Political Gossip and Tidbits Wandering About The Small Wonder That is Delaware-The 11/2/15 Edition

My confession about Eric Bodenweiser, a murder trial without a body, some good gossip and we touch on the Frank Knotts lawsuit. Come in and enjoy the read.

Using a cell phone?

This is quite an accident, goodness, woman doing drugs, has no insurance, no license, using a cellphone while driving and was not paying attention.

A woman is hurt after her car slams into a parked vehicle and flips over near Elsmere.

New Castle County Police say the crash happened shortly after 8:35 Monday morning in the 1500-block of Faulkand Road.

Police say the parked vehicle with which the woman collided was unoccupied, and the impact sent the woman’s car airborne before it landed on its roof.

The woman was able to get out of the vehicle on her own; she was charged with inattentive driving, using a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle in motion, driving without a license, not having proof of insurance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Here’s an intriguing Delaware Murder mystery

I am a true crime aficionado though a man murdering his wife is nothing new under the sun.

What’s intriguing about this case is that no body has been found.

A trial date has been set for a Smyrna man accused of killing his wife, who has been missing since January.

An official from the Delaware Department of Justice tells 47 ABC that 32-year-old Cortez Hamilton will face trial on March 14, 2016 for allegedly killing his wife Keisha with a hammer before taking off to Indiana with their two children, who were 4-years-old and 4-months -old at the time.

The children were found to be good condition in January and Hamilton was later extradited to Delaware; however, investigators with the Delaware State Police say as of Monday, Keisha Hamilton is still considered a missing person and the investigation on her status is still ongoing.

Cortez Hamilton faces a host of charges including 1st degree murder and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and possession of a deadly weapon; his trial is expected to be held in Kent County Superior Court.

There are plenty of murder trials that don’t have bodies, but of course. We can’t allow folks to get away with murder just because they are pretty good at hiding them.

Trial date set in March next year. Maybe they’ll find the body by then.

Walgreens Buying CVS for tidy sum

Not sure why I noted this in my notes for this post but we do have plenty of Walgreens here in Sussex county, and a couple of big CVS. Soon all of Rt. 113 will be peppered with Walgreens. They’re everywhere!

For almost TEN BILLION!

Back in the day, Walgreens was always that tiny corner drugstore, dark and with those big glass things filled with colored water.

Now Walgreens is taking over the world!

Gossip Updates-Sam Wilson and Joan Deaver

Based on nothing but casual posts on Facebook or anecdotal conversations, I learn that Councilwoman Joan Deaver is not sure she’ll run again. I don’t believe that.

Councilman Sam Wilson recently suffered a stroke We are to understand he is fully alert mentally, currently in rehab and in good spirits.

Sending the good councilman our best wishes.

More gun control, endless gun control

Local towns and counties can “opt-in”.

It used to be specifically illegal per Delaware law for any of its municipalities or counties to go against state law as regards gun control, which includes open carry here in Delaware.

This is some cutesie law these guys dreamed up that allows say, Georgetown proper, to opt-in to a new law that will allow control of all things gun by the burb.


New legislative idea….if the citizens get mad at your endless laws, give them laws that are opt-in laws so they’ll have a choice. Or at least they will think so.

Come on people. Taking guns away from the good guys won’t help a thing, probably hurt. Get over it all ready.

Although that bit about open carrying gives me pause. I never saw anybody walking around Georgetown with a gun on their hip but it would startle me.

And I don’t suppose people should be entering police stations with loaded guns.

Seems I don’t have all the answers.

Nothing Good Can Come of This

Delaware positive behavior support project

creating safe and caring learning environments to promote the social-emotional and adademic development of all children

Sposored by University of Delaware This seems sneaky to me.

And it’s like…la-di-da…any school district can just sign up…..gather all kinds of information.

Geez it sounds bad.

Eric Bodenweiser’s Accuser Wanted

Judson Bennett has a political email list and I do greatly enjoy his emails. I also copy them shamelessly. If you’re not on Judson’s email list, get to it! Although the guy lives in Florida, jeez, when here I am right here, an available female while he is lady-less.

Insert wink here.

Judson did a great job on that fluff with the Register of Wills and the Judge who wants to run Sessex county from afar. Recently Judson sent out an email with updates on Eric’s case and he did a great job.

I want to take a moment to discuss this matter, now that events are far passed and with all I’ve learned.

First, I’ve no doubt, NO DOUBT, as is asserted, that Eric has a brother with HUGE issues. And Lord I must pray that the guy doesn’t read this web site because he was constantly contacting me when I wrote for the other Blog. Judson says there were questionable money exchanges between Eric’s accuser and Eric’s brother.

