GOP Fundraiser

GOP fundraiser 1  I was honored to have been invited to a GOP fundraiser this past Thursday night, at the home of Ron Sams, former Chairman of the Sussex County GOP.     Somewhere around thirty or so people  attended to show their support for Republican candidates. Unlike another event held the same night, this event was proudly partisan. Also unlike another event, this event was casual, and friendly. Those who spoke, spoke of a positive message, the talk was not filled with negativity.

The candidates that were present included Ken Simpler who is running for the office of Treasurer in Delaware. This is a young man who is clearly well centered and in my opinion, humble in his motivations for running for office, and his credentials make him not only the MOST  qualified person in the race, but really with the withdrawal of the incumbent Chip Flowers from the race, Ken Simpler is the ONLY qualified person in the race.

Ruth Briggs-King, the incumbent for the 37th Representative District also spoke, and may I say, I always find Rep. Briggs-Kings presentations to be intelligent, informative and amusing. She spoke knowledgeably about past legislation and what she feels will be coming in the next general assembly, and the need for Republicans to be elected in order to put a stop to the one party rule in Delaware that has led to the state being less business friendly and has cause the state to lag behind the recovery curve of the nation.

We also heard from Rich Collins who is for the second time running against the incumbent John Atkins in the 41st Representative District. Mr. Collins is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to issues concerning land use, development and DNREC. He spoke of the ever-increasing over reach of government agencies and the negative affects it has upon all of Delaware’s citizens.

The fourth candidate present was the Republican candidate for sheriff, Robert Lee, Mr. Lee gave a brief background of himself, and what he saw as the role of the office of sheriff. Of course much was made about the fact that Mr. Lee did not attend that other faux non-partisan event, and instead chose to attend this proudly partisan event. Let me just say that from my point of view, both Mr. Lee, and the others attending this event, all were better off having him here. Mr. Lee is engaging, and funny. You can have a one on one conversation with him  about just about anything. Yet when the topic of his candidacy comes up, he can tell you exactly where he stands on the office of the sheriff.  I encourage all citizens who don’t already have their minds made up on the GOP primary for sheriff to get to know Robert Lee.

GOP fundraiser 3  Of course it doesn’t hurt that he brings along his wife Lori, who this night,  gave a moving rendition of “America The Beautiful”.

I am sure Mr. Sams would like me to also thank Rep. Danny Short for handling the MC duties.

For those who would be critical of such events, they need to remember, you can’t spell fundraiser, without “FUN”.

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  1. Rick says:

    Simpler is obviously the most qualified, and even Democrats should be able to see that.

    Atkins is on thin ice, I’d give the edge to Collins.

    To me, the Christopher/Lee race is 50/50. Usually, ties go to the incumbent. Gooch could be tough, but a lot of Sussex will vote straight GOP.

  2. kavips says:

    Oh no. Rick and I agree that Simpler should be the Treasurer.

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick, I agree with your picks, except of course while I think the sheriff race will be close, I think enough people are just tired of the never ending controversy from that office, and if Christopher is re-elected then it will continue.

  4. Steel Remington says:

    Precisely, my point in previous Frank Knott’s blog reports (RT1 PAC – Steve Grossman and Jeff Crag) where its his and his co-harts political views that are published into the internet.

    They only report on a (Lewis Briggs (Ruth Briggs King’s brother), Robert Lee’s campaign manager/advisor suggestion to lets hurry up and make a fundraising dinner so we have an excuse not to attend the Sheriff’s debate, bc it won’t look favorably for my candidate) slanted one side political event instead of being a real newsman and appear to the Sheriff’s debate where the voting public appeared to listen and learn Sheriff Jeff Christopher platform, past, present and future vision for the Sheriff’s office, so you could report on that as well too. In a un-bias blog article like all newspaper men are supposed to do!

    Let me give you the run down on who is in this minion coalition and connect the dots for you:

    Leader Minion – Jeff Cragg
    Assistant Leader Minion – Steve Grossman
    Blob site News Minion Leader – Frank Knotts
    Associates Minions – Lewis Briggs, ( trying to be everyone’s campaign manager/advisor so political candidates o him favors)
    Coalition Minions – Ruth Briggs King, Dan Short, Brian PettyJohn, Vance Phillips, Rich Collins, Rob Arlett, Ron Samms, Gerald Hocker, Sam Wilson, Steve Smyk, and there a few more, but you get the point.

    As your title says, Got Something To Say! Go For IT!

