Donald Trump Is My President

donald trump  It has been quite some time since I have posted here. I hope my loyal readers haven’t given up on me.  I have actually sat myself down several times to begin this post, and each time I felt I was still not ready. You see, I have been dealing with many different emotions following the election of Donald Trump as our next POTUS.

I was extremely disappointed, not because I wanted someone else to win, there was no one,out of the final choices,who I would have been happy to have as my next president. I was disappointed because I did, and still do have,grave concern for the future of America under the presidency of Donald Trump.

To be honest, I have seen little to relieve those concerns, and somethings actually increase them. His Cabinet choices are stocked with his crony millionaire friends, and now it seems he will stack the top national security positions with former Generals. Citizens should be concerned we may be losing the oh, so important civilian control of our military and security agencies.

I have also been dealing with personal emotions , caused by people who I felt were level-headed, intelligent, and truly concerned with the betterment of this nation, who were acting following the election of Donald Trump like Cowboy fans. Instead of seeking a healing of the divisions the campaign had created, they took their victory lap in a most Trump like way.

They refuse to see the danger this man may pose, they choose rather to talk about how much better he will be than Hillary Clinton would have been. Well that is mere conjecture, since we will never have a Clinton administration to compare to whatever comes from the Trump administration.

I have opposed Donald Trump since the day he announced his campaign, in a speech in which he made racist blanket statements about Hispanics, or as he named them, “Mexicans”.

I do not hide my concern for the damage I think he will unleash upon our civil liberties, the way I feel he will only grow the divide of race relations in America, the potential risk of war due to his complete lack of any foreign policy experience. I will not sell my principles simply to celebrate a person with an “R” after their name winning the Oval Office.

Some are touting his business skills in the Carrier “deal”.   Well it’s not a deal until Trump is sworn in, and I wonder how many of those praising him now, will remember in a year, when Carrier closes that plant anyway and have cashed the tax payer’s check?

But no matter how bad I think it is, or might be, I respect our system of government, our election process. You won’t find me whining, like some little bitch with a microphone, about how we need to do away with the Electoral College just because I don’t like the results.

You won’t hear me giving a running total of the popular vote count, and how Hillary’s margin keeps growing, because that isn’t how the Founders intended. The election process has served us well for two-hundred plus years, you win some, you lose some. Take it like a champ, and move on.

So I say to all those people on the political left, just stop with the Hillary thing, she lost. And stop saying Donald Trump isn’t your President, he will be in a very short time, get used to it.

To all of those people on the right, who are not happy with the results, get over it, Trump will be, for good or bad, representing the so-called right for four years, get used to it. That includes me by the way.

And to all of those who are so overjoyed because of Trump’s victory, slow your roll friends. Some are happy because they think he will be deporting the illegals. Some think he will bring jobs back to America. Some think he will go on some kind of serial-killer, killing spree and rid the world of all Muslims. Some are just hack-Republican apparatchik, who could care less about policy and governing, and care only that the “BRAND” is currently on the top shelf.

Let me be clear, on January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump will be my President, and he will be the President of every citizen of these United States, and should be given all the respect the office deserves. Following his being sworn in, I will, for the most part, when writing about him, refer to him as “President Trump”.

I would hope that all the citizens of the United States of America would attempt to do the same. Whether you voted for him or not, whether like me, you feel he may be the worst president ever, time will tell.

This does not however mean, we as citizens, should abdicate our citizen’s responsibility to hold all our elected officials accountable. You see, if someone says Trump is not their president, then in my view, they give up the right to criticize him. They should take full ownership of this Trump administration, and watch it with both eyes open. Take note of the promises broken, take note of the infringement of rights, be they those of yourself, or your neighbor. Be wary of the risk of racism, be watchful of the cronyism, be outspoken, but be respectful of the office, while being critical of the man.

It is every citizen’s duty to hold their president accountable. Of course I have no delusions that many will have blind spots. They will ignore it when and if Trump passes bans on Muslims, after all, all Muslims are terrorist. They will look the other way when he gives sweetheart deals to his millionaire buddies, after all it’s good for business. They will say good riddance to all the “Mexicans”, after all, their all just thieves and rapist. And of course, they will be ready with quick excuses for why Trump has not fulfilled his promises, after all, it’s the Democrats fault.

There will be the opposite as well. There will be those who see no good because he is a Republican, they will criticize any and all things Trump. They will seek to divide in order to gain back power.

This is not the answer. The answer is to see that which is in front of you, honestly, and to work to make it better. So yes, Donald trump is my President for the next four years, and in that time, I will watch, honestly, will you?

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  1. Rick says:

    He needs to be given a chance. He hasn’t been sworn in yet.

    On a side note, there is a lot of talk about Hillary winning the “popular vote.” This is true. But, her 2.8 million vote lead is attributable to California, where she won by around 3-million.

    So, her popular vote “mandate” comes from the most radical, far-left state in the union Which is exactly why the Founders established the Electoral College.

  2. delacrat says:


    “[T]he Founders intended” not to “take it like a champ”, and did not say “get used to it” or that George III was their King.

  3. fightingbluehen says:

    Hang in there Frank, I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised, and speaking of the “popular vote”; last night before turning in, I was flipping through the TV stations when I turned to Comedy Central and the Daily Show.
    There was this dude with a foreign accent who was mocking The U.S. Constitution, The Founding Fathers, and The U.S. Electoral College. It just seemed totally bizarre to me.

    The Huffington Post picked it up:

  4. Rick says:

    Yeah, the United states really needs the advice of a South African pinhead. Maybe he should focus his attention on his own rapidly-declining country, where violence, poverty and chaos prevails.

  5. delacrat says:

    ” I was flipping through the TV stations …” – fbh


    TV is programming. Turn it off.

  6. Henry says:

    Frank you wrestling with the fact you are always wrong.
    You are grossly opinionated basing it as factual information just to sway the public’s opinion which many find alarming.
    In other words your nothing but a damn liar hiding under a self appointed Christian cloke.
    You voted for Hillary Clinton because you can relate with despicable people.
    Beware of reborn Bible thumpers like Frank, the prisons are full of them.

  7. DaDaist says:

    So are the Looney bins

  8. Rick says:

    A lot of Socialist-Democrats are thrilled that Jill Stein is challengingly the returns in WI, MI and PA. What they don’t realize is that Stein is garnering more attention now than she did during the election. She is also raising more money than she did during the campaign. The Green Party is gaining more notoriety and viability than it had before. Of course, Stein doesn’t care about the recount, she’s interested in branding.

    But this doesn’t hurt Trump, or Republicans. In 2018 and 2020, from where will the growing “green” constituency come? Along with career leftist environmental wackos, primarily from young, naive voters looking to be part of a movement and who would normally have voted for the Socialist-Democrats, but now see an alternative.

    Thanks, Jill.

  9. Rick says:

    To our pothead illiterates:

    Reefer madness click here

    Just goes to show that most stereotypes have a basis in fact.

    Now, attack the messenger; Northwestern, Harvard and Mass. General. LOL

    Smoke away, morons, smoke away.

  10. mouse says:

    Excuse me while I light my spleef

  11. Rick says:

    Before you fire-up, read this. It’s even worse.

    Click here.

    Smoke away. It’s your brain.

    (Note; do not expect your mainstream news sources to focus on either of these studies. They don’t fit the “liberal” narrative; that pot is “harmless.”)

  12. mouse says:

    Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system.

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