How Not Don Ayotte, To Memorialize The Fallen

Ayotte  So on Friday I put up a post to honor the fallen service men and women throughout the history of the United States.  I made no mention of politics, nor did I mention any person by name. However, some folks could not resist coming to that post, and on Memorial Day, to make personal attacks on me and my politics. They accused me of attacking people who have served in the armed forces, as if once a person serves they are forever free from criticism. I challenge anyone to find a single instance of myself attacking anyone “FOR” their service.

That’s fine, I did place the person in moderated time out, not because of what they said about me, but because I found the timing disrespectful of the people who gave their lives for this nation. There are plenty of other post that these cheese-wiz punks can attack me, they need not dishonor the fallen heroes of this nation to do it.

The funny thing was that the person/persons (pretty sure it was the same person using different screen names) made mention of another local blogger, Don Ayotte, and how great he is.

So I took a little trip over to his site to see what his Memorial Day post looked like.

So while I hate to drive traffic to another site, I feel it important to show exactly who and what the radical right supports.

Here is Not Don Ayotte’s post in its entirety, and I will also link to it so you can check to see if he edits it later.


“For Those Who Paid The Ultimate Price And Their Families, There Are Not Enough Words To Express Our Nation’s Deepest Gratitude.

For our warriors who go into battle for our nation, they know too well that freedom is not free! We take this day to honor their service, from the militia that confronted British troops in 1776, to the warriors that serve in Afghanistan today. Our Nation gives your honorable service a snappy salute and a grateful thank you.

Many Americans look forward to Memorial Day as a long awaited four day holiday for a family vacation and that’s OK but I remember joining the U.S. Navy and the young age of seventeen-and-a-half in 1964, during much civil unrest after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. After a seven-week stint in boot-camp and a year of training, I started my career in Naval Communication Intelligence.

No matter what branch of the military you served or serve in, your service in much appreciated but for the warriors on the front lines of combat, I extend a heartfelt OOHRAH. May God keep his hand of protection over you and your families. I thank God every day that I came home safe and now have a family.

Memorial Day brings many fond memories as well as the experiences of serving our nation. My business partner David Levi Anderson, who serves in the National Guard served in Afghanistan and also serves as a Dover City Councilman and I, decided to expand our media outlet about two and a half months ago to include a new news aggregate called, “The Midlantic Dispatch.”

We would like to thank everyone who now uses our news-site for one stop news from global to local. The success of this site has been phenomenal and we appreciate all of our readers. Our Facebook page, “The Midlantic Dispatch,” is also an outlet for local and national news and has been enormously successful, thanks to much hard work on the part of our hard working staff. If you haven’t visited both of our sites, we invite you to visit and browse, the site is free to readers and the media.


I am grateful for America and the freedoms that we have. It was paid for by the blood of many brave and courageous men and women. All to often it seems easy to take our freedom for granted, but when you look at history, you will see the America stands apart from other nations, in that we have a Constitution that affords us these rights and privileges, So don’t take for granted that these Constitutional rights will always be there. Learn what your rights are and speak loudly about them when they are violated.”

First let me thank both Mr. Ayotte, and Mr. Anderson for their service. Even if I disagree with them politically, I can still respect that they served, but as I said, simply serving in the military does not permanently exclude you from criticism in other areas of your life.

So let us look at this so-called memorial posted by Mr. Ayotte.

Is it just me, or does it seem as if the real point of this post was not to thank the fallen, but merely an excuse to whore out his so-called news site?  Why would anyone make such a ham-handed    segue into a commercial for your website in the middle of what you want people to think is meant to honor others for their service?

Also Not Don Ayotte commented on his own thread, along with another contributor to that site and said this,

  DonAyotte says:

For the most part, the young men and women that fight to keep America free, don’t have a full knowledge of their constitutional and many that I have talked to have never read or only partially read the Amendments to the Constitution. God Bless them for serving.”

So again in a back-handed insult Mr. Ayotte basically says that “For the most part“, the men and women of our military are uninformed as to why they are fighting and dying.

I post this to show exactly what we are up against when opposing the far right, radicalized, agenda driven ideologues. They have no honor, they will whore out, even the memories of people who died to give them the right to be ignorant.