    These people are trying at least attempting to mold Sussex County politics into their own little west Texas whore house.

  5. Rick says:

    Hey, I lived in West Texas (Ft. Davis), and until you get to El Paso, there’s nothing there. If you want whore houses, go to Houston or Dallas.

    The rabid attacks on Christopher might just piss enough people off to put him over the top. A lot of us understand the meaning of “…shall be the conservator of the peace in the counties…,” despite what some political judge says.

    Who are you going to believe; me, or your own two eyes?

    ……..G. Marx

  6. Dan says:

    Wow nice for a self righteous proclaimed Christian. Your associates who will remain nameless are by far the biggest group of back stabbing self righteous miscreant mouth breeders in Sussex County. You people talk more crap about people than gets pumped out of septic systems in Sussex County collectively. Anyone who doesn’t share your beliefs is taken out at the knees it doesn’t matter what party they are affiliated with. People who have absolutely nothing to do with politics are viciously attacked based on nothing more than you and your associates ignorant bigotry. Considering the number of people who are attending your fundraiser today which isn’t even as good as an IPOD turnout you have no room to be criticizing anyone else.

  7. Steel Remington says:


    If you are referring to me, let explain something. I don’t have a group, its all me! Its my opinion and not influenced by anyone. I am not from Sussex County, just keep in the news and I didn’t know that I was putting on a fundraiser today. Again I just know the news. It would do you to know the REAL news too.

  8. waterpirate says:

    Aside from the mention of Vance Phillips I think that was a fine list of elected officials. Vance has his own demons to deal with this time around. If your opinion of this site is what you stated, do us all a favor and slither back to DP and leave us all hear to our own devices. The primary and subsequent election will truly decide who the voters think is relavant, not a bunch of internet Einstiens.

  9. Steel Remington says:

    Oh, I forgot. Forgive my last blog post that didn’t give a title to DAN – Assistant Minion or Newsman Minion.

  10. Steel Remington says:


    Yea, yea and you can go and drill some more wells throughout Sussex. Your kissing up to Frank and this cell pool site goes hand in hand with your occupation. You need water for both. Happy swimming in your own stinking crap, just like your dialogue and views. Funs over!

  11. Honi Soit says:

    Rick writes: “…despite what some political judge says.” I don’t know what he means by that remark…and I can never be sure that he knows what he means by his remarks. A judge who bases rulings on party ideology rather than on application of the law? A judge who runs for office and gets elected? A judge who rules against any position Rick takes?

    Delaware Supreme Court are not elected, and it was this court that decided the Christopher case. These five judges are nominated by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. Three of the justices must represent one of the major political parties while the other two justices must be members of the other major political party. So it’s not possible to “pack” the court with all Democrats or all Republicans.

    The ruling on the Christopher case was unanimous. Hardly smacks of politics. Judges simply can’t just vote on a case and be done with it. They have to show the legal reasoning for their decision. They did that in their 26-page opinion. Hardly smacks of capriciousness.

  12. Rick says:

    They have to show the legal reasoning for their decision. They did that in their 26-page opinion. Hardly smacks of capriciousness.

    From the decision;

    “We hold that the term “conservator of the peace” in the 1776 Delaware Constitution and each successive Delaware Constitution has always been used only to describe a changing variety of public officials…”

    But the Delaware Constitution disagrees;

    Article XV., § 1. Conservators of the peace.

    Section 1. The Chancellor, Judges and Attorney-General shall be conservators of the peace throughout the State; and the Sheriffs shall be conservators of the peace within the counties respectively in which they reside.

    Where do you see a “changing variety of public officials?” The Delaware Constitution is quite specific.

    Throughout the decision there are several more absurd assertions created out of thin air as to render the opinion ridiculous and not worth the effort to cut and paste.

    At the end of the day, I can understand the definition of “conservator of the peace.” As I’ve said all along, all the Democrats had to do was amend Article XV- instead they did so by judicial fiat, and that is a political action, not an act of proper jurisprudence.

    But then again, this is Delaware.

  13. waterpirate says:

    I soooo enjoy feeding the trolls! They go on full tilt so easily, and predictably. The differance here is that Frank holds the key to the delete button and the content, not you and your ilk.

  14. waterpirate says:

    I also forgot to mention my pondering over the SV billboard for treasurer thats by line read ” more jobs, less govt. ” WTF does that have to do with the office of treasurer? And since Plastic Pencil brought up my occupation in an attempt to do what I am not sure, SV really pissed off people ” who did build something ” without the percs associated with being a female owned company with a Spanish last name that garners govt. contracts. Some of us paid off our student loans, thank you big brother, and did the rest our selves.

