Does She Understand?

Lacey unplugged   Considering that alleged gubernatorial candidate, Lacey Lafferty, posted this photo publically while supposedly running for governor of Delaware, one could ask whether she understands public perception.   But there is so much we can ask whether or not Ms. Lafferty understands. The number one question should be, does she understand what it really means to be governor? Or is she simply enamored with the idea of being governor. Many of the people who support her have often made the point that President Obama had no real experience to be president. Yet they have no problem supporting a person who has no experience to be governor. They will actually tell you that not knowing anything about being governor is a reason to vote for her.

Today Ms. Lafferty was on WGMD, or as I like to call it, “Hate Radio”, with Duke Brooks, or as I like to call him, “Doobie Brooks”. First let me say how amazed I was with how clear Mr. Brooks  was, considering how far he had his head up her backside. Nothing but big fat floating softballs right across the plate for questions. Of course the usual sycophants called in to tell her how great she is. But does she understand that the people calling that station are likely not voters.

After hearing callers say things like, “Lacey when you get elected, make sure you vote to protect our Bill of Rights”, does she understand, what her supporters don’t, that governors don’t vote on anything? Well I couldn’t stand it, so I called in to ask a question, one that was something other than a big wet butt kiss.

My question was based on a quote from Ms. Lafferty which she made in a Delaware Online interview. The quote was,

“Asked why she chose to run for governor before trying out for a lower office, countywide or in the legislature, Lafferty said those avenues seemed less likely to allow her to effect change.”

   She went on to say,

“For me to go through the legislative process, it’s too frustrating. I’m one of those people, I like to get things done,” she said. “You put forth a bill and then it goes to a committee, and then it goes in a drawer, and then it’s tabled and it goes away. To me, that’s truly frustrating.”

Now the reason this is important, is because Ms. Lafferty’s campaign slogans have been, “We The People” and “We Own It”.  So it is odd that a person that spends so much time talking about, we own it and we the people, and the constitution, and the people’s rights, that she would as I put it, hold such disdain for the process our Founding fathers put in place to represent the people, and to as she called it, frustrate those who just want to get things done.

Does she understand, that the process that so “frustrates” her is what is known as checks and balance, the very reason our Founders put it into place, to keep power mad tyrannical governors, who “like to get things done”, from ramming legislation through. I wonder if she understands that the “drawer veto” was used by Democrat State Senator, Thurman Adams to keep gay marriage out of Delaware for many years. An issue that is very important to her supporters.

In my question I asked her to explain how she thought as governor she would get things done, “without” the legislative process. A question she did not answer. She spent a lot of time talking about what I have written here on this blog, thanks for reading Ms. Lafferty.

But does she understand that no matter how a governor may try, there is no way to implement anything that is not funded, or approved by the “PEOPLE’S REPRESENTATIVES” in the Legislature. That is unless she intends to pass executive orders like the ones she and her supporters have criticized Pres. Obama for.

It is obvious when you listen to her talk in her bumper sticker rhetoric that she does not understand anything about the scope, or real responsibility of being governor. It is obvious that she chose to run for governor because of an out of control ego, and because she sees the executive position as the “BOSS” of government. For all of her talk about “We The People”, and “We Own It”, she really doesn’t care about the people having a voice. If by some complete breakdown of the voters of Delaware, she actually became governor, she would be completely lost, no one would work with her, even her own party would distance itself from what would be nothing more than a circus.

Thank goodness there is no chance of that happening. There is a concern that because as of right now she is in a primary against state Sen.Colin Bonini, who so far,  may be the laziest candidate I have ever seen. Many think he is running only to pad his campaign war chest.

Ms. Lafferty seems to be focusing on Sussex County, this is because she is comfortable here, this is where her supporters are, where she doesn’t have to face tough questions. Does she understand she is running a state-wide race? Well, she will tell you that her walk the length of the state qualifies her, and that she met hundreds of people during that walk. Does she understand most people saw that walk for the stunt it was, and that the only people she seemed to talk to were store employees where she stopped and forced them into photos for free T-shirts.

Lacey Lafferty hat  Does she understand how she is, and will be, perceived outside of Sussex County? She seems to think that her home-spun, hayseed, hillbilly style is quaint. She thinks her ultra-conservative rhetoric about God and guns is enough. Does she understand that the state will be facing a $160 million revenue shortfall next year as she is running for election? Does she understand anything about how the state will close that gap? Not with empty bumper sticker rhetoric. So far, she has not shown that she understand anything about the nuts and bolts of government.