I also post this so that the ignorant might feel free to come to this post and demonstrate exactly who they are. For the easily offended you may want to just ignore this thread.


35 Comments on "How Not Don Ayotte, To Memorialize The Fallen"

  1. Geezer says:

    What cracks me up is that the self-proclaimed English major keeps calling his unreadable site a “news aggregate” instead of “aggregator.” Most. Illiterate. English. Major. Ever.

  2. Pat Fish says:

    I think that’s a perfectly awful thing for Ayotte to say. “For the most part…”….wow, how scientific, how well documented.

    I am horrified.

  3. Miquel Martinez says:

    Comment #3 on the other site was removed, so I thought I would post it here, I apologize to Frank and the rest but I believe Frank already cautioned that this was gonna get ugly.

    Removed by Don Ayotte on DelawarePolitics post.
    Comment #3:

    Miquel Martinez
    MAY 26, 2015 AT 12:08
    disgusting piece on such an honored day for those who gave all to their nation. Great to see Don ruin it with his self promotional piece. Thanks Don and David for your service, but not here, and not on the day you chose.

    David, your business partner will be the end of your career if he is allowed to continue including you in his POS posts. Glad to see you bury the piece with a more fitting tribute to those heros.

    Don, shame on you. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

    Miquel Martinez

  4. Warrior says:

    I just went up on DP and see nothing wrong with Ayottes’s post Frank. Do you hate this guy so much that you make stuff up? As for you comment Pat, you can’t write at all.
    Geezer must be hittin the booze again to come a slummin at Frank’s posts. This shows your true colors Frand.
    Ayotte honored and saluted the Military and by the way, he served and you didn’t and that speaks volumes about both of you. Nough said, you need help Frank.

  5. Warrior says:

    We all know you are a sycophant of Frank. I just read your comment Miguel and I would have deleted it too.
    Ayotte is a warrior and Frank is not. That is where it stands for me. BTW there goes Frank again attacking practicing Christians and people that are much better than himself.

  6. RINO Hunter says:


    You are nothing but a whining, sniveling and jealous junk yard dog. You and your Fishy sidekick have no journalistic talent and all you can do is attack people with brains. It’s because of guys like you that the DEGOP is FUBAR. In fact, pond scum is more valuable than Delaware Right and its miserable excuses for “writers”.

  7. Geezer says:

    Haven’t had a drink in 18 months, for health reasons. Nice to see you back at the character assassination game, Don. Much easier than knowing what you’re talking about, isn’t it?

  8. Geezer says:

    “Ayotte is a warrior.”

    No, Ayotte is a childish, petulant hypocrite who takes government money when he needs it, but wants to deny it to everyone else.

    The irony is that the stupidest, most ignorant person in Delaware politics worked in military “intelligence.” You couldn’t make that up.

  9. Frank Knotts says:

    So “Warrior”, (now we are taking names to build our selves up are we?), you have no problem with some little whore monger dishonoring the memory of the fallen in order to promote a two bit operation with a name like “Midlantic”, (what is Midlantic?)
    You say Not don Ayotte honored and saluted the military, really? What part of ,
    “We would like to thank everyone who now uses our news-site for one stop news from global to local. The success of this site has been phenomenal and we appreciate all of our readers. Our Facebook page, “The Midlantic Dispatch,” is also an outlet for local and national news and has been enormously successful, thanks to much hard work on the part of our hard working staff. If you haven’t visited both of our sites, we invite you to visit and browse, the site is free to readers and the media.”
    honors and salutes the military. It doesn’t, and the fact that anyone would defend such ignorant and blatant dishonoring of the fallen men and women speaks volumes about them as well.
    And since I posted his post in its entirety, how can I be making anything up worm?
    You are correct, I did not serve, does that make me a lesser citizen than those who did? You are aware that not everyone serves in the military, that some of our most revered leaders did not serve.
    Just because Not Don Ayotte served in the military, which I have no knowledge of other than his claim, does not excuse him from criticism for being an ignorant worm.
    I again challenge you to link to one time where I attacked anyone “FOR” their service in the military.
    As for attacking practicing Christians, well again, show me where I attacked them for being Christians, I admit I may have attacked them for being hypocrites.
    You are one of those people who think just because you wear your shield of Christianity that you are free from criticism, you wrap your politics in your so called faith so that to criticize your politics is to criticize your so called faith. You have no problem defending child touchers and sexual deviants simply because they will bow their head in public at the appropriate time.
    it is the far right radicalized fringe like yourself that has set both the GOP and Christianity back a hundred years. We can’t attract new members as long as people like you are running around with your litmus test of faith.
    How about you identify yourself if you are such a righteous person and witness for Christ.
    And how do I know that you served in the military? Maybe you are not only ignorant, but a liar as well.
    As for Rino Hunter, all the above to you as well, since there is a good chance you are the same person.
    As for Fabar, he only got 30 votes, another great warrior for the far right radicalized fringe.

