The Art Of Misdirection

delaware flag  Well my fellow Delawareans, the time is fast approaching when we can expect to be afforded front row seats to one of the all time, greatest magic shows known to man.  Unless you have been living under a rock for the last three or so years, you know  Delaware is now facing a revenue shortfall of, considering who you listen to, of anywhere from $160, to $200 million. And since these estimates have been being floated for three or more years, you would think the out going Governor, Jack Markell and the Legislature would have been working in previous years to whittle those deficits down a bit. And if you thought that, you would be wrong.

Instead, every preceding General Assembly has kicked the can down the road, and be assured, many of those same people will be in charge of finding a way to pay the bills this coming year.

There is an old adage about magicians and magic, that being, “magic is the art of misdirection”. Meaning, if you are doing something with your left hand, which you don’t want the audience to see, make sure to keep moving your right hand. In the case of the Governor and the General Assembly, the misdirection is about not allowing the citizens to notice what it is they are doing to pay the bills. If they don’t want the people to notice tax hikes, fee increases and other ways to raise revenue, instead of cutting spending, then they need issues to gin up people’s emotions, and as we have seen this year, that isn’t really that hard to do.

In the past we have watched as the deficit grew and grew, while the people were debating needle programs, gay rights and bathroom usage.   It seems as though our law makers have no end to their ability to find so-called social issues to dominate the news cycles with, while they bide their time until the last night of the General Assembly session, to ram through the so-called “balanced” budget. Yes I know the budget is constitutionally mandated to be balanced, but there is no mandate on how long it has to be balanced. Here in Delaware, it last about as long as it takes to turn out the lights of that last night’s session.

We here in Delaware are looking forward to a new Governor for the first time in eight years, and I am pretty sure it is only a rumor that John Carney has quietly asked for a recount. He will be at the helm of a sinking ship, with more lives at stake than the Titanic. How will soon to be Gov. Carney address the looming deficit problem?

Will he do, what no Governor in the recent history of Delaware has done, and call for massive spending cuts? Or will he hold true to the Democrat dogma of, raise taxes and spend more?

Delaware’s Republican party has been irrelevant due to being in the minority so long, I think they actually like the plausible deniability of not being able to do anything. They sit back and watch while the Democrats do as they please, and then complain they are the minority. Of course they are able to get a few pet projects through to help re-election, and also adding to the growing deficit.

There is a chance this may change, okay a very slim chance, but a chance. The Republican Party of Delaware has played out, what I feel is a scurrilous calculation in order to win a narrow majority in the Senate. They found the weakest candidate they could for the position of Lt. Governor in La Mar Gunn to run against current 10th Senate District seat holder, Bethany Hall-Long. And of course she won. This will force a special election for her vacated seat. If the Republicans can actually win that seat, they would hold the majority.

The other side of this great strategy, is that they have placed a Democrat in the second seat of government, and in line to run for governor in eight years.

So if this strategy were to work, the GOP could, I say could actually block the tax hikes that many feel are coming our way. Like the gasoline tax, which was narrowly defeated in an election year, but now it’s not an election year, now is it?

But even with a GOP majority in the Senate, I would not hold much hope, if history is any measure.  What I do expect is more misdirection. We already were given a preview of what is likely to be the hot ticket issue, legalization of marijuana. In fact it was the GOP candidate for governor, and still state Senator, Colin Bonini, who was putting forth the idea of legalization in order to generate revenue. Would not be surprised to see him put forth a bill for legalization.

I can just see it now, the days and months leading up to that final night consumed with debate of pot. Every time a law-maker gets in front of a microphone, will they be asked about the deficit? Will they be challenged to cut spending? Will they be asked to justify raising taxes on a populous already struggling under the pressure of taxes and the cost of living?

Nope! They will be asked if they support the legalization of pot. They will spend all the time it takes, to talk about pot, how it could generate revenue, or how bad it would be for society. All the while they will be cruising onward to that final night, when all the citizens are tucked snuggly in their beds, as the General Assembly passes new taxes, and higher fees, and most likely a recommended pay raise for themselves, along with legalizing pot.

Of course Delaware’s small but vocal libertarian contingent will play their role by beating the drum for the harmless weed.

Oh, and let us not forget we will be afforded any number of concurrent resolutions, like a new Delaware Dog of the Year. I am hoping they pick something like a poodle or pug as a symbolic gesture of Delaware’s government. Small and weak.  (Please poodle and pug owners, save it, you get the joke.)

We will have some Senator honoring their grandchild, or some Representative honoring the local field hockey team. Maybe we here in Delaware could actually get an official state light bulb.

The citizens of Delaware have allowed this to happen, we have sat back and allowed those elected, to ignore the problem, while pandering to small special interest groups and their agendas. We have failed our children and grandchildren by not holding these people to account.

The question is, will any of the same old people up in Dover suddenly wake up and do what is needed, or will we get more of the same? Will John Carney be a strong leader, and rein in his party? Will Republicans offer any resistance?

