Guest Post By, Scott Dailey

After a little over 21 years at the helm of the state of Delaware, the Democrats have discovered that the roads are falling apart and the water is dirty. As the sunset of Mr. Markell’s term looms closer on the horizon, the economy lacks the strength to properly grow the statist agenda.  What can’t be had through plenty, is now easily available through guilt, as being opposed to the growth of Dover’s relentless bureaucracy is now somehow seen to be advancing an agenda of dirty water, and pothole littered streets.

It may never be known why it took the great minds of Dover over two decades to awaken to these calamities, but rest assured that the party of one-party rule has a solution.  That solution is, of course, more. When the Governor and his ilk  say, “more”, what they truly mean is actually, “less” for their constituents.

Bereft of ideas, and too squeamish to actually lead, the Democrats in Dover will take more of your money, which leads you to have less. “Less” is a term not heard in Dover, ever.  Anyone in the private sector for the last five years is well acquainted with less, and the life it accommodates.  Outside of Dover, the private sector and those employed therein, have spent the last five years, (and likely the 16 proceeding those) learning how to do more with less.

Ironically, the Dover Democrats seem only up to the task of doing less with more. In addition to the recent discoveries of our roads and waterways, the last 7,665 days (or so), have been busy ones for the Dover Democrats.  They have watched the total demise of the auto industry in Delaware, and managed, in an ideologically thrown hail Mary, to subsidize the Chinese purchase of Newport industrial real estate. They have watched the decline of the financial industry that grew the state in the 80’s and early 90’s. The chemical industry has been left to die on the vine, while the battery business flourishes on the backs of the common citizen who has no choice but to purchase electricity from the state mandated monopoly.

These galling failures, and the anemic economy that attends them, leave Markell, Schwartzkopf and the liberal brain trust to a sad but predictable decision. More revenue must be created to feed the beast that has become the state’s largest single employer in a never-ending growth cycle for the last 21 years.

Delaware Republicans would rather turn on one another, rather  than challenge single party rule.  Lately, Delaware Republicans seem more interested in their own ideological purity,  than they do relevance in statewide politics. But I digress…

They that have been poor stewards of that which they have been given ought not be given more.  Markell’s argument presupposes that there is no waste in the state budget as it is currently constituted, and all current state programs are too dear to have their funding reallocated. No serious thinking person believes this.

The proposed gas tax revenue is to be given to Del Dot, an agency with a history of mismanagement longer than the span of the inlet bridge. DNREC, who disdains writing regulations with the input of the regulated, is clearly as trustworthy as the guarantors of the Fisker loans made by the state.

These new taxes are regressive and proportionally place the funding of the state’s incompetence on the backs of those that have the least to spare.  Markell and the Dems can rest easy, as their supporters consistently vote for the very people who oppress them.  Elected Democrats destroy their constituents. It is opposite for the Republicans, where the constituents destroy their elected Republicans. The latter point on Republicans is quite sad and telling, as the party to the right of the Markell administration seems to never know who the true opponent in the state is.  This ignorance has led to single party rule that is now old enough to purchase alcohol, and the race to become New Jersey seems to be only gaining speed. Actually, wait… gas is cheaper in New Jersey.

20 Comments on "Guest Post By, Scott Dailey"

  1. Mike Protack says:

    Sadly, all of the above is true.

    The GOP ate itself and the Dems ruined the state.

  2. saltyindependent says:

    so next we are looking at matt denn who actually has a record that can be debated.. pete would gladly take the lt. governor spot on that ticket. i would certainly like to have a choice here, but lacey lafferty ain”t gonna do it for me.

  3. Dave says:

    “It is opposite for the Republicans, where the constituents destroy their elected Republicans. The latter point on Republicans is quite sad and telling, as the party to the right of the Markell administration seems to never know who the true opponent in the state is. This ignorance has led to single party rule”

    Umm..not really. Have you looked at the voter registration numbers? Even if all the (R)s held together, you have no prayer at statewide office, especially and specifically, considering the candidates the (R)s put forward. You endorsed Urquhart over Lopez when the former county GOP chairs endorsed Lopez.