Does she understand that she is not only failing to show any ability, or knowledge, she is fighting public perception. I have to tell you when she gets excited, I know it is Lacey Lafferty talking, but all I hear is Jeff Foxworthy.

laceylaffertyshotting  In my opinion, Ms. Lafferty may understand horses, she may understand how to change a car battery, she may understand guns, but she does not understand anything about running for office, let alone actually governing.

She may actually be a worse candidate than  Don Ayotte.

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  1. Tom Flinn says:

    Not Don Ayotte

  2. Unbelievable says:

    Another hate filled post from Frank Knotts. My God, when will this guy get a life.

  3. Why says:

    This is pretty low, even for you Frank. You’re losing your grip on reality.

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    Maybe Lacey Lafferty needs to amp it up a little more. More gun shooting, more religion, and a little more yee-haw …..and don’t forget the horseplay. The duPonts up there in Greenville love their horseplay.

  5. Pat Fish says:

    So I’m thinking if I should maybe put up a new post about the upcoming Governor race or just comment on this one.

    I already interviewed Lacey for another Blog I used to write for, quite a while ago. I met Lacey, of course, and have talked with her, lightly and sporadically in the past year. She’s a nice person with good intentions I must suppose. And Frank, putting up ugly pictures of people is a bit juvenile although Lacey herself told me she’s not ashamed of that shower pic, nor should she be….goodness, this is a beautiful woman even without her hair and no makeup.

    There are quite a few other folks, already elected , that would be much better gubernatorial candidates so allow me to speculate.

    I like Brian Pettyjohn cause, well he’s my state Senator so I’m prejudiced. He’s also personable and works hard for his constituents. I’ve often said that Ruth Briggs-King could be a good Governor candidate. King is a very good speaker and hey, she always looks nice. Ernesto Lopez….man this guy could take the prize. HE’s got the Lewes Liberals on his side, he’s got a great family, he’s a good talker, he’s got the academic support. Some day maybe Steve Smyk could step up to the job, maybe not yet.

    Point being if any of these other people, and there are others, including Bonini, who is sort of laid back as Frank insinuates. Lacey Lafferty has planned this action of hers for many years. She’s followed the script and on some level, I admire that.

    But I too am not convinced that she’s ready to be this state’s Governor especially as I consider a Governor Pettyjohn as a possibility.

    However, do NOT discount her. I was driving with my friend past that big billboard she has up at Rt. 9 and Rt. 1 an my friend pointed to it-said friend not a political junkee or even close-and she pointed to it and in an admiring tone she said “How cool is that? I think I’ll look into her.”

    Cause we have some inner emotion that wants the “little guy” to spring like a Phoenix from the ashes to save the world…or state, in this case.

    Anyway……I didn’t mention any of the northern Republicans but surely somebody already holding office besides Bonini, is interested in he position? And if so, where the hell are they?

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Pat, the point of the photo is to show that Ms. Lafferty does not understand how “HER” posting such photos while running for office makes her look. This sort of candidate only allows the media and Democrats to paint all Republicans as foolish as well. Again, this demonstrates her complete lack of understanding of all things political.

  7. delacrat says:


    Can you comment on why the likes of Lacey Lafferty, Christine O’Donnell, Donald Trump, Sara Palin, Jeff Christopher seem to be attracted to the GOP as opposed to, say, the Green or Democratic Parties ?

  8. Geezer says:

    Lacey Lafferty no more reflects on the Republican Party than Mike Protack does. You can’t stop self-deluded people from running for office. You can, however, refrain from voting for them.

    As for “unbelievable” and “why” (almost certainly the same person), go f*ck yourself. Frank has things to say, and the Constitution guarantees his right to say them. You, on the other hand, have nothing to add.

    Lacey Lafferty has more chance of flying to the moon by flapping her arms than she does of becoming even the GOP candidate, let alone governor.

    When oh when will conservatives figure out that they are the prime fishing ground for scam artists looking to land a big fish?

  9. Honi Soit says:

    My favorite position paper that Lafferty issued was on educating Delaware’s youth. She identified the crux of the problem: “classroom dynamics”. And she proposed concrete solutions:

    1. Add social etiquette classes in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th grades.
    2. Bring back gym classes.
    3. Institute daily study hall.
    4. Hire classroom monitors where class size is 20+ and pay for it by sacking six-figure school administrators. The monitors will handle disruptive students who fail the etiquette classes.

    Lafferty seems impervious to the fact that all of her solutions (whatever their merits) are ones that fall under the purview of local school boards and not the state.