Instead of this being a non-election year and having the Legislators taking the opportunity to raise taxes and fees, and hope the voters forget about it, wouldn’t it be nice if they would take the opportunity to do the hard work, and make cuts to entitlements, and  wasteful spending, and hope the voters will forget about it.

Okay, I know, not likely. So watch, pay attention to both hands, take names, disregard party affiliation, and in two years, hold them to account.

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  1. chris says:

    Well hopefully the marijuana legalization bill will be passed quickly in both houses and signed by the new governor quickly so they can get down to the business of balancing the budget. Also, pay attention to the report that is due on January 10 to increase salaries for those at the top.

  2. Bob Mitchell says:

    Funny, I seem to remember you vehemently supporting your 4-term incumbent Representative and bashing everything I said for everything you were worth (which isn’t much, but you really did give it all you had…). And now, you are going back to the archives and recycling my campaign statements… Well done! But remember- what got us into this mess is NOT a spend-happy Democrat Governor – yes, they propose the Budget, the Grant in Aid, and the Bond Bills – but it’s the Senate and the House that approve these spending measures. And guess what? It takes a 3/4 majority of both houses for our little State to borrow money – and the Democrats have not had a 3/4 majority… So, while one side of the aisle has been making funding promises that we could not afford, the other was happily going along without ever speaking up or doing anything about it… Now we owe Billions of dollars in addition to being hundreds of millions of dollars short to pay our bills – but watching over our State’s fiscal matters is not nearly as important as attending social events or passing “Resoltions”…
    It’s not that you poured all of your efforts in opposing my candidacy this past year that bothers me, Frank. It’s that you did all you could to de-legitimize the issues and concerns that I ran my campaign on – the very issues that you now seem to be so concerned about… Welcome to the reality that I accurately predicted a year ago – before we added another $200million to our debt burden and falsely estimated our annual revenues by over $160million. I called it “political malpractice” and, unfortunately, I see nothing changing… Politicians are only good at blaming others after the disaster – they are never capable of avoiding it.

  3. Henry says:

    Coming from one who fights the very candidates within his chosen party. Fighting from within will never win elections. Thank you Frank and Dan Gaffney for all the candidate damage you both tried to accomplish this year to keep worthy Republicans from being elected.
    You calls yourselves Christians. Huh with Christians like this Republican Party doesn’t need anymore including the knumb nuts that associate along with it.
    Make America Great Again Trump

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    Scott Pruitt, Trump’s pick for Attorney General, not to be confused with Scott Pruett the race car driver, is an Okie, and they don’t cotton to the stinky weed down there in Oklahoma.

    It will be interesting to see how the Feds are going to handle state Marijuana legalization with a guy like Pruitt in the top law enforcement position.

  5. Rick says:

    Or will he hold true to the Democrat dogma of, raise taxes and spend more?

    Of course the Socialist-Democrats will raise taxes and spend more. That’s what they do.

    The left will never run out of “programs.” Thus, they will never run out of ways to steal money from the productive in order to pay for these new “programs.” At what point does the government say “we’ve done enough?” When do the new “programs” end?

    They end one of two ways. There is either a serious, genuine fiscal crisis- such as facing a downward bond rating adjustment resulting in prohibitively high interest payments, or the people tire of endless tax increases, and finally vote for the GOP to stop the bleeding.

    Of course, this is where the law of incrementalism kicks-in. When over the course of decades, conservatives “cross-the-aisle” and “compromise” with the left- the Socialist-Democrats- a period in which thousands of new “programs” and “benefits” and government agencies have been created, even cutting some miniscule portion of the budget has only a minimal effect, in the aggregate, on the general sociopolitical movement leftward; toward an ever-expanding government, with ever-expanding restrictions on the people, ever-expanding distributions of largesse to preferred groups and an endless need for money.

    This is why, at the federal level, the Founder put Article I., Section 8., in the Constitution.

    And this is why the left calls the Constitution a “living document.” So it can be ignored.

    There are a few states in the union that are in a condition of what I describe as “stuck-on-stupid.” California, Rhode Island and Delaware are extant examples (at least MA and MD have GOP governors). And until one of the two conditions mentioned above occurs- a fiscal disaster- expect Delaware to remain in decline. Or, as the Socialist-Democrats like to call it, “Moving Forward.”

    It is no coincidence that since the 60’s, as the United States has incrementally moved leftward, our freedom, economic power, fiscal solvency, academic performance, morality and world influence has declined in direct proportion to the leftward movement. No surprise there;

    “Support Socialism. Support theft. Support mediocrity for all!”

    The Founders were criminals. The Constitution is a hate document. Hail Obama.

  6. Delaware Right says:

    Well, It appears that the GOP is ready to take the State Senate. All hands on deck because now, more than ever………IT’s TIME !

    Republicans Choose Marino for Upcoming Special Election:
    Middletown Republican Won 49% Of The Vote in 2014

    Newark, DE: The Republican Party of Delaware announced today that they have selected John Marino of Middletown as the party’s candidate for the upcoming special election to replace Lt. Gov.-elect Bethany Hall-Long in the State Senate.