  15. Frank Knotts says:

    Remmy has now shown that they are all out of arguments and has resorted to fantasy politics. Let me once more make it clear, I am neither a “news man”, or a “journalist” and have never claimed to be, unlike some. I am a person who gives my opinion, and I have never claimed that it would be an unbiased one. I am partisan to the GOP and the candidates that I choose to support. I have no obligation to cover any event other than the ones I choose to.
    As for anyone else that may be involved with Delaware Right? Well let me assure you all, I have pissed off some of the members as well as the guest.
    While I am the lone regular blogger here no one tells me what to write or not to write, I have full editorial control of my post. If I ever cross a line that the rest of the members feel they cannot stand behind, then my time here can be terminated at will. Wouldn’t be the first time. Remmy I have faced many things in my life, and your childish attempts at name calling doesn’t even come close to registering on the hurt meter, but keep trying, it amuses me.

  16. Steel Remington says:

    As well you humor me! Keep plugging Lone Ranger!

  17. Laffter says:

    She just won’t learn will she Frank? All that “rubbing elbows with illegals” as Festival Hispano has left her brain dead…..that’s a note from her own FB Page

    Speaking of brain dead…..Don Ayotte didn’t show up and I saw one IPOD shirt skulking around sucking up give-a-ways- he probably figured no one notice the bad spelling mistake on the back- but quite a few did

    Pretty funny stuff …… If you think about it – we don’t have to debate any on the crazy side- just stand on the side-lines and watch them destroy themselves – just like flowers did …..

    Don’t even have to engage w

  18. waterpirate says:

    (Edited for outing. Frank Knotts)

  19. Dan says:

    (Edited for outing. Frank Knotts)

  20. Old Sussex County Native says:

    Delaware has had four Constitutions since 1776. Several times the Federal Supreme Court declared items in our previous Constitutions “Unconstitutional” There were offensive, prejudiced, horrible things in our old Constitutions. The Constitution of 1897 prohibited “paupers, morons and persons of ill repute” from voting. It also prohibited inter-racial marriage. There are interesting Court Cases of things being struck down in our DEFECTIVE CONSTITUTIONS. As you read the differing Constitutions, going back to the founding of Delaware, the term Conservator of the Peace indeed did change, and overlapped differing positions. So to hang your hat on only the Constitution of 1897 is to be short sighted and not look back to the entire history of Delaware and even what Conservator of the Peace meant in Colonial Days. This is why the Supreme Court of Delaware issued a lengthy history that was twenty something pages. If you read the entire document, it makes complete sense to me. We have had a track record of making defective Constitutions in Delaware. Sorry to say, but the US Supreme Court smacked down portions of our state Constitution quite a few times over the centuries!

  21. TrutheBeKnown says:

    “.Don Ayotte didn’t show up and I saw one IPOD shirt skulking around sucking up give-a-ways”

    Ayotte was there, I saw him and spoke to him. He was wearing a campaign T-shirt that said, “Don Ayotte for 20th District Representative, You Have a Choice. He was being welcomed by all, even Nelly Jordan and many Republicans.
    laffter, you always get it wrong, you’re such a loser. Are you still commenting on Delaware Liberal like most of Frank’s Knottheads.

  22. Steel Remington says:


    You perps have no clue, not even a clue and this truly fun. This is so humorous its just too much. What you think you know, is only from your twisted delusional mind playing its usual daily dose of liberal ideology.

    Its Frank’s aka Dan the puppet man, loyal liberal co-harts in political crime spinning nonsense. Have at it!! Makes for good drama!! Cause at the end of the day that’s all you liberal minions have is just NO SUBSTANCE!! Come on Frank call your puppets out and make comments to help you and your sick blog site out. That’s the only time you get any attention and comments on this site is when I make a comment. That’s right there is no substance with this sick blog site. NONE!!!

    Back on topic of the fundraiser. Your chosen candidate had his fundraiser on the same night of the Sheriff’s debate to raise funds that why they call it a fundraiser. You stupid idiots think just when it suits your agenda and methods its OK, but when someone else has a fundraiser it means something totally different and you put your usual delusional spin on it.

    Guess what most normal people know your dumb crap and that’s why they threw you out of the SCGOP. The intelligent GOP executive committee saw right through you, Steve and Jeff and threw you bums right the heck out.

