“Moving Delaware Forward”

Okay, so I am not sure if anyone noticed, but Governor Jack Markell held another of his “Town Hall” meetings last night at the Cape Henlopen High School last night. The tag line he is using is, “Moving Delaware Forward”.

I would encourage all to take a look at the logo of this site, see anything familiar? That’s right, Governor Markell has hi-jacked the theme of this conservative website. We have been using the tag line since we opened our doors, and now the most corrupt, and biggest failure as the governor of Delaware, has decided to try to horn in on it.

Oh well, imitation is the highest form of flattery after all.

So a couple of things from the forum last night. First of all, anyone who went thinking they would actually get answers to their questions about the state’s economy, and or jobs, well I can sum up the evening for you, “blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah, blah balh”.

And when the Governor ran out of talking points, he would turn to his support system, the cabinet secretaries he brought along with him to field the questions that he couldn’t answer, at least then we actually got a more detailed explanation of the situation.

It went something like this, “blah blah, yadda yadda, blah yadda, yadda blah”.

The introduction of the  Governor was like something from, “This Is Your Life”, all that was missing was the voice of the Governor’s eighth grade teacher from behind the curtain saying how she remembered when little Jackie would pull the pigtails of all the girls in class. Not sure what Mr. Markell is running for, but last night seemed more like a campaign event, rather than an attempt to reach out to the citizens of the state to find out their concerns. It was all fluff, and no substance.

The other interesting thing about this event was the almost complete absence of the usual suspects of the so-called TEA Movement. Cape is in the heart of the Sussex County contingent of the radical rights nest of TEA activist. Why, one of the most notorious loose cannons, Don Ayotte, kicked off his losing campaign for county council only a few miles from last night’s venue.

There are any number of so -called activist that call that area home, yet none of them could show up, and actually challenge this governor, a governor they have been very vocal in criticizing.

Even Lacey Lafferty, someone who is telling everyone she can, that she is running for governor was there, yet her former constant companion Bill Christy was absent. Mr. Christy had become a very visible supporter of Ms. Lafferty, and was known to comment on this very blog and local talk radio, and other events. But as of late has dropped off the radar.

The list of pitchfork and torches folk who were not at last night’s event is long and telling. It goes to prove what I, and others have said and known for quite some time, these people are all bluster and bluff, they will scream from behind a keyboard, or a phone line, but when they have the chance to confront their political adversary face to face? They go to ground like a fat little ground-hog.

They had the chance to come out and ask about common core, or any number of issues that they run around the county and state crying about the sky is falling. But hey maybe the sheriff was holding another posse meeting, or maybe there was a lima bean growing seminar scheduled at the same time.

Where was the number one right-wing activist organization, the 912 Patriots? Would this not have been the perfect chance to stand outside with signs and protest this governor’s over reaching administration?

What did we see from the hard right last night? Nothing, silence. Just what we would expect, they are little more than tin cans full of rocks rolling down a hill, a lot of noise and little else. They will talk about confronting our elected officials, but when they actually have the chance, what do they do? They sit home polishing their newest sheriff challenge coins.

14 Comments on "“Moving Delaware Forward”"

  1. Richard.McKee says:

    How can any state and county and municipality be progressing when the donkeyites are atop its government, because they need increasing numbers of the masses dependent upon the government to retain power. Moreover, what is commonly today seen as progressivism is really regression.

  2. Tuxamus Maximus says:

    The House of Tuxamus Maximus can only assume that because Robin Williams show was on last night it was going to be more entertaining than watching the Markell Show. Just a thought.

    Where is Laffter when you really need him? TM can’t do what you do best!

  3. Angus Berger says:

    Why would you be surprised that the Governor is using your slogan.
    With Grossman the progressive liberal as your rudder, you should be right on board with Markell’s liberal policies.
    Good luck Lesbiman.

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    Angus Mc Furberger, if you weren’t at the meeting, and you weren’t polishing your challenge coin, what were you polishing last night?
    I can always tell when I hit near the mark with you TEA types. You run around the state accusing others of being this or that, like your comment about Mr. Grossman, and yet you can’t bother to come out and voice your opinion in a reasonable manner to the very people you oppose. You are nothing but a keyboard sissy.
    Why don’t you out yourself and then list all of the campaigns you have worked on, and how many of them that won, and it doesn’t count if your candidate was later indicted.

  5. Angus Berger says:


    Sorry I got your panties in a twist, Lesbiman. I know it’s difficult to attack when you are at a disadvantage. Gross-man doesn’t get the prefix of Mr. before him name. He’s just a thug and a con man.

