GOP 35th Representative District Chair Threatens To Arrest People

cartman So what is up with the Sussex GOP and its need to call the police on people, and threaten to call the police on people? Seems like a bunch of Eric  Cartmans have taken over and are running around shouting, “YOU MUST RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!”    So, I am sure most of my readers will remember not so long ago, the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee, then under the command, of now resigned in disgrace, Vince Calabro, called the police on me at a monthly public meeting, that’s right a public meeting, to have me removed. They fabricated a lie about sign in sheets, and why? Because I dare to oppose their on going ruination of the GOP in Sussex County, and because I shine the light of public scrutiny on their backroom dealings.

Now that Vince Calabro has resigned under questionable circumstances, to say the least, it remains to be seen what changes, if any, will be made at the county level. Currently Vice-Chair Fred Silva  fred silva  (that’s Fred Playing bartender at the possibly illegal fundraiser) is currently acting Chairman, no announcement has been made as to whether or not the Committee will hold open elections for a new Chair, or if they will attempt to simply slide in Fred Silva, to continue in Vince’s footsteps. We still have not gotten a definitive answer on where the approximately $1,000.00 in cash, which was raise under the name of a club that did not receive the money, went to.

So while we wait for that drama to play out, it seems, the also newly elected Representative District Chairman of the 35th District intends to also follow the teachings of the former County Chair.

Jordan Warfel  Jordan Warfel, who was elected shortly after Vince Calabro, when Matt Opaliski had to resign due to being charged with gun sale violations of federal laws, seems to be taking a page out of Mr. Calabro’s playbook.

Some of you may have already heard that Mr. Warfel has put forth a resolution within the 35th committee, a resolution to investigate Dave Wilson, yeah that’s right, the very same Dave Wilson who is the Representative of the 35th District.

Trio  You see, Mr. Warfel is also the campaign manager for Cindy Green, you may recall that Dave Wilson had the integrity as an elected official to put the people before the party, and in last year’s elections, Rep. Wilson spoke out against fellow Republican, Cindy Green, in her bid for re-election as Register of Wills. Ms. Green was successful, but seems to have other ideas, other than finishing the term she asked the people of Sussex to elect her to.

You see, as soon as Rep. Wilson spoke out about mismanagement within the office of Register of Wills, and personnel issues, Ms. Green “SUDDENLY” remembered issues that occurred during Mr. Wilson’s time as the Register of Wills. Unlike the claims made against Ms. Green, of her poor management of the office, she chose to make claims of possible illegal activity on the part of Mr. Wilson. Let me state here, that the Democrat Attorney General’s office has looked into Ms. Green’s claims, and has taken no action. In fact, at the most resent meeting of the 35th committee, Ms. Green was forced to admit that the AG who looked at the claims, had said there was no reason to go further with an investigation, and we all know how the Democrats love to protect conservative Republicans like Dave Wilson, right?

So, now Mr. Warfel is putting together his own committee to “INVESTIGATE” Rep. Wilson. But what he wants to investigate, is that Dave Wilson not only spoke against Cindy Green, but also supported the Democrat Greg Fuller. You see, Mr. Wilson thought it more important to have the best person in the office for the people, rather than blindly supporting the Republican. Sounds like integrity to me.

So, as you can imagine, having this happen within Rep. Wilson’s own district committee caused some heated debate at the most recent meeting of the 35th committee.  I personally attended this meeting, since I am a voter within the 35th, though being a voter seems to mean little to Mr. Warfel.

Mr. Warfel had sent out an email announcing  the so-called investigating committee would be discussed, however it was far down on the agenda. The meeting started out contentiously when EDC Jason Dean made a motion to move the discussion to the top of the agenda, prior to the guest speakers. This motion failed.

So following the guest speakers the topic was brought to the floor. The first comments came from EDC Steve McCarron, who stated his opposition to the idea of the committee wasting its time on a so-called investigation, that in the end would have no authority to do anything. This viewpoint was echoed by Mr. Dean and others in the room.

Mr. Warfel seemed surprised that anyone would question the need for such an investigation. And would only answer the questions of why, with some vague statement of, “we are already on this trajectory”. Whatever that means. Some feel that it means that Cindy Green is planning to primary Dave Wilson in the upcoming elections in 2016.