    Frank aka Dan the Puppet newspaper man as well as the Sussex County suspicious suspect roaming the county driving around in a white truck taking pictures of people’s properties. Sick, real sick man!!!! Oh by the way, has the police come knocking yet?

  23. FrankKnotts says:

    Remmy, you are cross threading, be warned that is reason for being blocked.
    You called the 9/12 event a fundraiser, they say they are non-partisan, which is it, can’t be both.
    I have taken no pictures of no one’s house, and by the way that home was in kent county, get your attacks straight.
    And no, since I have broken no laws, the police have not come knocking.
    And once again, if you think that I need to use other names here, you are as mistaken about that as you are about political issues. Anyone who has followed my blogging knows that I use only my name. I am not ashamed of anything I write and have no need to hide, can you say the same?

  24. Dan says:

    I don’t own a white truck, I don’t drive a white truck I wasn’t taking pictures or seen taking pictures of signs or homes.

  25. Steel Remington says:

    I am not cross threading for what ever its worth on this blog site. You seem to write in redundancy where ever you want, so why can’t anyone else do the same thing. Oh I forgot YOU can do what ever you what bc YOU are the LONE RANGER!

    Again YOU say YOU run this site exclusively. Baring that in mind, YOU can do whatever YOU want to do on this blog site. Don’t think for one minute that anyone that visits this site believes a word YOU say or YOUR minions in crime. You want facts to write an article go to the source. (Edited because of false accusations. Frank Knotts)

    You, your co-harts, your friendly minions, the Admin of this blog site, other blog sites and other persons are treading on a fine line. So fine that in fact by a source, that a team is watching you, yours and others every move, postings, conversations, information disseminated out into the public main stream where said information becomes liable and defamation of character, the team is ready to act through litigation. They also know who everyone is already on this site as well as others.

    Ever been sued? Well, guess what, this team is not playing with you or anyone else. They have the mechanisms in place to levy a law suit on you, your minions and the Admin. of this blog site where all records will be subpoenaed and exposed. Every person that comments on this blog site and other blog sites with lies and false information will be sued. This team does this for a living and has shut down hundreds of blog sites and sued people for everything they own.

    Again if you want facts go to the source, This team was put in place several months ago bc of the lies, false rumors, that you and your minions are promoting into the public. So, keep that in mind when you and your minions followers feel free to just throw misinformation, lies, false rumors, etc. on this blog site where YOU are the one who polices what is being exposed through the internet, you get what you deserve. You, blog site Admin, other bloggers and other people who write for this blog site are held just as liable for defamation of character as newspapers, magazines, TV and other media outlets. Beware you get what you ask for!

    With that in mind keep watching your mailbox! Better yet buy a bike, you and yours might just need it to get to work.

  26. Dan says:

    Truthbeknown yes voters in the 20th have a choice. To coin Nancy Reagan’s slogan with a twist “Ayotte Just Say NO”

  27. waterpirate says:

    Soooo ” plastic pencil ” is sounding a little like Mcarthy. Intimidation and threats did not work then, and they certainly will not work now. threatning libel action against a bunch of internet Einstiens cause you got your little feelings hurt is laughable. So much evil and vitriol really does make you transparent.

    (Edited for outing. Frank Knotts)

  28. Steel Remington says:


    Sources say Well driller Sacket, Got something to say? Go For It? No intimidation, no problems. Problem is going to be for you. Get your bike ready!

  29. Frank Knotts says:

    Remmy, I have edited the comments that attempted to out you. I have also edited your comments. You are welcome to debate the issues here and to call my judgment into question. However, you are not going to make completely false accusations here, and you are not going to threaten my family’s well being. You have been warned, future threats will find you blocked, and if as you say the site will simply dry up without you. Guess we will have to wait and see.
    I do not run the site, I control my post. Please give me a reason.

  30. Steel Remington says:


    It doesn’t matter if I post here at all. Absolutely none. What matters is that sources say it is this blog site as well as other blog sites through their conduct as well as the conduct of participates that have warrented a professional team of litigators to examine and monitor past, present and future activity.

    Just passing on information from the sources for you and yours to dissect. How you want to accept such information is all on you and yours. How you and yours wants to conduct themselves again is all you and yours. You better think about it.