  10. justsayin says:

    I have some concerns with Double LL running for Governor. First, she needs to clear up this “retired trooper” bit. My understanding was she was one of the troopers who filed for disability for hearing damage from firing her firearm. If this is true, her video of her firing of rounds and pictures of her at the State Police firing range make her look just as bad as a freeloading Democrat. In other words she can shoot when she wants to and she can work when she wants to. Hmmm something suspicious there!

  11. justsayin says:

    Why has no one gone to Simpler and asked him for his thoughts? I mean he is the first successful candidate in 20 years, why not listen to the person that had a winning plan?

  12. Frank Knotts says:

    Delacrat asked, “why the likes of Lacey Lafferty, Christine O’Donnell, Donald Trump, Sara Palin, Jeff Christopher seem to be attracted to the GOP as opposed to, say, the Green or Democratic Parties ?”
    I could ask why people like Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter or John Kerry are attracted to the Democrat party, but you would not understand the comparison.
    The people you listed have taken their views of conservatism to the party that most represents them. I personally think that those views are far too fringe to appeal to a broad range of voters and is why, especially here in Delaware the GOP struggles. There is of course a faction of the GOP, especially in Sussex that supports those views, this is why too often these fringe types have success in primaries.
    All parties have their fringe, and right now those elements are what is pulling the nation in separate directions, one can only hope that at some point we reach the stretching point and snap back to the center of sanity.
    Honi, in one of her earlier versions of her website, which was cleansed following criticism, on education she spoke of where responsibility lay for education, the first thing listed was government in Dover, parents were far down the list, and no mention of local school boards at all.
    We must remember that Ms. Lafferty was a strong supporter of Jeff Christopher in his failed re-election campaign, and many of her supporters simply changed T-shirts the day after he lost, and put on Lacey Lafferty T-shirts. This group of far right fringe so called conservatives are what I call “BIG GOVERNMENT CONSERVATIVES”. They are fine with more government control, as long as they are the ones controlling government. Just look at how the same people are running the microcosm of government in the Sussex GOP Committee. Same issues, sit down and do as I say.
    A lacey Lafferty administration……………………………………………………………………………… Sorry for the break there, I had to stop laughing, would be her constantly trying to implement her views and agenda while side-stepping the legislative process. She would rain down upon Delaware a never ending stream of law suits. We would be in the news on a daily basis being ridiculed for the idiocy of our governor.
    No thanks. And unless someone other than the snail paced Colin Bonini decides to run, I may find myself voting for Democrats…………………………………………………………………………. Sorry for the break, I had to stop throwing up.

  13. Bill Christy says:

    Frank a bit of history concerning Brook’s softball questions. When Brooks had his first meeting with Lafferty in 2013 I was with her. He pulled me aside and asked me if she and I were involved ( a couple), I said NO I’m happily married. He was and in my opinion is still smitten with her, hence the kid glove treatment.

    Its a well known fact I was part of her campaign from the onset in 2013 when she first announced. I filled the role of Treasurer for the Liberty PAC. The reason I bring this up is due to your perception of her “BOSS” mentality. You are spot on 100% everything is her way or the highway. She does not welcome suggestions, or handle constructive criticism well.

    The DSTA doesn’t support her candidacy, the presumed state leader of Oath Keepers has stated he will not vote for her because she lacks “integrity”. most 9-12 members have said will not vote for her.

  14. Bill Christy says:

    justsayin’ double LL did not file for disability. She contracted Lyme disease, a side effect from her treatment was hearing loss. It had nothing to do with her firing her gun. It was determined that due to her hearing loss she could no longer perform her duties as a trooper and she was offered a disability pension. What always struck me as odd is there were other troopers who had hearing loss as severe or worse than hers. However they did not receive a disability pension when they requested it. One has to wonder what the REAL reason was that after 12 years she was no longer a DSP trooper.

    As someone who suffers from mild hearing loss due to age, and a gun owner who goes to the range, I was amazed that Ms. Lafferty did not use any hearing protection. It seems extremely irresponsible when someone has no hearing in one ear that they would not use due diligence to protect what hearing they do have.

  15. delacrat says:


    If Donald Trump was a “fringe” Republican, he would not be leading in the polls.

    If Christine O’Donnell was a “fringe” Republican, she would not have beaten Mike Castle.

    If Sara Palin was a “fringe” Republican, she would never have been elected mayor, governor or a VP running mate.