    You said it best that, “Delaware Republicans seem more interested in their own ideological purity” which is what Urquhart represented and you endorsed. Or was your post an introspective piece? One can build houses easily enough, but making it home requires a family, but when your definition of family members is so narrow, who can qualify?

  4. delacrat says:

    My eyes glazed over at “statist agenda”.

  5. Scott Dailey says:

    If voter registration were the only indicator in elections, then the GOP would lose all of Sussex as well.

    I supported Glen because he was a personal friend of mine. He still is.

    I supported Ernie after the primary, and I volunteered on his campaign. When my guy lost, I backed the guy who won. Glen represented one ideological wing of the GOP. I don’t agree with him on many things.

    I think it’s safe to say that people with viewpoints different than he were equally tepid in their support of him when he was the nominee for Congress in 2010.

    My support of Ernie was not tepid, and I agree with him on many things.

    Neither Glen nor Ernie are what’s wrong with Delaware. Jack is. That’s the point.

  6. Dave says:

    I’ll have to disagree. Lack of a second party is the problem and its cause was and is ideologues. Otherwise, a GOP senator would be representing Delaware today.

    I’m not going to criticize the rationale for someone’s decisions. Still, for me, if I disagreed with someone on many things, I would be hard pressed to endorse them, friend or no because I value responsible governance too much.

    Anyway, to paraphrase Fred Smith (CEO FedEx), if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. If the GOP in Sussex County wants to stay way out there on the right fringe, the drought will be long indeed.

  7. Rick says:

    Delaware is slowly, inexorably headed the way of the Northeast in general- toward one-party hegemony. This is a phenomenon which is hard to explain, but readily observable.

    It is obvious that cities seem to require more “services,” particularly in public housing, food stamps, general welfare payments, free school lunches and so on. Over a period of decades, the general population becomes inured to the higher taxes needed to pay for the ever-expanding “services.” Big government becomes a way of life.

    The Socialist-Democrats have managed, through the distribution of largesse to the urban dependency class, to wholly-own the minority vote. Nobody says “no” to free stuff. If it breaks the bank, so what? Let the next generation of politicians worry about it.

    In the suburbs, the Socialist-Democrats have, with the help of a compliant media, convinced voters that high taxes and big government are the equivalent of charity. After all, who doesn’t want to help the “disenfranchised?” Tax and spend, in the name of “equality” and “social justice” is the way to our collective salvation.

    And if you’re in business, you’d better go along, or you’re going out of business. Socialist-Democrats and corruption go hand-in-hand…see GM, Loral, Fisker, Solyndra and so on. You have to pay to play.

    Over time, the urban influence permeates the entire state, especially small states. When I was young, the Boston influence hadn’t reached the western counties- now, it has. The whole state of Rhode Island has fallen under the influence of Providence. In Maryland, only a few counties, in the far west and the Eastern Shore remain with the GOP. Far from New York City, the upstate region still resists, but western Connecticut has long-ago aligned with the I-95 corridor. The rural areas of New Jersey have long ago been overwhelmed by the high population centers, and Vermont, a state once populated by conservative dairy farmers, has been invaded by liberals, so that now more people live in the Burlington area than in the rest of the state- Vermont has an avowed Socialist in the US Senate. And with the endless growth of the federal leviathan, Northern Virginia is growing fast enough to change that once-conservative state to purple-blue, in one generation.

    In smaller states like Delaware, the large, urban areas totally dominate state politics. While conservative, Sussex is as powerless as Hampden County Mass or Garrett County Maryland. And the problem is, with the influx of out-of-state refugees heading to Sussex for retirement, it’s going to get worse- they’ll bring their voting patterns with them.

    I might add, parenthetically, that this situation also is true in California and the Rust Belt, although states like Ohio and Illinois have enough non-urban populations to somewhat resist Socialist-Democrat domination.