  10. Warrior says:

    Yes you’ve stayed off the booze because you have cirrhosis of the liver for being a drunk most of the time. Yeah I guess you could call that a medical condition. Nice of you people from Delaware Liberal to help you comrade in arms. BTW, Frank is farther left than you are, and that’s saying something.

  11. Warrior says:

    Frank you are the Sad Sack of the blog world. You are jealous of Ayotte and Anderson for their success and can’t find anything wrong with Ayotte’s post except he promotes his great new website. that many people have made their homepage in the morning to get all the news.
    BTW idiot, the Midlantic Dispatch is self explanatory to everyone but you. Just think about it Frank, only you questions what it means. I can’t even imaging the total hatred that is burning in what’s left of your scourched soul. At least you have Pat Fish left to kiss your a$$.

    BTW the is a great news aggregate. How do you like that Geezer.

  12. Geezer says:

    First off, I have diabetes. Thanks for caring.

    Second, Frank is not to the left of me, or of most people. You’re a pathetic child who wields the word “socialism” like a stick, but has no clue what it means.

    Third, I am not involved with Delaware Liberal in any way except to comment there.

    Fourth, stop the silent act, Don. How much government assistance do you receive for your disabled son? Cat got your tongue?

  13. Geezer says:

    It’s an “aggregator,” not “aggregate.” Your inability to practice the language you claim to hold a degree in is an embarrassment for all concerned, but especially you.

  14. Frank Knotts says:

    Well warrior worm, you are correct, I have no problem with Not Don Ayotte’s post, except for the whoring of his two bit website. Why don’t you give some hard numbers on how MANY people have made it their home page? Maybe because that can be checked?
    As for being a success? At what? Copying and pasting links to real news stories?
    Keep defending your fellow worms and demonstrating exactly who the far right radicalized fringe is.

  15. Meyer Persow says:

    I miss you guys.

  16. Birdie told me says:

    From what I hear, the great Pat Fish, is accused of biting her daughter- As heard on 105.9 with Dan Gaffney?

  17. delacrat says:


    “…the young men and women that fight to keep America free, don’t have a full knowledge of their constitutional and many that I have talked to have never read or only partially read the Amendments to the Constitution.” -Don Ayotte

    Don Ayotte’s observation is well founded and hardly new.

    ” Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.” -Major General Smedley Butler. War is a Racket”

  18. Midlantic Dispatch Supporter says:

    I just talked to Ayotte on the phone and the whole crew is having a Yengling Dark and Tan, laughing their butts off at your idiocy. They asked me to thank you for all the publicity you’ve given them and to please not stop while you are making a roaring ass of yourself. If you look at the pages they’ve already got advertising on them after only 9 weeks. ROTFLMAO. I’ve been invited over to watch movies with the gang and have a brew. Thanks Don and gang.

  19. Warrior says:

    I am not Ayotte. You certainly have a warped mind. The guy did join the navy at 17 and served with honor until he was discharged. He is a warrior and a defender of the Constitution and I’ve heard him speak on both WXDE and WGMD about the Constitution. I would go into battle with him any day.
    However, I wouldn’t fight beside Knotts for one minute. He would cut and run in the middle of a firefight. Ayotte has proved his worth and it is a crying shame that he has to put up with a coward’s sarcasm and attacks. I voted for him when he ran for County Council and I would’ve voted for him as a state rep. if he was in my district.