    What you fail to understand is that GOP lunatics are actually the GOP mainstream, whereas GOP rationals are the GOP fringe.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    I personally do not put a lot of stock in polls on a national level, too easy to manipulate, and the media would love Trump to be the face of the GOP.
    O’Donnell beat Castle because many such as myself were just tired of Castle and would have voted for anyone other than him.
    Palin was chosen as a VP running mate by McCain because she appealed to the fringe which the moderate McCain needed.
    I will admit that the TEA fringe elements of the GOP have for a time taken over, but here in Delaware and Sussex we are seeing a snap back. Christopher’s loss and Simpler’s win are examples.

  17. Geezer says:

    “I personally do not put a lot of stock in polls on a national level, too easy to manipulate, and the media would love Trump to be the face of the GOP.”

    If you weren’t so stupid, you could learn something about polling instead of just spouting ignorant nonsense. But then, spouting ignorant nonsense is what fringe types like you do best.

  18. Frank,

    First of all thank you for your press releases. Good, bad or indifferent it gets my name out there in the public. Certainly your not near as good as the News Journal article that Mr. Fisher wrote about me and put on the front page of the newspaper.
    I know your purpose for writing your lying opinion blog trash was to get me to respond, so I will bite at your bait this only time.
    Everything you have written past, present and I know in the future is a blatant lie and will continue to be a lie. Believe me people are not that stupid to believe anything you say or your minion trolls.
    I can prove everything I say and do.
    Everything Bill Christy has written is also a blatant lie. His and your despicable reputations perceive both of you. Bill Christy was released from my campaign because he is a thief. Neither one of you speak anything that even comes anywhere near the truth, that’s why your blog writings are at the least very juvenile and despicable.
    When people such as yourselves have no substance and support a candidate that has no substance you as well as other’s resort to dirty political lying personal attacks to discredit the candidate that is ahead of the rest.
    People know when one is attacked by vicious lying opinion political personal character attacks, I certainly must be a threat. GOOD!!! I must be doing something RIGHT to bring people such as you out from under your rocks.
    Second if you must know the truth I will be happy to set you both straight. I was tested for my hearing loss that was picked up in a routine examination, testing for Lyme was one aspect that might have contributed to my right ear deafness. Testing revealed I did not contract Lyme but I was given strong antibiotics which altered my digestive tract severely. After thorough testing, it was revealed that my deafness resulted in a partial duty connected disability contributing to my job which was my career as a patrol unit State Trooper. This was discovered after I was rewarded by Democratic Gov. Ruth Ann Minner with the Governor’s Excellence Award in 2007. Col. McCleash and the Administration decided it was to my best interest to retire me with a partial duty connected disability pension by which all troopers pay for, deducted from their pay the entire time through their employment. My State Police personnel records will reflect of my exemplary and most successful career as a Delaware State Police officer.
    Further, I do use hearing protection within the ear canal during shooting events if you really cared.
    As for any ludicrous notion, suggestion or even discussion among anyone affiliated with my campaign of any personal relationship with Mr. Christy is fabrication from a raging fringe lunatic with mental disorders.
    Frank Knotts has also and continues to fabricate, twist and manipulate his lying opinions on everything about me in his quest to discredit me for even stepping into the Governor’s race at all since day one. His is blatantly a sexist and a male chauvinist. Don’t use the excuse that you support Rep. Ruth King Briggs because you have mentioned enough through the Republican Party in the past how you truly feel. You are just kissing up to her now.
    In closing, your dirty political character assassinated lies and tricks will not work as only your shallow character shows through your pathetic ramblings of a mad man that you and Steve Grossman so mentioned to up state political party people that you both would do to me. Yes, that bit of information seemed to trickle down state pretty fast about both of your plans to character assassinate me as I forge ahead of everyone. Well, buddies I am in the lead and intend to stay there whether you both like or not.
    Small men has small _____ to where they have to resort to dirty tricks. That’s all you both have going for you.
    If you or this blog site had any substance at all you would try to improve your writings, behaviors, ethics, characters, integrity and show how the rest of the political world functions. But, we all know in the Republican Party that is not on your agenda or Delaware Right’s agenda. Your primary focus and agenda since its inception is to create havoc and dysfunction in the De. GOP to help Jeff Cragg with his aspirations of running for Governor in 2016.
    So far how is it working for you? I just stepped in 3 years ago and just messed up the whole darn plan didn’t I. Gosh darn her, she is just a pain in the ars.
    Now you know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say. By the way, if you want the truth go to the source, I will tell you the truth and have the necessary paperwork to prove it.

  19. I forgot Frank I do like that picture you post of me with the towel on my head. I certainly would not have posted it on my Facebook page if I thought anything else of it. Doesn’t matter if I wear a towel, baseball hat, top hat, cowboy hat and anything else. I secure woman who can go with or without makeup and wear a towel on my head like any other citizen out in our community.
    Pat, tell your grandson I think it is cool too.