  31. waterpirate says:

    More idle threats from those who claim to be on the inside loop. Reminds me of the heady days at DP when they were all running around yelling about shedding false lights. Did you get your rocks off by putting my name in print? It does not bother me. I am a proffesional and clearly in the public domain, as are you. The differance is that I am not running for office. Running for office holds people to a presumed higher standard then the general public. Not give candidates a liscense to let their ” crazy ” off the chain. I have survived the ” Ides of March ” many times. If you think you have what it takes to bring the next knife, then so be it.

  32. Anon says:

    Run scared Frank, Remmy is making the same threats a certain person at DP threatened me with a few months ago when I was banned for calling out their idiotic stamens, outright lies, and hypocrisy. I got the same “libel, false light” allegations and told that they “knew who I was” and that the big bad litigator would be contacting me , and to watch my mail box. So I did and you know what I got in the mail, bills and junk mail same as before.

    Maybe the lawsuit got lost on its way to Sussex County just like Erin Brockovich did on her way here. Maybe we will be co-defendants Frank we can split the fee of an attorney lol.

  33. Frank Knotts says:

    Remmy, if someone is going to sue me or anyone else then they will or they won’t, but I don’ t have to let you come here and make veiled threats. If you hate this site so bad then leave this God forsaken place.

  34. Steel Remington says:


    If you want facts, contact the source. Make the phone call instead shooting the messenger. I don’t care if I ever write anything else on this site, doesn’t matter. The threat doesn’t come from me, just passing along vital information that actually should have been kept quiet and allowed it to just play out.

    This team of litigators is the very same high profile team that monitors the conglomerate newspapers such as The Globe and The Enquire, just too name a couple. You know the trash newspapers you see at the grocery counter. They have a 100% success rate in suing for their clients (celebrities, athletes and politicians) these entities due to slander, defamation of character, libel, etc.

    You and yours isn’t the only blog site they are watching for their clients. There job is to monitor all media, collect all information that is damaging to their clients, assemble all the information from every entity and then mass sue them all at the same time. Where then all people, corporations, etc are completely shut down and tied up in litigation. Haven’t you seen the retractions in the media quickly after something that is published or filtered over the news airwaves breaks? These people are huge, feared and in the industry to protect their clients. They don’t play well with others.

    They receive 50% of the revenue in their civil suits which end up being settled out of court on merits of incredible investigated material forthwith, making the odds of the person or business that was being sued fruitless. So you see, you play with the big boys and they take no prisoners. This is how they make their living and do not care if you and yours has a living when they are done with you.

    So with all that being said as passed on information from the sources, which by the way I am doing YOU and YOURS the favor of keeping what you own, safe to say, get yours head and egos out of your arses, wise up before you and yours lose your lively hood, your homes, your jobs then your families because of financially difficulty, just bc you and yours wants and has an agenda to character assassinate public members of the community.

    Is it worth it to you. Make the phone call to get the facts. Simple to do.

  35. Steel Remington says:

    Oh by the way well driller,

    No threats or intimidation. Want facts go to the source, Your made, bought and sold before you even knew it. Facts are they know actually who you are as well as the others So, if that isn’t proof enough, do as the title above states, Got Something To Say? Go For IT? Are you a betting man, throw the dice, play the hand, lady luck on your side?

    And I didn’t know that I was running for office until you mentioned it. LOL!!

  36. Dave says:

    “Got Something To Say? Go For IT? Are you a betting man, throw the dice, play the hand, lady luck on your side? ”

    Channeling Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan (“Go ahead, make my day”), Steel has really jumped the shark with that one. It’s almost beyond belief. I don’t know who Steel is (I have a suspicion*), but that type of posting is so juvenile that I think this site should have a checkbox to for posters that forces them to agree that they are over 18 before being allowed to post. And if they are actually a candidate for public office, they need to really take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and consider whether they have the gravitas (and maturity) necessary to represent the people in any capacity.

    *the phrasing and structure reminds me of a clip I saw of someone (edited for outing. Frank Knotts)

  37. Steel Remington says:


    Well ole Dave is a trivia buff. Just quoting one of their clients one liners, “Go ahead, do you feel lucky today/” Well, GO AHEAD!!

    Have you wondered even beyond the fact, that just maybe I might just work for that very same firm and I have been baiting you and yours the whole time? Hmmmmmm!! Food for thought!

    Now the game is over! Enough of the toying around with you and yours. I think enough information has been disseminated and by company policy fore warned. While you and yours where oblivious to your surroundings in recent months while you and yours have been on your personal witch hunts and character assignations , preparations and mechanisms where taking place to target, research, collect and now activate the information.

    Check your mailboxes and invest in a bike!