    The Left controls the mass media, academia, Hollywood and the urban centers. Thus, they control the culture. It is no longer a political problem.

    The solution? The heartland needs to secede from the United States. There are no political solutions to a cultural schism.

  8. saltyindependent says:

    i agree that jack is a problem, but he is a lame duck. who is a viable candidate from the gop?

  9. Scott Dailey says:

    Salty- I will freely admit that I have identified the problem, but I don’t have the solution. The Delaware GOP has some rebuilding to do before they can be more competitive statewide.

  10. Frank Knotts says:

    Rick says, “The heartland needs to secede from the United States. ” WOW! No fringe element there friends and neighbors.

  11. Wondering? says:

    It seems to me that both major parties seems to reflect anti-constitutional voting and state control, and it isn’t working.
    I’ve obtained the voter registration statistics for the month of February and they are dreary for both major parties.

    Dems: -332 registered voters

    Gop: -570 registered voters

    Ipod and minor parties: Significant advances in voter registrations.

    Political rhetoric aside, the people are speaking loudly and they’ve said it quite clearly that the present two party system sucks badly.

  12. Rick says:

    Rick says, “The heartland needs to secede from the United States. ” WOW! No fringe element there friends and neighbors.

    Rick also said;

    There are no political solutions to a cultural schism.

    And there aren’t. Study history and see for yourself.

    The left controls the mass media and academia, and thus, the culture. The culture defines politics, not the other way around. Simply look and see how our society has “evolved” (actually, devolved) over the past few decades. Politics reflects that devolution.

    An individualist cannot co-exist with a collectivist. There simply is no middle ground. Every “cross-the-aisle” appeasement precipitates a gradual move to the left. The right may wrest political power from the left, temporarily, but the left must ultimately prevail as they control the means to influence society as a whole- Hollywood, music, schools, television programming and so on. Millions more watch The Exes than read political commentary. The left knew this all along, which is why Stalin said “give me Hollywood …and I’ll control the world.”

    The Founders believed in the individual. Today’s left and center believe in collectivist salvation. The two are absolutely incompatible. You cannot be an individualist-collectivist. The Founders would be aghast at the the size and scope of today’s federal government, and they would revolt.

    So go ahead Frank and waste your time trying to find a political solution for a cultural problem. It cannot be done.

    Socialism is Theft

  13. saltyindependent says:

    how about we brainstorm some names to run for governor?

    you guys can go first….

  14. Cletus says:

    How about the Director of Economic Development Alan Levin.

  15. Rick says:

    I nominate Frank Knotts.

  16. Where's Bodie? says:

    I nominate Rick for Chief of the Staff.

  17. Rick says:

    My presidential nominee would advocate;

    1) Abolition of the IRS, imposition of a flat tax. No loopholes.
    2) Abolition of the Federal Reserve, imposition of metal-backed money.
    3) Abolition of bank cartels (Goldman Sachs et al), return to local banks.
    4) Secure US border, impose draconian fines for hiring of illegals.
    5) Abolish Dept of Energy, Dept of Education, Dept of Homeland Security.
    6) Abolish all farm subsidies.
    7) Abolish all grants to universities.
    8) All welfare, food stamps, unemployment limited to 90 days, disabled excepted.
    9) Free transportation to anywhere for those unable/unwilling to conform to above.
    10) Abolition of AMTRAK.
    11) Immediate removal of all military bases worldwide, USAF/missiles excepted.
    12) Build water pipeline from Alaska glaciers to California.
    13) Focus on space-based weaponry.
    14) Abolish any and all business with Muslim nations, ban Muslim immigration.
    15) Temporary ban on all immigration- tie immigration rate to unemployment rate.
    16) Create US Court of Capital Appeals.
    17) Sell all federally-owned land other than National Parks.
    18) Triple US Coast Guard budget.
    19) Promote racial profiling by airport security staff (911 perpetrators were Arab).
    20) Cut number of federal employees by 50% over ten years.

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