    John Marino is a highly-decorated retired police officer, and is currently President of J & J Homes, LLC and a top-producing Realtor®. John has been an active volunteer in the New Castle County community for many years: as the former President of Lea Eara Farms/Summit Farms Maintenance Corporation, a volunteer position which he held for ten years; as a longtime volunteer at a horse rescue; as a Little League Coach at MOT Little League, winning the State tournament and taking his team to the regional championship; as well as a past volunteer for the Appoquinimink Sports Boosters.

    Marino has lived for the last 20 years in the Middletown area with JoiAnn, his wife of 25 years, and their three children.

    “I am honored that the Republican Party has selected our team for this important challenge,” said Marino. “I look forward to spreading my message of reforming and improving our government to the great people of the 10th District. Delaware deserves much better than we’ve been getting from our state government, and I have a plan to get the results Delawareans deserve.”

    State GOP Chairman Charlie Copeland noted Marino’s campaign experience, in particular his 2014 campaign against Hall-Long, where Marino earned 49% of the vote and fell short by a narrow margin.

    “John Marino knows how to run a top-flight campaign and earn the votes of the people of the 10th District,” said Delaware GOP Chairman Charlie Copeland. “And the people of the 10th District can see that one-party rule has failed our schools, our government and our economy. We look forward to a fantastic campaign.”

    Should Marino be successful, the Delaware Senate would change power for the first time in over 40 years. The Senate will be evenly split between the Democrats and the Republicans following Hall-Long’s inauguration.

    “The Senate Republicans have been offering consistent solutions for years, only to be shut down entirely by the ruling Democrats,” said Senate Minority Whip Greg Lavelle (R-Sharpley). “We’re ready to win this race and show Delaware that balanced government can make a lasting difference for them. John Marino is exactly the right person to win this race and serve the people of the 10th District in the State Senate.”

    The election will be called following the resignation of Lt. Gov.-elect Hall-Long from the Senate.

  7. Rick says:

    Scott Pruitt is Trump’s pick for the EPA, not DOJ. As AG, he wants Jeff Sessions.

  8. delacrat says:

    “Support Socialism. Support theft. Support mediocrity for all!” – rick


    Have you considered adopting a puppy ?

  9. Honi Soit says:

    Oh, I donno, Delacrat. Before subjecting a puppy to Rick, let’s encourage him to exercise or use humor to help in diffusing his chronic rage.

  10. Mitch Crane says:

    Isn’t Rick the guy who repeatedly stated a few months ago that he didn”t care about “down ballot’ races? What right does he now have to opine about what down-ballot officeholders do?

  11. Rick says:

    …let’s encourage him to exercise or use humor to help in diffusing his chronic rage.

    I’m in pretty good shape physically, and I think, humor wise.

    Isn’t Rick the guy who repeatedly stated a few months ago that he didn”t care about “down ballot’ races? What right does he now have to opine about what down-ballot officeholders do?….Mitch “Whooping” Crane

    Who confers the “right” to “opine?” You?

    I don’t think so.

    I didn’t go to the Indy 500, either. Do I have the “right” to comment on the race?

    However, I did vote, and although I had little interest in the down ballot races, i voted for down ballot candidates (R20 S6).

    Now, if you actually read my comments on this thread (as “Whooping” obviously didn’t), you’ll see that I made no mention of any “down ballot” representatives whatsoever; that my comments were on “Socialist-Democrats, ” and the left in general.

  12. Honi Soit says:

    @Amnesiac Rick:

    Nov 6: “I don’t care who wins. If Trump prevails, we’ll have a break in our rush toward statism/socialism. If criminal Hillary wins, it will accelerate a convention of several states, who will likely emerge united against unconstitutional federal government. We’ll see where that leads. Hopefully, secession. As to the down ballot, I couldn’t care less.”

    Nov 7: “Huh? What’s “lazy” about not caring who the insurance commissioner is? I just don’t care. And I don’t care if the old bitty from Lewes wins or not. I’ve taken on my responsibility to make an assessment, and my assessment is that I don’t care.”

  13. Honi Soit says:

    @Amnesiac Rick:

    Sept 13: “I am not going to bother to vote today. I have no interest in any of the races. Either Bonini or Lafferty will lose the general, I couldn’t care less who the Insurance Commissioner is, and I don’t live in the 35th.”

    And later the same day: “Voting for people and offices I couldn’t care less about would make me a hypocrite.”

  14. Honi Soit says:

    @Amnesiac Rick:

    I hope you don’t think this to be meddlesome, but I think you might want to exercise more. Doing so not only can help you with your anger issues, but it has been shown to help sharpen memory.

  15. Rick says:

    Who cares what I said in September? I voted in November. I wanted to be able to say I stuck with Trump all the way, including in the voting booth. So I did. Obviously, I knew he wouldn’t carry Delaware.

