Does Anyone Know?

Found this video where Lacey Lafferty announces that she is running for governor of Delaware. So does anyone know if she has filed, and is she taking donations? Just asking.

By the way, shooting at the viewer maybe isn’t the best idea for a campaign add.

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  1. Mike Rowe says:

    To my knowledge she has filed, and is taking donations through herPAC (Liberty PAC).

  2. Anon says:

    You can’t accept donations to run for Governor through a PAC. It’s a violation of Delaware law.

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Anon, a BIG! OH SNAP!!!

  4. waterpirate says:

    Her campaign will do nothing but continue the embarassment to the GOP. It is every citizens right to step up to the plate and run, but is also the right of sane republicans to marginalise her efforts and find a credible candidate.

  5. William Christy says:

    Mr. Rowe is incorrect the Liberty PAC was not set up to fund Ms. Lafferty’s campaign. I wrote the statement of organization, which was submitted to the Office of the Elections Commission, the PAC was founded on March 6,2013. I have that document on my hard drive. While I am no longer involved in any manner with Ms. Lafferty’s campaign making such a comment sheds a negative light on what my intent was as a co-founder of the Liberty PAC. Under advice of counsel I can not and will not speak as to what Ms. Lafferty’s intent was.

  6. anon says:

    You also can not state that you’re running for Governor and spend money to that end, including tickets to fundraisers, website payments, etc., without filing a statement of organization with the Department of Elections.

    But Lacey Lafferty isn’t really running for Governor, is she? She’s playing the role of the agitator against whoever really runs for Governor, so that his or her campaign is harder to win. The people who only know how to tear things down and blow things up need a candidate to latch on to, whether it’s Mike Protack, Christine O’Donnell, Rose Izzo or in this case Lacey Lafferty. It’s the same poisonous Tea Party minority that’s driving the national GOP to commit suicide on national TV this week with the shutdown.

  7. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Christy as someone who was an ardent and constant supporter of Ms. Lafferty, maybe as a concerned citizen you should enlighten other citizens what has happened to change your mind about her as a candidate, since you state yourself here, ” While I am no longer involved in any manner with Ms. Lafferty’s campaign”.
    Is there some issue that has lead to this separation? And why do you need a lawyer? Mr. Christy I know your opinion of this site and myself, but we here at Delaware Right since our inception, have strived to allow all to have a voice. Please feel free to speak freely.
    If Liberty PAC was not set up to fund Ms. Lafferty’s campaign for governor, then what was the intent in your view? And why have I and others heard Ms. Lafferty speak and in the same sentence say she intends to run and mention the Liberty PAC? I believe that there are laws concerning coordination between candidates and PACs.
    So have you cut ties with Ms. Lafferty over money issues concerning the PAC? Who is in control of the PAC and its money now if the two of you co-founded the PAC and you say you are no longer involved with her campaign, does this also mean that you are no longer involved with the PAC? You may want to find new council, because it seems you and Ms. Lafferty have tried to walk a very thin line on campaign finance laws.

  8. William Christy says:

    Frank lawyers are routinely consulted when setting up PAC’s or campaign funds. Likewise they are routinely consulted when there is a separation of parties.

    I never walked any thin line while I was treasurer of the Liberty PAC. I have in my possession all the bank records concerning the Liberty PAC, while I was Treasurer.

    Respectfully Frank my opinion of you has changed to an extent, which is why I contacted you. With that being said I do not feel there is anything to be gained by discussing this matter in here. I made an offer to you in private which I am still willing to do. the ball is in your court.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Christy, our last private conversation, I later found out, was recorded without my knowledge, so respectfully, for now I am a little more comfortable with any conversation with you being as public as possible.
    If however, you possess the knowledge that you claim, I would advise you, as I did others in the past, to contact the proper authority having jurisdiction.
    I would also remind you now, that it was you, not I, who brought this particular conversation into a public forum.

  10. Harry Whittington says:

    This woman has no chance of winning and this video proves it. Here is a better campaign video:

    Step aside, Lacey, and let the GOP run a candidate with a better chance of winning. Those candidates would include:

    A fresh cadaver from the morgue in Wilmington.
    The above talking cat.
    A glue eating second grader who will be held back for failing recess.
    Cher Valenzuelas aborted fetuses.

    I would hate to think that a viable GOP candidate will have to suffer through a primary with this loser to get to the general election.

    Bill Christy, maybe you should come clean now about why you need a lawyer and why you broke up with Ms. Lafferty so voters don’t find out the day before they walk into the voting booth.

  11. Laffter says:

    I do seem to remember that Lacey’s FB page and the Liberty PAC WERE linked via FB

    THere are also photos published of the PAC treasurers and Lacey living it up together at a DSP function ( drug unit task force reunion) as I seem to remember.

    There is enough out there on the net to tie the two- regardless of …..

    Methinks they doth protest too much

  12. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The House of Tuxamus Maximus does a happy dance knowing both Harry and Laffter are still around! The cat is favored here.

  13. Laffter says:

    Still here bud!

    And yup, just checked – the FB liberty PAC FB page and Lacey for Gov page are linked

    She even calls it HER PAC

    Go look…..

    Last I heard, anon was right…it’s illegal.

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