I will be honest and say, the debate was most definitely heated. At times people were talking over one another, but for the most part people were raising their hands to be recognized. It seemed that Mr. Warfel chose only to use his gavel when someone with an  opposing view-point was speaking. In fact the best line of the night goes to Mr. Dean, who had been recognized, and still had the floor, Mr. Warfel was banging his little gavel, Mr. Dean said, “Jordan, you can bang that gavel till it’s flat, I have the floor”.

Let me be clear, there was never any shouting, though voices were raised, there was never any physical posturing, or threatening, or intimidation. All that happened was that people spoke out in opposition of the 35th District Committee’s so-called investigation.

But for some reason Mr. Warfel felt the need to send out the following email,


From: Jordan Warfel <>
Date: May 20, 2015 at 5:48:21 AM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Parlimentary Procedure in the 35th

Thank you all for enduring a difficult debate Monday night.  Frankly, I was disappointed and embarrassed by the behavior and disorderly conduct at the meeting.  In the future, this will NOT be tolerated.  I did some research on Roberts Rules and the party rules to figure out the best way to deal with this.  Here is what I came up with.
Being Recognized
If someone wants to speak, they have to be recognized by the chair.  When you are recognized, it is known as “having the floor.”  Anyone who speaks without having the floor is out-of-order or disorderly.  Anyone who interrupts another person who has the floor is out-of-order.  The correct way to speak is to ask for the floor and be recognized by the chair.  The easiest way to do that is to simply raise your hand or otherwise indicate that you have something to say.  If it is really urgent, you can stand up and say “Mr. Chair” to get my attention.  And if you want to engage in conversation with another person or ask another person a question, you have to ask the chair to do it and the other person has to consent.  For example, “Can I ask person A a question?”  Or, “Open dialogue with person A?”  I am not going to be crazy about the rules.  But I will absolutely maintain order.  Interrupting other people will not be tolerated.  
EDC Privilege
As chair, I have the right to recognize whoever I choose.  One of the privileges of being an EDC is that I am giving you priority over guests.  I know some guests aren’t going to be happy about that.  But EDCs are the members of the body, and I am generally going to recognize you before guests.
Disorderly Members
This is how I plan to deal with disorderly members in the future.  I’ve decided that this is the best procedure after reading Roberts Rules and the party rules.  I will take the following steps until the offending member ceases.  
1.  Ask for order
2.  Call the offending member by name and declare them to be out of order.
3.  Ask for a motion to expel the offending member from the meeting.
4.  If the member is expelled and refuses to leave, we will try to persuade him and escort him out of the building.
5.  If the member can’t be persuaded, we will call the police and press charges.
After reading suggestions on the toastmasters website, I realized that the idea of physically removing a person holds too much legal liability.  It is better to just call the police and press charges.  
Let me say, I think running an organized meeting is a good idea, people raising their hands is not an issue. Not interrupting others is a good idea. The fact that Committee members have privilege over guest is okay, though I would hope, someone like Mr. Jordan, who proclaims his love of democracy would not completely exclude voters who actually live within the district that the committee represents.
  What I really have a problem with, is the fact that Mr. Warfel has, like Mr. Calabro decided that arresting people is the best way to handle opposition. Of course when you have such a controversial issue, such as putting forth a so-called investigating committee of the sitting representative, for no other reason than to set up a primary for your best friend, well or course emotions will run high, and the rules may get bent a little to allow for open discussion of the issue.
 Mr. Warfel has decide to threaten to arrest people, for daring to oppose such outlandish behavior as he and his fellow travelers are attempting.
  I might also mention that these monthly meeting are being held in the same building that Ms. Green conducts some kind of church services. In fact, during the meeting, Mr. Warfel, acting as the Chair of the 35th District, passed a can asking for donations to, “help Cindy out”.
  So as you can see, Mr. Warfel is repeating the mistakes that lead to Vince Calabro’s resignation. He is using intimidation to silence opposition, and is using questionable fund-raising techniques. If the 35th raises money to pay for the use of the building, then there should be some report of the transaction. Also there was no notation of who paid and how much they paid. Even some of the guest put money in the can.
  When will the far right radicalized fringe of the GOP understand that they don’t get to make up the rules as they go?
  There is also the fact that many people will not attend these meeting for the sole reason that they are being held at a so-called church, that is run by Cindy Green, I wonder if she has a tax exempt status for collecting money, and if she is filing a report of the money being handed her by her campaign manager while acting as the 35th Chair? OH MY GOD!
  One wonders why the meetings could not be held on more neutral ground to make more people feel welcomed?
  So what we have is another Chair running amuck, threatening to arrest people who oppose his agenda, possibly collecting money without documenting it, holding meeting in a place that a majority of the rank and file of the 35th will not go, even if they were made aware of the meeting, which they won’t be, because Mr. Warfel and Ms. Green want only sycophants to attend.
  I am making a call  for rank and file voters of the 35th District, to show up at the next meeting of the 35th Committee, and make your voices be heard, and lets see how many people Mr. Warfel is willing to have arrested.
  One last note, EDC Jason Dean did state that he would be bringing a motion at the next monthly meeting of the Sussex County Committee, for the removal of Mr. Warfel as RDC of the 35th. We will have to wait and see about that one.