    But even if I hadn’t voted, what would it really matter? Since when do you have to vote to be able to “opine” on political matters? You don’t have to vote, since there’s no law that says you have to vote.

    Further, the First Amendment says that I have the legal right to express political opinions. It mentions nothing about voting.

    So when “Whooping” presented this inane question…

    …What right does he now have to opine about what down-ballot officeholders do?

    My answer is; The First Amendment (that, and general common sense).

  16. Honi Soit says:

    Yeah, yeah. You have the legal right to opine. No question there. And you apparently feel you have the freedom to lie. Now get to a treadmill.

  17. Frank Knotts says:

    Bob Mitchell, if you will notice my post is a broad look at the overall situation in Dover, you failed campaign was a targeted attack on one person. And your campaign was about one thing only , revenge. You spent so little time on the fiscal issues and broader issues, and so much time attacking the integrity of your opponent, that is why you lost.

  18. Rick says:

    Yeah, yeah. You have the legal right to opine. No question there.

    Tell that to “Whooping.”

    And you apparently feel you have the freedom to lie.

    What “lie?” At one point I didn’t think I’d bother to vote. I felt comfortable about Smyk and Lopez winning in a cakewalk, and I knew Carney would win and that Trump would lose Delaware, and I had little interest in the down allot races (Row).

    Then, on Election Day, I woke up and said, “what the hell, it only takes a half an hour, I’ll go vote for Trump.” So I did.

    Most people call that changing your mind.

    Now get to a treadmill.

    What does that mean? Have you ever seen me? I am 64 and can still skimboard. I can still ride a bicycle from Lewes to O.C., and back. Can you?

  19. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: If you skimboard, then you know that by combining a shuvit and a body varial you can perform a sex change. I’m getting a picture of you doing it. It aint purdy.

  20. Rick says:

    Read your last post. What is it supposed to mean?

    You didn’t answer the question. Can you skimboard?

    The answer; no.

    Skim boarding requires some guts, and you don’t have any.

  21. Bob Mitchell says:

    Wow Frank, I always said that you were the most hypocritical liar to ever be given the password of a blog site… and you proved me right once again…
    I spoke of fiscal issues and financial failures from the very first day I announced I was running. I sent you my Power Point that I used on my first meeting – it ONLY covered the financial mess that our State finds itself in and the lack of intestinal fortitude within the legislature to do anything about it.
    And how do you “fix” a legislature problem? One legislator at a time. I didn’t win because so many people like yourself blame the problems on everyone else’s legislator. That’s why incumbents win even when the majority of voters want change. “It’s not my guy/gal that’s the problem, it’s that other district…” and nothing gets changed.
    And was my campaign a failure? I didn’t win, so you could say that, but I laid the groundwork for these issues to come to the forefront and to get people involved in local and state issues. So I have no regrets – change only happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. Well, I can assure you – the pain of our fiscal tax and spend policies is getting greater every day, so hopefully change will occur. Whether it’s a change in policy or a change in office holders remains to be seen. Hopefully some of both will be realized.

  22. Frank Knotts says:

    Bob, you like to throw around phrases like “hypocrite ” and “liar”, . I will resist the urge to do the same. If you go back and read my last comment, you will see I acknowledged the fact you did give minimal lip service to fiscal issues, when I said, “you spent so little time on fiscal issues and broader issues “.
    So you see Chicken Bob, I acknowledged your weak attempt to hide the real reason you ran against Dave Wilson. But unlike the casual observer, I had the opportunity to speak with you privately as well as hearing you attack the integrity of Representative Wilson publicly. I am aware of your true reason for running your failed campaign.
    And the fact you come here and blame myself and other voters for your failure only demonstrates your complete lack of humility.
    You failed because your message was one of personal attacks , and not about the betterment of the state.
    You could ask 35th District GOP Chair Jordan Warfel and Sussex Register of Wills Cindy Green to explain it to you, oh wait, that’s how you ended up on the losing end of a bad idea to begin with.

  23. Bob Mitchell says:

    Frank, Frank, Frank…. I really like how you keep proving me right!
    You wrote, “…you(r) failed campaign was a targeted attack on one person.” No…. that’s what you wanted it to be so badly, that you refused to listen to (or type) anything else. Were there fiscal differences between myself and my opponent? Well, I hope so – otherwise there would be no need to run.
    Think about this, Frank – of all of the incumbent Republican Representatives and Senators who came out to support my opponent- how many of them voted to NOT put our state further in debt in the years prior to the election??? “Go along to get along” has been the fiscal song of Republicans in Delaware for far too long… Hopefully my campaign helped shine light on that fact and we will see some real changes in how we collect and spend taxpayer money in the budgets to come…

  24. Frank Knotts says:

    Chicken Bob, Chicken Bob, Chicken Bob, no matter how many times you repeat that story, it won’t become true. You forget, it was not just I who heard you say specifically that you were running against Dave Wilson because of his endorsement in the Register of Wills race, there were others who heard you as well.
    I have to say, I almost, but not quite, feel sad for you. The fact you are still reliving your crushing 70/30 defeat over and over is tragic.
    The only thing your campaign drew attention to was the fact that you ran because of a playground quarrel.