    God Bless and warm regards,
    Lacey Lafferty

  20. Sorry Pat I meant your friend! Now I have to get on with my life that has a purpose!

  21. Frank Knotts says:

    Thanks Geezer, appreciate your well thought out opinions. If you believe that polls can’t be manipulated, well then I have some swamp land to sell you as prime real-estate.
    Okay, first let me thank Lacey Lafferty for commenting here under her own name, as always we here at Delaware Right welcome all to the conversation. I do wish she would write in English, I have tried several translation sites and I think I have at least the gist of what she said. By the way, the one that seemed to work the best was boor to English.
    Obviously she is a fan of Delaware Right, that goes without saying.
    Let me try and address some of her rambling comments. First of all Ms? Lafferty, an opinion cannot by nature be a lie, you may not agree with it, but that does not make it a lie. That is unless you are a tyrant governor who would react to criticism by lashing out angrily. But maybe that is something else you don’t understand.
    And if you were not so egotistical you might understand that when read carefully, you can hear Mr. Fisher giggling as he wrote that article. (That’s my opinion.)
    I did say you were the worst candidate since Don Ayotte, and with this statement you demonstrate that you are actually taking instruction from him, “First of all thank you for your press releases. Good, bad or indifferent it gets my name out there in the public.”
    Maybe you don’t understand, there is such a thing as bad press, you might want to take this under consideration since you seem to get it every time you speak.
    And Ms? Lafferty, do you understand that when you repeatedly say you are a “retired” state Trooper, it has a slightly different meaning than being a Trooper who was released on a disability because they could no longer do their job?
    Also, to call me a “sexist” seems to be playing the woman card, are you now saying that a woman running for elected office should be treated differently than a man? Sounds like a weak position at best, but maybe you don’t understand that.
    Ms? Lafferty, you say, ” My State Police personnel records will reflect of my exemplary and most successful career as a Delaware State Police officer.”
    Well would you like to release those here and now, or should someone FOIA them? I would gladly give you a stand alone guest post for such a release of important information that voters would benefit from, and someone such as yourself, who puts such importance in the rights of the people would surely be willing to better inform the voters. Don’t you agree they have a right to know about the person asking to be their governor?
    You are correct in one way, I have from the beginning of your “campaign” made it clear that I could not take it seriously, nor could I support it. As for discrediting you as a candidate? Well all need be done in that respect is to shine the light of public scrutiny upon the things you say and do.
    What you really don’t understand is that it takes more than desire to be elected to an office such as governor. It takes more than sitting around a table of the local pizza restaurant buying pizza on the campaign dime for the five or six people who tell you how great you are, just ask Jeff Christopher.

  22. Nancy Reagan's Ghost says:

    Small men has small _____ to where they have to resort to dirty tricks. That’s all you both have going for you.

    Very gubernatorial. Reagan used to accuse people of having small d*&ks all of the time. So did Thatcher and Churchill and sometimes the first Pope John Paul but never the second one.

    This makes no sense, does your campaign offer a “Lacey to English” dictionary?

    your dirty political character assassinated lies and tricks will not work as only your shallow character shows through your pathetic ramblings of a mad man that you and Steve Grossman so mentioned to up state political party people that you both would do to me.

  23. waterpirate says:

    I chose to surf during English class and my spelling and grammar reflect that.,,,, But that post even made me wince for LL, never mind the content.

  24. Don Nots says:

    I wish she had responded with a video comment. Bang. Bang-Bang.

    The faster Wolf and Ayotte recruit her the better. Train wreck.

  25. pandora says:

    I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ll start with: Commas and basic sentence structure are important. Proofreading before hitting “submit comment” is important.

    The blogging format is one that lends itself to quick replies – complete with misspellings, syntax errors, etc.. I’m not big on playing the grammar police, but, holy cow, that was atrocious… and embarrassing.

  26. Bill Christy says:

    I still have all the original bank records concerning my tenure as treasurer for the Liberty PAC. That includes the receipt for cash deposit I made which was my own money. That deposit was made at the Milford branch office of the bank. I also have a text message from you stating I was dismissed because I wasn’t raising any money for the PAC. I checked with the election commission, NOTHING I did was illegal or unlawful. This was verified to me when I called the election commission to request that I be removed as treasurer for the Liberty PAC. I was informed only you could do so. Subsequently I was informed you had submitted the necessary paperwork. Several days after that I received a call inquiring if I was aware that was listed as treasurer for your gubernatorial campaign.
    1) If I am the thief as you claim why would you submit documents to the election commission listing me as treasurer for you campaign.
    2) I was NOT present when the campaign document was notarized. That means you would have had to state that it was my signature on the document. YOU submitted that document to the election commission listing me as your campaign treasurer. .