29 Comments on "GOP 35th Representative District Chair Threatens To Arrest People"

  1. Meyer Persow says:

    Thanks for the laugh, Frank.

  2. Geezer says:

    As an outside observer, both geographically and politically, it has not escaped my notice that the folks who scream “liberty” the loudest often are the most authoritarian when they obtain even the tiniest bit of power.

  3. Lizzy Y says:

    Same old theme Frank. You make this stuff up as you go?

  4. Frank Knotts says:

    Really Lizzy? Were you there? I was. And I didn’t make up the email with the threat to arrest people. Same old far right radicalized fringe, when exposed simply call the other person a liar.
    By the way, why do you use multiple screen names. Your were placed in moderation under your previous name, but since this comment was on topic it was approved.

  5. JS says:

    Geezer, as Mike Royko once wrote.”The people who say “All power to the people” really mean “All power to the people who say All power to the people”

  6. 387 says:

    The Delaware Attorney General’s Office, sparked by Cindy Green and Jordan Warfel’s campaign lies, already investigated Representative Dave Wilson and cleared him of any wrongdoing.

    This so-called “investigation” by Warfel is a disgrace. He’s just a bitter little man who doesn’t have the sense or the temperament to be in charge of anything. Why Cindy Green chooses to be a party to this disgusting behavior is beyond me, I thought she was better than this.

  7. Geezer says:

    @Lizzy: Frank is the only conservative blogger in Delaware (and one of the few nationwide) who allows people to disagree with him in the comments. Go over to Delaware Politics, where they deal with criticism with censorship.

  8. Rick says:

    Or, go to Delaware “Liberal,” where conservatives are essentially banned.

    Of course, “liberals” need to talk exclusively to each other. Those on a sinking ship need to hold hands.

    To the DL crowd, the Mayor of Baltimore is brilliant and Detroit is a rousing success story.

    And despite his endless failures, they still kiss BO’s butt. Sorry, no criticism allowed.

  9. mouse says:

    And you want to be my underwear salesman, lol

  10. Karen says:

    Thank you Frank for exposing the far right radicalized fringe of the GOP. Being a supporter of the
    GOP I am embarrassed by the actions of both Mr. Warfel and Ms. Green. It is the responsibility of all Republicans to ensure the party is handling matters in an ethical manner with honesty and good will to the tax payers. I am sure Ms Green chose Mr. Warfel because they are exactlly the same. After experiencing the workings of Ms. Green and Mr. Warfel, the Republican far right are no different than the far left. Extremist!!! They kill the messagers to get what they want. Could it be that Hillary Clinton is Ms. Green’s Hero?

  11. High Fructose Corn Syrup says:

    Man we were getting worried that the GOP in Sussex were getting it together and the ongoing Gong Show has come to end. After all there is nothing else to discuss these days.

    A few points:

    1980 the RNC decreed that all R’s can attend any meeting held by R’s.

    The police will never respond unless behavior at such meetings become violent, for they really do have better things to do and the RNC says any R can attend.

    As for the missing 1,000 still unaccounted for look for a sharp decrease in donations.

    The pass can for Cyndi proves her supporters have Mammon like tendencies; a fundraiser in a church??