What I do know, and can prove, is that Eric’s brother emailed me several times, telling me how he has no animosity towards his brother and in his last email Paul Bodenweiser expressed a glee that Eric’s case has finally ended, with the tone of the missive being that Eric somehow LOST the case.

The first jury on Eric was a hung jury. The prosecutor didn’t want to go through another trial and goodness knows Eric spent enough money, anguish and time trying to get out from under that he finally agreed to “no contest” to two misdemeanors with a year’s probation. Further, Eric passed a lie detector test recently, in his favor.

Now I want to discuss with yon reader just how this whole set of circumstances affected me. First, I consider Eric a friend. He was my RD back when I did that kind of thing and over the years we associated, not constantly, but enough.

It was tough though. First there was that pastor who testified that Eric told him, in effect, that he was guilty. Second, just the act of pleading guilty, even for such logical reasons, always leaves concern in a curious mind.

What I DID know was that there were not scores of children coming out of the woodwork claiming abuse besides this questionable young man who got so many things wrong in his testimony. I also knew that Eric and his brother had issues, I don’t know what they were and don’t want to know, and Eric’s brother had an obsession with his brother that was not mentally healthy.

And I’m becoming quite the expert on mental health.

Finally there’s a part of me that really didn’t want to believe, no matter how I complain and moan, that my government would really do such an awful thing to a citizen, a very questionable legal action way out of proportion to the crime.

So I wanted to believe that maybe Eric was going through a bad time in his life….I dunno….that maybe SOMETHING happened.

And there have been times I have so written of my ambiguity on the matter but still and so I never considered Eric some kind of child abuser. He let a kid watch a dirty movie in his house, he wanted to be cool, he used bad judgment.

And Delaware spent how much money going after this guy? Does anybody think it was a worthwhile effort? And of course, yon readers know that if they did it to Eric…THEY WILL DO IT TO YOU!!

Eric is now very involved in setting up a ministry in Georgetown, perhaps you’ve seen it? It’s the Good Shepherd with a blue and white sign out front. Eric and his wife Patty were the first to my house and at my side at the recent heartbreak with my daughter. And frankly I am suspicious that this Register of Wills thing is kind of a slap at Patty though neither of them have ever suggested such a thing.

Judson Bennett wrote a great piece about the Bodenweiser case but Judson was always convinced of Eric’s innocence.

Me? I just didn’t know what to believe and frankly I think that’s what Eric’s political enemies wanted folks like me to think. We should trust the state, goodness they’d never go after a man and spend so much money on something as small as this?

Let us look back and think about the pain, money and anguish this cause so many people and I dunno, maybe leave the man alone. I think the state of Delaware got snookered.

By PAUL Bodenweiser.

More on this later

dr10.31.15deltidbitsanthonydelcolloI am still reeling over this lawsuit between Lacey Lafferty, Don Ayotte and Vince Calabro.

Anthony Delcollo is the attorney for this “lawsuit” and got a funny pic of Lacey because, goodness, this seems to be yet another abuse of Delaware’s justice system.


Man I got a slew of them.

Watch this story

Cemetary hate crime?

This is up Philadelphia way but my unscientific survey recalls that every time these past ten years this kind of “hate” crime pops up, it’s usually some discontent member or a big mistake. Been googling this story for the result, which I think will NOT be a hate crime as so quick to claim.

Headstones at the cemetery were defaced with spray paint and left with vulgar messages. Some grave markers were defaced and damaged and one was knocked over. Another had its foundation kicked in. Wayfinding signs were covered in spray-painted messages and swastikas.

I could be wrong. It happens.
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.
Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.
NEXT : The Sussex county council is meeting and I got my own lawsuit this week.


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  1. Rick says:

    Where did you hear that Walgreen’s is buying CVS for $10 billion? Actually, they are trying to buy Rite-Aid for $17 billion.

  2. Rick says:

    In Kentucky, Matt Bevin, who was backed by the TEA Party in his failed effort to defeat incumbent US Senator Mitch McConnell in the Kentucky GOP primary last year has been elected Governor of Kentucky. He trailed his Democrat opponent in most polls leading up to the election, but won by around nine points.

    He is only the second GOP governor to be elected in forty years.

    In Virginia, the GOP held the Virginia Senate, despite huge sums being spent by the Socialist-Democrats.

    Make no mistake about it, Virginia will be in play in ’16.

    Ohio rejected the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, and in San Francisco, the “sanctuary city” Sheriff was crushed in his re-election bid.

    All of the above indicates a shift from Omaba infatuation and bode well for the GOP.

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