    Ms Lafferty it’s damn funny that after we parted ways I received a threatening text message from you which I allowed a number of legislators to read. You threatened to confront my wife and “tell her everything….you know what I mean EVERYTHING !!!!”
    Shortly after that I was informed you intended on calling child protective services on my wife and me. That did happen our 2 granddaughters (now 9 and 7 whom we have had custody of for 5 years) were “interviewed” in school by child protective services. The case worker came out to our home unannounced to interview us. In the report it stated that the person filing the report strongly suggested DSP should be present because I should be considered armed and dangerous. There was other specific information contained in the report that was filed that ONLY YOU KNEW Ms. Lafferty. The child protective service worker showed us the report, she also stated it read like it was a summary made by a person with a law enforcement background. She also stated it clearly was a retaliatory act by someone who had ” an axe to grind” with me. The report was dismissed as false, and completely baseless.

    In closing Ms. Lafferty I was NEVER part of your “campaign team”, I was treasurer for the Liberty PAC. I never signed any Lafferty for Governor paperwork, nor was I present when said paperwork was notarized as required by election commission law. No on does a better job of discrediting Ms. Lafferty, than she does herself.

  27. Lacey Lafferty says:

    (Note) – I have responded to this blog site article by Frank Knotts and Bill Christy remarks to clarify the truth against their malicious, willful and flagrant attempts to character assassinate my integrity. I find this web site, blog article, its remarks and the participants disgusting to say the least. My purpose in life is to not waste my time with such trivial nonsense such as this.

    Bill Christy,
    The only statement you have right is that you had no part of my gubernatorial campaign team. Everything else you mention is a fabrication of your own sick imagination. I don’t know one thing you have ever written or told that was correct on any events that occur in your presence. I have all the records that can prove everything I mentioned above. Period. You invested no time or money as Treasurer of the Liberty PAC. You were released after two months for using money out of the account to gas your truck up, which records show as well as your background investigation. There is nothing darn funny about your despicable behavior (which was observed) and your threatening text messages that where instigated by you. Other people who also have had the unfortunate opportunity to be affiliated with you also can verify what I have stated. You have that pattern of sick behavior where ever you go. I responded one time to advise you if it continued you would be arrested for harassment. Its all there. The police have it.
    Make up all the lies you want. It doesn’t matter. I have all the documents to prove otherwise.

    Therefore, It would be prudent on your part if you really had an ounce of integrity at all to stop inserting you foot in your mouth. You don’t have any character to save. I don’t intend converse with you at any length because it would only feed to your mental instability.

    Frank don’t flatter yourself that I really actively read this blog site. I don’t have time for it. It was only brought to my attention by others that do. Furthermore don’t ask me for anything. You haven’t displayed a unbiased or factional piece of writing material since I became aware of your existence. It wouldn’t matter what I did, you would twist it to suit yourself and your agenda.

    I will make you aware that any and all information you and others are disseminating on this blog site or any other internet site are being carefully monitored for their accuracy and factual content by a authorized counsel.
    I would advise you and others to cease and desist of any flagrantly despicable information based upon your own lies and opinions that would and could damage my character, honor and integrity. Just because one is a candidate, it doesn’t give anyone the right to damage that person’s character with false information. You have been warned.

    God Bless,
    Lacey Lafferty

    P.S. If all I do is deliberately leave out a few commas here and there. deliberately misspell a word and have a run on sentence that conveyed its content well that’s better than attacking the message that was left. After all its only a blog site that equals a scratch pad.

  28. Lacey Lafferty says:

    BTW, any kind of press good, bad or indifferent hasn’t hurt Donald Trump!

  29. Frank Knotts says:

    Ms? Lafferty, first off, you are not Donald Trump.
    But you are Donald Ayotte’s twin.
    You are correct, I do not hide my bias, but I have shown a willingness to allow those I disagree with a forum for their views, even if it is only to attack me.
    I have heard the lawyer threat in the past. I have also heard the “I meant to do that” excuse.
    I have heard the, “I don’t read this blog, someone told me about it” line as well.
    I have given my opinion that you are not a viable candidate and the reasons why, this is not a lie, it is the truth of what I think.
    So I will again offer you an unedited guest post at the top of the page to clarify anything you feel the need to.
    As for your record of service ? I am sure someone will FOIA them eventually.

