Fantasy Lawsuit

lie detector    Just like there are arm-chair quarterbacks who love to play fantasy football, I am sure there are some arm-chair attorneys out there as well.   I have decided to start a Fantasy Lawsuit league.  So what I am looking for from my readers, is, if you had the chance to depose Lacey Lafferty, Don Ayotte, and Vince Calabro in regards to the threatened lawsuit, and you could ask only one question, what would it be?

Remember, that when deposing a witness, you can ask anything, about anything, and they are under oath.

I know I have a lot of intelligent, as well as humorous readers, I ask only that we keep this clean.

Please be specific as to who you would ask the question of, or if you would ask all three the same question.

You may begin to question the witness, now.

15 Comments on "Fantasy Lawsuit"

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Where is the money you raised for the American Heart Association that Lacey raised while walking across the state? Did the check get lost in the mail????

  2. Rick says:

    “What is your position on school vouchers?”

  3. pandora says:

    Did you ever post comments on a blog under a different name? If so, what blogs did you post on and what name/names did you use?

    No one is anonymous on the internet.

  4. Rick says:

    No one is anonymous on the internet.

    Really? Thanks, Sherlock.

    Did you ever post comments on a blog under a different name?

    Well, since “no one is anonymous on the internet,” you should know. But anyway, I posed comments on your pathetic blog (Delaware Illiberal aka Rigid Lockstep) a year or two ago under the name “Camptown Lady.” I lasted quite a while, because your politically-correct fellow travelers were afraid to offend a woman and possible “person of color.” As I recall, one of my last posts (as Camptown Lady) was talking about going to Dewey’s famous Irish bar, The Bottle of Cork. I haven’t been to Rigid Lockstep since.

    Do-dah, do-dah.

  5. Frank Knotts says:

    See Pandora, you have to be specific as to who the question is for, or else Rick will think it was for him.
    Rick let keep this to questions, this is a list , not a conversation.

  6. Creeper says:

    Donald, (Not Don Ayotte) did you take yard signs that did not belong to you from polling places, then admit on the Dan Gaffney show that you had in fact taken them because you did not like what they said?

  7. waterpirate says:

    For DA
    1. We request a copy of your military record.

    For our Guber-natorial candidate

    1. Are you running as a conservative and currently involved with a married man with a straight face?

    For Vince

    1. Who on the executive committee colluded with you to raise illegal campaign funds under the guise of being for the County Party?

  8. Dave says:

    Well, I would rather see the actual lawsuit and not just the threat of one so that I could offer something germane to the issue. However, since remains a fantasy for the moment, I would echo Pandora’s question for both DA and LL.

    Still, since you stand accused of slander, it means you said something that was not true. Now if you said one or all of the 3 were jackasses, that isn’t slander regardless of whether it is true or not because it is merely an insult and they can’t disprove their jackassedness. So you would key in on the specifics of what they did and who else they did it with (the more the merrier after all). If you have the opportunity you might as rope in the rest of the gang at the SCGOP.

  9. wow says:

    I know you aren’t the brightest bulb in the room Frank but the owners of the site must have told you to stay silent and not give your opposition any more information.
    I read the letter and have seen you libel and defame and publicly slander surprised there are not at least ten more people included on this possible lawsuit.
    You just don’t know when to shut up Bud.

  10. Meyer says:


    You claim that you have no problem with homosexuals and even have “homosexual family members.” So if you have no problem with homosexuals, why did you decide to change your will to deny your brother and his husband the responsibility to raise your daughter in case something ever happened to you, doing so after they announced they were getting married, saying you didn’t want her “raised by fags?”

  11. geezer says:

    @wow: You must be Don Ayotte because, like him, you like to toss around the word “libel” without having the slightest idea what does and does not qualify as such.

    My question, to each, would be, “Why don’t you go take a flying f*** at a rolling donut?”

  12. mouse says:

    Why are there so many mean and crazy rubes, witches, cabals, racists and self righteous religious nuts in positions of power in the Republican party

  13. Harry Whittington says:

    “Libel,” “slander,” and “defamation” are nearly impossible to prove when the plaintiffs are political/public figures.

    That being said, on July 18, 2015, Lacey Lafferty accused Frank Knotts of having a “small ____” in the comment section of this blog in a long rant where she also accuses someone, by name, who comments here, of being a “thief.”

    My question: When are the New Castle or Kent Republicans going to step up and give us a viable conservative candidate for Governor?

  14. mouse says:

    Exactly. The democrats are corrupt, incompetent cabals full of hubris and all the republicans can do in response is put up crazy religious nutsor slogan driven right wingers educated on talk radio. How sad for us all.

  15. Dan Gaffney says:

    @wow Can you provide links to the alleged “libel”. I’d be interested in reading the context.

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