  6. William Christy says:

    Mr. Knotts you are correct I was not present. Since the governors Dover town hall meeting was such a joke I saw no need to be present or waste my time attending this event.

    Most of the people who would/could have attended chose to a) either boycott the event, or b) had already purchased tickets to attend the Allen West banquet, such as was my situation.

    While Ms. Lafferty may have been present she was shunned by the legislators in attendance according to people I spoke to. FYI you might want to get that radar of yours checked out I’ve been present on Friday’s on the same radio station you call into along with at least 1 or 2 other stations, quite regularly.

    No offense Frank try thinking outside the box once in a while. If no one attends Markell’s dog and pony show he’ll be talking to himself or the shills he has planted in the audience just like he did in Dover. Your baseless contempt for others instead of the issues that really matter clearly shows, are you really any different than those you find so easy to condemn.

  7. William Christy says:

    One more thing before you or the minions accuse me of posting with various names you might want to check first. I don’t live in Laurel, my ISP isn’t Comcast. Put 2 + 2 together you’ll soon find out who Angus is along with a bunch of other names, it isn’t me or anyone else you’ve accused so far.

  8. Frank Knotts says:

    Okay Angry Burger, so we now see that you don’t like Mr. Grossman, why not tell us why. Did he snub you as a possible candidate at some point? Did he tell you the hard truth that you had no chance to win, or do you have some hidden deep unreturned love for him?
    Mr. Christy, the idea that, “boycotting” the event sends any message is so third grade. That only allows the Governor and the press to state that everyone in attendance were in agreement with the governor. However, if people show up and voice their discontent, then the press is forced to report it. No, more likely is that the people who scream the loudest from afar, are frightened children when they have to look the person in the eyes as they confront them.
    What good is done by attending the Allen West bank account event? Allen West is an American Patriot, he is a very smart man, but let us be honest, these events benefit his bank account far more than they do the citizens of the state of Delaware, that money might be better spent here electing conservative candidates, the time might be better spent working to elect conservative candidates, or by showing up and voicing our displeasure with the democratic governor and his party’s agenda.
    Now for the funny part. Mr. Christy says, ” While Ms. Lafferty may have been present she was shunned by the legislators in attendance according to people I spoke to.”
    Really? Shunned? Are you serious? Let me tell you, I was there early and standing just inside the door of the theater, I saw Ms. Lafferty enter, she looked around, spoke to the person I was standing with, went and found her seat and did not move for the rest of the time I was present.
    Now if by shunned you mean that they did not rush over to her, upon her royal entrance, then yes I guess they shunned her.
    Let me give you and her some advice, if you intend on being a candidate, and you are seeking the support of people who have already been elected, then when attending these events, don’t be stand offish, expecting and or waiting to be approached, work the room, go over and make small talk, chat them up. Remember these people have actually won election and may know a thing or two. But playing the victim and saying she was shunned only further alienates her from the very people she obviously needs.

  9. Angus Berger says:

    When is the last time Con Man Grossman got anybody elected. Oh, he’s great at taking money from people, but electing people is not his forte.
    The only one that benefits from a Grossman campaign is Grossman. Believe me, he has never volunteered for anything yet. If he isn’t getting paid, he won’t lift a finger.
    He is a political parasite.

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Do you work for free?

  11. William Christy says:


  12. William Christy says:

    Frank the only thing the liberal media reports in this state are what sheds good light upon the Markell administration. Anything that is potentially negative is either not reported or squashed to a sort blurb which disappears after a day.

    As far as Allen West it seems to me he is an elected official, he has wisdom to offer on national and events concerning our state like Common Core. What he brings to an event such the one here in Delaware is the united opinions of many people concerning the issues we have concerns about. Think outside the box be willing to look at other perspectives. Who knows those views may even have a valuable tool or two to help fight our cause here.

    As I have already stated I’m not involved in Ms. Lafferty’s campaign so I am not trying to portray her as a victim, I could care less. I posted what I was told, I had/have no reason to doubt the people who spoke to me.

    As someone who has held elected positions and help people get elected I know how to work a room, introduce myself , dress accordingly for the event and act in a professional manner.

  13. Frank Knotts says:

    Mr. Christy, if you read the WNJ the day after the event, then you know they reported that the Governor was challenged, now imagine if the room had been filled with people respectfully challenging the Governor.
    I am not talking specifically about Mr. West, but there is a number of people in Sussex especially, who spend a lot of time going to these types of gatherings, be they posse meetings, Allen West speeches, or constitutional courses, when that energy, time, and money could be spent in actually electing conservative candidates. In my opinion. But everyone is free to be who they are and to spend their time as they see fit.

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