  30. waterpirate says:

    How about this?

    I would love to see in the written word by LL what qualifies her to be Gov. other than her desire to serve. Frank rolled out a invite, so here is your chance. Also the threat that you are being watched, and are about to be subject to a legal action, smacks of the crap perpetrated by D.A. and others in the blogosphere to no end. If by some bizzare twist you are elected Gov. can we expect more of the same threats and attempts at intimidation?

  31. fightingbluehen says:

    In Lacey’s defense ,I don’t think the town of Lewes was really geared towards education back in the 60’s and 70’s. It was more about fishing, farming, and small factories, and I concur with waterpirate over the distractions in our area.

  32. waterpirate says:

    I would add the 80’s to your list as well. When the smoking lounge for students was eliminated, the education improved. As for defense of LL….. Once you throw your towel, I mean hat in the ring you are held to a higher standard than the pundits on the blogosphere. While it appears to a novelty to be a peoples candidate for now as the election cycle moves forward it will be less tollerant of the slogans and echo chamber rehtoric.

    The time will come when LL is going to have to fish, not just cut bait. She will have to broaden her appeal state wide. Present a clear and definitive plan of her intentions and really get serious about how to fix Delawares fiscal perils and a host of other problems we are facing.

    Saddly she will also find that a host of issues in her personal life which are overlooked now, will not stand up to the purity test that is comming. Again as a private citizen nobody cares about her personal life. As a candidate for Gov. the gloves are off and hard fastballs that can not be ducked or ignored are going to start comming accrosed the plate.

    Good luck with all that.

  33. Nancy Reagan's Ghost says:

    Lacey, you need to learn how to read the handwriting on the wall, your campaign is already dead. Right now you’re simply entertainment for Delaware’s mainstream media. If you happen to get past the primary, which the media will love, your life will be ripped apart and examined, bit by bit. Your record while a state trooper will be publicly vetted. The accusations by Bill Christy (and anyone else) will be examined with a microscope. Your relationship to Vince Calabro and the details about his fundraiser with missing money will become “Unitygate” and you’ll be defending yourself from accusations about it every day. Even your sex life will be laid bare. And after all of that, in the end you’ll lose because of the simple fact that there aren’t enough registered Republicans for someone like you to win a statewide race without carrying independents (which you won’t) and getting significant D crossover votes (which will never happen).

    I look forward to your “I am you” video.

  34. Bill Christy says:

    Ms. Lafferty,
    I’ve NEVER denied using the Liberty PAC bank card to put gas in my truck. Both you and I had bank cards for the Liberty PAC account. The bank cards were discussed at the M&T bank when we opened the account. We both agreed on what the cards would be used for. I made a cash deposit of $140.00 at M&T Bank Milford branch. I have said deposit slip in my possession, as well as all Liberty PAC bank statements from 4/2103 – 9/2013
    The list below are the real facts regarding the initial organization of Liberty PAC and bank account.

    1) The Liberty PAC was officially registered with the Delaware Election Commission on 03/08/2013. I was listed as the Treasurer on that document.

    2) The Liberty PAC bank account was opened up on 4/5/2013 with an initial minimum deposit of $25.00 made by you.

    3) The Liberty PAC bank account address was listed as;
    24 S. Valley Forge Drive
    Shawnee Acres
    Milford DE 19963
    This is my home address. I received all the original bank statements NOT you..

    4) On 5/13/2013 09:12 AM I made a cash deposit of $140.00 at the M & T Bank Milford branch.

    5) 5/17/2013 donation to DSTA – $50.00 paid by check 1001 which you counter endorsed.

    6) 6/24/2013 – $20.00 gas (debit card) driving you to an event with my vehicle.

    7) 7/23/2013 – $20.00 SCRWC associate membership – check number 1002. Check was counter endorsed by you.

    8) 9/2013 – $49.00- gas for my vehicle (debit card) fuel for a number of meetings held at your home in Laurel

    As I stated I have all the bank deposit slips and records that were mailed to my home monthly by the bank. Perhaps you should take a course in remedial math I served as Treasurer for the Liberty PAC from March 2013 – October 2013 when my name was officially removed. That is a period of 8 months not 2 as you claim. My personal cell phone number was still listed on official Liberty PAC Delaware election commission paperwork until 3/30/2015 TWO (2) years after I was no longer affiliated in any way with the Liberty PAC.

