I Know It’s Not Wednesday

Delaware Right - Moving Delaware Forward  Yes I know it’s not Wednesday, but here is an open thread. Feel free to discuss issues that are on your minds. Maybe you still care about the Recorder of Deeds race in Kent County, or maybe the upcoming Sussex GOP Committee elections. Or maybe you can consider this you place to explore “Endless Discoveries”.

Have fun and play nice.

5 Comments on "I Know It’s Not Wednesday"

  1. Pat Fish says:

    “Endless Discoveries”….bah humbug.

    First Delaware is one of the smallest states in the union. That term is a bit silly considering. I mean how frigging endless can those discoveries be?

    “Small wonder” was a perfect nickname…..”The First State” is also good.

    I ain’t buying this ENDLESS DISCOVERY thing for a minute.

  2. mouse says:

    A discovery I just made is that John Carney voted with House Republicans to cater to Wall St. by watering down Dodd Frank and delaying the Volker rules. These rules keep Wall St banks from mingling insured deposits with their casino gambling. Maggot!!!

  3. Frank Knotts says:

    Mouse, it’s getting to be you can’t trust anyone.

  4. fightingbluehen says:

    RECKLESS is the term that comes to mind when describing the current administration ,and progressive elites and academics in general. It seems like they never figure in any unintended consequences. The so called Arab Spring with it’s destabilizing effects can pretty much be blamed for the rise of the Islamic State and the violence that has come with it. The whole approach to the problems in the Middle East has been reckless, and that includes the drone strike policy that Obama has issued from the beginning.

    From Fast and Furious ,to the Affordable Healthcare Act, to the chip on their shoulder attitude of Obama and Holder towards race relations. It can all be summed up as reckless, and yes, George Bush was reckless for going into Iraq in the first place.

  5. mouse says:

    Certainly not by their political party affiliation. I was voting democrat for a while because the republicans seemed to be going off the cliff mean and crazy but the democrats are going to vote for the same crap so I started voting Green last election and I don’t care if they never win.

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