  20. Frank Knotts says:

    So Warrior Worm, why don’t you show us a copy of NDA’s discharge papers, I mean since you seem to be so in touch with his personal history, though you are not him or course.
    You say you would fight along side of NDA any time. Don’t know if I would want to be counting on someone who has time and time again shown his inability to control hi temper, a person who is given to wild burst of threatening behavior. Seems a bit unstable to me.
    We all will be waiting for proof of Don’s service record, and discharge status, for all I know it might be section 8.
    I also notice we have again reached the point of making the claims that this is all so welcome from NDA and the “GANG”. One does wonder who makes up that “GANG” of ignorant worms.

  21. Warrior says:

    Since you call Warriors who have fought to save your sorry ass, “warrior worm,” I will now refer to you as “Coward Scumbag.” That seems to be fitting.
    I don’t know Don that well, but won’t allow a “Coward Scumbag” like you to attack a man who served honorablY, the day after Memorial Day.
    You seem to have lost it in your last comment “Coward Scumbag,” your must be a terror in your house. I’m sure Don would not allow you to touch or view his DD214, because you are not worthy to lick his boots, but others have viewed that document.
    Your writing reveals the nature of your complete hatred for those who serve, Christians and Constitutionalists. This is in direct conflict with the nature of America and what it stands for. You can say anything you want but please continue commenting and revealing to the DEGOP the full extent of your evil hatred for everything American. I would love to see you in a real firefight; many men freeze and cannot even fire back. You’ve never been part of a team of warriors that have depended on one another in battle and worked together to defeat a powerful enemy and win the day. You’ve never carried a fallen brother in battle, hoping and praying as he dies that his family is covered by God’s protection. But you are the first to attack men who have. I know this is profanity but,. GO TO HELL YOU SLIMY SCUMBAG.

  22. Debunker says:

    An amoeba calling people ignorant worms? Very amusing, coming from a certifiable cretin. Thanks to your warped turd toss, I read the for the first time and it has real news content aggregated in a convenient form, while all you have is jealous hate and stale Fish. I don’t know how Jeff Cragg and GROSSman ever thought that they could make money and influence people with a colossal jerk like you.

  23. RINO Hunter says:


    It’s FUBAR — NOT Fabar, you schmuck.

    Get it right for a change, TURKEY.

    Delaware Right is a pile of chicken manure.

  24. fightingbluehen says:

    “I read the for the first time and it has real news content aggregated in a convenient form, ”

    It looks like an exact copy of the Drudge Report format. I’m surprised they haven’t contacted them about copyright infringement yet.

  25. Frank Knotts says:

    You may call me what you wish Warrior Worm, for until you prove that you have served, I have no reason to believe you. For all we know you are some overweight wanna-be helicopter pilot.
    For that matter, I have no knowledge that NDA served, honorably or otherwise.
    You again make statements such as, “your complete hatred for those who serve, Christians and Constitutionalists.”
    So I ask again Warrior Worm, show me where in my writing I have attacked anyone “FOR” their service, or for “BEING” a Christian, or for “SUPPORTING” the Constitution?
    But you are not able to answer direct questions, just like your hero NDA, instead you make false statements with no basis other than your warped, hate filled mind.
    You talk of the American experience, yet you seem to be only concerned about Christians. Why is that? The true American experience includes all people, of all races, all religions, all political ideologies. You and those you support are nothing but a bunch of screen name cowards, you are racist bigots and I think you fear your own homosexuality. You attack anyone with an opposing point of view, and you do it all from behind some imaginary persona.
    The reason you know I did not serve, is because I told you so, the reason you know I had substance abuse problems in my youth, is because I told you so. But I did so from behind my own name.
    You come here and attempt to embolden Not Don Ayotte’s reputation (good luck) by telling us that he served, so prove that he served, or that you served, but maybe you can’t do either, maybe it’s all lies. Maybe you are one of those people who steal valor. Maybe your own life is so pathetic, and you are so dishonest, and lack any real spiritual strength, that you have to lie about who you are.
    Yes, I did not serve in the military, just like millions of other Americans throughout history, and yes, I had a drug problem in my youth, and I have been honest about my flaws, and I have witnessed many times that it was through finding strength through the teachings of Jesus that I found my way out of that life.
    You say I attack Christians and people who have served in the military in the hopes that other little brains like yourself will believe it to be true. You are correct, I have challenged people for their actions, and it matters not what religion they proclaim, or whether they were once military personnel.
    We are all responsible for our actions.