    Gee, this governing thing is alot harder then looked.

  12. Frank Knotts says:

    Karen, there is another Karen on another thread who is a troll, you might want differentiate your comments by adding a number or initial to your name. Thanks for the comments.

  13. Geezer says:

    Uh-oh. Stupid Rick is here. Cue the cro-magnon music.

  14. Tony star says:

    Largely moot. fructose, the RNC never required that every republican meeting must allow all republicans to attend. The RNC does not have the authority dictate to the local regions how to run the regionAl business.
    The RNC the does mandate that, all local regions where delegates are selected to attend a state convention where delegates are then picked to go to the national convention must have one meeting in
    Is presidential year for the selection of delegates to a state conmention.
    Since national delegates are pledged to the winner of the Delaware primary, the point is largely moot.

  15. False Elixer says:

    It just seems that Frank writes an enhanced delusional version of what he thinks he sees. I know what happened with Calabro and I think Ayotte got it right in the post that he wrote. He attended the GOP meeting as a reporter and sat alone at a table and wrote what he felt was the real story.
    I do believe that you contrived this whole thing Frank by going ahead and filing a PAC with the Dept of elections based on the knowledge that calabro telegraphed ahead of time, giving you the edge to create a commotion. But then you are great at creating diversions for you own purposes. However, you are the only one who benefits from your diversions, everybody else loses, or so it seems.

  16. Frank Knotts says:

    False Fixer shows they know nothing by claiming I filed the PAC. I did not file the PAC my name is not on it anywhere. And NDA has never gotten anything right.

  17. mouse says:

    This gives me an idea of how start a successful cult where all the money and women are mine

  18. Don Ayotte says:

    I am now giving notice to Frank Knotts and the Principals of this site to cease and desist from Shedding False Light on my character and the character of others that this site and Frank Knotts have maliciously shed False Light on in the last three years. These written character assassinations must stop and this site should be taken down.

  19. Karen J. says:

    There they go again! Killing the messagers! So much for freedom of speech! So much for the Sussex County GOP….someone told me recently that they’re waiting for Sussex County GOP to implode…
    this was from a Republican….now I know why!

  20. waterpirate says:

    You have to HAVE character, before you can claim assassination.

  21. Frank Knotts says:

    “FALSE LIGHT”? You might want to take a survey about your character. Your character is not judged by yourself, it is judged by those around you.

  22. Geezer says:

    Once again, Don Ayotte stamps his tiny feet and tries to dictate what people can say about him. Of course he fails, because he can only censor critics at his own blog.

    You see, Don, once you run for office you are a public figure. The normal standard for libel does not apply to you. Frank is well within his rights to criticize you unless you can PROVE that he knew what he publishes to be false. After that you have to show actual harm.

    Good luck with both. You are out of your depth at anything you attempt.

  23. mouse says:

    Turn off the light. The vampires can’t stand it

  24. Rick says:

    it has not escaped my notice that the folks who scream “liberty” the loudest often are the most authoritarian when they obtain even the tiniest bit of power.

    Very true. Just look at Omaba and his circumventing Congress with “executive orders” and treaties veiled as “agreements.”

    Of course, it’s all the fault of Fox News- on a good night, three-million watch. Gee, that’s almost a whole 1% of the population.

  25. mouse says:

    I heard Obama is going to declare martial law, lock you people in FEMA camps and make you read science books, lol

  26. Frank Knotts says:

    Mouse, you forgot the part where he forces all of us to be homosexuals!

  27. mouse says:

    D’oh lol

  28. Geezer says:

    “Just look at Omaba and his circumventing Congress with “executive orders” and treaties veiled as “agreements.”

    He has done nothing his predecessors didn’t. As I said, wherever you go, stupidity isn’t far behind. You’re just an angry, impotent white man with one foot in the grave. When you finish climbing in, I want to be the first to piss on it.

  29. Geezer says:

    “Just look at Omaba and his circumventing Congress with “executive orders” and treaties veiled as “agreements.”

    He has done nothing his predecessors didn’t. As I said, wherever you go, stupidity isn’t far behind. You’re just an angry, impotent white man with one foot in the grave. When you finish climbing in, I want to be the first to pi55 on it.

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