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    This ones for you Bob😂

  26. delacrat says:

    “Now we owe Billions of dollars in addition to being hundreds of millions of dollars short to pay our bills”– Bob Mitchell


    ” … another $200 million to our debt burden…” – Bob Mitchell


    “Wow Frank, I always said that you were the most hypocritical…” – Bob Mitchell


    What’s “most hypocritical” is bemoaning debt as a bad thing, while selling debt for a living as a Wells Fargo mortgage “consultant”.

  27. Rick says:

    What’s “most hypocritical” is bemoaning debt as a bad thing, while selling debt for a living as a Wells Fargo mortgage “consultant”.

    What does the average taxpayer get for our ever-growing debt?

    Not much.

    What does one get with a mortgage?

    A house.

    C.mon, man.

  28. Bob Mitchell says:

    Thanks, Rick… sometimes logic escapes Democrats…
    I’ve always said, “Borrowing is not always bad, but always borrowing is always bad.”
    Public debt is not a bad way to finance certain projects, but when it becomes a means to spend 105% of your revenues each and every year, it snowballs into a problem….

  29. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: “Have you ever seen me? I am 64 and can still skimboard.”

    Come to think of it, I just might have. Dewey Beach, right? Trying but sadly failing to blend in with those skinny adolescent boys.

  30. delacrat says:

    “What does the average taxpayer get for our ever-growing debt?

    Not much.” rick

    The next time you “ride a bicycle from Lewes to O.C.”, consider whether the road your riding on, funded by public debt, is “not much”.

  31. mouse says:

    I love my liberal bike trails at the beach. I can run from Tower road south of Dewey all the way to Lewes on my bike and stop a few beaches and to have fruit smoothies along the way

  32. Frank Knotts says:

    Delacrat you forgot to point out that Wells Fargo is under investigation for widespread fraud and corruption. Sounds a lot like the government after all.

  33. mouse says:

    If we would get rid of all the banking laws, everything would be ok

  34. Maya says:

    I don’t know Bob Mitchell personally. I’m commenting because it’s annoying to see information being misused in a way to exaggerate or discredit. Comparing a States debt, which can’t be maintained without significant changes being made, is not the same as an individual with a mortgage. So mortgage consultants can’t comment on their State or Municipality’s sizable debt? No meat to that Delecrat.
    And Wells Fargo is being investigated for pressure sales tactics on retail side involving checking accounts, credit cards etc. nothing to do with the mortgage side. Find facts that are relatable because these two points are not effective in winning your argument.

  35. Maya says:

    All banking laws mouse?? Including all the laws designed to protect clients utilizing the banking services? Say something that makes rational sense Mouse before you get yourself caught in your mouse trap.

  36. Bob Mitchell says:

    Yes it is (Frank), and that’s one reason why I left Wells Fargo…

  37. mouse says:

    It was sarcasm

  38. Frank Knotts says:

    Maya, if that is your real name, obviously you don’t visit enough, else wise you would understand mouse’s sense of humor. And welds Fargo is also under investigation due to employees setting up phony accounts in the names of customers without their knowledge in order to obtain bonuses.

  39. mouse says:

    The new republican administration and congress will be eager to get rid of any banking laws that protect consumers and the rubes will cheer. The same folk who cheer the end of the estate tax that exempts the first 1.5 million but the rubes are all going to ingerit their parents’ trailers

  40. Maya says:

    Frank you are not saying anything different about Wells Fargo than what I just said, yes they did that in the retail division with checking and credit card to achieve a bonus. Again it made no sense to bring it up with debate with Bob. That was my point. And does it matter that I rarely visit your site? Is it saved for only your regulars? Also does it matter if my name is really Maya or not? I think it’s safe to assume Mouse’s name is not his/her real name.

  41. Rick says:

    …the road your riding on, funded by public debt, is “not much”.

    Yeah, and the traffic I sit in at Five Points, too, because the state is derelict. I guess they’ve never heard of an overpass.

    I did’t say “nothing,” I said “not much.” And I stand by the statement.

    What the hell does this state do with the money?

    Dewey Beach, right?


  42. delacrat says:

    “… the traffic I sit in at Five Points,….” – rick

    Oh, boo f***ing hoo ….

    Life’s just all hole and no donut for you, rick.

  43. Frank Knotts says:

    Maya, just pointing out if you visited more you would recognize mouse had a unique way of getting their point across. All are welcome here. As for your name? That was my attempt at humor as well. Take the chip off your shoulder. While our sarcasm and humor may be lost, your anger and defensiveness comes through loud and clear. And for someone who doesn’t know Bob, you sure react a lot like Bob.