  26. Frank Knotts says:

    FBH, by the way, NDA admitted to Dan Gaffney on air when Dan noticed the same thing, that yes, they had “styled” it after the Drudge Report site, even it would seem right down to the font style.

  27. Karen says:

    I’ve read stories from The and it’s a great site I like the way it is set up. I remember when Don A. and David A. were on Jim Rash’s show promoting their new show. I think Don said that Connecticut has one that covers their state called The Capital Report and it’s doing great. Somebody told me they started the same thing in Alaska too. I went to their facebook page and its fantastic. they have over 1,100 likes on it after only nine weeks and a lot of news also. Rash said on WGMD that he gets many of his local talking points from the (sorry only I get to choose what gets linked to here darling, edited Frank Knotts)

    I don’t know what all the hoopla is Frank, it was a great idea and you didn’t think of it first. Frank, don’t let your hatred for Ayotte kill you.

  28. fightingbluehen says:

    You too can create a Drudge themed website.

  29. Karen says:

    I know Don’s wife Sue, and both Don and Sue work hard and yes I’ve seen his discharge papers and his Dept of Defense paper and he served for over seven years. Don and Sue both worked hard and built this business with David Anderson. The Ayotte family and the Anderson family are great friends.
    By the way Don served during almost the whole Vietnam war era. Please don’t say he got a section 8 discharge, I’ve seen his medals.

  30. Frank Knotts says:

    Okay Karen, so you think the Midlantic is a great site. Not sure how much talent it takes to create a hopper for other people’s actual work, but okay.
    Let us get back to the original point of this post. Do you really think that Not Don Ayotte placing a blatant add for the Midlantic in the middle of his so called memorial for the fallen on Memorial Day was appropriate?
    But Karen, since you are so close to Don, that he has shown you his discharge papers, (I know a lot of former military people, and have never had cause for them to simply whip out their discharge papers), so tell us, what are his medals for? You say he was in during Vietnam, was he in a combat situation? Please inform the uninformed. Surely if you know his wife, and have seen his military paperwork, then surely you know what his medals were awarded for.
    And just so everyone knows not to take “Karen” seriously, Karen has come to this site on several different screen names, such as, “RINO Hunter, suspicion, Veritas,Cynic Acid”. So anything these people have to say is suspect.
    But if you do actually “KNOW” NDA, just get us a copy of his paperwork to prove his claims of military service, after all, he has run for public office using these claims, maybe he should be forced to prove them.

  31. Karen says:

    Don told me not to answer anything on this site but when I saw your horrible behavior, I thought different. Frank, I know I’m young but you are one of the most hatred filled people I’ve ever heard of. You are a liar, this is the first time I’ve come to this site. Don is right, your are a liar and you’re good at it!

  32. Say huh? says:

    Are you delusional, wait don’t answer that because I know the answer already. You little insignificant pipsqueak, you want Ayotte to come over and show you his DD214 and discharge papers, along with any medals he has earned.

    Wait, the ambulance is on its way with a straitjacket especially designed to fit you Frank.

  33. Frank Knotts says:

    Well “Karen”, if you have never visited this site before, maybe you can explain why you are using an IP address that those screen names I listed also used, in fact your last comment went to moderation because of the shared IP address. Please explain.
    Maybe “Don” could explain to “Karen” how blogs work, you see we can see when multiple names are coming from the same IP address.
    Just like I can see that “Say huh” is using the same IP address as “Warrior”, which makes them sock puppets on a single thread, which breaks the rules. This is the only warning.
    Seems to me that anyone who served, and was discharged honorably and who seems to just randomly throw the paperwork around, would have no problem putting me in my place by showing us copies. Unless there is something to hide.

  34. Geezer says:

    The news aggregator site is amateurish, but that doesn’t mean it won’t succeed. The population has tripled from the days when Barnum said a sucker was born every minute.

  35. John Sandy says:

    Having read the posts, I continue to be amused by the vitriol that gushes from the keyboards of some people that hide behind a nom de plume. In the past I have posted under my initials, “JS”, assuming that most people knew that that was me. Henceforth when I post I will only use my full name and challenge everyone else to do likewise. Failure to accurately identify yourself as the author of the inane drivel that appears in some of these responses is truly the act of a coward.

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