Former Lewes Mayor, Jim Ford, Endorses Steve Smyk

smyk  During my tenure as former Mayor of Lewes, I had the pleasure of working with Representative Steve Smyk on various issues, both exclusively for our City, and in partnership with the State of Delaware. Representative Smyk has specifically been an advocate and financial supporter of the Lewes Library and Trail Head project as well as the Transportation Enhancement project that will improve safety and public access to the Lewes Little League complex, the Lightship Overfalls, and the Life Saving Station owned by the Lewes Historical Society.

As past president of both the Delaware League of Local Governments and the Sussex County Association of Towns, I encountered various legislative proposals that potentially impact the operations and the quality of life for municipalities and our County. Representative Smyk has also been receptive to our concerns and responsive to our suggestions, being a voice for our organizations.

I have found Steve to be very dedicated to his elected office, serving his constituents to the best of his ability whenever a need should arise. His past participation in the activities of the General Assembly, coupled with his years of service with the Delaware State Police, provide him with experience and leadership skills that will benefit our community.

It was a pleasure to work with Representative Smyk in the past. While the people of the 20th district are very fortunate to have various options of interested and qualified candidates for the House of Representatives, only one brings the experience of the operations of the General Assembly.   Steve Smyk deserves your support to allow him to continue to serve the people of Sussex County, and the State o f Delaware.

James L. Ford

13 Comments on "Former Lewes Mayor, Jim Ford, Endorses Steve Smyk"

  1. Lewes Resident says:

    I listened to Steve Smyk at the League of Women Voters and he stumbled around like a teen ager and didn’t answer the questions. He is totally unqualified to be a state representative.
    I heard him say on WGMD several weeks ago that “the poor are a cancer on our society.”
    I heard him promoting cameral at all major red light intersections. I heard him say he gladly voted yes to allowing sales in theaters. Think of the implications. A person gets drunk in a dark theater sitting next to children, then get up and goes to his car and drives home drunk. Nice going Steve Smyk.
    Smyk also is actively promoting raising traffic fines, because we aren’t keep pace with surrounding states.

    Me and my friends are voting independent for Don Ayotte.

  2. Winston says:

    @Lewes Resident

    I attended the LWV debate at Cape Henlopen High School and heard Smyk tell another person that he came completely unprepared to address the issues. He is running on his record but doesn’t have one.
    He sounded horrible and Ayotte clearly came prepared and easily won the debate. He easily articulated the issues and was very statesmanlike in his presentation.
    I did also hear Smyk on WGMD radio saying he would like to put cameras and each major traffic light. I also heard him say that, the poor are a cancer on our society.
    BTW, he did vote yes to sell alcohol in theaters. If people want to drink, let them go to a bar or a restaurant that sell alcohol.

  3. goober says:

    Smyk is a buffoon! I would be curious to know what his fellow legislatures think of him. He is a nice guy but as said above, is totally unqualified to be a state representative. If you really listen to him, he doesn’t say anything…. he just talks!

  4. Gerald says:

    Steve Smyk is all about the smile. Need I say more.

  5. meatball says:

    I posted this for you two idiots before, but here it is again for your pleasure.

    There are hundreds of theaters that serve food and alcohol and I’ve been to a couple of them. I have never seen a problem. How many drinks can you pound down in less than 2 hours?

    Here’s a list of AMC theaters (you know, the movie theater mega corporation) that serve alcohol

    The ones I’ve been to also serve local brews, which of course locally would mean Dogfish Head which employs a couple of hundred people in Smyk’s district. Why wouldn’t he vote for it, it benefits his constituents. Are you saying Floridians can handle a glass or two of wine at the movies, but Delawareans can’t?

    Don Ayotte is a reactioary, NIMBY candidate who never thinks anything through to the end. I could never in a million elections cast a vote for such a shortsighted, narrow minded individual.

  6. Winston says:


    I’ve seen two debates that Ayotte and Smyk have faced each other, and Ayotte mops the floor with Smyk. At the League of Women Voters debate at Cape Henlopen High School, Ayotte handled several difficult issues and proposed potential answers to those issue while Smyk offered nothing but sniveling and whining. Smyk stated he would run on his record. What record???
    Smyk is a statist and an elitist who never has respected anybody that wasn’t a first responder. In his mind he is still a state trooper, not a representative. He is trying to keep his job to hang on to the $750,000 house he just bought while in office?
    After watching Ayotte talk to people and hearing him speak, I and many others will cast our votes for Don. I believe he will do the job he says he will do.

  7. waterpirate says:

    What has ” Not Don Ayotte ” accomplished or achieved in his life time? Throwing around rhetoric and being ” Johny on the spot ” does not qualify him for anything.

    Steve Smyk has, and will continue to do great things. Family, public service, common sense, the list is endless.

    A third party candidate is D.O.A. in Delaware, no matter how good they think they are at addressing the ” hard news “. while I am at it, I will add that a write in candidate is also D.O.A.

  8. Laffter says:

    Just want to know what Smyk thinks qualifies as RAPE
    seeing as he feels the casinos are being raped…..

    It was a bad choice of words and shows his inabiliy to articulate anything clearly

  9. Brian says:

    Waterpirate: I agree with your last comment about write-in candidates. I’m setting the over/under on the vote count at 1500 and it’s only that high because of the absentee ballots they will collect. Any takers? I’m sure going to miss the Sheriff of Nuttingham and his merry band of paranoid delusionals. They are an amusing bunch!

  10. waterpirate says:

    It is one thing to provide entertainment, it is quite another to be charged for that entertainment, ala the legal fees to defend the real law of the land, not the definition of conservator from the old english.

  11. Brian says:

    Waterpirate: I’m not suggesting that the entertainment is worth $77,000. Only that I find the ridiculous proposition that a County Sheriff should be the sole arbiter of what is and what is not constitutional (a sheriff that has not only never graduate from law school, but has probably not even walked past a law law school) or that he/she has authority greater than that of the state government from when his/her authority derives, to be laughable. Christopher’s cult is not “We the people”. They are a fringe element of “We the people”. “We the people” are the majority who vote to elect of state and local representatives. “We the people” have spoken, and we have unequivocally rejected the self-aggrandizing bullshit Christopher and his cult are selling.

  12. Brian says:

    Please forgive the typos. I really should proof read this stuff.

  13. waterpirate says:

    Blogs are raw. Not meant to be litterary or journalistic masterpieces. A flow of ideas by real people. Could not aggree more with your response!

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