  44. Maya says:

    Anger and defensiveness? Seriously? So statements challenging you a bit in your debate and asking questions is anger? That is very strange perspective. Especially since there was not one insult or name calling in anything I stated. Which is pretty commonly seen on this post from you and many of your regulars. It’s obvious you deflect with all these other statement about my name, claim of anger, not knowing mouse’s humor, etc because you have nothing to say to respond to my original point. Yiu don’t have to be a regular to tell when someone is trying to change the subject. Frank I’m not a regular and I’m also not one of your haters. I was just bored and wanted to challenge you and some of your regulars to debate stronger. Obviously that didn’t work. All I can see is diverting tactics and personal feuds. It just really gets boring reading debates that involve a group of people who know each other personally. You and your haters seem to care more about seeking a weird sort of retribution instead of pursuing a solid debate. It’s like trying to decipher a Hatfield and McCoy feud when you don’t know the people or the history. Its also similar to deciding to watch the TV series “Lost” in the middle of the series. You don’t know the characters and the plot, so nothing makes sense. My bad for trying to influence the show to change the plot. You, your regulars and your haters are the writers of this show. I get that now.

  45. Frank Knotts says:

    My apologies Maya, obviously you are not angry or defensive. But feel free to offer you perspective, to change the plot as you say. But understand that all guest here are apt to do the same. Let me ask, are you involved in the money management industry? I ask only because personally I see setting up fake accounts without the customer’s knowledge as fraud, not “pressure sales tactics” as you called them. But maybe you have some inside knowledge of terminology I lack.

  46. Maya says:

    Oh my yes of course it is fraud. Pressure sales tactics is what Wells is in trouble for because it motivated employees to open accounts without client permission. That what I meant. Thanks for asking so I could clarify.

  47. mouse says:

    Well you don’t have to insult me. I’m the 3nd generation of mouses in my family

  48. Rick says:

    “… the traffic I sit in at Five Points,….” – rick

    Oh, boo f***ing hoo ….

    It’s not just me that sits in the traffic. It’s thousands of other Delaware taxpayers who are inconvenienced by our state’s incompetence. Every day.

    Yes, the road from Dewey to O.C. is just fine, although they had to build the Indian River Bridge twice. Congraduations. Five Points is not just fine. Route 24 is not just fine. The Route 1/Cave Neck intersection is not just fine. These locations have been having trouble for years. The state knows what land is plotted for development, they know that thousands of people move to Sussex every year, and they do little or nothing to ease the traffic situation. The state is incompetent and derelict.

    Delaware “leaders” like to brag about how “bicycle friendly” Delaware is. Well, one of the most popular routes for bicyclists going to Lewes is New Road. Lots of bicycles, particularly from April to October (ask anyone who uses the road regularly). New Road doesn’t even have a shoulder.

    Once some kid gets hit and killed, then the state will express outrage. “We must make new road safer for cyclists!” Well, the time to act was ten years ago. Or tomorrow. But no, the state will wait until somebody pays for their incompetence with their life.

    So, when I said “what does the taxpayer get for our ever-increasing debt- not much,” I meant it. And I have only mentioned one sliver of the state’s ineptitude- downstate roads. There are hundreds or even thousands of “programs” that are of little or no use to the actual taxpayers who pay for them.

  49. mouse says:

    Sussex County council approves endless and mindless development that cause these issues

  50. delacrat says:

    “The state is incompetent and derelict.” – rick

    If you really believed that, you would not have lived here for so long.

  51. Rick says:

    Of course I believe it. Completely and utterly incompetent.

    The biggest city in the state is a violent, crumbling relic. Murder Town. And the capital- strip mall city- isn’t far behind.

    Most public schools are a disgrace.

    Roads- at least here is Sussex- have fallen woefully behind development. It is a disaster.

    The path to fiscal security? Casinos. Gambling. So much for “caring” about low-income families.

    The largest employer in the state is the state.

    “Delaware- Moving “Forward” but Stuck-On-Stupid”

  52. mouse says:

    Well we agree on that much. And the state has failed to protect its natural resources as well as the public health

  53. mouse says:

    But what do we do? If we elect Republicans, it will be mostly the same and the focus obsessively on sexual and resentment issues

  54. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: “The biggest city in the state is a violent, crumbling relic. Murder Town.”

    The biggest city in the state has a whopping population of 71,000 and has some of the nicest low-crime neighborhoods like the Highlands that you’ve ever see. But it also has some of the worst neighborhoods. Do try avoiding over-generalizing. I know it’s much easier, but do try.

    In any case, Trump will take care of America’s crime-ridden neighborhoods in short order. And he’s soon going on a trillion-dollar infrastructure spending spree, so you won’t have to concern yourself with roads and overpasses much longer.

    All will be well and good under Trump. Just give him a chance. As Trump said to approving roars at the Republican convention, including our very own Rob Arlett and his son, “I ALONE can fix it.”

  55. Rick says:

    But what do we do?

    Talk about it. Complain. That’s all we can do.

