask  Here is Pete Schwartzkopf  at the Cork in Dewey, again no mask, no social distancing, and again above people shouting into a microphone.

Now, someone needs to explain, why it is okay for these men to be out breaking the rules, while the Governor is giving updates telling people not to have holiday gatherings, in their own home. It is the arrogance and hypocrisy that infuriates the average citizen.

Trey Paradee, I have always respected you, even when we disagree, but in this case, I am extremely disappointed. Frank Knotts




2 Comments on "Do As I Say, Not As I Do"

  1. RSE says:

    All of them flout the rules and regulations that they and their “science” insist we fallow, and yet they will claim that the Republicans don’t follow “the science”.

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