  38. Dan says:

    Dave I concur the phrasing and structure is indicative of one person only whom IMHO is only one step up from functionally illiterate at best. The person speaks in the same manner they write often mis pronouncing the very same words that are written incorrectly. Examples
    “co-harts” instead of cohorts
    “fore warned” instead of forewarned
    “whirl wind” instead of whirlwind
    “assisgnation” instead of assassination
    “cess-pool” instead of cesspool

    Remmy perhaps you should look at cases involving online blog sites and forums. For example has been sued on at least 3 different occasions. Suits were filed to ascertain the identity of the people making comments along with libel. The cases all resulted in the same outcome; the courts ruled the real names/identities did not need to be given. The courts also ruled there was no libel, the evidence did not prove malice on the part of the defendants. The cases were all dismissed.
    Have a wonderful day.

  39. Steel Remington says:


    Back acha! Is that spelled good enough for you!

    Too much fun!

  40. Steel Remington says:

    Oh by the way,

    I do not need to look up cases, sources say proof is on their tax returns!

    You also have good day!

  41. Dave says:

    “Back acha! Is that spelled good enough for you! ”

    Ummm… no.

    Back At You = back atcha, and it is also, a positive comment versus your use of it, but hey, whatever language, syntax and spelling make you more comfortable.

  42. Steel Remington says:


    You want me to contact the source and run you too! How proof do you need. I don’t have problem making a phone call!

  43. Steel Remington says:


    Interesting Dave, I did it anyway. LOL!! Similarity breeds contempt.

  44. Dave says:

    Very silly. Grow up

  45. Frank Knotts says:

    A comment was removed that was posted by Steele Remington in which Remmy not only outed another commentor, but also posted their home address.
    Remmy has been warned in the past, and even though I have also edited other commenters for outing Remmy they refuse to follow the rules of this site. I encourage everyone to go to the blog’s rule page and refresh their memories.
    Steele Remington has crossed the line, with the continuous threats to the site and it guest, Remmy is no longer welcome here.
    As for the “source”, well I have heard this threat before, and in reality, Remmy has now been guilty of all the things they accused us of.
    I would hope that the guest who come to the site respect the fact that they are guest here, and they need to respect the other guest here as well.

  46. Dan says:

    Frank well stated for whatever it’s worth you were more than fair with the person. They have nobody to blame but themselves for the consequences of their actions.

  47. waterpirate says:

    Well that could not have come soon enough. Thanx for taking out the trash Frank.

  48. Fake Mark Blake says:

    I wonder if Mark Blake was in attendance? We supported Blake against Gordon in 2012 and now we hear Bake is in Kilpatrick’s corner and was the person blocking the GHADA and Civic League Debate offers.

    I am not a Republican and now I know why people leave the GOP when turn coats like this one talk one line in 2012 and then get in bed with Shawn Tucker and Janet ” Barley Mill” Kilpatrick seek to ruin our neighborhoods and roads. What was he offered to switch teams?

    Now, Gordon is the cause of reason and Blake is Benedict Arnold.

  49. waterpirate says:

    By the way Frank, if you are editing, my last name has two T’s not one at the end.

  50. Laffter says:

    Thank you for banning that crazy under- medicated lunatic

    The bad grammar alone was too funny ……. They just proved their unfitness for office never mind that someone like that can even vote!

    Scary times scary people – nothing in my mailbox – junk, bills, nada from an attorney!! LOL

  51. Mark Blake says:

    Wow, so “fake -me” (aka Mike Protack) is saying that I blocked the debates? Quite the opposite Mike, the GHADA Civic group doesn’t usually meet in July, August or December, so there wasn’t a GHADA meeting scheduled prior to the Primary Election. However, the Executive Board of GHADA did feel that it was important to have a Candidate’s Forum since there are two (2) local races with primary candidates that affect the area; the 22nd Rep District and the 3rd NCC Council seat. However, you muddied the waters by trying to get Save Our County and then the Civic League to put on a debate in the Hockessin area leading to some confusion over the date. Nonetheless, there will be a debate. I wasn’t offered anything and I certainly can’t be bought off, so those claims are baseless, I was a boy scout too Mike, but I still remember and follow the oath.
    To your point about my ruining our neighborhoods and roads, I’m at a loss for words as I’ve been actively involved in our community for over 11 years trying to make a positive difference, where have you been all that time, as I sure don’t see you stepping up and volunteering in the local community.

Got something to say? Go for it!