    In fairness, it’s not all that bad here. The taxes aren’t that high, although that could change as Democrats fleeing high-tax states move here and then vote for politicians who want to raise taxes. And at least here in Sussex, common sense seems to prevail. Our lone Democrat, Pete Schwartzkopf, surrounded by upstate loonies, is a reasonable representative.

    We have the beach, boardwalk and state parks, which is basically why I’m here.

    My son lives in Alexandria, and I like the close proximity. I can meet him for a hockey game, he can come to the beach. As an aside, my son Joe will be getting married- in Lewes- this September.

    I don’t go to Wilmington, Dover or Seaford, so I guess I don’t really care about their futility.

    One more thing; I use an incendiary technique on this blog to generate conversation. I enjoy the arguing and bickering. One-sided blogs (Delaware Liberal), where only one view is permitted, are extremely boring. So are blogs where there is no conversation at all (Delaware Politics).

    We are all indebted to Knotts for maintaining this excellent site.

  56. mouse says:

    DL deleted one of my posts and threatened to ban me. I haven’t been back since. Too much shrill self righteousness and people ready to contradict or attack for being outside the allowed opinion. I’m not that kind of liberal lol.

  57. waterpirate says:

    Holy bat snakes Batman!!!

    Rick is really a sane member of the big experiment. Thank you for putting your commentary in perspective. It takes traffic and conversation to raise a blog.

  58. Honi Soit says:

    I’ve revised my Christmas list to include the underwater drone that China seized and agreed to return. Since Trump doesn’t want it, I’ll take it! Good going Trump! Best news ever!!

  59. Honi Soit says:

    It’s “unpresidented” to refuse return of a perfectly operational drone, but I guess Trump knows what he’s doing. He’s smart. So smart he doesn’t need daily intelligence reports. So smart he doesn’t need to consult with anybody.

  60. Rick says:

    Yes, the great drone crisis.

    Let’s see. maybe he should consult an “expert”- the current president.

    Obama put Egypt and Libya into the hands of the Nuskim Brotherhood and ISIS, handed Russia the Ukraine, did nothing but draw red lines in Syria, let the Chinese build “islands” in international waters, allowed a US Ambassador and several operatives to get murdered in Benghazi and plays golf while thousands of Christians get murdered in the Middle East.

    By the way- under whose watch did the US get hacked by “the Russians?” Barack Obama.

    Isn’t he still president?

  61. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: “Obama…allowed a US Ambassador and several operatives to get murdered in Benghazi….”

    Oh, and here I thought you placed the blame squarely on Hillary. But wait. You did. Never on the Republicans who for several years cut the Obama administration’s request for embassy security funding despite warnings that these cuts would be detrimental to our national security.

    Could it be Rick that you assign blame in the wrong places because you’ve taken too many spills to your head on that skim board of yours?

  62. Honi Soit says:

    @Rick: A suggestion intended to be helpful: Look into shuffleboard or bocce. Less chance of head injuries adversely affecting cognitive abilities.

  63. speedracer says:

    DEFAC issued their number last night. $350 million!

  64. Rick says:

    Oh, and here I thought you placed the blame squarely on Hillary.

    Sure I blamed Hillary. And Obama. After all, he was the President. Wasn’t he?

    A U.S. Ambassador and several operatives were killed in Benghazi. While Hillary and Obama watched on television and did nothing. Well, they did do something; they lied about it. They blamed a video when they knew it was an Al Queida raid. And then they repeated the lie to the families of the victims, and to the American people.

    Why did they lie? Because Obama was supposed to “heal” the Middle East. Just like he was going to “heal the planet.”

    Instead, he created a disaster area.

  65. mouse says:

    I was playing pickle ball with some lesbians in the hood the other day. It’s a nice game for old folk

  66. meatball says:

    I’m pretty sure it was the CIA initially pushing the video and protest angle. I’m also pretty sure that the Benghazi CIA annex was supposed to be under the radar, hence little security. And I’m also pretty sure that there was a lot more going on there than was revealed in the 7 or eight investigations conducted none of which concluded that either Secretary Clinton or President Obama had lied.

    Rick is guilty of repeating fake news, otherwise known as propaganda circulated by his hated cold war enemy Russia and enabled by the GOP.

  67. mouse says:

    Such an irony. People like Rick educated on talk radio and macho brand loyalty to their tribal label spend their whole lives promoting fear that the Russians would nuke us or invade Europe at any second and we had to spend endless funds to protect ourselves are now saying Russia is our friend. Just goes to show they really stand for nothing but their own egos.

  68. Rick says:

    I’m pretty sure it was the CIA initially pushing the video and protest angle….

    Your CIA sources told you so? Who are you, Edward R. Murrow?

    Obama was the President. Hillary was the SOS. Benghazi happened. End of story.

    My “hated Cold War enemy- Russia” is running circles around Our Little Red Star. BUT TO ME, Russia isn’t the enemy. They’ve got enough of their own problems. The real enemy is America’s own hard left- Maddow, Matthews, Moore, Jones and hate-America politicians like Ellison.

