Whatever Changes In Delaware?

D9BA5565-CEEA-4585-9BC3-BF70401C31B9 John Carney, by winning re-election, became a four year, lame duck Governor.

Here in Delaware, we have one party rule state government, run by the Democrats. This means, anything and everything which the state does, moving forward, will be, to set up the next Democrat candidate for Governor of Delaware.
The obvious choice would seem to be the current Lt. Gov. , Bethany Hall-Long.

The Democrats have shown, no desire, to upend their own applecart with self cleansing primaries. Instead, their candidates stand patiently by, and wait their turn, for an opening in the Democrat line of succession, for state government.

It is unlikely any Democrat, with enough standing to challenge Hall-Long, will, or would, come forward to challenge her coronation, and ascension to the throne  of Governor, and titular head of the Delaware Democrat Party.

If any challenge were to be mounted from the left, it is more likely to be an unknown, with no machine to stand against the Democrat establishment within Delaware.

So? What can we expect to see in the next four years? Will it be the last four years of the Carney administration? Or the first four years of the Hall-Long administration. Or just the seamless transition of power from one Democrat, to the next?

Considering Hall-Long’s much mentioned background in nursing, we should expect to see her taking, an even more front center role in the state’s healthcare and medical issues.

We have witnessed her attempts at looking like she is doing  something to fight opioid addiction, overdoses and deaths in the state, often quoting her background in nursing, as her qualifications for taking the lead.

UM! Yeah, oooooh! I just don’t know about that. Her claim to fame in the battle against opioid addiction, overdoses and deaths, was her community outreach program to get NARCAN, a counteractive drug, which is used to save people who are experiencing an overdose, into the hands of people likely to be around the addicts when they are overdosing. (sidebar; Is it not likely, the people most likely to be around people likely to overdose, are themselves people likely to overdose, and so, maybe not the most responsible people to place in life saving positions.)  

Hall-Long would gather a group of medical professionals and camera crew, and head out to save lives and take photos. Not only distributing the NARCAN for future use, but actually administering it to people on the street determined to be overdosing.

One such person was Wanda Foster. Ms. Foster was pointed out to the Hall-Long Rapid Response PR Team, who sprang into action turning on the cameras. Once Hall-Long and her constant companion, Dr. Sandra Gibney, found the woman, she was reportedly administered NARCAN, (though honestly in the video, you cannot see it happen.  She is the first woman they come to.)

Not sure if the video was edited, or not, but the Hall-Long group, and a later report, states that NARCAN was administered.

What was not done was, Wanda was not taken to the hospital for follow up or observation. Wanda was not given any help beyond a bag with NARCAN in it and sent on her way, though in the video it is clear she is not able to stand as she was told how to administer the NARCAN, and that she would be “alright”.

Unfortunately, Wanda was not alright for long. A month later she died of an overdose. Hall-Long and her cameras were no where to be seen, to once again save Wanda’s life. One might assume, Wanda became of no value, once the photo op was obtained.


What does it say about the motivation and or judgement of Hall-Long, that she used the desperate needs of people like Wanda Foster, for her own political needs. She went out with cameras, like a big game hunter, hunting an illusive beast. Head on a swivel looking for the trophy, and once sighted, her and her trusty Dr. Gibney rush in. (Though in the video, “Miss Bethany” seems a little hesitant to actually get close to the woman. Those nurse’s instincts seemed to have failed her.) 

But beyond getting the trophy photo, what did Hall-Long, a nurse, really do for Wanda Foster? Hall-Long did not save Wand’s life, it was merely prolonged for a month. To save Wanda’s life, would have required, if not immediate action, it would have required at a minimum some sort of follow up.

Now we can expect much of the same type of promotion, from and of, Hall-Long concerning the COVID pandemic. She has already been doing testing and vaccinations. Again, with her trusty Dr. Gibney, and of course the Hall-Long Rapid Response PR Team, cameras at the ready. There is not a tragedy they cannot exploit or photograph.

It is without doubt, we here in Delaware will have, more than enough opportunity, to witness Hall-Long over the next four years promoting herself again and again at the expense of others, in the way she used Wanda Foster. So when we hear her talking about being a nurse, ask yourself, what nurse treats someone, with no follow up? Is that a sign of good judgement? And what of the resources spent and wasted for Hall-Long’s PR outings? There are a number of other videos of her doing this, in which she is escorted by police. And while NARCAN may actually save a life, not merely prolong it, the money spent to purchase and distribute could be spent on real treatment and education.

Hall-Long is the worse kind of career politician. She is taking for granted that she will ascend to the seat of the governor, and considering Delaware’s recent political history, that is a pretty good bet. At this point, there may be a Republican out there, who may have a real chance to overturn the hold Democrats have had on statewide government.

However, unless the people are again willing to listen to the candidate, despite the party, it is unlikely anyone will break the stranglehold the Democrats have on Delaware.




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