    If you in fact have all the documents concerning the Liberty PAC bank account, than in my personal opinion the 2013 Annual finance report was falsified. Nowhere on the report filed by you on 02/20/2014 does the $140.00 deposit I personally made to Liberty PAC appear. There is not an entry for the 2 expenditures paid for by check numbers 1001 and 1002 or reimbursement for expenses (fuel for my vehicle) for driving you in my vehicle. However you did note under In-Kind Contributions “Lacey Lafferty paid for the Liberty PAC website from her personal account” $350.00

    In this very blog questions were raised about your campaign/PAC activity. I publicly stated I resigned and was no longer involved with your bid for governor or treasurer for the Liberty PAC in Sept 2013. That post is still in this blog site and the date will reflect it was well prior to you removing me as treasurer of the Liberty PAC. As previously explained in another comment, I could not remove myself at the election commission level.

    Lacey Lafferty on 7/18/2015 wrote “Bill Christy was released from my campaign because he is a thief.”

    I was NEVER part of your “campaign team” the Liberty PAC was never a campaign organization. I NEVER stole a damn thing from Liberty PAC.

    Lacey Lafferty on 7/19/2015 wrote “The only statement you have right is that you had no part of my gubernatorial campaign team.”

    The Lacey Lafferty for Governor 2016 notarized paperwork submitted to the Delaware election commission (Origination date 9/03/2013) listed me as Treasurer for your campaign. My “signature” is on that paperwork and it was notarized prior to being submitted to the election commission. Since I was not present when the document was notarized, you would have attested that it was my signature on the paperwork.

    I am more than willing to provide all the financial records I have regarding my tenure as Liberty PAC treasurer to Delaware Right or any other organization that would like to review them.

  35. Don Nots says:


  36. what a joke says:

    “I still say its not the farmers fought that the bays are polluted. The cities have been discharging sewege waste in the inland bays that have contaminated the bays equatic life. So, your alterative is to pump the sewege out in the ocean, contaminating the ocean equatic life because you believe its cheaper. Really! Pumping the treated sewege to a irrigated field so the soil can filter the waste before it hits the water table might be more expensive but it will save the equatic life in the inland bays and ocean. Maybe we can all start eating our fish again in the future!” – Lacey Lafferty delawareonline
    This is her response to the outfall issue at Rehoboth Beach. How the hell can anyone take this weird al yankovich clone seriously.

  37. mouse says:

    That photo makes me more likely to vote for her. It would nice if Republican candidates had some things to talk about beyond sexual issues, guns and religion.

  38. Bill Christy says:

    Take NOTICE Ms. Lafferty even your fellow IOTC Oath Keeper Mike Rowe has publicly stated he will not vote for you.

    “Until a viable Conservative Republican steps forward to announce their candidacy I will be supporting, and voting for John Carney. I realize he is a Democrat but I feel that he has more character and integrity than either of the announced Republican candidates.” -Mike Rowe 7/12/2015

  39. mouse says:

    What is it with republicans and oaths

  40. Dunleve says:

    What is with Dems and abortions.

  41. Dunleve says:

    What is it with Dems and illegals.

  42. Dunleve says:

    What is it with Dems and allowing hostile countries to become nuclear powers.

  43. Dunleve says:

    What is it with Dems and deficits.

  44. Dave says:

    “What is it with Dems and allowing hostile countries to become nuclear powers.”

    You mean like North Korea? Or doesn’t that count because it would be inconvenient?

  45. pandora says:

    Dunleve, needs to do some deficit homework, as usual. And while he’s at it he can look up immigrant deportation.

    As far as abortion… here are the stats:

    A broad cross section of U.S. women have abortions:

    58% are in their 20s;
    61% have one or more children;
    56% are unmarried and not cohabiting;
    69% are economically disadvantaged; and
    73% report a religious affiliation.

    Take a good look at the women in your life. Odds are they’ve had an abortion. You want to argue any of these figures… supply links.

  46. mouse says:

    Bitter clinger

  47. fightingbluehen says:

    I call BS on “look up immigrant deportation.” The books have been cooked on this one.
    In the recent past when border crossers were put on a bus and sent back to Mexico after they got caught , they were not categorized as being deported, but the Obama administration has changed this to make it seem like there are more deportations now.

  48. mouse says:

    When a chicken farmer pile a 2 story high pile of chicken crap on sandy soil with a high water table next to a tax ditch that connects to the inland bays, it’s easy to trace where the “pollution” comes from. The only town still dumping in the inland bays is Rehoboth. The resident of Rehoboth decided with home rentals only starting at 2 grand a week, and home sales starting at 750K, that they couldn’t afford land application.

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