    People like Rick educated on talk radio…

    Up to around age fifty, I rarely listened to talk radio. I didn’t have time.

    …and macho brand loyalty to their tribal label…

    Don’t black Americans have “loyalty” to their “tribe?” Didn’t they vote 96% for one of their “tribal” members? Aren’t the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus “tribal” organizations?

    …spend their whole lives promoting fear that the Russians would nuke us….

    The Russians might have nuked us- if we hadn’t the power to annihilate them in the process. Mulually assured destruction. It worked.

    On that subject, the Cuban Missle Crises ended when Khruchev got a wire from Castro, telling him to go ahead and start a nuclear war with the U.S. Sure, Cuba would be destroyed, but so might the United States. At that point, Khruchev knew he was dealing with a lunatic.

  69. meatball says:

    “Ms. Rice, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, has said that the judgments she offered on the five talk shows on Sept. 16 came from talking points prepared by the C.I.A., which reckoned that the attack that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans had resulted from a spontaneous mob that was angry about an anti-Islamic video that had set off protests elsewhere. That assessment, described to Ms. Rice in briefings the day before her television appearances, was based on intercepted communications, informants’ tips and Libyan press reports, officials said.”

    you are a victim of propaganda

  70. mouse says:

    I heard the new education policy is going to require students to be able to communicate everything they know in 140 characters or less.

  71. Rick says:

    No, you are a “victim of propaganda.”

    In order to get an answer to the Benghazi “video to blame” question, Judicial Watch filed numerous Freedom of Information Act requests from several agencies.

    Here is a snippet from a court-ordered release from The Defense Intelligence Agency….

    (Washington DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it uncovered a September 12, 2012, cable from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to the Department of State Command Center (DSCC) revealing that the Obama administration was informed within 24 hours that the attack on the U.S. Special Mission Compound in Benghazi was “an organized operation” carried out by a “Salafi terrorism group” in retaliation for the killing of al-Qaeda’s second in command, Libyan national Abu Yahya al-Libi. The documents, from the DSCC, were provided to Judicial Watch in response to a court order in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on October 16, 2014, (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01733)).

    The lawsuit seeks “any and all logs, reports, or other records” the Washington-based Diplomatic Security Command Center produced between September 10, 2012, and September 13, 2012, relating to the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya. The DIA cable obtained by Judicial Watch states: “The attack was an organized operation with specific information that the US Ambassador was present.”

    The DIA cable was emailed to numerous State Department recipients by the DSCC at the request of the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC), further confirming that the Obama administration knew the assault was a well-organized terrorist attack before President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Security Advisor Susan Rice claimed the assault was the result of an “unpremeditated… spontaneous protest” over an obscure Internet video.

    The previously Secret document includes the following information:

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. A Salafi group (NFI) is believed to be responsible for the 11 September, 2012, attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The attack was in retaliation for the killing of an Al Qaeda operative. The Salafi group attended the [initial] protests and returned at night using overwhelming firepower to overtake security forces of the Consulate.

    (U) The general atmosphere in Benghazi .and Tripoli, Libya, relevant to the attack on the US Consulate, on 11 and 12Sept12, is that of shock and disbelief. A Salafi group is reported to be behind the attack. The Salafi group responsible for the violent [sic] are believed to be the same group who defaced the Islamic shrines and old historic monuments. Some business owners are siding against the Salafi group, believed to be the culprits, and hoping for international intervention to assure stability and justice. A majority of the local population is reported to hold anti-Salafi views.
    (U/FOUO) The attack was an organized operation with specific information that the US Ambassador was present. The Salafi group attended the protest at or near the US Consulate earlier on 11 September, 2012, and then returned at 2300 firing small arms weapons and between 25 to 30 RPGs at the Consulate and other unknown targets (NFI). The local police tried to defend the Consulate but were out matched by the group’s size and their superior firepower.
    (U/FOUO) The attack was in [sic] carried out in retaliation for the killing of the Al Qaeda’s number two man, Abu Yah Ya ((A1 LIBI))….

    Source: Judicial Watch

    Thus, the President and the Department of State knew that the attack had nothing to do with a video recorded by some obscure American blogger, but pushed the narrative (lied) anyway, for political purposes.

    Of course, everyone knows that both Clintons are inveterate liars. Hillary was just being Hillary.

    And naturally, Obama lied, too. After all, with his election, it was going to be all love and kisses, vis-a-vis radical Islam and his administration.

  72. Honi Soit says:

    @mouse: I heard the new education policy is going to require students to be able to communicate everything they know in 140 characters or less.

    Probably. As George Will’s observed about Drumpf: “He has an advantage on me. He can say everything he knows about any subject in 140 characters, and I can’t.”

    But I’d go further. Comrade Drumpf can’t go beyond 140 characters on any subject unless assisted by a TelePrompTer.

  73. mouse says:

    Yeah, it’s frightening that so many people can’t blindly support such a crude know nothing flawed candidate

  74. mouse says:

    Look a pony

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