A Book Review Having Everything to Do With the Upcoming Presidential Election Though It Was Written in 1996

It’s all about the Clintons, this “Blood Sport” by James B. Stewart. “Whitewater” was small potatoes”, the book shouts. “Hillary had nothing to do with the travel office”, it shrieks. But the book does reveal just what Hillary does to control her world and pay attention cause she might be the next President of the U.S.

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I normally do not do book reviews for this Blog though I do plenty of book reviews on my personal Blog, insert slight Blog pimp here. But I make exception for this book as I want to share with yon wise readers

I chanced to get this book from, of all people, Linda Creasy, currently, as of this writing, secretary of the Sussex Republican GOP. She happened to stop by my house and left me with DVD’s to listen to and this book to read.

Well dag, this book was published in 1996 and that’s what?…almost 20 years ago? So I sat down and perused the book, a thick thing, and thought “Nah, I’ll never read this thing.”

Some of the personalities of the Clinton presidency covered in this book include George Stephanopoulos, Jim and Susan McDougal, Bernard Nussbaum, Paula Jones, Vince Foster, Bill Gerth, Paul Blair, Linda Tripp, Billy Dale and, of all people, Loretta Lynch!

I ought to win a prize for reading this book.

Because only a political junkee would read such a detailed, often overwhelming account of confusing and complex financial transactions. I’d add that during the Clinton era I was only mildly interested in politics but like most people, I began to pay attention when Monica Lewinsky came along. I’d add that this books leads up to the Paula Jones case and does not mention Lewinsky.

I only delved into the book because of the Clinton foundation scandal, figuring if I could understand how they engineered Whitewater that maybe I could figure their methodology and procedures.

Indeed, I did.

Let us begin with Whitewater. Because I have no idea why the Clintons got involved with the McDougals on this particular project. Even with the endless detail provided by the author, there is no logic or reason why Bill and Hillary Clinton got themselves all involved in this scheme to buy a plot of almost wilderness to sell to naïve buyers. As the details unfold, the reader learns that Jim McDougal is a pathetic soul, moving money from here to pay this and moving money from there to pay that. This all during the Savings and Loan scandal of the 80’s when many S&L’s were doing thhis Ponzi scheme as well.

Jim MCDougal was not a talented guy and he wasn’t much of a Clinton supporter. Why on earth the Clintons got involved in this scheme is difficult to understand. But I can speculate. I am very good at that.

The Clintons were looking for a quick lot of bucks and they thought they could get same from Whitewater. Around the same time Hillary, allegedly, deposited $1,000 in the commodities market and managed to gain a $100,000 profit in a short amount of time. The author details the commodities, how large sums of money can be made suddenly if hit just right, how this market helps keeps farm products on an even keel (sorry, but Stewart’s explanation on this left me at a loss).

At this point allow this reviewer to observe that the author seemed to be pro-Clinton, slanting much of the detail to make the Clintons look innocent. OR, at the most, as the quote from the book below details:

“Some weeks later, Gerth asked a White House official involved why he’d been given such a preposterous explanation in the first place. The official paused. ‘The first instinct from everybody from Arkansas,’ he said, ‘is to lie’.”

The author glosses over Hillary’s great commodities prize but this reader didn’t buy it. He also glossed over the great White House Travel office scandal. “Hillary had nothing to do with that,” the author states, as if this was true.

Here’s what I learned….the Clintons, perhaps most corrupt politicos, don’t call up someone and say “Set up a fake commodities account for me so I can hide a $100,000 contribution from Saudi Arabia”….or something.

Hillary never called up her second in command and said “fire the entire White House Travel Office so I can install my friend’s Arkansas travel agency and maybe float some money through that business.”

Of course not and the author seems to think the reader was born at night….LAST NIGHT.

Hillary rules the world and uses few words and actions by her to do so. The Clintons are surrounded by sycophants and these sycophants do their bidding.

If I have learned nothing from this book it is the colusion above.

So now we have the infamous Clinton foundation and hey, nobody’s going to find anything although they should.

For Hillary is used to the world giving way to her royals presence and pesky peons annoy her. It’s why she does terrible on the campaign trail and it’s why, if God is in His heaven, she will not win the presidency.

This Clinton foundation is Whitewater that succeeded. Because Hillary was looking for a way for launder money. The Clintons did lose money on Whitewater but Hillary sure made a bundle on those commodities futures, didn’t she?

Looking back at the minor money amount in Whitewater, damn even the commodities grand prize, is nothing to the millions the Clintons have made using Bill’s former-President status and Hillary’s Secretary of State influence.

Whitewater was just practice.
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