Who Stole Poltical Signs This Election Cycle? Not Don Ayotte

Long    This is the news release from the Middletown Police Department in regards to the “alleged” theft of political signs belonging to the GOP. It’s not the fact that someone would steal signs, some people like NDA actually went on the radio and bragged about steeling signs two years ago. The shocking thing here is that the “alleged” thief caught on video is the husband of Democrat incumbent for the 10th Senatorial District, Bethany Hall-Long. See the video here,  So what do you think?

16 Comments on "Who Stole Poltical Signs This Election Cycle? Not Don Ayotte"

  1. Winston says:

    Mr. Ayotte wishes to thank Frank Knotts and the staff of delawareright for continuing to lavish the ayotteforrep campaign with unsolicited and gratuitous publicity. However, Mr. Ayotte regrets that Mr. Knotts will not be invited to the victory party.
    Frank, just get a bottle of Ripple and stay home.

  2. waterpirate says:

    Your delusions have you planning a victory party? I predict it will be attended by the same overwhelming crowds that attended the Council Seat victory party. It is common knowledge that D.A. does not play well with others. Just what we need in Dover……..

  3. Winston says:

    Couldn’t you find a better way to consume your time than being a idiot’s apologist. Certainly you can’t take this guy seriously. He is a bottom feeder.

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    Winston I will be releasing news of my election night plans tomorrow, stay tuned

  5. Winston says:

    Yes Frank, we all have been questioning Dan Gafney’s decision to include someone as obviously biased as you in his Nov. 4th election wrap-up. Go figure, Dan, everybody is scratching their heads on this unbelievable decision. The guy is a bottom feeder.

  6. Frank Knotts says:

    Thank you Winston for your confidence in my abilities. Of course there is always the chance that I will make a fool of myself.

  7. Not Don Ayotte says:

    I didn’t steal any signs. Geez Frank. Blaming me again.

  8. fightingbluehen says:

    I’ve come to relish the waining days of these elections. The desperation and panic starts to creep in. You can feel it in the cool morning air. As the fog clears, reports of stolen or desecrated signs are called in to the local radio talk shows. Some are true, some are lies. Gossip is king. It’s the season for spooks and goblins.

  9. waterpirate says:

    Idiots Apologist?? Certainly you can do better.
    Maybe we should talk about:

    Lynchings in Dover
    Polluted water in Possum Point
    DSP conspiracy plots
    Harpooned by my own party
    I can beat Joan Deaver any day of the week
    The list is longer but I am tired, anyone else care to list the ones I missed?

  10. Say it Ain't so says:

    You have to admit, that Frank on Gaffney election night is choice. Who better to wrap-up the results with commentary on what happened?

  11. Winston says:


    What lynchings in Dover and what polluted water n Possum Point???

    You must have me mixed up with somebody else. You are confused Eric Sac-o-shit.

  12. Say it Ain't so says:

    Jeez Winston, for a smooth burning cigarette, you sure are bitter. Expecting a Loss?

  13. waterpirate says:

    No winston, I am not confused. When you come to the defense of Don Ayotte, you come to the defense of his record of lunacy. If you support him, you support the latter. Do your homework.

    Is you, or is you not his constituancy?

    line stolen from ” Oh brother “.

  14. Sadly, Eric Boye’s excellent effort to document the theft, in the 11th Rep. Dist., of Delaware GOP property, which were entirely lawful signs, didn’t come soon enough. Nothing can be done to replace the 200+ signs stolen from a statewide GOP candidate. But the video evidence and subsequent arrest of the perpetrator will likely dampen any further theft. Let’s be honest: this is just one weapon in the Democrat arsenal that comprises voter fraud, ‘stuffing’ ballot boxes, and mendacious ‘reporting’ by biased news media. If Republicans were possessed of the same overwhelming and self-righteous bias toward self-confirmation, combined with a narcissistic and egotistical elitist mentality, they’d do the same thing…but they don’t.

  15. Winston says:


    You comment and accuse me of being somebody that I am obviously not, on a random incorrect guess on your part, then complain when I object.
    I object to your insistence that Frank Knotts is sane. He is close to being sued by two different people I know that have spoken to the same attorney. The suit seems credible and will be taken on a contingency basis. I hope the False Light suit will break both Steve Grossman and Frank Knotts and Jeff Cragg will also be included in this since he does not supervise his blogsite for libelous and denigrating statements. False light statements that are continuously repeated and no, it is not Ayotte who is filing those suits. You boys, because of your extreme hatred for nearly everyone have made a lot of enemies.

  16. waterpirate says:

    I do not accuse you of being anybody, except someone with misguided loyalties. Anyone who can read knows that D.A. has a laundry list of crusades that all ended badly for him. To portend that he is going to win that seat, have a big victory party, and go to Dover is pure dellusion.

    For the ” official record ” I never said Frank was sane, I never said he was not either. I post here due to my strong convictions. When I left the cess pool that D.A. ran I vowed to post there never again. I also never participate in: sock puppetry, snipe hunts, random acts of meanness, or legal mumbo jumbo.

    This secret squirrel $hit and never ending threats of lawsuits and consequences must be part of your purity oath ritiuals. Sane people just don’t understand.

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